O2 Wallet 'to make shopping online easy'

O2 has unveiled a new digital service that will allow people to shop online with greater ease.

The O2 Wallet brings the benefits of mobile money to a wider proportion of the population.

It has a comprehensive barcode and search engine function that means consumers can trawl the internet to find out the best price for branded goods on the high street.

As well as this, individuals will also be able to digitise their credit and debit card details so they can pay for items using their mobile.

James Le Brocq, managing director at O2 Money, said: "With O2 Wallet, it's easier to transfer money, track expenditure and pay swiftly and securely, all using your mobile. We believe it will transform the way people manage their finances and spend money."

Mr Le Brocq remarked guaranteeing security is essential in order to encourage take-up and so months of internal trialling have taken place to ensure it is fully functional. 


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