Short, sharp bursts of exercise the key to losing Christmas weight

Brief but intense bursts of exercise could be the best way of shedding those excess pounds, scientists say.

Forget spending hours on the treadmill, if you want to get in shape, concentrate on short, sharps bursts of exercise.

That's according to a team of scientists from across the UK who have found evidence to suggest that exercising at extra-high-intensity for brief 30-second periods is the best way of shifting those post-Christmas pounds.

Indeed, writing up their findings in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the team, who are based at the universities of Bath, Birmingham and Nottingham, note that, as well as being a good means of burning calories, shorter exercise sessions also seem more realistic to people who are out of shape, while long sessions at the may seem too daunting a task in a new year.

At the same time, the scientists also advise that high-intensity training may also help suppress the appetite, helping people hit their weight-loss goals without feeling they are sacrificing too much.

This comes as Westminster Council threatens to cut the benefits of obese individuals who refuse to attend compulsory exercise sessions.


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