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Fallen Fruits Old Rectory Garden Tree Seat
Quality metal, garden furniture tree seat in classic off-white colour.
Fallen Fruits Old Rectory Garden Rose Arch
Quality metal, garden furniture rose arch in classic off-white colour.
Fallen Fruits Antique Metal Wall Planter
Quality metal, garden pot holder in classic off-white colour.
Fallen Fruits Cast Iron Flower Doorbell
Fallen Fruits charming flower doorbell. This traditional doorbell is made to look aged, with a rope hanging below.
Fallen Fruits Ceramic Garden Plant Stand
Quality set of 3 garden plant stands in modern ceramic design.
Fallen Fruits Wooden Garden Patio Bench White
A wooden stylish bench for the garden.
Fallen Fruits Square Planter (Set of 2) White
A pair of quality wooden stylish square planters.
Fallen Fruits Wooden Peanut Butter Bird Feeder Peanut Butter Jar
This Triangle Bird Feeder is designed for all small birds.
Fallen Fruits Old Rectory Garden Folding Chair
Quality metal, garden furniture folding chair in classic off-white colour.
Fallen Fruits Old Rectory Garden Folding Chair Two chairs
Quality metal, garden furniture folding chair in classic off-white colour.
Fallen Fruits Garden Gothic Mirror Grey Wash
This unusual gothic arched window mirror is a great way of adding light and depth to your garden, simply hang on a flat surface and see the instant results.
Fallen Fruits Old Rectory Garden Plant Support
Quality metal, set of 2 garden plant supports in classic off-white colour.
Fallen Fruits Bird Nest Box Copper Roof Great Tit
Bird Nest Box with Copper Roof. Specifically designed for different small birds.
Fallen Fruits Aged Metal Heart Bird Feeder
Aged rustic effect heart bird Apple or Fat Ball Feeder Includes a hook or a chain for hanging in the garden
Fallen Fruits Old Rectory Garden Planter
Quality metal, set of 2, rectangular, garden plant holders in classic off-white colour.
Fallen Fruits Garden Window Frame Thermometer
A nice, simple window frame garden thermometer, to quickly assess the temperature outside form the comfort of your home.
Fallen Fruits Cast Iron Garden Tool Hook
Useful in the garden shed or in the house, this pretty but practical tool hook will happily hold your trowel or your coat.
Fallen Fruits Garden Wall Clock Weather Station Numerical
This classic wall clock and thermometer looks marvellous on any garden wall.
Fallen Fruits Pyramid Flower Bed White
Quality wooden stylish pyramid shaped flower bed.
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