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If you can’t afford to go abroad this summer why not take a break right here in the UK on one of Britain’s beautiful beaches. What ever you’re looking for a romantic walk or a windsurfers paradise you can find it right here in the UK.

Free 18 page ebook on The Best UK Beaches
Free 18 page ebook on The Best UK Beaches


If you are looking for a place to go with your partner, Aldeburgh located in the East of England has a peaceful atmosphere. This pebble beach has great historical character and is fantastic for romantic walks or for those wishing to cycle around this shingle beach.


A popular beach located in the North-West is Blackpool beach. This sandy beach is famous for its rollercoaster and tower, as well as its lively night life. If you’re looking for a weekend away this is an enjoyable place to go, for both adults and children alike.


If you live in the south of England then maybe Blackpool is a bit too far for you to travel so why not head to Brighton instead? Located in Sussex this pebbly beach is just as lively as Blackpool, it may not have a tower but it certainly makes up for this with the long pier which has some endearing views. There’s also a great range of bars and cafes along the beach front.


Going further down south towards Cornwall we find Newquay. It has plenty of beaches on offer and is definitely a surfer’s paradise. If you’re looking for an active adventure in the sea this is the place to be. Along with its great beaches there’s also an excellent range of places to eat and shop.


Bournemouth is situated in the South West and has a range of sandy beaches with great views. The Bournemouth pier is filled with various shops and arcades to take your fancy. In the evening you can have a romantic meal on the sea front or be entertained by the theatre on the pier.


Broadstairs beach is located in the South of England in Kent. This quiet and clean beach has a pleasant atmosphere and although it is not a wildly bustling beach it has a great deal to offer if the rush of the big city is getting too much to handle!


Heading back up north we come across Scarborough situated in Yorkshire. With its underwater walk and long stretch of sandy beach, this really is a fun day out for the kids. The beachfront is filled with some tasty fish and chips restaurants as well as a vast range of arcades.

So whether you want to relax or catch some waves there are plenty of beaches to choose from, the ones listed above is just a handful so grab a map and find a beach even closer to home. Whether it’s for a day or a weekend make use of theses attractions sitting on your doorstop.


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