A Guide to Tenants' Rights

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  1. You have the right to be able to contact your landlord directly.
  2. A landlord or letting agency is legally obliged to give at least 24 hours notice should they wish to enter a rental property.
  3. Your rent cannot be put up without your express consent for the duration of a fixed-term tenancy agreement.
  4. Even if you are breach of contract, your landlord will still have to go through the courts to get you evicted and take possession of a property.
  5. You are covered by your rights as a tenant, even if they aren’t written into your tenancy agreement.
  6. If you have any doubts about your rights, seek out expert and impartial help, for example through a Housing Advice Centre or Citizens Advice Bureau.
  7. Make sure your landlord has a current gas safety certificate if you have gas central heating.

What type of tenancy do you have?

From the start, it’s important to establish whether you have an assured or short-hold tenancy or a ‘licence to occupy’ as this will affect your rights and responsibilities.

As a general rule, if you do not have exclusive use of any part of a property, for instance if you live with your landlord who requires access to your room, you have a licence to occupy.

Alternatively, if you have exclusive use of part of a property, even if you share communal living areas, then you will generally be signed up to an assured or short-hold tenancy agreement.

As a rule, tenancies starting after March 1997 are automatically registered as a short-hold tenancies, unless special steps have been taken to set up an assured tenancy.

Deposit Rights

A landlord has a right to ask you for a deposit so as to protect themselves against unpaid rent or damage to a property.

However, tenants’ rights are protected through government-approved tenancy deposit schemes and a landlord is required to tell you which one he has put your money into.

Your tenancy agreement should state in clear terms when some or all of a deposit may be withheld and you have the right to appeal any deductions, through the tenancy deposit scheme your landlord is signed up to.

Changes to a Tenancy

If you are signed up to a fixed-term tenancy, your landlord or letting agency cannot put your rent up without your express consent.

Similarly, they cannot make any other changes to a contract or other legal documents you’ve signed without your permission.

Even when a fixed-term contract comes to an end, a landlord is still required to give you at least one month’s notice for any proposed rent increase and even then you have the right to disagree with this, in which case you can apply to your local council’s rent assessment committee who will decide whether your landlord is being reasonable.

Should you die, your tenancy may be passed on to another member of your family for the remainder of any fixed-term contract, with landlords again required to give two months’ notice that they plan to take possession of the property once this time is up.

Access to a Property

As a tenant, you have the right to private accommodation. Your landlord or letting agency must give you 24 hours written notice should they wish to enter the property, while as a tenant you are obliged to meet any reasonable request for access.

This right can be lifted in exceptional circumstances, for example in the case of an emergency such as a burst pipe when you are not home.

Rights Concerning the Standard of Accommodation

You have the right to live in safe and comfortable accommodation without unnecessary disturbance.

That is, your landlord is obliged to ensure that a property is structurally sound, ‘wind and waterproof’ and generally habitable, with leaking roofs and damp not legally acceptable.

You have the right to insist that a property complies with all relevant building regulations, including rules on fire safety, that hot water and heating systems are safely maintained by CORGI-registered professionals.

Furthermore, you have the right to insist all electrical equipment is regularly tested and safe to use and that, if a property is furnished, the furniture is fit-for-purpose and meets the relevant fire-resistant regulations.

Your landlord needs to have a current gas safety certificate if you have a central heating boiler – these are yearly and its for your own protection so make sure he it.

If there is a problem with any of the above, it should be covered by the landlord’s property insurance, however you need to insure your own belongings separately.

Landlord Contact Details

Tenants have the right to be able to contact their landlord directly. Should you put such a request in writing to your letting agency, they are legally obliged to provide you with the details within 21 days.

Additionally, if your landlord changes, you have the right to be notified within two months of this happening.

Ending a Tenancy

The majority of landlords and tenants sign short-hold agreements, usually in the form of fixed-term contract for 6 or 12 months. Under these, landlords can regain possession of a property six months after the start of a tenancy, so long as they give two months’ notice. They do not have to give any reasons or justification for their decision.

Landlords signed up to assured tenancy agreements, however, can only evict their tenants if they can prove to a local court that they have ground for possession, for example if you have fallen behind on rent or have acted as a nuisance.

Once a tenancy is over, you have the right to expect your deposit to be returned within 30 days, provided you have stuck to the terms of your contract.


If you fail to comply with your responsibilities, your rights may be compromised. For instance, a landlord has the right to possession if you owe at least eight weeks’ rent. The housing charity Shelter offers a guide to your responsibilities as a tenant here.

However, even if you are in breach of your tenancy agreement, a landlord or letting agency will still have to go through a court to obtain an eviction order.

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Joanne leacy Joanne leacy

Hi can anybody help me? I rent a 3 bedroomed house with my partner and our two children. Our landlord is actually my partners aunty. We have been living here for three years and have always paid our rent. Since we've moved in she has always taken ages repairing things claiming that she is broke even though she goes on three holidays a year. Every winter we have trouble heating the house. We put a small fortune into the meters but it's all down to the insulation in the house. Before we moved in she promised us that she would replace the patio doors in the living room because that is where the heat is escaping but she just says I'll get round to it I'm broke at the moment but she's booked another holiday. We use the gas fire to heat the living room when it's really cold but sometimes it just doesn't even come on. And as soon as we turn it off its freezing coz all the heat is gone out through the patio doors. I can actually feel wind coming through the patio doors. We have been reasonable enough and done loads of repairs for her but feel she is taking advantage because Her nephew lives here and he won't do anything. What should I do. We're wasting so much money trying to keep the house warm for the children. Help

d Cusani d Cusani

Hello, starting renting an apartment 2 weeks ago. One of the bedrooms is covered in black mold (shower, wall, carpet and bed). Insurance claim has been made and is successful they are waiting on something stupid. We were told this would be fixed and completed but am still waiting. I have phoned up to complain that i am paying for a room that i cant actually sleep in and they advised me to sleep in the living room!! Whats your advice

Lola Lola

I deposited for a house to rent from a private landlord on monday the 24th of march 2014 and i did not sign any contract, i requested for the keys from him so i could take someone there for viewing as my discussion was to share with someone else because i can't afford the rent on my own, i went over to the house, the person viewed it and complained about a lot of things that i did not notice at first, like broken doors, broken shower, no gas cooker and generally mismanaged house, i also found a bullet proof vest in the house which kind of gave me a feeling of danger and also the area was a bit dangerous too. I explained all these to him when i returned the keys as the reason I've changed my mind and not willing to take the house anymore and this was on the 25th of march, he in turn told me the house doesn't belong to him and he had transferred the rent to the landlord and the landlord had spent the money and since then i have not got my money back and despite agreeing to sort it out and refund the deposit, he's been acting funny like picking my calls and cutting right off or just not picking at all, it's been a week now. I don't know what to do, i scraped my bank account to be able to afford the deposit. Thanks

Hollie Hollie

My landlord is not pleased that while the heating was broken we used plug in radiators. He is now demanding that they be removed from the property, regardless of them being used or not and is treatening a "spot check" also stipulating that all mains switches are off and nothing left on standby. If the above conditions are not met when this spot check occurs the landlord is going to increase the rent.

Can he entre the property without my permission?

H Unsworth H Unsworth

Hi, my wife and I have been in a property managed by a letting agents for just under 18 months.

It is supposed to be a 3 Bed semi, however the smallest room isn't big enough to fit a standard size bed in. And we have had a Housing official from our local council in to measure the room and they provided evidence to the agents that this room didn't meet the standard sizes to be classified as a bedroom. And having 6 children makes us classed as over crowded, more so as our eldest is 16 and as such by law requires her own bedroom.

There are other problems with the property to numerous to list here.

However when we signed upto the property we thought it was for 12 months, and have since been notified it was for 2 years. But as I have never signed for a rented property for more than 12 months in 15 years I can't see how I would have agreed to the 2 years.

Having been classified as a 2 bed not a 3 we are after moving but the letting agents sa we can not move until they have found someone else to take the property on. Given the bedroom classification and classed as over crowded, and also a 16 year old who as I state by law is required to have her own room. Are they allowed to do this?

Karen Bommer Karen Bommer

Hi there, i have recentlymoved into a private let flat. before i moved in i was told that the bedroom was flooded by the flat upstairs but would be fixed for us moving in. On the day we moved in and went to sign the lease on arrival to the flat we could see that the wall in the bedroom was still not fixed and in need of a plaster and paint but where told it was dry and would be done within two weeks. 2 weeks after we moved in the wall is now severely water damaged and water is spreading and dripping anytime there is heavy rainfall. our carpet and blinds are now ruined. we have emailed e our estate agents several times and they have sent contractors to take pictures but nothing has been done. after attending a meeting held by the owners of other flats in the building with Speirs gumley we have come to learn that the buildings structure has been called into question and there is several leaks elsewhere in the building. they are now needing serious structural work but this may take weeks or months before its started. what can we do or who do we contact about sorting our room now as it is wet, soggy amd mouldy. i m also concerned about water hitting the electrics. please help.

lynsey lynsey

I am due to move out my property 10 april. My letting agebts want to change boiler before we move. Do I have to let them as boiler working fine. We asked to vacate property early but I was told we would be charged so do I have to let him install new boiler while im in here for another 6weeks or does he have to wait.

amit chavan amit chavan


Recently in the house where I am living . landlord did( 7 days ago) some refurbishing. while doing so he throw away the bags (two) which contain all my university books, notes, cloths and shoes. The bags where kept in storage room as there was no space available in my room. the books and cloths where expensive one and I never thought I will use them in near future so I kept in storage room. my house mates also had there languages too. but fortunately they found there stuff in trash so they asked landlord and landlord said he asked the existing flatmates and the stuff in store room belongs to the old tenants who left the house.

in fact he never asked anybody about the same. now I checked it and I don't have anything there. what should I do ? I pay regular my rent through Direct debit and no problem whatsoever from my side . but now I lost almost 5K stuff...including shoes, notes and expensive books which I cant afford now....please help.

viv viv

My son's landlord has sent a cleaner to take photos of messy areas of the house he rents and sent the photos to the letting agent - he did not request permission to take photos - is this legal?

bec bec

I've lived in my place for 4 and a half years , there is a communal boiler for our flats and as soon as the weather gets cold my hot water stops for sometimes weeks at a time and the radiators barely come on . I haven't had hot water for a week and I've rang the housing everyday and they've told me someone would be out that day then nothing. I've got 2 children and they are now telling me I have to wait for the contractors to contact me as I'm not a priority because the water comes out hot for a few seconds before it goes cold , so that counts as having hot water! they said the latest I would be called is today and still nothing! surely what they're doing is wrong is there anything I can do about this?

Mrs Sarah Beye Mrs Sarah Beye

I have lived in my property for 75 days when we signed the contract we had view another house when we got our keys it was a different house completely there was water leaking from the bath over the light into the living room the kitchen is in the same room as our living room our boiler keeps cutting out I have two young children one has got newmoia and crup and was taken to hospital by ambulance the house is very very dirty the central heating does not work correctly there is model growing on our clothes due to damp the land lord let himself in without any notice when I was in the bath the bath leaked underneath there a live wires hanging out of the wall we have not had a certificate to prove that the gas has been inspected we had a gas leek that took him two weeks to sort out he bring his bull dog to intermediate me and when we ask him to do things he is always away my children have to share the same room as there is damp in my daughters room and he ripped up the carpet and has not given us another bed for her to sleep on I have brain damage and brain sergies I am having an emergency caff meeting on the 15 November as my children are on a children in need plan is there anything I can do to get out of my tencey we do not even have a tencey agreement that we signed because he said he was going to tweak it and could not get it until we pay £1000 deposit and we have already payed £350 towards it already what can I do because I think our landlord is trying to kill my family

Kelly Kelly

Hello i am currently living in a flat... i have a 2week old baby... and the house is completely damp and has woodlouse everywhere also i signed a 6month contract any advice??

deborah harper deborah harper

hi, help needed on where i stand, ive been a private tenent for six years , and in those six years ive never had an inspection, i have a long list of repairs, including damp and mold on walls. i have no heating because as i reported on a numer of occasions my boiler is broke, i sleep downstairs so i cant even use the gas fire, i know i have to pay a shortfall each month and fell behind with that due to mental health issues, i recently contacted dbp letting agency because i have a hole in my cieling so i needed the landlord out to repair, he came down sor of repaired the outside roof, he then noticed all the repairs and damp and said he nedded to gut the house and do all repairs but i need to move, so he done a letter to dbp and now i find im being eveicted with no where to go, ive had no contact from the letting agency to say i owe rent in over four years, am i right in saying they should contact me to ask why im not paying? or do i have to do the chasing? ive had no one in to inspect my boiler or fire only when i have a problem will they come to see me, can i get my deposit back in full from the letting agency? wher do i stand? thank you

Nic Nic

Hi my daughter lived in a shared occupancy house while attending college, the house was so bad with damp that every weekend I brought her home to wash her clothes. During her time there she was assaulted by another tenant who was at the same college this resulted in her ending her cause and leaving the property before the tennancy agreement ended, we rang and explained to the landlords and told them to keep the bond money ( the house was Mosley covered by housing benefit so we only paid £63 per Callander month ) the bond was £300 and as it ended 5 months early thought this fair we also advertised the property in college and local onestop to try and get another tenant inasap.they have now sent us an email saying they were unable to fill the room and we owe the full 5 months rent plus interest for late payment, please help my daughter underwent months of concerning after the ordeal and now this is too much to bare .

Diana Diana

Hi,we just rent a house for one year with letting agency.We need original documents to claim housing benefit unfortunately we have got only a copy of tenancy agreement,and agency refused to give us a letter to confirm that we have a copy of orginal tenancy agreement!

A.leonard A.leonard

I live in private accomidation which the lease doesnt end untill April. I signed this a month before i found out i was pregnant. I have since found a house which i can move into as the flat currently has rising damp and mould on walls and carpets-
Am i breaking any law by leaving before the lease ends and can my landlord take me to court for this

Frustrated Frustrated

Can anyone help me on my legal rights here:

I was due to move into a house on the 1st of October with three other friends. Holding fees etc have been paid and contract signed.

The current tenant on the house we were due to move into had cut short their contract to find somewhere cheaper but today have decided to stay put,

Therefore me and my friends who have all handed notices in on our current houses have been left homeless. The estate agent is returning out holding fees but we do no have time to find anywhere as nice.

Who had the rights here, us who have done everything by the book or current tenants who have messed us around?

Jax Jax

Hi we have lived in this rental property for 5 mth now... the velux window leaks when raining .the carpet was wet and moldy,so we have taken that up to find this leak has been an on going problem.WE have asked if it can be looked at and fare enough its been looked at 3 times so fare but the builder has reported back to the letting agant that it needs a new roof , we have had no responce .Im concerned ither the cieling will fallin on us or the floor will rott away....this week we have sent an email with our concernes and a few photographs ,3 days later no reply .Where do we stand now ? as i have no money to move or pay a large bond,and we are concerned he will want us out if we insist on repairs...

Brian Brian

I've just moved in two days ago to a house that I viewed a couple of weeks back. I've now spent two full days cleaning the place and throwing out stuff that the previous tenant left behind.The estate agent has agreed that I could get rid of three mattresses which are in absolutely disgusting sharp--blood, pee stains etc--but assumes I will take these to the dumpy myself. The worst of all this is that the refrigerator in the place is absolutely minging--with mold and bacterial inside it, foul water in the freezer, smells horrible, etc. I contacted the estate agent as soon as I got the keys into the house and she says she contacted the landlord but the landlord said it was 'clean': unbelievable. I told her that was not good enough, and she told me yesterday to 'leave it with her and she would get back to me'. Two days in, paying rent, without a refrigerator to use, and after all I've done over the last two days cleaning up someone else's mess I refuse to lay a hand on the refrigerator. I've left a message with her today saying that if she does not have someone in to clean in the morning I will hire a professional cleaner and deduct the charges from my next month's rent. What are my rights here? Really fed up, and a very bad start to my tenancy.

Ce Ce

I moved into a shared house expecting a garden and shed but it is a pile of rubble, no shed and big holes in the fences so next door can see in. Baisically inhabitable.
Also I live in a loft room that has reached unbearable temperatures in the heatwave due to very bad and in parts no insulation. I know this as I can see the wooden roof panles through a 1/2 metre by metre gap in my large wall cupboard. When its windy I can feel it even when my windows are shut. Is this aloud? Alongside this I have no heating mechanism in place for when the winter rolls in. Landlord says he has one to put in but no sign of it. I am getting worried. What is the law on a tenants room being too hot or not enough protection from when it gets cold, AND no heating?
I have been renting for two months but still no change. I have not yet signed the tenancy agreement so I wrote to my landlord stating I would be paying less rent untill the problems are resolved. Do I have this right?
Any information would be much appriciated. I have tried looking up laws etc myself but it is so complicated! If possible please could you email me the laws or policies that state what I need to know. Thank you :)

Danny.c Danny.c

I have my 10yr old daughter living with me in a (1)bedroom flat which is her bedroom a tenant using a small yard (classed as a communal area) sits outside her bedroom window.I've asked the letting agent to ask him to move but they say he's not breaking any Rules, but my daughter has no privcy when going into her bedroom and having to close the blind each time she needs to do anything (What's my rights if i have any )

k keith k keith

the tenant in the flat above me has put ply wood down on their floor with nothing else. and i hear every everything including foot steps, and they have been down to my door complaining that they can hear my music in the middle of the day, i said to them the only reason they can hear my music(because it not even on loud) is because they don't have carpets down, is their a law about sufficient floor coverings in upstairs flats?

Tony Tony


Me and my wife signed a tenancy agrrement yesterday for 6 months to move into a 3 bed unfurnished house.

We originally voew the house 2 weeks ago and the landlord told us they were going to sort out bits and bobs and clean up the house ready for us to move in.

Once we were cleaning yesterday we came across numerous problems.

They hadnt cleaned as promised and the house is so dirty i wouldnt put a dog in there. The tiles in the bathroom were not securely fitted to the wall so water has leaked and resulted in the floor boards rotting in the bathroom and connecting bedroom.

The dining room floor had not been repaired as promised and there are gaps in the laminate flooring. The oven was left with trays of food in, and the oven to be honest is unusable as it is covered in grime. The tap in the sink is loose, there are doors with holes punched through. Theres gaps in the laminate and especially where the skirt boards meet the floor.

The house is a huge mess and is going to take a lot of work to repair.

Where do we stand trying to get out of this contract and getting our money back as for a privately rented house this is a disgrace.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Klo Klo

As a tenant do I have the right to end a fixed term tenancy if the Landlord has failed to protect my deposit in a deposit protection scheme? I am 11 months into a 2 year tenancy. I was originally told by my letting agent that the scheme was protected - it actually states this in my contract. However, I discovered a few weeks ago via a letter from my letting agent, that despite constant attempts to contact my Landlord for details of the scheme he has placed our deposit in - he had ignored all requests. I should state that he has a break clause in the contract that kicked in after the first 6 months, we unfortunately (for various reasons) do not. Many thanks.

Rachel Wilks Rachel Wilks

Our letting agent wanted to carry out a property inspection at a time when we could not be at the property. When we tried to re-arrange, we were told that they would come at the time they had specified irrespective of our concerns.
We contacted the landlady directly and were able to re-arrange a more suitable time. However, the letting agent is now refusing to confirm the new appointment in writing and I am concerned that they will enter the premises when we are not there.
I do not want to cause any trouble, but I am adamant that either myself or my husband should be present for the inspection. What steps can I take to ensure the agreement is stuck to?
Many thanks

Mrs Salman Mrs Salman

Hi i have a 1 bed flat with a council tenant living in it.
Ive given her 3 moths notice which ended on 28th May 2013.
She still hasnt moved and now she has not paid last months rent! and this months is due next week.
She is now hiding not attending calls and not at home. What is the quickest way to get her evicted and out of my property. Caseworker is involved,

Alecia Alecia

My son and his girlfriend (now ex) took out a joint lease on a flat but she has now moved out after 6 days! Is she still liable to pay half the rent? She is saying that he threw her out (which is not true) so it not paying a penny! My son obviously cant afford to pay for the flat on his own, and has got a 6month get-out clause built in, so will be invoking that option. Any advice for a supportive mother for her son would be greatly appreciated......

Sammy K Sammy K

Many thanks for your reply! I have made an appointment to see my solicitor this week!
I have also spoken to British Gas who kindly informed me that the Aga was given an at Risk notice once we left and also confirmed that the boiler needed work doing to it also confirming the dates when the appliances should have been serviced and that these services were not kept upto date. Also providing me a copy of the out of date Gas Safety certificate!

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Sammy,

From the way you describe the rapid sale of the house for 'tax reasons' I'm tempted to infer she's hit some sort of financial trouble and is trying it on out of desperation in demanding this bill. (But that's only a guess.)

If the state of disrepair and neglect you've described can be shown (for example you have the proof of the gas certificate) then she's probably breached the contract at least once, if not multiple times. Maintaining the supply of gas, for instance, is a statutory obligation within section 11 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985. If you resist there demands and they try to take you to court to get the money it sounds like you'd have enough ground to counterclaim but you should probably seek legal advice.

Sammy K Sammy K

I wonder if anyone can advise me
We moved out of our rented property in April and did a checkout appointment with the landlady who confirmed verbally everything was fine on our departure.
Then approx 3 weeks later we received a bill for £2,000.00 from her for redecoration, cleaning, new carpets a key and an electricity cover for a socket in the garden.
I will now explain in more detail the events which led upto our departure....last october we notified her that we had some damp patches on some walls and could we paint them to which she verbally told us this was fine as long as we didn't use black paint.
We did the redecoration at our expense, then in January the walls were so bad we asked her to come and meet us at the property, which she agreed to and came 2 weeks later. We walked her around the whole property pointing out the damp problems in various rooms which was penetrating damp and she discussed various options of taking off the plaster inside and replastering and getting a builder to come and re render the outside, all of which she assured us she would do. As we felt it was not suitable for our children to sleep in these rooms! Also I told her in front of her husband that the gas safety certificate had run out and the gas Aga and boiler required servicing, which sj=he again said she would sort out.
We heard nothing!! Then we contacted her in February and she said she was getting quotes. Again nothing. We contacted her again two weeks later and she said she was going on holiday... again no reply. Then out of the blue we got a letter stating due to tax reasons she had to sell the house and she was giving us notice, still nothing was done about the gas safety certificate or the gas appliances and we were relieved after waiting months for the work to commence to find alternative accommodation and move.
We did as she asked moved quickly which isn't ideal with 3 children and now she sending us threatening letters about taking us to court if we don't pay up! Where do we stand legally? surely she has breached the terms of the tenancy agreement by not keeping up with the safety of the Gas etc?
Can anyone help Please

Andrew Andrew

Hi, would like to know my rights reguardin
Canabis, i live in a bedsit and the guy down star
Smokes drugs. The house and especially my roms smells as its directly underneath me. I dnt like the smell and also breathing it in. What can i do to make it stop as he says he not doing it buv the smell gives it away?

Andrew Andrew

Hi, would like to know my rights reguardin
Canabis, i live in a bedsit and the guy down star
Smokes drugs. The house and especially my roms smells as its directly underneath me. I dnt like the smell and also breathing it in. What can i do to make it stop as he says he not doing it buv the smell gives it away?

Sarah Sarah

Hi i rent off a housing association, some very big tiles have fallen from my roof in the wind and onto our car damaging the roof quite a bit, ( very grateful however they didn't hit the children!) will i be able to get some kind of compensation from the housing association? Ive lived here 12 years now and don't think they've ever checked the roof.
Many thanks in advance.

Laura delahaye Laura delahaye


Are there any laws protecting tenants, who have been living with building works going on, where they're severely disrupting the living conditions? Noise, rubbish and obstruction of natural light are a few disruptions on a regular basis. Also, we're unable to utilize our private back patio area, due to scaffolding - am I in a position to ask for a reduction in rent as we are not using the entirety of our paid premise? We have not been given a valid end date for the building works and have not been offered any compensation, even though we're unable to open windows, blinds and outside patio door. They have also removed the safety catch on our ground floor window, providing direct entry into the flat if necessary. Help? Thank you!

Toni Toni

Hi, I rent a property privately and I have been without Hot water and Heating for the passed 5 weeks. I have a 5 year old aswel. The windows are not double glazed neither. I appreciate that all my landlord is able to do is to get in contact with a plumber However he still expects full rent. I have had to buy electric heaters, electric blankets, calor gas heaters the lot so I have asked for half of the rent to be knocked off or at least £150 to cover the costs of my electric bill let alone money i have had to spend on purchasing these electric heaters. Please can some one give me some advice as the landord has refused to knock anything of the rent and states we are in breech of the contract by stating we will only pay half the rent as we are half way through the month and the problem still has not been resolved. Please if anyone could give me any advice on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks. Toni

kirsty kirsty

Hiya my landlord has left me with a broken back door faulty electrics and 3 windows that are unsafe and when I ang the council the landlord came and gave me my notice for calling them can she do this ?

Radu Radu


I have a problem.
My landlord requires me to pay rent starting with a week before giving me the actual keys of the property. Can he do that?
I also have proof that I did not get the contract, not even to read it, when the day he starts asking money and I have signed and returned 2 days after the date he wrote it, but he didn't give me the keys stating that "they are not available just yet", I understood that; and when he finally announce me that the keys are available and I am move in he tells me that I have to pay rent with a week before having the keys just because it is "the date of the contract".



Gemma Gemma


I have been renting my property for 3 years. I have not signed the new tenancy agreement and I would like to move out. Can I do this? I have no contract and would lie to leave ASAP

Helen Helen

hi im having problems getting back my deposit, reason i used wrong colour paint to patch areas where i hung pictures,but we also had our concerns regarding large damp patch to the ceiling ,which leaked rain water,our concerns to the estate agent were ignored ,i would appreciate advice thankyou

Charlotte Charlotte

My housemates forced entry into my room and destroyed the lock that was on there. What can I do in this situation? I am preety sure they have stolen my things too. There is two of them and one of me. They have been feeding my landlord with lies and I don't seem to have a say in the situation as they are the majority. I feel like I am stuck in a rut and want to seek some kind of action as morally this behaviour is totally unacceptable.

Gareth Gareth

Hi, my partner has been renting for 9 years and when she wanted to end the tenancy she found out that the letting agent had added 5 days every year because she paid weekly. Not only that they added a mysterious 40 days during one six month period. Sadly she did not realise it when she signed the contract and now she had been told that she has to keep the house for the full 3 mysterious months. This seems to be a failure in care and responsibility and trust for the estate agent. But I have no idea what redress she has since she signed the contract. She trusted them to get the dates right and who ever checks them after 9 years. What can we do?

k jones k jones

me my partner and 2yr old daughter moved into a private rented flat beginning of feb 2013, we had been told they had had damp in the flat but it had been sorted out and that the broken tiles had been replaced on roof. we viewed flat before moved it was nice and clean no signs of mould or damp , now since 3weeks after we moved in we have been having problems with mould in the living room the small cupboard leading from the front room and the hallway, the flat is split into 2 parts the living area which is slightly warmer than the bedroom end and the bedroom side which is freezing cold we have gas central heating and have it on all day set at 30-40 degrees but it doesnt make a difference my daughter and myself both suffer with asthma and my daughter has been poorly twice since we been in the flat shes still poorly now raging temp a chesty cough breathing heavily (so asthmas being affected) lethargic and generally not herself sleeping in a freezing cold bedroom isnt helping either, my asthmas playing up aswell because of the mould pores, and the coldness of the flat another thing is ive been depressed since december due to miscarrying then miscarrying again in feb and the state of the flat is not helping me. the real problem me and my family have is we are on a fixed6 month shorthold assured tenancy we had eho out 3/4wks ago they sed damp not that bad but its got worse is there anyway we can get out of the tenancy ??
any help would be great

amber smith amber smith

Does anybody know if its possible for me to transfer my goverment home bond deposit from one property to another, with the same landlord and agent, with the agents consent?? I can find any info online, if anybody knows anything id greatly appreciate there advice.

h smith h smith

im renting through a agent but my landlord wants to now get rid of the agent and i can rent through him - is this allowed ? he is telling the agent he is terminating the contract so they think i am moving

gemma gemma

she rang me up and told me she is selling the property now and i am going to be homeless in 2 months

gemma gemma

hiya i have been in my private rented property for 6 months. about 2 months after i move in the house started to grow mold and the whole house is damp i told my landlord but she done nothing to fix it. she said she would but neva . iv had to take me 17 month old son back n to, to the doctors because of the mold n damp iv evan had enviroment help out to look at the property. they said it was in a bad way. have i got any rights agains my landlord.?

adam adam

hi i got a private rented house about 8 months a go with my wife and 6 month old baby when i come to view the house it was nice and clean no mould and damp but for the last 6 months the mold and damp has risen to the walls and my daughter doesent sleep well due to that problem know the council have give me a new 2 bedroom flat but i havent told my landlord is it ok i i give him a 4 day notice should there be any issues its just my other tennancy starts in 4 days

Yaseen Yaseen

Hello:My property is managed by Estate Agency and I pay rent to them . Recently on some conflict I request them the landlord details they refused to provide me details by saying that since our company is the one who manages your property and landlord is paying for it so we will NOT pass landlord details.
I want to know is it something illegal for agency for not providing me landlord details and if they refused after my written notice, what options I left with.

Mike Beaken Mike Beaken

"Tenants have the right to be able to contact their landlord directly. Should you put such a request in writing to your letting agency, they are legally obliged to provide you with the details within 21 days."

I have written to my letting agency for this information, and they have not replied within 21 days. What happens now?

Elen Petrova Elen Petrova

Hello there

I’ve got a problem with the Letting agency.
My husband accepted a great job offer to work in other town and we would like to move on there. So we would like to terminate our 12 months fixed Tenancy agreement but the letting agent said that we have to pay till end of the Agreement.
In the contract hasn’t got any break clauses. But “The property is let together with the special conditions listed in the First Schedule attached here to“. In the Schedule Attached is written: 7 Break Clauses: “It is agree that after an initial period of 6 months, 2 months’ notice in writing may be served by either party to terminate this agreement” .Our contract is started on 30th June 2012, so there are more than 6 months to end it early. The reason that I asked your advice is that I am not sure if this attached Schedule is not signed by the Letting Agent is valid although this document is available in the Letting Agency? Can it cause an action?

When I give a notice to Landlord to terminate the Tenancy Agreement earlier, in which date the notice will expire –for ex. I give today 2/03/2013 2 months’ notice, so the notice expire on 2/05/2013.The letting agent said that the notice will expire on 30 May because our contract starts on 30 June last year. Is that right?

Thank you

Chaz Chaz

Is it legal for a landlord to rent a flat without radiators or heating in the bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom?

kumar kumar

do the tenants need to keep a copy of gas and electric certificate?
thank you

luke luke

hi, I was due to move into a property on friday so i have paid everything including deposite and first months rent booked all my moving vans and taken the day off work to be told the day before i was due to move that the house had failed its electrical test and therefore i could not move in. I have not signed the contract yet as we were asked to do that the day of the move. Do i have any rights or come back against the estate agents as should the test not have been carried out before they took my money and told me i could move in firday?
Thank you

norah norah

Hi my rent has gone up as usual im living in housing assosiation there is a garden the trying to charge me for that i have never used its communal but its to far from my house to use can they charge me for the maintenance of it when i dont even use it some of the neighbours do but its by there house thats why can you help me

Saz Saz

I have lived in my present home with my 3 children for more than five years. It was a private rental and I had a short term tenancy for 6 months. It was never renewed but left on a rolling basis.
Just under a year ago, I found out that the landlords (who had emigrated) had stopped paying their mortgage and that the lender wanted us out. I only found out by mistake but I have fought to keep our home. I offered to pay the lender direct but they refused. I have tried to find a buyer to let us stay but the house needed things doing to it when I moved in and the problems have got worse and the house needs considerable work, including rewiring, new roof, new heating and water system etc. Apart from having the boiler checked, no repairs were ever undertaken.
I suffer from very severe depression, anxiety and other health issues. My eldest is autistic and does not deal with change very well and my two younger children are both settled in schools within walking distance of our home. This is the longest we have ever lived anywhere in nearly 18 years.
We have just received another eviction notice dated for near the end of March (slightly random date) but I think it falls around a year after they first issued or started eviction proceedings.
Someone has mentioned to me that I have special rights if I have lived in

kenneth kenneth

I am a council tenant who is living in a one bed flat. The floors of my living room and other room are damp and the dampness is extending to the walls. I have lived in this condition for the past two months and has told my housing officer. However, no one has come to remedy problem. Please what can i do, i need assistance.

Toby O'Brien Toby O'Brien

Hi I've just viewed a stduio flat that has a small kitchen. Now I never saw any cuttings to pass a washing machine cold pipe through. Does a Landlord done through an Estate Agent/Letting Agent have to provide the plumbing for a washine machine?

Thank You

Alina Alina

I left a house a few weeks ago. The rent was a license to occupy and i gave a deposit. I was wondering if a 'license to occupy' requires the landlord to give the deposit to a deposit secured scheme ? My landlord did not do that and he is not giving it back to me si i am looking for infos. Thanks a lot.

craig calder craig calder

I have given a deposit and signed for a furnished flat but was then told that the landlord would not accept DSS by the estate agent 2 weeks later.However they gave me an un-furnished flat so am i within my rights to ask for my deposit back as this surely has to be a breach of contract

Danielle Danielle

Hi my current landlord has asked me to move out and served me a section 21 two months ago and the date that I had to move out wAs the 17th(yesterday). Luckerly I have found a new flat but the estate agents have been very annoying, iv given them £100 holding deposit and also paid £200 for the referanceing oand gauranntors they have given me a number of moving dates but 'settled' the date as 25th, bt I spoke to the agent today to confirm moving date but I was very upset with the reply I got from which was....'yeah 25th should be the day as long as the current tenant moves out on 21st' this is no good to me, iv told my current landlord when I'm moving out ect. I dnt feel very confident and petified that mr and my 2yr old twins r goin to b homeless..... Should the estate agent have taken my money and given me a moving date if they were not sure? Is there anything I can do???

debbie debbie

hi im wondering if i could get any advice, my parents have lived in there home for 70 years, they are in a 4 bedroomed house, they get pension and have there son caring for them living in there house now my parents are panicking because he is there, and they are long standing tenents, and also the extra rooms they have to pay for, thankyou

john john

can the council change the agreed tenancy to suit if had the tenancy for 25yrs ,if they send a new tenancy agreement will I have to agree to sign it or is it breach of tenancy they would like to change my agreement as so they can implement the room tax have I an obligation to sign as I am happy with the one I have were as I can not sublet or part let my property or I could be evicted will this be a breech of contract of the council as I have signed the tenancy for a three bedroom house not a 1 or 2 bedroom

shah shah

Hi,I moved to a new house with my family.after one week the estate agent start bringing people to view the house as the landlord was selling.when we signed the contract the estate agent told us the they will get investment buyer,but in 4 months we have so many viewing that we are now moving out.my estate agent has send me mail saying I have to provide confirmation letter from all the services that I have paid them up to date,I have told him that they are moving with me and on my name so landlord does not have to worry.is he right to demand the confirmation letter from all the services.pls help

lisa lisa

Hi, I have been renting a property on a short hold tenancy for over two years and I have no pipes or connection for a washing machine to be fitted, I asked my landlord to provide this as I have two children and he refused and told me that its my responsiblity is this correct? Need advice please, thanks

W Porter W Porter

Hi Me & My Husband moved into this private rented 3 bedroom house. Its cold used 600 ltrs of oil sinces 21st Oct 12. We haven't signed a contract, things need 2 b done but landlady has done nothing we've had 2 do sum stuff ourselves. I have put in for a housing executive house, cud u tell me how many days notice i wud have 2 give my landlady as wee paid her i months rent & a deposit thanks

Laura Laura

I signed for a 6 month contract in my current rented accommodation but I need to leave 2 months early due to the fact that I have lost my job and have a new job in another city which is due to start in a week, I informed my landlord of this over a month ago but was told the only way we can leave is if we pay the next 2 months rent of they find another tenant. They have not found another tenant and I can not afford to pay the 2 months rent as I will be paying rent on my new house! I do not know what to do in this situation as I have no choice but to leave?!? Help

daniele daniele

I share a rented flat with my gf...7 months ago, a new couple arrived and rented the flat upstairs.They have a cat and I think it brought fleas in our flat too!!
Can i leave before the date on the contract for this reason??
I am tired to coop with this little animals that keep coming back!!
I d really appreciate if you could give me some advise!!


alison alison

Hi, I live in a privert rented house. I want to move due to the damp cause its making my 3 year old ill, the damp is in both bedrooms but worse in mine the walls and ceiling is black due to it, I'm just wondering if I still get my bond back because of the state of the walls due to the damp and mould x

Kitty Kitty

I was due to move into a property last weekend but was notified 2 days before that the property had flooded and it will take 2 months to be repaired. No tenancy agreement was signed & no money was paid but I had changed over the elec/gas into my name already from my move date. Now we can't move in but the letting agents say I am responsible for paying the electric/gas as I changed the name before I moved in. This can't be true surely? Advice needed please

S roberts S roberts

Should i get my solicitor involved ?
I have been im a privatly rented property for 8 months now the house is nice an big but every room has mould and damp on the walls our boiler leaks water and i have two radiators that dont work
My 2 year old is constantly ill and i have had to stop paying rent in order to get work started !!
After being intouch with the letting agency and my landlady i still havnt had any work done !!

stephanie tillieux stephanie tillieux

My partner and I live with a friend in rented accomodation that has 3 months left on the lease and we are all on the tenancy agreement but our friend plans to move out next week and hasnt actually informed us he just told a friend who kindly let me know. As his name is on the tenancy agreement does he legally still have to pay his share of the rent until the lease is up?

Paul Paul

Hi I am currently renting a room in a shared house with a property company for two of the previous tenants managed to break the boiler and as a result we have had no heating or hot water for two weeks have been and spoke to the landlords on several occasions but they are doing nothing to fix the problem can anybody help me please

Nemeti Nemeti

Could somebody tell me, what can I do? I'm a tenant and unfortunately I've late to pay my rent. Where I live with my 2 children the cooker is broken and unsafe. I told my landlord and he said he will change it when I paid my full rent. My question the landlord really right to do this or not? If not who could give me advice what can I do?

Matthew Matthew

I intend to end my tenancy soon, within the next month as the property is uninhabitable due to heating costs. I have been told by the letting agency that if I do this I will be liable for the rest of the rent up to October. Can they do this?

Colette Colette

We recently paid our last months rent to the letting agent but moved out before rent had ended as our moving day for new property was moved forward. We discovered that the landlord had rented the property out to someone else clearly receiving 2 rents for a 11 day period 'double renting'. Are we entitled to some of our money back?

Matt Matt

My son and his girlfriend recently signed up for a 12 month assured shorthold tenancy in a private house. They moved in last August with another couple they were friends with. My son and his girlfriend are both students.Unbeknownst to them their friends were into smoking cannabis and started doing this in the communal areas of the house. Despite asking them not the other couple ignored their requests. In the end and in frustration my son eventually told the letting agents and landlord. However all that happened was that the agents gave the other couple a warning Three parts of the contract had been broken, no smoking, no drugs and no illegal activities. As only a warning had been issued my son and his girlfriend moved out as the situation had been made impossible to live with. We are now having to continue to pay the monthly rent on the rest of this contract where we feel that the agents and landlords have failed to act appropriately in evicting the other couple. We are now having to pay for the illegal activities of the other couple and lack of action. Do we have any rights ?

Manuel Manuel

Hi our flat had a water leak from the flat above, our land lady, is in contact with the insurance company. The people from the flat above, is aware of the damage. now the problem is that we been sleeping with a lot of mold and humidity in the bed room, we have a 8 month baby. i wanna no if i can ask the land lady to be compensated? they gonna start the refurbishment soon. do i have the right to ask her to pay half the rent or a discount for the inconvenience?

Adele Adele


I have confirmed, with my tenant, the best time to hold viewings and have sent her a letter (including the date and time the viewing will take place: giving her two weeks notice) If, at the last minute she decides she is not going to be in the property, can I still enter the property and carry out the viewing? I own the property and it is in my name. Thank-you in advance for your response.

Sarah Sarah


I've been privately renting a two bedroom cluster house since June last year. There is no central heating only storage heaters in the living room and dimplex fan type heaters in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. The storage heaters do not heat the living room adequately and I have had to resort to a halogen heater which eats away at the electric. The house has wooden framed windows, not double glazed, some of which do not seal properly so the house is always cold and there is mould starting to form on the windows. There is a house opposite mine which is owned by the same landlord as my house that has recently had UPVC windows fitted upstairs but apparently there are no immediate plans for this to happen to my house.

I am due to have my second baby in just under two weeks and I'm really worried about bringing a newborn home to a cold house, especially with this current cold weather.

Is there any obligation on the landlord to change the heating?

I would be grateful for any advice you can offer.


Keith Keith

I've been renting for a year the windows where so
Poor that the heating wax constantly on , now the windows are not even shutting properly and you can feel a draft.....can I claim for cost of heating? HELP

heather heather

Hi, myself and partner entered into a 3 month short assured tenancy agreement with my partners boss, for a house that is attached onto his work (a pub) 3 weeks ago. We have with their permission just had a phone line/broadband put into the property. Only to arrive home from work yesterday to be told they are giving up the lease on the pub and have 5 weeks to vacate the property, to top that off my partner has also lost his job their because of this. When I tried to disconnect the phone line today the phone company charged us a £240 disconection fee. We haven't even had the bill for installation yet. When we approached the landlords about this they said.....its your problem! Added to this we have had the costs for moving in and again moving out again in such a short period of time through no fault or desire of our own. Im sure every one knows how much financial strain moving house causes in the initial few months after so this is not something we can afford to do. Not to mention the stress and worry it is causing. Does anyone know if we have any rights surrounding this or if their is any action we can take against these landlords for compensation on the charges involved. It has put us substantially out of pocket meaning we have had to cancel out engagement party and put the wedding off until we are able to recover. I would really appreciate any advice

Becki Becki

Hi my brother has just bought a house for me to live in which will be ready in 6 weeks time I have checked my paperwork which I got 10 months ago when moving into this house and it does not mention that I have to give a certain time to my landlord before I move out if I tell him this weekend is that wrong? My next 6 months would be signed on 2nd march

kayleigh kayleigh

where do i start with my landlord! 1st of she lets heself in when we are there, doesnt do anything when we tell her the house is full of condensation as there is no airbrick, which is now turning into mould. she has also let herself in when no one was in with out prior knowledge and snooped around the whole house! now there is building work going on outside which she informed us would not affect our living situaion only to not have water for 1 whole day have our doorway obstruced and then to be blocked in the house as they are digging right outside of the door!

what am i supose to do i cant cope with it anymore!

Clare Clare


I am moving house in a week and my new agent would like two references, one from my current landlord and one from my previous. My current landlord has already given me one but my previous is being rather difficult. I was previously with an estate agent, I contacted that estate agent and asked for a reference - he replied saying 'as I remember you were not the easiest tenant to deal with, so I suggest you get your new agent to contact the landlord directly and ask for a reference'. Basically he's going to make it hard for me is what I think he's saying. I have no idea on what he is basing this statement, I paid my rent on time and in full the whole time I was in the property, which I can prove with bank statements. The only issue we ever had with the property was that the agent said the phone line was active and it wasn't, so both me and my flat mate asked for an explanation with regard to the misinformation as we felt it was unfair that we had been told something that turned out to be untrue. The property was in excellent condition when I left it and my flat mate renewed the tenancy with someone else. I now have no idea what I'm going to do as this guy could be putting my new tenancy into jeopardy. He is being so unfair, I was a very good tenant and I should be allowed a reference, regardless of how he feels about me personally!

Harry Harry

I have a freind who is 69 and Terminally ill.
He lives in Housing Association Accomodation,
His boiler has broken, and the caouncil have said they can't do any thing about this untill next Friday 18th Jan.

What can he do about this?
Given the sub zero temperatures that we are warned to axpect.

Many Thanks for advice in advance.

F. Libery F. Libery

Heather, the inspection is final and any later responsibility should be at the charge of the agency since they "should have picked it up".

If the landlord has further queries, he should have come to the inspection.

Otherwise the landlord or the agent could damage something while someone visit the property to replace you and then try to charge you for that.

The moment you leave you are no more responsible for anything happening there, which is set in the inspection report.

The way I see it, you should not have even accepted anything for the lamp


Heather Capaldi Heather Capaldi

We have recently moved out of our rented property which we were in for just over a year. We had the carpets cleaned the morning of our inspection. Everything was in order upon the inspection and we later received a letter stating that everything was satisfactory in the property and we would receive a full refund of our deposit, once they had received the final utility bills showing the accounts were closed for that property. We sent copies of the final utility statements before christmas. We have now received an email stating that the landlord has been into the property and has a few queries, one of which was 2 slight brown marks to the bedroom carpet on the top floor and cracked glass shade to one of the lights. I have accepted responsibility for the light and apparently a contractor is going to have look and give a quote to replace it. As for the mark on the carpet, this was there when we moved in but not noted on the inventory nor did we add it once we'd moved in as furniture was covering it so it was forgotten. The man who cleaned the carpets was the same man and company who the landlord used to clean them prior to us moving in and he claims he remembered them being there before, and is happy to vouch for this. I have sent a copy of his cleaning receipt and I'm now waiting for the estate agents to contact me. My question is what rights do we have in terms of being charged for things after the final inspection has been carried out and receiving a letter stating our deposit will be returned in full?

Alexander Grey Alexander Grey

My property (Sanctuary Housing) is a Class 1 Severe Cold Hazard Dwelling. Has been from day 1. Sanctuary has refused to offer assistance on environmental costs as E7 heating. Now in severe debt as a lone parent I have been unable to move out or to take court issue. Now they are entering possession order as I've needed to supliment property costs with rent. The council say they will start work to rectify end of march. I've lived in the property for 11 years. No compensation has been offered. My email is alex.grey2ar@btinternet.com

Tash Tash

HI, this may seem like an odd query but my toddler brother dropped my keys down the toilet in London. for the student house I rent in Southampton. Does my Landlord have the right to charge me for the changing of all the locks and keys in the house, given that this is not in the tenancy agreement??

P.Goodwin P.Goodwin

I live in a housing association house, I have been here or 25 years, 14years ago I had an oil boiler fitted which since the day it was installed has been nothing but a problem. The company that repairs the boiler are very good but say I really need a new boiler, I contacted head office of the housing association, they refuse to do anything because the boiler is not 20years old, the boiler is always breaking down, we are constantly with out heat, my husband is 70 and registered disabled, is there anything we can do as we are now at are wits end. As I am writing this we have been without heat 4the last 5days.

james james

hi i gave my 4 weeks notice to my landlord and he has charged me another months rent which i cant afford he says i gave him notice the day after the rent is due for the next month. how do i go about this i was renting from a private landlord

Linda Linda

Hi my tenancy ends at end of Jan . Landlord gave 2 months notice end of term. I wanted to stay on but my flatmate didnt. She moved out and paid her rent till end of Jan. I have been trying to find a flatmate but have had no luck. Does anyone know what the latest is for me to tell the landlord/rental firm that I cannot go ahead. I am still trying to find someone as I like the flat and area.

Name (required) Name (required)

Jason no your landlord does not have the right to evict you. He has to wait till you have 2
Months in arrears before he can serve you with a se tion 8. Then he has to give you 15 days to pay. If you do not pay by then he can apply for court to ask for the property back. Only the court can evict you.

Westy Westy

Hello, I have given 5 weeks notice on the property I'm currently renting and am due to leave in 17 days. The landlord eho I have to deal directly with has sent a letter outlining my responsibilities prior to leaving and has said an inspection will be carried out the day after I leave. However, the landlord is now saying they wish to carry out an interim inspection in the next 3 days. The landlord keeps texting me despite me asking gor everything in writing. Can I refuse on the grounds that I am in dispute over what I have been asked to do and wish to respond in writing and that it's unnecessary and unreasonable as I'm leaving soon. Thanks

W.Maloney W.Maloney

"usually in the form of fixed-term contract for 6 or 12 months. Under these, landlords can regain possession of a property six months after the start of a tenancy, so long as they give two months’ notice."

This is not strictly correct. The law regarding residential tenancies is that if you have a 6 month lease, the landlord can ask you to leave at the end of the lease, if you have a 12 month lease, the landlord can ask you to leave at the end of the12 month lease. If you have a 12 month lease with a 6 month break clause, the landlord can only ask you to leave at the end of the 12 month lease. My landlady went as far as taking me to court to enforce a 6 month break clause, and the court gave me to the end of the 12 month tenancy plus 1 week to move. I moved 2 days before the end of the tenancy to give me time to have the premises cleaned, and the landlady changed the locks which prevented the premises being cleaned. She did drop the new keys at the Estate Agents so I could clean, but it was after the end of the tenancy but still within the additional court allowed time, and then tried to charge me an additional weeks rent. The independant arbitrator disallowed her claim.



I'm currently renting a room out to one of my closest friends and drew up a contract which he has signed, agreed and generally respected.

I highly respect my friend/tenant but to be honest my partner soon has to leave where he is living and I would like him to move in but also get sole use of my home back.

It is also my home (I own it) and have even turned an overnight guest away on one occasion even though it is my home.

My tenant has this unspoken air that he should have the living room to himself after a shift which I have been tolerant about during the last year and on many occasions have been flexible about him having guests staying on many occasions even though I outlined in the Contract that this should be occasionally.

As I am a live-in Landlady if I was to renew his contract for a final year from 2013-14 would I be obbliged to renew it after this?? Deep down I only want to renew his contract for 6 months but don't want my friend to have short notice finding another place. Please help!

Elaine Elaine

My unemployed 28 year old son has a room in my house. He does not pay rent, or contribute to the household, although he does claim job seekers allowance I do not see any evidence of him actually looking for a job. He never cleans any of the rooms he uses, i.e. the bathroom, kitchen and I often come home from work to find that the kitchen is littered with dirty dishes empty beer cans, cider bottles, and likewise the main living room. His bedroom is always the same....dirty plates, empty alcohol bottles, cans etc. I went away to visit my sister over Christmas, basically because I am so down, and at my wits end, I just needed someone to talk to and some cheer. I came back and my son had put the most ugly lock on his bedroom door. When I told him I wanted it removed he told me it was his right to have it on the door and quoted some act number regarding privacy in rented accommodation.....I replied with the fact that he is not in rented accommodation and that I pay the mortgage and all the bills for the property while he spends his time using my internet connection and getting drunk. He physically threw me into my room, and my arm hit the wall, and is now bruised and aching, he went out for a walk and has not yet returned. In the mean time I have removed the monstrous lock from the door. When he is not at home I only ever go into his room to put any clothes he has left laying around, and if he is in I always knock on his door before entering, unfortunately its not the same for him in regard for my room, as he just walks in the door, and while I am out he rifles through my drawers and removes items from the room....he even goes through the files on my computer and as I found out while I was away, deletes my emails. What are his rights in this instance and what are my rights. It really hurts to know that at the moment I am on the verge of throwing him out, but I cannot continue to live like this. I'm not a high earner, and currently after paying everything I am left with £50 a month to buy food for both of us. He just drinks his unemployment money away.

Jason Jason

Hi I really need some help.
my wife and I are two months behind on our rent which I have updated our landlord with whats happening, it is due to my disability benefits taking there time to renew my claim and our housing benefit was a week late. we pay £525. a month on the 27th of each month. yesterday i got an email from my landlord saying that he will evict us and get the locks changed right away without asking if I had any money or not. now we owe £225. for Nov Rent and £525. for Dec rent. I have emailed him that I can pay off the Nov rent arrears but it will take a couple more weeks to pay the full amount of Decembers arrears. once my benefits are sorted we can pay him off right away. it has only been like this since late Oct. his bank is giving him hassel and he is giving us the same. my wife was really worried last night and so was I. the council is not open until the 2nd Jan and I have mobility issues due to my disability. what rights do we have and what can we do??? please someone help us.

Carla Carla

Is it illegal to rent a room with no any written agreement...thanks

Cat Cat

I privately rent but my old landlord got bought out by a new company. Within five days of taking over, we have had builders every day, that was seven weeks ago. They live their equipment, including nails, a band saw and open pots of paint everywhere. Ladders are left on stairs and a scaffolding unit was left directly in front of our communal door completely blocking it. I'm not the only flat with children. We have had no notice of their arrival, no explanation of what they are doing and no estimated end date despite numerous requests. I should also mention that they are not renewing anyone's tenancy, including my own. Do we have any rights to withhold portion of our rent. Our life has been completely disrupted and stressful as I never know what is outside my front door when I let my little ones out? Thank you for your help

claire claire

hi, my boiler was serviced 3weeks ago and the plumber said there was a gas leak!!! nothing to worry about he said and he will come back in two days, that was 3 weeks ago, my landlord has been delaying as he has no money but i am afraid that something will happen, please can you advise

chelsey :D chelsey :D

I have been in a rented house now for 2 months the 1st months rent up to date this months is not i hade a problem with the money when it went into my banck accont i have £330 og it n the rent is £425 a month i took a loan out to pay the rest an the loan will be on the 28th of december an the rent had to b pade on the 21st i have sighned a month contract an if this hasent been pade bye the 21st hes giving me a month noties can he do this and what rights will i have becuse i got a 2 year old an verry worred thanks

katie katie

I moved into my private flat in july for one month. i am now wanting to leave in January. the agency has said I have to pay up until july 2013 as signed in the contract. Can I not break this contract under the tenancy act page 2, 3.3.: 'That in the case of a breach of the tenancy by the tenant, a reasonable administration charge may be made in addition to the costs of any remedial work, in order to compensate the Landlord or Agent his reasonable expenses"

Any advice would be really appreciated

F. Libery F. Libery

rule #1 : You have the right to contact your landlord directly.

Therefore if they tell you you can't due to data protection, tell them the law allows you to contact your landlord directly and they are forced by law to give you his/her details within 21 days after your demand has been received.

Don't remember the exact law number but still easy to find on the Net.

Becki Becki

I need some advice - I have been in my rented accommodation since March 2011. I was initially given a 6 month agreement, in which I extended for a further 6 months (March 2012). I was then expecting a further notice of renewal to arrive, but it didnt. I had to contact my Letting Agent who informed me that I had now entered into a rolling contract, but I never received anything in writing to state this. Therefore I was told by my letting agent that the required notice period was 1 month from myself, and 2 months from the landlord.
I have now obtained a mortgage, and I am due to complete on the purchase of a property in the next 2 weeks. Given the information that I am to give 1 months notice, I did this on the 8th December, wishing to vacate the property on 5th January (as its a Saturday). I have been contacted by my Letting Agent to tell me that this is not sufficient notice, I am to give notice on my rent due date which is the 30th of every month. I understand this is policy, but I have never received anything in writing to make me aware of this, hense why I have waited until 8th December. If I had of known I would have given notice on the 30th November. I am now really stuck, as I was prepared for both mortgage and rent to overlap by approx 2 weeks, but not a whole month; I cannot possibly afford this. I am feeling extremely cheated, as I have been a good, long term tenant, having never missed a payment, and kept the property in really good repair. Please can you advise further, as I am starting to get very stressed about the whole situation as the Letting Agent are demanding 1 months notice from the 30th Dec - They have also told me that the landlord, also agrees with this. Which I do not believe; I have asked to contact the landlord personally but been told that I cannot do this due to Data Protection.

Any help would be appreciated,

F. Libery F. Libery

Hello Anna

I've had a similar situation before. Basically, the landlord has to gove you livable premises, including a decent heating and running water.

If he threatens to take you to court, tell him that he will ask to the citizens advice bureau if he was legally allowed to pressure you to sign a new contract for 12M otherwise he would have increased the rent. Landlords often use the "court" argument to take you down.

All in all, there is very little chance he takes you to court because it would force an investigation on his practices as well and a full review of his premises. In the end he might hurry to fix the issues so that a court would see that he did his job.

So don't let him pressure you, make a list of all the pros and cons for you so that you know where he can attack and where you can attack too.

However he might let you go earlier but you probably won't see your deposit back (and you would need a court to clear that, which is very unlikely to happen).


On the issue of the keys. Our current agency told us the same thing (we can't have locks on our rooms because it's illegal in England, blablabla). Ask the landlord to show you the insurance contract or the law which states that to have a key, you need to purchase your own insurance. There is no such thing so force them to show it to you and they will have to take things down.

For the record, they stopped telling us that it was illegal but they now say the landlord doesn't want to give us keys.

Try your luck by pressuring them with this fake law document

Good luck to all

Anna Anna

I need some advice. I am renting a Bedsit for 7 months now and my landlord forced me to sign another 12 months contract otherwise he would increase the rent . I was stupid I did sight it.
I wanna leave the property because its very cold , it's grand floor flat with damp problem, heating only twice a day for 2 hours doesn't solve the problem springing fortune for the electic heaters, still cold ...
On top of that hot water is also available only twice a day my landlord said if I wanna leave early he will take me to court , pls help
I'm always ill in this place...:-(

Layla Layla

At my student accommodation out landlord didn't
Give us keys to our rooms. Now if we wanted a key we had to get our own insurance. Now if the people who don't have keys get robbed. Are they covered on the landlords insurance ?

Tracey J Tracey J

my son has a problem with getting repairs done. he lives in an old parlour house where the kitchen and toilet is downstairs with no rooms above. he has terrible trouble with the roof caving in in the kitchen through rain. now the water is actually running into the electrics. the landlord keeps telling him he'll send someone round but they dont show. my son is now refusing to pay his rent, can he do this and what can my son do as regards to getting the landlord to do these repairs?

any help would be gratefully recieved


Heather w Heather w

Could any one help

We have recently told our landlord were moving and she is looking for tenants. First 2 viewing went fine we were given a written noticed and confirmation from the landlord. This time we were given NO notice and barged in late this afternoon with out confirmation. we are mortified and scared it might happen again. Can we do anything about this?

wendy wendy

could someone please give me some advise
my stepdaugter is renting a double room in a house, she took the room 18 months ago, and her boyfriend moved in with her when she had been there 6 months
as I said its a double room
her landlord has told her that he is going to put her rent up by £60 a month, and that will put her rent up to £440 pm for a room in a house
Would anyone know if he is allowed to do that
Many thanks

Lee Lee

Renting through a letting agent, only lived in property for two months within that time we had no hot water for four days, which we had to take time off to wait for British gas. Then just recently we noticed we had a leak, again had to arrange for British gas to come and fix it using more of our own time. It's now been a week with dehimidifiers and constant heating on. No use of the kitchen due to it being so small. Are we due any compensation or rent rebate we are on a assured short hold tenancy? Should it be the agent or landlord refunding us? As the agents have done nothing but tell us to sort it ourselves.

Rachel Rachel

Hi , I have been served with bailiff letter and been out from the previous property , I have accepted to pay for the court order and bailiff (locksmith )however my state agent has sent an email and asking us to pay over £1308 for extra admin fee for going through the eviction process :( are they eligible to charge me for that Eventhough I've paid the court , I'm up to date with my rent and any bills , I hope it makes Sence I'm so stress out and I really need help :( many thanks

Tania Tania

My shower has not been working for 5 days. There is a possibility that someone is coming to fix it on Monday. Should I receive a discount on rent for this month?

C Hoskin C Hoskin

I am having some issues with the landlord's agent.
I have had a tenancy agreement at a property for 18 months
The agent now claims that following an initial six month contract, with the exception of conducting the end of tenancy check out inspection (last week) etc and dealing with the processing of my deposit,that the agency have not been instructed to manage the property or the tenancy on behalf of the landlord.

However, there was no process of concluding the initial contract period and the agency has, on a number of occasions been actively involved in tenancy matters, letters, phone calls etc as well as inappropriate contact with the guarantor at his place of work.

During the last twelve months, the landlord made a fraudulent claim and was paid out by insurers for work he never carried out on the property. The agency was directly/indirectly involved in this.

Can Letting Agencies just opt in and out at will? As far as I was concerned, the Letting Agency have never stopped being involved- after all the rent has been paid into their bank account every month of the entire tenancy period and they have always been listed as the deposit holders.

They are now ducking and diving.
Can anyone advise please

Nerner Nerner

I am a tenant that has been renting a property from a friend of a friend for the last 18 months. Having recently seen a larger rented property that we wished to move into we spoke to our land lord a couple of weeks ago and agreed one months notice from the 1st of the month (today) as this is rent day. We then spoke to new landlord to agree to move in there on 1st December. A few days ago my current landlord rang me to say that he was mistaken and its actually 3 months notice, I'm unable to find my tenancy agreement and we did not go through an agent. I believed it to be one months notice but obviously cannot prove otherwise. As it stands at the moment I can't imagine I will physically be able to get enough money together by the 1st December to pay rent on 2 houses (plus the deposit obviously on the new house).
My landlord has said that he will meet us halfway and call it 2 months instead of 3, and also if he gets a new tenant in before then he won't take the rent for when we're not there. Any advise please would be really gratefully received.
In addition will he need to do the inventory checks for me receiving back my bond when I leave the property or will he be able to leave it until the 3 months notice is up?

A very stressed & upset tenant

anonymous anonymous

I am moving into a new property new week and my estate agent refuses to give me a copy of the signed tenancy agreement until I move in, yet want me to pay the balance of the deposit payment and rent = £4224. Surely I'm entitled to a copy of the countersigned agreement, with the Landlord's signature, before giving them the rest of this money?

Yvonne Yvonne

I have rented this flat for just over 12 months. I paid 6the first 6 months in advance but have since been on a month to month tenancy agreement, I always pay my rent in full and on time.

I live in an upstairs flat which is accessed though a private door on the ground floor. I have always had trouble with the front door yale lock, which I have informed the Landlady's agents about, and last week on a Friday afternoon the lock broke in the open position and I had to close my door using the old mortice lock which is very heavy and also sticks a lot. I informed the agents and the Landlady sent a friend round to repair the yale lock.

He eventually did this after taking the back part, inside the door away and coming back with the back of a new yale lock. He fixed this on the door and said it would still open with the old key when I asked. I locked up from inside using the handle and not the key and the next day went outside into my yard with a cup of tea while I waited for a call on my mobile intending just to be sat out there for 10 minutes or so. When I went to go back inside the key would not turn in the lock at all. I had no credit on my phone (just a few texts left), my keys and was just wearing a T shirt and a cardigan and was already getting cold. I couldn't find any neighbours in except for the lady next door whose phone was out of order so I couldn't ring the landlady's agent (she lives in Scotland, my flat is in Wales).

To cut a long story short I texted a family member who contacted the agents and asked them to ring me. They never contacted me and told my Mother that I would have to wait until they could contact the Landladies friend who was at work (it was about 2 in the afternoon!). My family and friends live a 20 minute drive away from my flat so I waited outside in the cold for 1 hour and 55 minutes, regularly trying the door with my keys to no avail. I couldn't go anywhere as I had no money and very little petrol in my car at the time and eventually my Mother rang a Locksmith on my behalf.

He gained entry and advised that the lock had been put back together wrongly and had to cut about 2cm off a rod inside which was stopping the key from turning. He also advised that this wasn't the original key for the lock as it wasn't a great fit anyway. He repaired it and got the mortice lock to work more smoothly also and gave me a bill for the landlady/her agents for £45 which I paid.

I have since been told by the Landlady's agents that she is "adamant" that she will not be reimbursing the locksmiths fee as I had obviously gone out without my keys and this was my own fault. The agents have also informed me that they rang me several times and I did not answer, and that my Mother had informed them that I was locked out because I had forgotten my keys and this is not their problem!

It clearly says on the Locksmiths bill that my keys would not open the badly fitted lock and also my neighbour saw me with the keys and I did sit in my car for sometime on the road outside which I couldn't have done without my keys either. I have kept a copy of the letter I sent the agents and the locksmiths bill and wonder what my next move should be. Please advise me of my rights, thank you.

pm pm

I have been living in this Flat for 6 years now and the landlord gave me notice to leave the property because he wants to have it refurbished. He gave me 1.5 months' notice, during which time I have managed to find something else. I put the deposit down on the new property at the end of Sep.However, it is in a state of repair. When I went to see the property I was told that the work would be finished within 4 weeks max which suited me perfectly as I have to move out by the end of Oct. Now the new estate agent said that he doesnt know how long it would take and would let me know. I want to live at this property as not only will it be refurbished but is also in my desired location and price range. Can my current landlord really crack down on me if I dont leave by the end of the month? What is the worst that could happen and what action can I take? Please help.

L Nichols L Nichols

I recently took AST tenancy of property. Within a couple of days and before we had moved in discovered house was infested with fleas. Absolutely covered in bites.Told LL who had the place sprayed, but this didn't work and we continued to be bitten. Couldn't live in the property at all under those conditions and also because my daughter has skin condition which would have been made worse by bites, so told LL couldn't live there as uninhabitable due to fleas and moved furniture that we had taken there back out again. We never even lived at the house. I had paid deposit and 1 month rent in advance. I have asked for return of monies which he refused saying there are no fleas and as good as called me a liar, but offered to give back only the deposit implying that if I didn't take his 'amicable' offer he would recover his expenses from me and charge for neglecting ??? his property.I wrote back to the LL with evidence of the fleas including photos and witness statements including survey report from Rentokil. He has now replied back changing tack again, this time ignoring the flea issue but saying i am contractually bound and he doesn't see why he should be out of pocket, but still offering return of deposit only. and basically saying legal advice I have been given is incorrect. By the way, he had another tenant move into the property within less than a week and before the month was up for which I had paid rent. I have been told he also has contractual obligation to provide a property fit for purpose and habitation, and being infested with fleas doesn't meet that standard. Can someone enlighten me?

Miha Miha

Hello , i need some advises , i live in this house for 9 months (i rented 1 room in the house)and the rent its with the bills included , during the first 6 months how it was the first contract the landlord never announce us when he its coming , 3 months ago he moved with us in the house , in September we did sign a new contract for 6 more months , he wanted to change the contract we said that we dont agree with that only after the new contract its over he got very angry when he heard , and from then he start doing things we cant use the washing machine because he took a piece and we need too ask that one so we can wash(that mean that we can wash when he wants!) , he comes when he wants at the room door even if its 23 in the night , and now hes determined to make us live the propriety before the contract ends and i'm sure he's planing to do a lot of other things to make us leave . He start to stress me , i have a medical problem and stress its the only thing i need right now .Thank you .

rebecca matthew rebecca matthew

hi ive just moved into a ouse with a stair lift, the stairlift was fixed yesterday but only had 4 bolts at the bottom holding it in place, and was to dangerous to use, we also have no hot water, we are waiting to have the hot water done now then i can live there, the housing want us to pay rent for the 9 days in total we were not able to stay there as the stairlift was dangerous and no hot water, the water will be fixed soon and this weekend i can b living there, can the housing make me pay rent for the time i was not living there due to them not making sure it was safe to live in? i took then tenancy on and didnt know till we moved in about these problems, the housing officer in charge of my house doesnt even know what state it was let out in and still hasnt seen the property when she is responsible for letting the property, i get housing benifit but they wont pay till i am living there, i have brittle asthma and a premature 14 month old who has a weak chest, do i have to pay when i cant live there till this weekend or is this as i feel down to the housing?

Rachael Rachael

I have just moved into a rented property. The property was listed as furnished but when I moved into the property there was no bed. I thought this would of been one of the main pieces of furniture included in a furnished property. When viewing the property I was not told there would be no bed and in the property information there was no detail of this.
Can I ask the landlord for one?

Steph Steph

I have a short tenancy, my landlord gave me promisstion to have a cat and I have it writen down, ever since the old lady down stair has complained as he won't meant to give me promisstion as cat are not allowed he's been tryin every way to get me to get rid now he telling me that one person has told him my cat fell out the window when I put her out my self at 6am that morning now he's telling me if I don't get rid of my cat or try to appeal me n my son will be homeless but haven't I got a right to fight for not just a cat she part of my family?????

L Brown L Brown

The room at the top of the house I am renting is damp. The duvet feels really damp and the carpet is black around the edges. Is the landlord responsible for making sure the damp is sorted?

Also, is a landlord supposed to provide a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in a property? For some reason, I have been unable to get my contents insured because of a problem with the postcode and possible flooding. I pay a high rent as it is so I wondered what would happen if there was a fire and my property gets destroyed?

sag sag

i have been living in a 8 bedroom house 1.5 months now. the first month i was given a different room as the previous tenants were still living there. as soon as they left the house, the estate agents promised me to get the room professionally cleaned and the bed would be replaced before i could finally move in. enjoying my stay in the temporary room and patiently waiting for a reply from the few e-mails i have sent the agency, they eventually called me, telling me off, calling me a liar (i explained to her that we had a verbal agreement that i should move in as soon as the room was ready) and demanded me to move into a room which still consisted of the broken bed with a stinky and dirty mattress, carpets which looked clean with the naked eyes yet turned every bare foot literally black and a filthy odor which made me fall sick. luckily, it was at the end of the month and the rent was due + i was going to go abroad for a week anyway. so, i sent the agency an email where i clearly stated that the room was unlivable and therefore i would only pay a fraction of the rent and the rest AFTER the room was livable. unfortunately, i gave in and paid the whole sum of the rent after arguing with her for a whole half hour and i then realised that i had other important appointments. after coming back from abroad i have noticed the new bed, which is fine. the carpet seems to be only hovered (even though i did that several times, too.), according to the other tenants. moreover, the old spongy mattress IS still here and the odor is still present. the only way to temporarily reduce the odor is through airfreshners (i'm already on my 3rd febreze bottle) and keeping the window open. ergo, either stink or feel cold.
putting myself together and sleeping on the disgusting mattress every night over the weekend i have now received severe back pains (not to mention that had an accident 3 years ago with several fractures on the whole spinal column). i spoke to the agency today (since they always appear in the house without any notice) and they kept on being persistent with their lies "the bed is brand new and good" and avoid any word regarding the carpet and odor.

am i in right to demand a new mattress and everything else aforementioned above?

thanks in advance!

s greene s greene

hi me and my girlfriend live in a house beloing to a houseing association for 6 years now with no contract as we started out renting a room from the people that had the contract but have moved away 5 years ago but do come back time to time which we dont mind cause we know them a very long time most of the bills r in our name it is like we r caretakers of this house the association is starting to ask questions now have we got any rights to stay in the house r will we be evicted

Eric Coates Eric Coates

I bought a council flat in a high rise apartment block and have since moved out leaving my mother as the tennent. The council remain the landlord and I am the leaseholder. Thay are proposing to install a sprinkler system which thay say is essential works however they also state that this is to enhance the safety of residents which does not suggest that it is essential. The installation will adversley affect the value of my home as there will be large scale trunking to hide the pipework around the flat which looks hideous. What are my rights to oppose this and am I entitled to refuse entry or to seek compensation for the devaluing of my property.

Kate Kate


I rented an aprtment via agency just above the restaurant.
This was supposed to be quiet, family oriented restaurant, that closes 11.30PM.
It turns out that this restaurnat is turning into a very laud drink bar in the evenings and parties can last till 2AM.
We complained about this to agency and point out that they provided us with missleading information. When we were viewing the aprtment we precisly asked, if this is noisy place. We were reasured this is a very quite local restaurant. Once we started to complain, the agency said this is not their problem and non of the previous tenants ever complained.
However when I was complaining to the restaurant/ club below about noise level, I learned this situations were happening with previous tenants and they used to "work out solutions with them".
Currently the noise level in my aprtment is almost like being in the club and we can't sleep at night.
Can this be a bridge to breaking the contract as one of my basic tenant rights are broken.
Please advice

Rachel Rachel

hi, I am a tenant of a housing association & in the property I rent has no gas centre heating but has those storage heaters (which ae useless) is there any rights for tennants to have gas central heating installed as the property is constantly extremely cold?

Any information/advice would be helpful.


Samantha Samantha

Hi there.

I moved into a house, 4 weeks ago to the dot and we have signed up for a year. However since moving into the property, we have had no cooker and/or hob. Our hob broke first, then our oven. It was 2 weeks before we got a new oven, but we still have no hob as we need new worktops. It has been 4 weeks now and we still do not have proper means to cook with, other than a oven, but for 2 weeks of that we had nothing at all and spent a fortune on fresh food and take a ways. Our estate agents have said that they are trying as hard as they can and that they weren't to know as they do not test electrical equipment as part of our remit.

We had a problem with the C02 alarm in our house, in that it was defective and the estate agents had said they would order us a new one, 2 weeks later we had not heard anything and had to go out and buy a new one ourselves as ours kept going off (we have had fire marshalls and gas safety people round and they said all is okay in the house, but we have a faulty alarm). They finally came back to us 2 weeks later after we had bought our own (and informed them saying we wanted it reimbursed) saying that the landlord was not going to replace it and that no-one in the office had known that we had taken it upon ourselves to buy a new one. Our gas saftey record says on february of this year that the boiler and fire needed a full service, she had said that it had been done in March of this year and we can go and view the documents if we wanted too. I had said that I would like a new copy in the house and she said she didn't legally have to give us the copy of the new document, nor supply a new C02 alarm.

There were also extra fees to living in the area that she hadn't told us about because she "didn't know!"
Please help. We are fed up.

Sarah Sarah

My sister has lived in rented accommodation through a lettings agency for the last 14 years.
The locks have been changed on the front door and they leetings agency have refused to give her a key to this, claiming that they will need to meet her at the property in order for her to get access. Can they do this? She lives on the first floor and as far as I am aware she doesn't have a fire alarm and there is no escape route other than the front access door and no sprinkler system. Is this legal?
There is also an issue with the electrics being wired up wrong, I have asked an electrician to come round andd have a look to confirm, if they are wired up incorrectly are the lettings agency in breach of their contract and does my sister have to continue to pay rent?
If you make a request to see the gas safety certificates for the last 14 years to ensure that this has been carried out, how much notice do you have to give to the agency? And if they don't have copies of these can they be taken to court?

Mel james Mel james

I need some advice here if possible. My husband and I are currently renting through a letting agent and have only been in the property for 3 months. Our first issue is that the lady who is managing our account seems to be consistently attempting to contact us to arrange to "come round" we have had this since we moved in. It appears to be the little things she wants to come round for such as back door keys and inspections (which the inspections are not mentioned in our tenancy agreement). On top of this our boiler for our gas central heating decided to pack in last weekend (15.09.12), naturally, we rang the letting agent and advise them that we have had not hot water or heating in the property for several days. We were advised that she would arrange for a "plumber" to attend and try and resolve this for us. The plumber was due to arrive on Tuesday evening but failed to show, naturally we asked the letting agent to advise us when he would be coming. Wednesday evening our letting agency decided that they were going to arrive at our property to have a chat with us about our landlord requesting loft installation. (again not really a reason for them to come round) we gave them the certificate from British has and asked when the engineer would be arriving to fix our boiler. Needless to say on Thursday evening our engineer( or plumber as we were advised) arrived, he had no notice of being gas safety registered and did not seem to have a clue what he was doing! Now a week later we are having to wear several
Layers just to keep warm and still have no hot water or central heating. We were advised that the engineer was supposed to come back to us on Friday (21.09.12) and to date have failed to hear from the engineer or the letting agent. We have still got no hot water to central heating in the property and both my partner and I have medical conditions affecting our hands which are now causing both of us issues and we are having to result in wearing gloves. What are our rights legally? Our rent is due next week and naturally we do not wish to pay the full amount due to the issues not being resolved! Could we please have some advise on our rights as tenants so we can pursue this matter further.

Richard Church Richard Church


Myself and partner have been privately renting the same property in Wales for over 12 years but our landlord has just sold to an investmant buyer (buy to let) with a view to us staying there. Now, we have never signed any form of tenancy agreement and we have just paid every month (without fail) on different days due to my pay cycle, our old landlord was more than happy with this arrangemant for 12 years.

The new landlord cam around to view the house, then came back to tell us he had put an offer in, explaining he was keen to have us stay on, agreeing to a 24 month agreement and fitting us a new, updated kitchen in return for us paying an extra £200 a month in rent to him. Though the rent increase seems steep, we had been paying very little for the past 12 years, and this increase would take us in line with other up to date and modern rental property prices.

Now, the new owner has bought the house, he has had an estate agent call us (even though he said he was dealing with this, same as all his other propertys including student lets) saying we can only have a 12month contract and hes not willing to do the kitchen improvements, even though that was the terms of us paying £200 a month more rent. He has also told me that i must pay on a fixed date each month, understandable so i told him as ive paid up all of Septembers rent, can i pay on the 12th of October (my next pay day) and follow suit on the 12th of every month there after. His reply was no, if he didnt get his first payment of rent from us on the 1st of October (less than 2 weeks away) he would have to find someone else to move in.

Can he change verbal agreements like this??. Can he legally serve us effectively 2 weeks notice??. Is he being unreasonable as i see no reason why he cant accept our rent payment on the 12th, He's only bought the house today (20-09-12).

Please advise, i feel as he has other student lets, he has bought this house to do the same and is turning the screw to force our hand.

leonardo leonardo

hi guy im leonardo im having a problem with the agency where im tennant. we got the bed bags in the room since we arrived basically two weeks a go we have had to change and clean every things and we toke a really bad irritation on our skin and we could not go to work. so now every thing is fixed but the agency does not want refaund the damages that untill now taking out the work days lost for the ammount of 250 pounds. we dont know what to do and where to go to be protected from those. please any web site or any help that u can suggest let me know thanks leo

F. Libery F. Libery

In addition to my previous comment, there was no mention of lock denial in the contract we signed.

F. Libery F. Libery


My agent is denying me to have a lock on my room in a flatshare of 8 people, claiming that it is illegal to lock a room in the UK because of fire and health regulations. There is a high turnover in the house and I haven't seen anything about it on tenant's rights or duties. I obviously want to lock my room when I'm not home.

If I want to lock it, I need to sign a letter saying that I am fully responsible in the event of a fire and I'd have to pay for all damage to the house.

Is this legal ?

I have an assured contract and the agent is representing the landlord in the contract. I rent a property in London.

Kind regards

Egle Egle

Hello.I have a big question.We moved into this house nearly two year's ago and i am feeling so sorry for myself that I done that.In our contract was saying pay any water charges.I asked what is it.He said if you will exceed any water you will have to pay.Newer knew what if you have a farm you will have to pay for a water every six month's...It was a first lie.There was no gates and we have two dog's so we asked can we built a gates?He said ok.So I boughed a posts,timber and we made them.Landlor was't happy that he's fence looks poor by our posts so he draw to me how i have to cut them(my money!).Husband was a away so newer cuted them in a month time.I came back home one Monday after work and posts was cuted!!!HE newer asked!!!When I rang to him he said I thoughed maybe you need a help,so I done it!IS it right?Can he do that?I boughed I paid for everything.He is always leaving a letters in my mail box what I have to do clean a windows,trim a grass.Now we had to have inspection on March.He was inhospital so newer came in.This Saturday,it was yesterday he left me a letter that he is coming next Saturday so 22.09.2012!I don't think that he can do that,because he's rent collection day is 7th every month.So it's next month!He left me a letter saying:windows have to be clean,bins have to be washed,grass cleaned around the house and more more...It is saying on our contract keep the windows clean and many more but excuse me it's not saying that he will tell me when I have to do that!And windows was cleaned just couple months ago.CAn he tell me when I have to the jobs?I don't think so.It saying keep it clean yes,but I will decide when to do that,I keep house clean but that's driving me mad.I can swear he was walking around house,because he knew what's happening around the house.He can't walk any time he want's!I am so fed up with this.He's son is living close to us so him every evening driving threw the our house and swear to God when we had no blinds in a sun room he was going on a second gear and looking to our windows all them 300meters where the fence not covering the house!!!And he is even waving to us!every evening even if son is not there he is coming just to see what we are doing!!!I were talking with neighbours and they told me a storys about him.he washed the dishes in he's other flat for people who rented it.A girl were in a shower and she went from the bathroom and landlord was standing in the room looking threw the window!!!!!
Oh there was a dump on a a wall in room,becaus ethat room have the worse heating sistem and he said he will come to fix it on Wednesday evening.Newer came in.Friday evening at 9.00PM he came in and newer asked can I come to fix it,maybe you's are going to bed?He just came in,opened the gate,drived in stopped by the doors and started to pull he's things into the house!!!!I lived there nearly two year's but I am fed up and I think I will tell him everything because newer said a word but now when he decided to come three weeks earlier to do the house inspection and left me a job list and gave me a week do to them!i can't take it anymore.HELP!

Ebuta Ebuta

I have been living in a rented property with for over 2 years. 2 days ago as I was leaving the building, I saw contractors outside our block of flats and my neighbor advised that another neighbor told her they will be buidlding an additional floor ontop of me. Each two flats share the same main entrance, which they want to extend so they can build a staircase which will lead up to the next floor. NO NOTICE was given to any of us, neither verbal nor in writing. The noise and inconvenience... what can I do??? Can I at least ask for a reduction in rent or not paying rent at all for as long as the building lasts? No-one wants to live in a building site, expecially when the project is this huge AND without being notified.

Christina Christina

Me and my current flatmate have been living in the same rented flat for 2 years now. We are renewing our tenancy for another year. The agency is asking for £85,00 extension fee, though this clause in not included in the previous conract. In the new contract they have included a new clause, demanding from now on to pay this fee for every year we extend our tenancy. Is this legal?

S. heath S. heath

Hi there
I was wondering, the property i rent came with a cooker so this is on the inventory, however there is a problem with the cooker now to which the landlord said he is not replacing it so we will need to buy one, Am i obliged to buy one or is it up to the landlord?

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Miriam,
Tenants have the right to be able to contact their landlord directly. Should you put such a request in writing to your letting agency, they are legally obliged to provide you with the details within 21 days. Leaks and damp are unacceptable and have to be rectified.
Additionally, if your landlord changes again, you have the right to be notified within two months of this happening.

Hi Dot Crump,
He should give at least 24 hours notice before entering the house. If your agreement in short-hold you should get at least two months notice before evicting. However if it’s an assured tenancy, he can’t evict you before the end of your tenancy without good reason. They’d need to prove their reasoning to a court.

Hi James B,
You should be able to get him to negotiate a discount during this time or claim the cost of staying elsewhere, assuming you have an assured tenancy. If you are on short hold or a licensee you may be in a weaker position and should seek further advice.

Hi Amarie,
What kind of tenancy do you have? If you have an assured tenancy then from what you’ve said, it doesn’t like he has ‘mandatory grounds’ to evict you. Normally you’d have to be at least eight weeks behind. Do you know if a court has issued a possession order?

Hi Smudge,
You will probably have to ask for permission before laying down carpet, and you’d probably have to pay for it yourself, unless you can reasonably argue to them that the floor is in such bad shape that such an action is a necessary ‘repair’ (‘repairs being their responsibility’).

Hi Katie ,
If repairs are not done in a timely manner you be able to appeal to a county court to have them order that the repairs be done and award you compensation for the distress caused. You should seek detailed advice before taking these measures. It will probably be worth talking to Citizen’s Advice.

Hi Neil,
Did you have a tenancy agreement signed with the start dates in? If so, you’re entitled to inhabit the property.

Hi Susan,
He should be compensating you for your extra costs incurred. As he can’t actually force you to leave you could refuse to get out of the property. He would then have to get permission from a court to ask you to leave temporarily to carry out repairs, and they would probably only give this permission if he thought he was giving you reasonable compensation. Alternatively, you could inform him of your intention to withhold rent entirely and see how he responds.

Obviously, these are quite a confrontational routes. Usually parties come to an agreement between themselves on this sort of thing, especially with regards to making it clear how long properties are to be repaired. You should try talking to Citizen’s advice.
(Note if do try and withhold rent, you should keep the money in a separate bank account so that you can prove you were withholding it, rather than simply refusing to pay, or that you didn’t have the money.)

Hi Marco,
He should be giving 24 hours notice before coming around and you should be allowed to have guests, though, obviously, you’d need express permission to sublet.

Hi JT Oates,
What type of tenancy do you have? You should receive two months notice if it’s a short-hold. If it’s an assured tenancy they’ll need to prove they have good reason for evicting you. If are only one month behind in the rent that isn’t a usually strong enough reason (however, two is.)

Hi Bill,
Have you heard from DWP or the Housing Office yet? What kind of tenancy do you have? You should be entitled to stay at least until your landlord has a possession order. Let us know how things have progressed.

A Sibely,
Communal areas in a block of flats have to be maintained. Therefore the landlord has to replace to door handle. With the doorbell and electricity, it would largely depend on whether you were lied to about them before you moved in, which would lie with the estate agent.

Hi M Shanks,
If these things are not repaired by your landlord in timely manner, you should consider ge

m shanks m shanks

house not fit for habitation, floor of microwave oven is burnt out, washing machine maggots and covered with mould, toilets blocked up with faeces, what are the rights of tenants

j clarke j clarke

Agencys and landlords are all greedy people. my agency does nothing about noisy neighbour. saying all i do is conplaine. well i have another 4 months left opn Tennacy and i will not stay there.....

A sibley A sibley

I moved into a small one bed flat in June and upon lovin in discovered there is no door bell and as I live on the third floor people have to ring me so I can go down and let them in. Also my electric keeps cuttin out as it needs a pound bein put into the old style electric box to restart the electric even though my electric is included within my rent. If this happens when I'm at work my food defrosts in the freezer. Somebody in the building has recently broken the inside door handle on the front door and as a result I have now been locked out of the property on two separate occasions. What rights do I have with regards to this?

Bill Bill

Been made redundant,no redundancy pay due to Mickey Mouse employer, not heard off DWP or Housing Benefit office about my claim and have not got next months rent. What do i do ?

JT Oates JT Oates

I got home yesterday to find a letter from my agency informing me that they will be changing the locks on friday. is this legal? do I have the right to two months notice? reason being, one room mate did not pay his rent last month, and only one person living in the house in on the contact instead of 3. we have major problems with the house, we have told the agency and nothing has been done about it. Do I pack up my stuff and leave by tomorrow or do I stand my ground?

Marco Marco

My landlord recently told me I cannot invite my girlfriend to stay overnight because the bill will increase. He also enters our rooms when he comes and visit and we are not at home. I wanted to know if these 2 are ok, if I have the right to invite my girlfriend sometimes, 1-3 a week, provided she doesn't live in my room


Susan Romanuk Susan Romanuk

Me and my partner rent a private house via a private landlord. Due to a recent build up of damp, mold and fungas the landlord is having to have the whole house damp proofed, decorated and more things done to it to bring back up to scratch. But in order to have this work done he has left to me and my partner to look for a temporary B&B for two weeks while the work is carried out. We both explained that this is not affordable on our budget. The landlord has put part of our things like frniture into storage and reduced the rent for just two weeks. We have had so much stress and hassle over this and the work has been prollonging for months now where the landlord has messed us both about instead of just getting on with the job which has resulted in the problems being a lot worse than it originally was. Do me and my partner have any legal rights over this matter? Do we have a legal right to request that the landlord pays for the B&B's because the way we see it is that the landlord has made me and my partner homeless for two weeks. Please can you tell me what rights me and my partner have it would be a great help if you could made things a little clearer for us regarding this matter asap... thanks Mrs Susan Romanuk

Neil Neil

I have an agreed let from 01/08 and was planning to move in on 03/08. yesterday the lettign agent advised me that the existing tenants had been told by the landlord that they could stop for 2 more weeks. I am now effectively homeless. what rights do I have?

Katie Wildeman Katie Wildeman

We rent privately from an estate agent, our downstairs toilet has a leak and our flooring in there, our hallway and part of our front room has bowed and is leaking water. We informed them over a week ago, after 2 days they sent a plumber to turn the toilet off. But the valve is broken so problem is still getting worse. I have told them this twice but they have just said it's fine. We have a 9 month old who wants to crawl about but can't as she gets wet, luckily it is clean toilet water tho. They are apparently waiting for landlords insurance to give them the go ahead. Are they allowed to just leave us like this????

gaz gaz

What can i do when renting a housing association property and we and two other neighbours have had criminal damage and harrassment done by one couple and the police and housing association have failed to do anything about it,This has been ongoing for 21 years, they even knew who had been making calls.

Smudge Smudge

There is no carpet in my room and it's original floorboards (not in great repair) my room gets very dusty and I figure this is one of the reasons. What can I do about this?

amarie amarie

i have been a tenant with the same landlord for the last 9 years , ive never given any problems to my landlord nor have they ever recieved any complaints about me i have 3 children most recently ive just had a new baby ive missed a few payments to my landlord due to having a lot on at the moment (£76) ive just recieved a letter from my landlord saying i have 28 days to leave my property i cant understand this as ive always kept my property i great condition , i dont understand why i am being evicted as myself and my landlord have always had a good relationship ,could you please give me some advice on this. thank you

James B James B

My landlord (in London) is having building work done (cavity wall installed) which means that for a week, both myself and my flat mate cannot use the bedrooms while the work is being done. He is trying to make us pay full rent for this time, is he allowed to do this?

dot crump dot crump

can my landlord come and go when he pleases?
does he have the right to evict me and my family by giving us 1 months notice by word,though i am a good paying tenant .

miriam miriam

Together with the above - the landlord died leaving the house to her daughter. We do not have her proper name or address even though we asked for it. Before each inspection I write anything that needs doing including removing the polystyrene tiles on the ceiling, to the one inch loft insulation even though the government has offered it free, the very old carpets in the kitchen (stuck down) and bathroom which since we cleaned them we were told they wouldn't take them up. They must be as old as the 1970's house, and the seals in double glazing need changing as there is mould and water between the glass. My lists do not get through to the landlord we have been told the letting agagency choses what to pass through by the woman who does the inspection. What do we do?

miriam miriam

At each 6mth inspection, although we are good tennants the woman looks thoroughly at all our belongings writing down whatever, I asked what when I saw her writing in our small bedroom which I use as a craft room. The answer ' unlined curtain - orange'. I told her they were ours to which she said she knew. She had been noting my boxes of crafts on the free standing shelving unit, in fact all through the house scribbling away. This she does every time. She says it is company policy, I say it is an invasion of our privacy - is it?

Rose Rose

If a Tenancy Agreement was not signed does the Landlord hold any rights regarding my vacating the property due to unforseen reasons.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Robert,

They are.

Hi Martyn,

It sounds like the answer would be no. Generally, landlords aren't allowed to come to the property without giving notice to the tenants. Check your contract to see if has such a clause.

Even if this weren't the case, the meter running out is not the sort of thing that can be reasonably taken out of a deposit.

Jake Jake

@L. Hopkin

You need to contact the environmental health officer at your local council. Express your concerns.. A bedroom with no wnidows is a health and safety issue. They will come and make up a report of the whole house.

Martyn Forsyth Martyn Forsyth

Our rented property was vacant for a week or so
The electri meter had run out , meanwhile the landlord come round to cut the grass , he tells us he taken £40.00 out of our deposit to put the electric back on so he can mow the lawn , is this within his rights

Robert Robert

If a previous tenant leaves without paying their rent, who is responsible fot it?

L Hopkin L Hopkin

Is it legal to rent a bedroom with no windows. Deposit and 1st months rent paid in a student house - 4 students sharing but 1 bedroom does not have a window.
Thank you


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