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How to Use Our Property Search Page

Moving into a new home is often ranked as one of the most stressful life experiences we are ever likely to face. Our property search tool is here to make looking for a new property easier. Whether you are buying or selling, we can direct you towards the expert help you'll need in just three quick and easy steps.

At the top of the page you'll see three boxes labelled; 'I want to', 'Type' and 'Location'. By filling in these boxes you'll provide us with all the information we need to point you in the right direction.

  1. What do You Want to Do?
    First, you need let us know whether you are looking to make a purchase or a sale, and in what manner. To do this, click the arrow under the heading 'I want to'. This will present you with a number of options, from very general aims such as 'Buy' or 'Sell', to more specific targets, like 'Sell for Cash' or 'Auction Buy'. Simply select whichever best describes what you're looking to do.

  2. Type
    Next, let us know what kind of property it is that you are interested in. Again, doing this is just a simple matter of clicking on the arrow under the word 'Type'. Once you've done this, you'll see a drop down menu. From here, pick out the type of property you want us to help you find, be it a simple flat, or a tract of farmland.

  3. Location
    Last, but by no means least, we need to know which area you are interested in, after all location is everything! You can type the name of a city or town in full, or, if you know it, you can simply enter the postcode for the relevant region into the box beneath the word 'Location'.

Using these three pieces of information we'll conduct a search for you, picking out estate agents from across the web based on the level of expertise they have in dealing with the area, type of transaction and sort of property that you interested in. We'll even rank the results, giving you you're starting point, and a list to work through in order of relevance. So, you'll be able to pick from a range of agencies suited to your needs, without wasting time scouring the web. As always, we guide, you decide.