Car Breakdown Insurance - Top November Online Offers

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Car Breakdown Insurance

The reason for purchasing breakdown cover is obvious: If you’re having problems with your car, wherever you are in the UK, breakdown cover will guarantee that a qualified mechanic is just one call away to come and help you out. Your insurance company will either arrange a specialist team of mechanics to assist you, or the nearest approved garage.

As with most insurance policies, with breakdown cover, there are various levels of cover available. The cheapest cover is basic roadside assistance. More comprehensive cover is more expensive and includes features such as emergency accommodation and car hire. The particular requirements of the individual customer determine which level of cover should be purchased.

Most breakdown cover providers offer the choice to either cover the individual or the vehicle: Vehicle breakdown cover is the cheaper of the two options, and will cover a specified vehicle, regardless of who is driving. Personal breakdown insurance provides cover for the individual, irrespective of what vehicle they are driving. Personal membership also insures the individual if they are a passenger.

One thing to bear in mind when purchasing breakdown cover is if there are any limitations of the policy. For example, some breakdown cover providers put restrictions on the number of callouts allowed, and also on the cost of parts and/or labour.

Be sure to shop around for the right policy for you. Compare different policies, and find one which you’re confident will be on call to help should you need assistance. Most insurance providers aim to have a mechanic with you to help in well under an hour. Again, this is something you can look at when comparing the particulars of various different policies.

For ways of saving on your breakdown cover, please see the ‘Discounts’ section. Breakdown cover is also available for driving on the continent, and more information on this is available in the ‘European’ section.

*All information displayed in this table is subject to change. Please consult individual insurers for terms and conditions.