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Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance is the ideal way to protect your whole family against illnesses or injuries which require medical attention. In the event of bad health, you will naturally want to ensure that you and your family get the best possible care. This is what is offered by family health insurance. Medical assistance from the NHS can take weeks, months or even years, by which time, any illness or condition contracted by you or a member of your family is more than likely to have worsened. However, private family health insurance gives you the option to give the waiting lists a miss, and receive treatment at a time suitable for you, in the hospital of your choice. This can either be an NHS or a private hospital.

Family health insurance includes cover for a wide range of treatments, even including alternative therapies, pregnancy complications and physiotherapy. Treatment, as well as support for terminal illnesses are also covered. Your insurance will pay out for a private room in the hospital of your choice, and will cover the costs of a parent staying at a hospital with a sick child.

There are a number of insurers on the market which provide family health insurance, so be sure to have a shop around for a suitable level of cover for you and your family, at a price that you can afford. There are a variety of different options when it comes to family health insurance, meaning you can make it as comprehensive as you want. Naturally, the more comprehensive the cover, the higher the cost of the monthly premiums. There is the opportunity to purchase less comprehensive cover, such as cash plans, whereby your premiums will entitle you to cashback on treatments such as hospital care and dental care.

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