1 in 4 Brits feel too overwhelmed by choice to apply for a new job

Around a quarter of all Brits are too stressed to start looking for a new job, even though many really want a new employment opportunity.

That’s according to a new study which has revealed just how much modern life is stressing out the average adult in the UK.

Indeed, far from being happy with the growing role of technology or with the sheer range of choice of consumer goods on offer, the typical Brit seems to be overwhelmed by it all.

For instance, of those polled for the A Simpler Britain report, one in three said they would prefer to be making fewer choices on a day-to-day basis, with simplicity craved for everything from careers, technology and health wellbeing.

Adults putting off retirement and career plans due to stress

More specifically, one in five respondents expressed a wish to cut back on their use of mobile phones and computers, while one in four have even considered putting off retirement as getting it all sorted leaves them feeling exhausted.

Moreover, one in four even revealed that they have put off looking for a new job as the range of positions and possible career paths open to them leaves them feeling less excited and more overwhelmed.

Commenting on the findings, Alain de Botton, philosopher and co-founder of The School of Life, said: "Simplicity is so satisfying because our lives are cluttered, and the experience of having too many options is a constant drag on us.

"When we see simplicity, we know that we value it. But we can find it difficult, even embarrassing, to be simple. Simplicity is really an achievement – it follows from hard-won clarity about what really matters," he added.

This comes as growing numbers of Britons are following the lead of consumers across the Western World and downsizing, with the most notable trend being over-50s selling homes in the city and moving to a smaller town or the countryside, usually cashing in the difference.

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