Majority of drivers don't use garages to store their cars

Growing numbers of Britons are choosing to convert their garages into extra living space rather than using them to store a car or household items.

That's the conclusion of one new study, with the research suggesting that a lack of space, in addition to a lack of money to pay for a proper extension, is prompting many people to get creative with their garages.

Indeed, according to the study, which was carried out by Sainsbury's Car Insurance, just one in five car owners park their vehicles in a garage overnight.

Instead, growing numbers are choosing to leave their cars out on the street outside their house, even if they aren't lucky enough to have a designated parking space, with this potentially leaving them vulnerable to thieves.

As a result, explains Scott Gorman from Sainsbury's, "Overnight parking can affect the premiums you pay with some insurers. However, Sainsbury’s Bank wont base a premium on where your car is parked."

Bedrooms, storage and workshops all popular uses for garages

At the same time, the study unveiled the creative ways UK households are putting their garages to use.

According to the latest estimates, around 3.9 million people have converted their garages, with the most popular option currently being to transform it into a workshop for DIY enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, 13 per cent of those people polled here revealed that they have turned their garage into an extra bedroom, while 16 per cent have knocked through their walls to make the old garage an extension of their kitchens or living rooms.

Police and insurers advise that, if there is no space in the garage, then cars should, if possible, be parked in well-lit locations, with all valuables kept out of site or, ideally, taken out of the car overnight.

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