New study reveals UK's best and worst-paid jobs

Bankers, brokers and other financial professionals continue to get paid the most, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.

Indeed, this latest report into what Britons earn has thrown up relatively few surprises, especially when it comes to who earns the most, and who earns the least in the UK today.

Topping the pile are chief executives and senior officials, with this elite group of professionals earning an average of £118,000 a week.

Just beneath them are airline pilots and flight engineers, with these raking in an average of £86,000 a year, while financial sector professionals are earning an average of £77,000 a year.

Other high-earners these days include, perhaps unsurprisingly, doctors, advertising and PR directors and lawyers.

Millions earning well below £27k average

At the other end of the scale, the ONS figures show the lollipop ladies tend to be the lowest-paid workers in the whole of the UK taking home an average of just £3,400 a year, while bar staff and waiting staff also struggle to make much more.

Also at the wrong end of the scale when it comes to annual earnings are shop assistants, florists, supermarkets floor workers and cleaners and other domestic staff.

Meanwhile, this new official report also reveals that the average wage in the UK now stands at around £27,000, though more earn beneath this than are currently earning more than this figure.

At the same time, the ONS figures also show that the gap between men's and women's pay for full-time workers now stands at 9.4 per cent, with this 'gender gap' showing no signs of being closed anytime soon.

"Progress on closing the full-time gender pay gap has slowed dramatically over the last few years," commented TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady.

"If it continues to fall at this pace, we're looking at nearly half a century before we have pay parity between women and men."

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