Nicola Sturgeon divisive, May should say No

How can the people of Scotland vote on independence when they do not know what deal the UK will get with Europe and any other country re trade?

Still that has not stopped Nicola Sturgeon she wants a vote to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of the following year.

The UK government has yet to respond. However, it should say no on the very point that people will not know what they are voting for.

Brexit is expected to be triggered within the next few days, there will then be a two year period of notating with the EU and many other countries.

Scotland please be careful

You could find yourselves out of the UK and the EU at the same time. Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have no guarantee that Scotland can stay in the EU or will have to join the que to re join.

What then for Scotland? Not in the UK and not in Europe? Currently the UK government grants Scotland £1,600 more per person than it spends per person in England under the barnet formula. So Scotland would start its life in debt and making all its people poorer.

Nicola Sturgeon failing the Scottish People

How can you call for a second referendum with no plan? Staying no to the UK government who has granted Scotland a devolved government and empower it to raise or lower taxes, only to want hand control to Brussels, doesn’t make much sense.

What if the EU say you can join to Scotland but you will have to wait, then Scotland could be in limbo for the next decade, businesses would leave, people would leave and the country would be a mess.

May needs to say no, or not yet, there needs to a clear choice for the people of Scotland to make a choice, at the moment there is no clear choice and Scotland is at a dangerous moment by career politicians who will always be ok and this referendum is not in the public interest in Scotland or all of the UK until we have clear vision of what the future holds.


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