Trump to Test Philippines Drug Style Crack Down

Trump day 1 “crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential -This American carnage stops right here and stops right now”.

Following the Philippines model of dealing with drugs, Trump maybe considering the “kill the drug pushers model”.

Whist this may seem a controversial policy it has been tried and tested in the Philippines where President Rodrigo Duterte office has cracked down on crime, particularly illegal drugs with over 6,000 deaths of which 3,800 extrajudicial or vigilante style killings where suspects were thought to be dealing in drugs. Most of those killed were known to the community hence the high proportion of vigilante deaths.

The Trump team are rumoured to be looking at this model. How it would work in the US is that immunity would be granted to people who kill known drug traffickers that seem above the law.

The drug gangs have largely taken over areas of some US cities and police are ever coming under pressure for heavy handed tactics, this is seen as a way round this, as the community will be largely responsible for bring the drug pushers to justice.

As guns are legal in the US all it needs is clearance on the policy then every drug pusher would be in fear of their life with no legal retribution for the vigilante.

The state of Illinois is looking like the test bed for the initial crack down. Illnois, which per average US state population has the highest heroin drug treatment admissions, according the huffingtonpost.

The state also has a high poverty rate at 14.4%, although household income is above the national average at $57,444, according to voanews.

The controversial Trump policy, which will ignore civil rights, is expected to be announced shortly with the aim of empowering the people to tackle issue that effect their kids and neighbourhoods.

The genius is that this policy will also save on justice costs, as it will save time on trails and free up jail places.

One fear is a blood bath where drug gang sets out to destroy the other drug gang, but a source close to the story said this would be an idea scenario as there would be major casualties on both sides which would help restore law and order very quickly.

The federation of funeral directors are said to be supportive of this Trump policy and would offer group discounts.


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