UK should welcome Trump

They are lining up say to ban Trump from the UK as they are outraged that he has banned people from travelling to the US. Hypocritical is one word that could be used.

It’s shameful that Corbyn and the Mayor of London, Khan, have joined the voices of ban Trump from UK state visit, how does using one of Trumps policies against him make them any better? Another one million people have now signed the petition, well that’s a tiny percent of the UK population and I dare say they haven’t really thought about it, as they should be ashamed of themselves for their own illogical logic.

As the president of the USA he answers to the American people, he was very clear on his campaign on what he was going to do, and for once a politician who does what they promise. So all sit down and relax as more Trump campaign policies are coming.

Here in the UK we have had veiled threats of being punished for voting to leave the cosy club that is the EU, no way can the UK be seen to be better out. Whilst the EU coffers will be some £10 billion a year worse off once we have departed. Trump has been a beacon of hope that the UK is still a major world player, let’s be honest Obama didn’t like the UK and even removed the tusk of Churchill from the oval office, Trump put it straight back!

Obama cosied up to Germany, and let’s be honest who in the UK would have wanted what Merkel did and allow close to £1m unchecked, undocumented refugees into the UK, we continually hear about NHS crisis, housing crisis etc Merkel will pay the price for her policies as the Germans vote goodbye to her later in 2017. Trump is right, Europe is a mess when it comes to terrorist attacks, just look back over the past 3 years, how many incidents in the US compared to EU?

Trump has welcomed the UK with open arms and said that we can have a mutually beneficial trade deal, this is only one of a huge number of positive upsides to a strong UK, US relationship.

This is not a Muslim ban if it was then the following 10 countries should be on the Trump list: • Indonesia 204,847,000 (87.2%) • Pakistan 178,097,000 (96.4%) • Bangladesh 145,312,000 (90%) • Turkey 74,660,000 (98.6%) • Egypt 73,746,000 (90%) • Algeria 34,780,000 (98.2%) • Morocco 32,381,000 (99.9%) • Saudi Arabia 30,770,37 (99.9%) • Uzbekistan 26,833,000 (96.5%) • Niger 15,627,000 (98.3%)

Figures from wiki

There are 16 countries that ban Israeli passport holders from traveling to their country – where is the outcry for this against this collection of countries – go look at the list.

As for the all the celebrities deciding they have a political voice almost on a daily basis and crying out against Trump polices, then want to change things? Get into Politics, tell people what you stand for, see how many votes you get and see how far you get. Trump, not a politician, but a business man, did this and got voted in.

These days you can’t discriminate against race, colour, gender, age. Religion, nationality, sexuality etc unfortunately people are uneducated and religion and inbred prejudice don’t allow our perfect world to function as we would all like it too, Trump is simply looking after his people from perceived threats, you only have to go to a Manchester United v Liverpool match to see tribal traits in action, so the world has no chance.

Trump is a man of his word, the UK should welcome him like that friend we all have who we argue with after a few drinks, love them, but hate them too.


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