VW emissions scandal 'affects 1.2m cars in the UK'

As many as 1.2 million vehicles sold on UK forecourts over the past few years were fitted with devices aimed to bypass emissions testing, Volkswagen has stated.

The German car giant has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently after it admitted to cheat carbon emission tests in the US.

Now, it has been revealed that around one in ten of the diesel-powered cars on Britain's roads could be affected by the issue, with many potentially subject to recall.

As well as VW-branded vehicles, the devices were also fitted to a wide range of other makes and models owned by the parent group, including around 400,000 Audis, 77,00 Seats and 130,00 Skodas.

Government calls on VW to contact motorists

On the back of these latest revelations, consumer experts are calling on the government to launch a full and independent inquiry into the matter, though Patrick McLoughlin, the transport secretary, has indicated that, so far, the authorities are seeing how VW are reacting.

"The government’s priority is to protect the public and I understand VW are contacting all UK customers affected. I have made clear to the managing director this needs to happen as soon as possible," the minister said.

"The government expects VW to set out quickly the next steps it will take to correct the problem and support owners of these vehicles already purchased in the UK."

Meanwhile, the auto giant has already confirmed that some 2.8 million vehicles in its native Germany are involved, while in US, where the scandal was first uncovered, the figure currently stands at around 500,000.

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