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  1. Top Up TV is designed to supplement your Freeview package with extra, paid for programming.
  2. Services are paid for on a month by month basis, so you don’t need to make any long term commitments.
  3. You can select top sports channels from Sky and ESPN as well as purchasing on demand TV programmes and Movies.
  4. To see the latest prices and deals click on Top Up TV but read our guide first!.
  5. TV Favourites gives you access to over 700 shows, whilst Picture Box has 28 different movies a month. Both services can be watched on demand, making clashes in the TV guide a thing of the past.
  6. If you have Freeview already, you will normally only need to buy a viewing card to get the service set up. There is a one off £20 fee for this.
  7. Some channels cannot be received by certain set top boxes. Check that your set top box is compatible with the service before buying.

What Is Top Up TV?

Top Up TV is a digital TV service that allows you to supplement your Freeview package with some of the most sought after shows around, without having to sign a contract or make any other lengthy financial commitments.

As the name suggests, the service is paid for on a month by month ‘pays-as-you-go’ basis, allowing you to pick which packages you’d like to receive, as and when it suits you.

So, for example, if you want Sky Sports, but only so you can watch a specific event such as The Masters or The Ashes, you can simply pay to receive the channel for the months that the contest is taking place.

Similarly, if for any reason cash is tight one month, you can easily drop one of the channels you receive to help tighten your belt for the time being, then take the channel back again at a later date, without going through the trials and tribulations of cancelling a subscription and signing up for it all over again.

What Do I Need to Get Top Up TV?

As Top Up TV is digital service, you won’t need to buy an unsightly satellite dish, nor do you need to live in area that has access to a cable network. As long as you live in area that receives digital TV, which, by now, most of the country does, all you need, aside from your regular TV aerial, is a digital set top box.

The Top Up TV is designed to supplement Freeview services. If you already have Freeview, all you need to purchase from Top Up TV is a viewing card. After that, simply pick which channels you want.

If you don’t have digital TV already, you can receive a whole host of channels from Freeview at no cost, after which you can consider adding channels from Top Up TV.

The type of set top box you have will effect which channels you are able to receive. You can check if the type of box you have is compatible with the package you want to on theTop up TV Website

Alternatively, if you decide the combination of Freeview and Top Up TV won’t be enough to satisfy you, you might want to splash out on more comprehensive packages that are available from Virgin Media, BT Vision and Sky.

What Programmes Are Available?

From sports, to drama and blockbuster films, there's a wide range of programming to choose from. Here’s a run through of what’s available;

  • Sports

  • There are variety of top sports channels available, providing great coverage of a range of events, including action from the Premier League. You can enjoy these individually, or in various combinations;

    For the latest prices and combinations visit Top up TV , they have new 2012 offers on.

    Top Up TV were offering a free digital set top box when you subscribe to Sky Sports 1 and ESPN for 12 months.

  • TV Favourites

  • Top Up TV doesn’t offer specific channels other than it’s sports packages. Instead, for £12.99 a month you can take TV Favourites, an on demand service, featuring over 700 shows a month, which you can watch whenever you like, making clashes in the TV listings a problem of the past.

    The range of programming is extensive including titles such as; Little Britain, Life On Mars, Fraiser, Sex and the City, Lost and many more.

  • Picture Box

  • Picture Box works in a similar way to TV Favourites. You can purchase the service for £7.00 a month you can then watch a range of movies whenever you want, as many times as you want. 28 different films are featured each month, with 7 available at any one time on an ever changing rota.

    You can find out which Top up TV films are currently showing on picture box, here.


You can save £2 a month if you get Picture Box and TV Favourites together for £17.99. In addition, you can currently get the first month for free when you get Top Up TV set installed.

Bear in mind that, for new customers, purchasing a viewing card for the first time, there is a £20 installation fee.

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