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A Guide to Advertising Your Vacancy Online

Top Tips

The Top 7 Things You Should Know

  1. Use a site with high levels of traffic.
  2. Make your ad stands out from the rest.
  3. The job title should accurately reflect the role.
  4. Include key information such as location and salary guide.
  5. Check your ad for typos.
  6. Advertise on a reputable site.
  7. Choosing the right wording can make or break an ad.

Choose the right site

When placing a job advertisement online, it is important to ensure that you choose the right site. If you want to recruit someone for a media sales job, then you will not have much success if you advertise it on a website that is geared towards the construction industry or hospitality. If you want your ad to attract plenty of attention then choose a website with a high profile and good traffic levels. Most recruitment websites provide statistics on how many users they have, so shop around before you click add job and get carried away.

Word your ad well

It is important to word your advertisement well, particularly when recruiting online. Most job seekers scan quickly through lists of positions and only click on the ad if the title catches their eye. Make sure your title is clear and that it accurately reflects the position you are recruiting for.


People tend to use keywords when searching for jobs online, so make sure your ad contains phrases that job seekers are likely to Google. Words such as part-time or full time should be included when advertising a vacancy, as well as the location, which may also be a factor when people are searching for jobs.

Buy in bulk

If you work for a large company and regularly advertise jobs online, it could be more cost effective to purchase a bundle of advertisement space for future use. Many websites offer this service, including, which allows recruiters to buy job credits that are valid for six months and can be posted at any time. If you purchase enough credits for ten advertisements then you could save as much as £30 each time.

Make the most of extra info

Many jobs sites also offer additional services and provide useful information for recruiters. These sites often have in excess of a million users, which means they can provide statistics and insight into how people search and view advertisements. Some sites allow you to track recruitment trends and learn more about your audience on a regional basis.

Further Reading

mamta mamta

I think for small business Advertising job is very costly and that why lots of people even not geting jobs in uk.
but thanks to all jobs sites like, total jobs and all jobs websites for making advertising a job so much easier.

martin martin

Hi I am looking for part time job


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