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Looking for the leading Education sites? Whether you're a teacher or student these sites offer all you need for all levels of learning. Make learning fun or simply hang out and chat.

Learnthings Ribbon1


This is where you'll find teaching resources based on the vast Guardian archive, including their weekly topical lessons. Use them for lesson planning, homework, and all kinds of research. Schools and teachers can also sample their subscription content by visiting Learnpremium, which offers access to over 40,000 pages of educational materials. View Site »

BBC Schools Ribbon2

BBC Schools

Online learning resources for home and school. BBC Schools is for students at all levels of schooling and is divided into four different age blocks. You'll find the site easy to use and a lifesaver when it comes to exam crunch-time. Also features a schools community where students provide learning support for each other. View Site »

BBC Learning Ribbon3

BBC Learning

Whether you want to brush up on your science, maths, history, or your language skills the BBC's online education centre has learning for everyone. You will find revision and learning, and essential advice, for students. Teachers can access lesson plans and resources. There are also weekly articles for parents. View Site »

4Learning Ribbon4


This site from Channel 4 is packed full of fun and learning and is for both teachers and students at pre-school, primary and secondary school levels. Select a section for learning online, get help with homework, or if you need some time out from the daily grind you can access all kinds of cool games. View Site »

Open University, The (OU) Ribbon5

Open University, The (OU)

The OU offers a variety of courses, including a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Initial Teacher Training) for those graduates who want to teach. Choose an area of learning you are interested in and preview their courses online. You can register and pay for your desired course through the website and request a print prospectus.  View Site »

Lycos Zone Ribbon6

Lycos Zone

This is the site to visit for a wide range of educational games, including mind games and craft ideas. You will also find cool stories, songs, and comics. Aside from all the fun and games you can access pages to help you with your homework. The Lycos Zone is full of fun, and is colourful and easy to navigate. View Site »

Learning Alive Ribbon7

Learning Alive

An online resource for learning at both primary and secondary levels. Learning Alive has an online library that brings together thousands of reference articles, pictures and multimedia clips from the UK's most respected publishers. You will also find many other pages to help with schoolwork and projects. View Site »

Immersion Russian courses in Russia - Exlinguo Ribbon8

Immersion Russian courses in Russia - Exlinguo

Study Russian in Russia with Exlinguo language centre. Offers a wide range of intensive immersion courses for all levels. The centre is located in Novosibirsk, third largest city in Russia. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for immersion as foreign languages are not wide spoken there. Visit their website for more details. View Site »

Bullying Online Ribbon9

Bullying Online

This charity provides help and advice for parents and children with regards bullying. They explain, step by step, how to tackle the problem and what happens if you take legal action. The site also has information for teachers and club leaders. You can email Bullying Online for help or advice. View Site »

JFTschoolzone Ribbon10


An online resource of safe learning materials, that teachers, students and parents can access easily. These links to maths, science, history and other learning sites make learning online fun. JFTschoolzone even offers sound resources for reading comprehension. There are around a thousand pages on this site. View Site »


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