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  1. Note that if you’re playing on a US-based site, the bingo cards will likely be different to what you are used to on UK sites.
  2. There are hundreds of millions of possible number combinations that can be printed on a bingo card, so don’t worry about going for a 75 number card instead of a 90 number card.
  3. Most bingo cards fit the 75 or 90 number versions of the games, though a few bingo websites also offer 30 number ‘speed bingo’ games.
  4. Since numbers are placed at random on a 5x5 grid, it can be tricky keeping up with the 75 number version of the game, especially if you have multiple cards.
  5. Make use of the ‘auto-daubing’ option offered by many websites to play multiple cards at once.
  6. By law, you need to be over the age of 18 to play online bingo in the UK.
  7. Bingo has been proven to improve mental agility in old age, while it’s also a good way of socialising with fellow enthusiasts, even online.
  8. Remember to play responsibly; try setting yourself a daily or weekly limit and sticking to this at all times.

The rapidly expanding online bingo sector is widening its scope, with a growing range of games available on the internet. Options available to players include being able to chat with friends whilst playing, competing for holidays instead of cash prizes and what type of card to play with.

Bingo cards are matrices featuring a unique combination of numbers which are then matched to numbers that are drawn at random. The first person to mark off numbers on their bingo card in a specified pattern wins the game. The majority of specialist bingo websites present a digital version of the familiar bingo card with gameplay mimicking the traditional style of both 75 and 90 ball games to players.

It’s worth making use of the free trials offered by many providers to see which card type suits you best.

75 Number Bingo Cards

The bingo cards used for the 75 ball version of the game are usually laid out on a 5x5 grid. However, an empty space is left – usually in the middle of the card – meaning that you have just 24 numbers to play with and look out for.

Note that the numbers will likely be placed at random on the card, following no fixed pattern. As such, it can take a while to find a particular number, so if you’re not the fastest of players, then it’s perhaps a good idea to opt for the 90 ball game.

90 Number Bingo Cards

Though the 90 number version of bingo has the same premise as the 75 number version, the layout of the cards is much different. Most obviously, 15 numbers are placed within a 9x3 grid of 27 squares. While the numbers are drawn at random, they are placed according to a fixed pattern, whereby the first column will have the numbers 1-9, the second column numbers 10-19, right they way up to 90.

This can make marking your own card much easier as you will know where you have to check to see if you have a certain number.

Other Variations

Alongside the popular 75 and 90 number versions of bingo, some sites also offer a range of other variants. For example, in some of the quick-fire games available online, numbers are picked at random from a pool of just 30. However, the greatest variant is how you can win.

As well as getting a ‘full house’ (having all the numbers on your card called out), certain games may also award prizes to the first player to complete a horizontal or vertical line or even mark an L-shape on their card.

It’s worth thinking about how much time you have, how hard you want to concentrate on your game and how much you’re willing to spend on tournament entrance fees before you sign up to a particular game.

Playing Multiple Cards

Both online and offline, players tend to operate more than one card each bingo game, in order to raise their odds of winning and increase the excitement of the tournament. Fortunately, while keeping on top of multiple cards in a bingo hall can be difficult and stress-inducing, playing several cards online is straightforward as your numbers tend to be checked automatically.

For example, keeping track of your bingo cards is easy at Bingo Boogie with their auto dauber function; the system will mark off your bingo cards as your numbers are called. This is especially handy if you like to play with lots of bingo cards at a time.

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Most of the best bingo sites are regulated by the ICRA and Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The games are governed by the random number generator ruling out any tricks or favors.


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