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  • Bingo is a game of luck in which numbers are selected at random, with players competing to see if they have these numbers on their cards.
  • While the game bingo is believed to date back to 1929, it has been brought into the modern age with vibrant bingo halls and the emergence of online bingo.
  • Some of the bigger halls, including those run by Gala and Mecca, offer large cash prizes. Online bingo sites also offer large prizes and promotions.
  • Before signing up to anything, consider trying the free games offered by some websites to see if bingo is for you.
  • Try and learn the lingo – “two fat ladies, 88” – to get the most out of a trip to the bingo hall.

As a popular pastime, the game of bingo has been enjoyed by numerous generations. A great game of chance, bingo offers players the chance to win jackpot prizes without needing any specific skills. So, for those of you interested in immersing yourself in the bingo world, what do you need to know?

What is bingo?

Bingo is game of chance which originated in America. The game has various formations which dictate the exact way in is played but all of them follow a general premise. This premise is that randomly selected numbers are matched by participants who have cards printed with matrices (a mathematical term relating to a rectangular array of numbers). Matching a set amount of combination of announced numbers with those on your card leads you to victory and the numbers are both assigned and announced randomly.

When was it invented?

Bingo is said to have been invented as far back as 1929. However, since then the game has undergone a series of developments with a number of changes being made. One of the most well known aspects of bingo is the distinctive calling technique which is commonly utilised in bingo halls. This system attributes certain phrases to numbers, injecting humour and entertainment into the game. Some of the most common examples are two little ducks (22) and two fat ladies (88) and man alive (number 5).

How do you play?

As stated, bingo is played by matching randomly selected numbers to those printed on your matrices. Typical variants of the game will offer prizes for the first person to complete a line – marking off all of the numbers in a horizontally segregated area, and to the person(s) who get a ‘full house’ – marking off all of the numbers on their matrix.

Where can you play?

Bingo is a popular game because of its availability. Not only are there traditional bingo halls which you can play the game in but there are also a number of online bingo sites. These sites offer people the chance to play bingo from the comfort of their own homes and at a time which is convenient to them – with most sites offering twenty four hour access to bingo games. Online sites can offer people the chance to play a number of different variants of bingo and many will even offer free bingo.

Why should you play?

There are a number of reasons why you should play bingo. Not only is it a great way to have fun but it also gives you the chance to win extra cash or prizes. For people with busy lifestyles online bingo is a great way to enjoy the game without having to meet a certain deadline. Taking advantage of free online bingo services is a great way to discover this fantastic game without risking any of your money. Free bingo can allow players to get used to the online format before deciding to invest some money in the game.

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