A Guide to Online Bingo

Top Tips

What You Need to Know

  1. Unlike bingo in halls, you can play online bingo anywhere and at any time, making it ideal for stay-at-home mums or shift workers.
  2. Take your time to research the many bingo sites out there and what they have to offer; don’t just sign up to the first one you find.
  3. Ask friends or fellow players for their tips on the best sites, whether it’s for prizes, promotions or making friends whilst playing.
  4. Specialist comparison sites are a useful tool for finding the right bingo site for you, so make use of these.
  5. Even after you’ve chosen a site, be willing to move if there are better offers available elsewhere on the internet.
  6. By law, you need to be over the age of 18 to play online bingo in the UK.
  7. Remember to play responsibly; try setting yourself a daily or weekly limit and sticking to this at all times.

Introduction to Bingo

Bingo is the popular game of chance, in which randomly-selected numbers are drawn and players match them to those on a card. Prizes are awarded for eliminating the numbers on cards in designated patterns. While in the past the game was played in special bingo halls, the rise of online bingo has made it more accessible and broadened its appeal. Online bingo is available at any time of the day and night it is a popular pastime for a range of people, from those awake late at night to people at home during the day or housebound bingo fans. Note, however, that in the UK, you must be 18 and over to play.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is choose a bingo site. There are dozens of places where you can play bingo online, so it’s well worth taking your time to visit a few of them, compare their offers and even ask friends or fellow players to recommend the ideal site for a beginner. These are all good places to start:

  • Newspapers: Several tabloid newspapers run their own bingo sites, usually offering large jackpots and regular offers, particularly for their readers. These include the likes of Sun Bingo and Mirror Bingo. Sky also runs its own bingo site.
  • Bookmakers: Some of the UK’s biggest bookmakers have also branched out into offering online bingo. Check out William Hill Bingo, Paddy Power or Ladbrokes, for example.
  • Specialist Sites: As well as the above, there are literally dozens of specialist bingo sites, both big and small. Among the most popular are Gala Bingo and Foxy Bingo.

Once you have chosen the right site for you, you need to get signed up. Fortunately, this is usually a simple, straightforward process requiring no great knowledge of computers. While the process will vary from site to site, the majority will ask for your personal details and a player name (for example littlemissbingo21). Most internet bingo websites also require users to register and top up their account by credit or debit card, or through secure money transfer sites, in order to purchase virtual cards and start playing.

If you have any problems with registering or taking part in games, websites generally have staff on hand to help make the experience of playing internet bingo easy.

Social Playing

Internet bingo operators are looking more and more to create a fun community feel with their websites in order to make it feel like a social experience. Improved technology and graphics also enhance the internet bingo experience and enable players to take part in live games and chat from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, the UK internet bingo community has spawned its own chat rooms, through which players can chat with other bingo fans, share tips and discuss games.

At Bingo Boogie, for instance, you can chat online and interact with 100's of online bingo fans, while Bingo Friends is specifically geared towards helping you make new friends whilst playing online.

Again, it’s worth having a look around the numerous sites out there and seeing what they offer in the way of social playing before signing up to anything.

Prizes and Promotions

The prizes offered by online bingo sites vary drastically, ranging from just a few pounds to thousands of pounds, though of course, the odds of you winning small sums are much greater than your chances of hitting the jackpot. Again, it pays to shop around for the most attractive offers and don’t stick with just one site if there’s a better deal elsewhere. To make life easier, there are a number of good comparison sites that outline the various games and prizes on offer from online bingo sites and they are worth consulting before starting to play.

It’s also worth doing your homework before snapping up any of the many offers available online. Most of the major sites run constant promotions, including cashback offers or free credit, which can be a good way of trying them out without losing out. However, any up-front savings could be quickly swallowed up by higher game fees or relatively low prizes, so do your sums before signing up for anything.

Other Games

The range of internet bingo websites and internet bingo halls is growing rapidly, with a wider range of activities available on the internet for bingo fans than ever before. Aside from traditional bingo, a number of websites also allow their players to try their hand at a range of different games including many casino classics. Ladbrokes, William Hill and 888 all allow their players to switch between games with minimal fuss.

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