Beware of Loan Scams

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  1. There’s been a huge rise in scams involving bogus loan companies in recent years.
  2. These scams usually involve demands for a fee that has to be paid upfront as part of the process of getting a loan approved. Once the fee is paid no loan is ever arranged.
  3. As well as bogus loan companies, there are also nefarious loan brokerage firms that demand fees upfront even when there’s little or no chance of a loan being found.
  4. Scams will often ask you to transfer payments in an unorthodox manner. For example, you may be asked to pay fees using Ukash vouchers.
  5. Always be sceptical of companies that contact you out of the blue offering loans, especially if they claim they can be ‘guaranteed’ despite your credit history.
  6. Be sure to use the Consumer Credit Register to check the credentials of any loan company you’re thinking of dealing with.
  7. If you’ve been scammed or have suspicions about an organisation contact Fraud Action to report it.

Since the economic downturn many people have found it difficult to obtain credit from traditional lenders. Unfortunately, this has lead to a huge rise in scams involving bogus loans companies looking to take advantage of people who find themselves in need of money and with limited options.

These fraudulent organisations prey on people’s desperation, using the promise of a loan that will never materialise as a pretence to charge their victims upfront fees for their services. However, once they’ve got their money, they disappear leaving their victims, who are usually already in a difficult financial situation, even further out of pocket.

By knowing how these criminals operate you can spot the tell-tale signs of a scam and avoid being stung:

Upfront Fees

Most loan scams involve a demand for a fee which needs to be paid before you can receive your loan (though, of course, they have no intention of ever actually providing you with any money). There are a number of different ruses they might use to trick you into giving them what they want:

  • Most commonly the scammers will ask for some sort of upfront fee for ‘administration’. In the case of bogus loan brokers they will demand an upfront fee for attempting to find you a loan. They’ll either provide nothing at all or something entirely inappropriate.
  • If the fraudsters are claiming to be lenders, they might claim that the money they are asking for will act as your first repayment and ‘activate’ the loan.
  • In other cases you might be told that you’ve been approved for a loan but that you have to pay for insurance before they can transfer the money.
  • Some scammers will request your debit or credit card details as a ‘security measure’ only to then debit you.

Whatever the context, being asked for any form of upfront fee should set alarm bells ringing. No matter what arrangements are supposed to be in place, if you’ve been put in a situation where it’s being demanded that you hand over money before you’ve actually received the loan on offer, you should be extremely sceptical. Even if the company in question is only offering to find you a loan rather than actually provide one, if you hand over money up front there is a very good chance you will never get any worthwhile help from them.

Unusual Payment Methods

Though often fraudsters will simply pressure you to transfer them money or give over your financial details, it’s also popular for them to ask you provide money via more unorthodox methods. Recently there have been many scams where victims have been asked to purchase Ukash vouchers and give over the serial numbers on the phone or in an email. Other money transfer services such as Western Union are also abused in this manner.

Cold Calling

You should be very suspicious if you’re contacted about a loan out of the blue. At a time when most lenders are being cautious about giving credit, if a company has made the effort to contact you with the offer of a loan the situation could be too good to be true.

If you have been applying for credit you may find that your details have been shared between companies and they can fall into the hands of bogus organisations. By trying to prevent your details being shared you may be able to reduce the chances of fraudsters being able to target you. The Telephone Preference Service can help you opt out of receiving various forms of marketing calls.

Lack of Interest in Your Credit History

If a loan company or brokerage service tells you that they can definitely help you despite your credit history, or fail to even enquire about your credit history, then you should be very wary. As a general rule, you should be highly suspicious of anything that is advertised from the outset as being ‘guaranteed’. Again, if a situation appears to good to be true, it probably is.

Lack of Credentials

Most bogus companies will operate through a website which they can use to front their operation and then take down again if they’re discovered. Never assume the legitimacy of a company based on their website alone. Try and find phone numbers, a physical address, and, if the company is claiming to be a lender, check it has a valid credit license. You can do this using the Consumer Credit Register.

If You’ve Been a Victim

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to recover any money you do lose to fraudsters operating a fake loan company, as they can simply disappear. If on the other hand you’re dealing with a business which you’re still able to contact but who refuse to refund you money taken for services which weren’t provided (for instance, if a broker failed to find you a loan, but won’t refund the fee) you should contact Trading Standards to inform them.

If the brokers are attempting to operate as a legitimate business they're bound by the Consumer Credit Act, which bars brokers from keeping any more than £5 of a client’s money if they can’t provide them with a loan.

If you’ve been hit by a straightforward scam you should contact Action Fraud, who work with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and the City of London Police to combat fraud.

Further Reading

  • If you have credit issues but feel you need a short term loan, pawnbrokers can provide a legitimate way of getting access to credit. Find out more with our guide to pawnbrokers.
  • You can find out more about prevalent scams from the FSA’s scams and swindles page, whilst the Citizens’ Advice Bureau can help you take on any companies you believe to be behaving fraudulently.
  • Aside from getting scammed there are other risks with pursuing credit if you find yourself struggling with money. Find out more with our guide to payday loans.
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tony tony

i really could not understand how i fell for these indians guy despite knowing tha this was a scam and kept on saying so. ukcash. western union 0203 i hate myself

Steven Steven

just got an unsolicited popup from Loans Pronto - bastards

lina lina

Hi, has anyone come across Migham Credit Finance Ltd? They offer loan with upfront fee of $500. Has anyone successfully get any loan from them?

linda linda

My husband has just been scammed by an Iindian sounding chap going by the name of Mr Baker.He was conned out of 51.00 through Ukash vouchers with the promise of the loan getting paid into his account in 35 mins.The 51.00 was paid and my husband was passed over to Mr Bakers manager another chap with an Indian accent and an english name? who then went on to ask for another 120.00 before any money would be transfered.When my husband said he did not have another 120.00 Mr Baker said he should pay 60.00 as long as he promised to pay the other 60.00 as soon as the money was transfered SCAM there was never any money going to be transfered. The company was supposed to be called Amazon loans based in Manchester Tel 0161818505 Mr Bakers ext 747. I do not think they are even a company I myself can see them sitting in their living room passing the phone back and forth to each other gloating over yet another scam.I will now be taking action with fraud action and will be writing to Watchdog to try and get as many of these scams highlighted in the hope others will not get scammed as we have.

stephen ousey stephen ousey

Hi, I was scammed in march this year by a loan firm, I foolishly hand over £650 in UKASH vouchers. I,d never heard of them at the time,when I didn't get the loan they blamed UKASH for the problems, spoke to internet fraud police, but haven't had any money back. My advice would be stay away from UKASH and all loan firms. The cash I used wasn't mine, and have been paying it back weekly. I still feel stupid for falling for it, wish id read this article back then, 01515280980 was one number,03301330021

steve steve

another one is

Sarah Sarah

Hi as anyone heard of startup loans they called me from this no 01618286964 they claim to be a loan company and i have give them 70 pound and now they want anouther 130 they keep putting the phone down on me when i say i want my 70 pound back as you are a scam. I have two children and no money now these ppl haved made me ill has any one else dealt with them .

Christine Christine

Do not give up on peoplesloan. Bombard them with emails, write to their Compliance Manager in Manchester. Complain about them wherever you can. I reported them to Action Fraud (because I never joined their company but they still took my dosh) and to the FCA. I DID get a refund. If you call their telephone number in Ipswich at an office building called Epsilon House, you will get a human being. Mine was called Lee. 01473 276100

rob johnson rob johnson

I dont have much hope of a refund from peoplesloan (£49.95 or directloan (69.95), but why does it make me feel better that I lost a lot less than most of the other posters?
I was interested in a text i got from wisecashuk guaranteeing £300 for £12.50 a month, but online all they did was navigate me to an offer of an amount to be paid in a lump sum (I am too nevous of more charges to go back and check the figures). I had to fill in a lot of details even to find out what they'd lend and for how much, though not my 16 digit card number. I still wanted a loan to be repayed in installments so I went on a load of different sites, where I often again had to give the same details before I could find out the terms etc. When I pressed the 'apply' button the next page was often under a different site name, so many of them that I can only remember a few sites I was on. At one point I pressed to read the terms and conditions and the page was unavailable, so how is anyone supposed to read them before signing? Eventually I borrowed £100 from paydayuk using an account I already had with them, having used them before. I'm not sure whether to think peoplesloan and loansdirect charged me just for 'helping' me search, or whether its to do with my paydayuk loan, as they are the only people I gave my 16 digits (I lost four fingers in four pies). Either way its disgusting. Seems they get away with it. It doesn't help when politicians love to help the rich and don't care about skint people like us (incidentally thats another reason to support today's strike). I am furious. How come we're protected from high street banks mis-selling us payment protection insurance but not from low-life brokers preying on people's desperation?

mark mark

LOANMARKETING.COUK sold my details to dozens of loan providers, all took money for nothing £182, thieving bastards, bank refused to stop payments because it was my fault.

miller miller

has anyone dealt with a company with the number 02032866349.

Denise Denise

Well beware of e, 01613540935! I did a search for a consolidation loan and was contacted by eloans, who were so helpful I thought, then he asked for the first installment 'up front' of £220 he gave a bank account number for a personal account for a J Vincent, I questioned this but he said it was perfectly normal. As l didn't get to the bank he phoned me Saturday morning and told me I would need to pay via Western union to a Mr DEXTER CARTER, I stupidly did. About 30 minutes later I receive another call from ADAM CLARK telling me I needed to pay another £340, as my credit rating was so poor, I am ashamed to say I did, only to be told that they wanted another 3.5% £280. Which I didnt pay and they have bombarded with phone calls and demands for money ever since. So just remember that if it sounds to good to be true its probably a scam!!!!! : (

dale evans dale evans

Loan solutions direct, I think they made a mistake with me because e they gave me an account number to deposit my money into so I have their details, im going to bombard their phone I tell them whats going to happen to them, or if they arent in this country what will happen to their family thats taken asylum here

Andrea Andrea

I would like comment about loan brokers taking fees from your account when not approached honestly and directly for a loan.
Recently my monthly funds came into my account. I should be in credit now to pay normal monthly household bills and pay for food etc.Instead my my bank account says no funds available.
I dig further and find odd names like merlin finance (never answer the phone and say you must have applied for their service - no I didnt),that was £49.99, Credit Maze took £60....caved in fairly quickly when I pushed for a refund but only paid me back £30....something about processing fees....bull like that.Then we have Loan Wizard, £69.80...all their refunds done on line fully automated so in hopes that this comes back to me sharp.
Next Loan Options....can't get on the phone,they took £69.75....the only way you can contact them is by email...have done so.
Lining up also I have UK financials.....£39.99 never heard of em......finally the very dodgy right Finance£79.95 and £35.74. I have to fill in two refund forms in the names of Loan star and right Financials....all trading under the same registered address as Right Finance in Bath Road Slough.


I am so cross also I have no money to live on or buy food until they refund me.Right Financial are being super obstructive saying that it will take up to 30 days to get a refund and they will have send a cheque. How prehistoric is that and SLOWER so they get to hold on to you money for longer.

Quite how all these companies did this I'm at a loss. Apparently if I have applied for a loan on another site that is asking all these other companies to take money from my account. The thing is you only find out who they are after the event. This kind of thing should be regulated. I read on another website that your fully legally entitled to ask for a full refund if you have not request the service. Well I have made tons for phone calls, send got knows how many letters and the amount involved must be nearly £400.
These people are nothing but cold hard sharks and prey on peoples vulnerability to get their s...ty fees.

Beware ..i just thought I would share my experiences so you can note and don't let these fraudsters near you!


Emma Emma

Has anyone heard of best loans uk are they a scam offered me a loan of 2000 but would have to pay 94 for first instalment cause I have not got a guarentor

nigel nigel

Loan Solutions Direct Tel 01618187855.Pakis/Indian with English names agree loan with low apr. Demand 1st payment then a double payment to cover non guarantor. More money requested to release loan all of which will be added to your non existing loan. All monies paid to people in INDIA via Western Union.I stupidly paid £620. When I demanded my money back they asked for another £100.When I refused they said I would have to wait between 3&6 mths. If I missed 3 calls from their finance dept. I would not get any refund. They know I drive for a living so it is impossible to keep to their terms. I`m afraid it`s BYE BYE £620. BE WARNED!!

Kester Kester

Stay away from this number 020 3290 9169 a Indian woman rang me saying my £7500 loan was accepted then was told to pay £105 at a paypoint to revive my loan. I asked why not take a card payment of me? She got funny about it! It's more like so iv no prove that she's taken my money... All these Indian and coloureds people come to England and expect other peoples cash f*ck of back to your own country!

ann ann

Anyone heard of Kendrit lending based in France? I've just stupidly scammed out of £450 in a promise of a loan!

Frall Frall

I've received a call before Christmas from loan company telephone number 02032869811, obviously Indians with english names, yeah yeah let me laugh. Anyway, as I had the experience to pay £79 with an other loan company 4 years ago and didn't have any loan of course, I refused everything fro this company who called me. So they offered me a loan of £ 2000 but I had to pay £100 fees, so I SAID NO I WON'T, and that Indian english name lol :) fella said ok we will take £20 as a cancellation.. YEAH YEAH GO A HEAD, how they can take money without my bank details thoses idiots, so I said forget and hang up on me. I called that company again and they said that they will take £100 then just because I wasted their time ( they call me in first I didn't ask anything), so I got P**** O**** and tell them to put that money in ******* and hang up.
So he called me back and say ( apologie for my language I just repeat his words) :

I was shocked I couldn't talk I just hanged up. When my partner came home he found me sitting on the coach he saw straight away something went wrong, I just felt down. No one never talked me like that, I blocked the number. We made some research online but couldn't find anything, my partner looked to find them but no chances.


Maria Maria

Thanks to this website, I stop dreaming just seconds before paying a fee in the post office of £100 to get a loan of £1000 that I have been applying on the internet for the past 3 days...
I am on a fragile situation right now because a housemate has been sick with Tuberculosis and I have been trying to help as much as I can paying the bills alone myself to help this person recovery asap.
So, a man with indian accent called Robin, called me saying he could give me the money instantly after the £100 fee paid on the post office, only after this payment he would be able to send the loan on my account...It's a scam...He called again many times waiting for my deposit, finally I stop crying on the phone and told him that I did call the police and informed about me been a victim of fraud...I told him that if he was genuine about offering me a loan, he would have to send me a text message with all of his company details for me to check before make the deposit of the fee...Since that, he stoped calling and all of his people with different numbers us well...
I don't have the money of the loan I asked for, but at least the bad man called Robin ( phone used 02032869811), stop calling...
Be carefull, this people take advantage of all, they don't care and they pretend that they will help you...It's a lie...



ram ram

I had applyed loan two month ago and i got call by Loan Solution Direct from 02032863079 the name of the guy was Anthony Simpson.He said to me you can have £10,000 loan and asked my bank detail i gave my bank detail and he said i need to pay first instalment £350 by ukash vouchar and i paid he sent me e-mail agreement letter and next morning he said his manager wants to speak name was Nik i spoken with Nik (Indian guy) he said i need to pay tax,insurance,2,3 monthaly instalment and he will transfer money on my account but he time again he asked me £500 to send India by Money Gram and i sent it.And again and again asked me to send money by ukash then they gonna transfer money on my account i paid it but they didnt.I called 02032863079 there were so many Indian guys (Mac Patel,Krish.......)different different people received.every time they told me this is the last time u need to pay once it done money will b on your account in 20min and i paid again but they didnt transfer money on my account and finally i paid £3600 and now they are not providing me loan nor refund.I made police complain i called on action fraud but im not satisfy. i dont think so that police can help me.guys if u have any ideas can e-mail me.

Michelle berry Michelle berry

This company a complete scam ripped me off taking money without consent from my bank account. Told my bank a pack of lies however fraud team are now involved beware they keep taking money after money from your account. All you get is lies when u challenge the company beware

cat cat

I have been looking for a loan and have not been having much luck, then ukloan rung me saying I can get a loan with them for £2000. the guy was Indian and call mike foster. they wanted one months fee up front so the funds would be in my accout, which I done a bank transfer. 10 mins later mike rang me again saying I needed to pay £150 (cant remember what for) I said I cant get that money I only had £95 to my name, he was like ill sort the rest of the money for ya. you need to send it via ukash went to the post office and they don't do them, and went to another shop and they don't do them, mike rung me back asking if I have done the payment I was like no, no one does ukash in the area. he passed me onto his manage Vanessa (indian) and said I needed to get a moneygram from the post office which I did, she rung me back with the details I needed. she said when they have received the payment the funds would be in my account. 20mins later mike rung me back saying due to porr credit history I would mee to pay 3 months worth of instalments to get my loan. I kept saying to him I haven't got any more money as u have taken it all. he kept saying I need to find a away to get the funds and then I would get £2250 into my account straight away. and kept saying how long will it take for me to transfer the funds. at this stage I twigged something weren't right and asked to opt out of it and to have a refund, mike said I couldn't I got to carry on with it as I was only one step away from getting the funds. I demanded my money back within 14days and also mentioned that its my rights as I aint singed for anything, if not ill be reporting the company, and since then I haven't heard anything from them. the number to watch out for is 02032904788



mark mark

Scum bags!!!!!!!!! Scamed out ho 240 today. How do these people sleep at night. Asian with english name lol if it was other way round dont think they would just role over and take it.

graham smith graham smith

I applied for a loan of £1000 and was contacted by loan solutions direct who offered a good deal by paying the 1st payment of £110 then i would get my loan the same day. I transferred the money and waited for the funds. They never came next came a call from a miss London woods demanding £240 to bump up my credit rating and a demand for a second payment for£260 which would take the total up to £500. Then came on a jenny jones asking for a further transfer of £300 to release the funds. When i refused a man called James Kelly came on offering to reduce the final payment to £150 and wanted them as money transfers to India to a joseph asselot and Michele andree when i refused they became nasty and i have informed the fraud squad as they are operating outwith the scope of a uk loan company i lost the £110 but please be aware that these people are frauds and thieves

there information is as follows :-

loan solutions direct
reg number: 7326616
licence: 6382230
tel: 0161 818 7855

personnel: James Kelly, Alex king, London woods, jenny jones

please be aware of these people they are scam artists and thieves don't be conned by them

Billy Billy

Another name to watch is Limited.They check out via a linked web site and company registration details. They are using this a front total fraud and rip off have reported. they have had monies from and I know I have been stupid, but was desperate but going do everything possible to name and shame. So if you receive a call from Jessica, Stephen, or Christopher on 0124494033 just mention Mr William and run a mile, they will

Ruth Rampling Ruth Rampling

I got conned out of £300 from a loan company called best loans uk also called cheaploans and low loans beware don't part with any money all seems legit the licence number for credit seemed to be Ok but no loan and took my money want me to pay another £500 to pay for the tax

milly milly

Want some answers from carol Johnson and Dennis,? Here's their new number 02081336864 they welcome customers responses and love to hear feed back from their valued customers. They need to hear how ripping citizens of the UK have suffered at their hands keep ringing and pay them back at their own game. Let them know how it feels to be terrorised and abused and stealing is wrong. Is it not bad enough we get exploited enough to be exploited by a call center in India. See told ya Dennis I won't give up I ring you every day in till your sick of me until you give my money back I will email your fake website a 5 year old could of made better I make sure your in prison where you belong and Carol too. I won't give up until you have a taste of your own medience you who ripped off the poor and van able and I know you read this link because I gave you the site address. Bet your mum and dads are proud of theives liars and low life's you be hearing from me again tomorrow

milly milly

Did any of you guys get your money back I got conned out of 300 quid today . I am furious I rang up pretending to be the police to best loan company. Dennis, Spencer oh carol and someone else. What makes me laugh they have got away with it. But if you don't pay your TV lience you get in more trouble then these snakes who prey on low income and people who have money worries how do this make sense they still getting away with it. I was crying and screaming on the phone to get my money back to be told oh it takes 41 days really?? Rang fraud and police but doubt it make a difference

Stephen Billings Stephen Billings

Not sure if this is a scam. My dad has been offerd a loan by loansolutions. He's paid £70 with a ukash voucher. They have then sent an amount of money to check they have the right details, for his account. Asking for it to be paid back, to a name in India. This has happened a number of times. They have allways said the loan will be paid in, afterwards, but it hasn't yet.

The odd thing is, they are sending some money, to him to check the account. Then asking for it back. Could this be a NEW TWIST, to the scam?

Gapsa John Gapsa John

UK Financials Ltd is a real and genuine loan services, recently i have apply for debt consolidation loan online, they took £30 as processing fee by my permission, i got call from their company on same day and my loan procedure had been started. After all documentation and verification i got my loan approval.
I dont know, are they guys are ukfinancials ltd's competitor or real customers? but as my experience UK Financials Ltd. company is the best and trustworthy internet loan service.

Scotty Scotty

Hi All, like many of you I think someone tried to scam me, I applied online for a £1500 loan for my wedding, and the same day, quick loan finance said they could help there number was 02033070288 the Pakistani fella was called Robin! (should have guessed really) I paid them a 39.99 finders fee which showed up on my credit card statement as UK Financials ltd, and when I searched this company I found completely different contact details so I foned the above number and was told that was there registered company name and that it would take 24 - 48 working hours?
Then on fri 07/03 I had Martin from this company, call me. he told me I was accepted for the loan of £1500, I had the option of using a guarantor who had to be a homeowner with good credit history, or an affordability check, which consisted of me paying the first month up front. Ok I thought (I was looking for £1500 over 12 months) I`ll do the affordability check so I was told I had to pay the first month which he said was £140!! Oh alarm bells £1500 over 12 months at £140 per month?? that's very good!! £180 interest!! Hell that's good how can they make money like that! But anyway i got my card and went to give him my card details, and he said he cant take if of a card? i had to go to a pay point and then call him and he would give me a reference number to process my application, i went to the pay point explained tis to the man in the shop who was also Pakistani and he asked to see the number when i showed him the number and he advised me that if it was him he would not pay the £140 at the pay point as there would be no comeback and little tractability instead pay into a bank or building society, so i waited til this loans direct called back and said wasn't paying by pay point, so he put me on hold and then came back to me saying i could do an online transfer ok i thought we`ll do that so he gave me account details for a Barclays business account in the name NETELLER UK LTD, bearing in mind what the shopkeeper said i went to my local Barclays bank and told the girl i wanted to pay £140 into this account, she asked me the name the account was in and i told her Neteller uk ltd she said that was not the name on the account and advised me that she couldn't pay in the money without the correct name as she believed there could be a case of fraud. so i about turned out the bank. Martin later called me to see had i done the transfer and i told him the bank would not accept it and he said there has never been a problem before with online transfers,( i hadn't told him i went into the bank) during the whole conversation he never once mentioned my loan just how to pay the £140, i got even more suspicious and went to the police with all the info i had gathered and blocked the number from my phone.
Martin gave me all the companies supposed details
105 hamlet court road, Westcliffe on sea, SS20 7ES company reg no 05455171, Contact number 02032867893. Again when I goggled this company I found these details widely available to the public but with no contact number.
Hope this helps anyone else from being scammed.

joe joe

Got an email from saying i have been approved a loan of £1000 and they are waiting to pay this in to my bank account so anyway i contacted them to be presented with a pakistani guy which was obviously a television being played in his house so anyway he then said i had to pay a security deposit of £100 and pay by credit card i straight away put the phone down as this is a scam when a guy cant even be bothered to turn his television off before speaking to me just make me very angry how this scammers try to rob you whilst sitting in there sofa so anyway avoid this company they are scammers and will approve your apllication either if you ask for £100 or £50,000 stay away

martin martin

do not deal with any indian or pakistani sounding person with a rediculous name ie english was lucky only 50.00pounds lost due to the use of ukash vouchers this needs to be addressed by goverment and police and by the banks , try ur family first it beats getting stung good luck.

Kathleen Heppell Kathleen Heppell

I was rang today by an Indian lady from a company called BESTUKLOANS.CO.UK
She told me I had been approved by her company for a loan of 3000 repayments would be 160 over 24mths. Then she said I would need to go and buy a PAYSAFE CARD OR UKASH VOUCHER none of which I had heard of. Like a good girl I sent my husband to purchase these he need to pay cash so he went to a cash point and took out £150 cash which he really needed for bills, anyway he went to our local garage and purchased these vouchers. I rang the lady called JAZ and she took the voucher numbers even though she told me she would not need to do this. I was then transferred to Accounts and got to speak to an Indian guy called DENNIS lol. He told me he was going to transfer the money into my account but first there was a matter of TAX I said what are you talking about, he explained that I would need to pay the government VAT for this loan and I would need to go back to the garage to get out £245 to pay the government tax , however they would give it back to me in my loan afterwards. I told him I did not have this money available, so he has told me that he will wait until I have got it. I asked him if he cashed the vouchers and he said no they just barred them. He asked him why did he not just take the money via debit or credit card like normal companies, he told me that the company was not registered !!. When I came off the phone I rang the number which is on the Ukash voucher to ring if you think you have been scammed. TOO LATE the guy checked the numbers and he told me that they had already been cashed and all the time they were reassuring me that they were not scammers. SO BEWARE DO NOT DEAL WITH ANY COMPANY IF THEY ARE ASKING FOR MONEY BEWARE OF BESTUKLOANS.CO.UK, have a look at their website I should have known alarm bells were ringing as it does look dodgy, they have no address below or any other info, needless to say my husband is away to the pub to drowned his sorrows and I am really in the bad books !!. THESE PEOPLE NEED STOPPED !!!!!!!

Michelle Michelle

Hi think my boyfriend has been scammed by a company quickloanfinance rang him said been accepted for £1500 loan all he had to do was pay £40 for p

lisa lisa

Wish I had seen these comments before i was scammed , its a disgrace these people can sleep at night takeing advantage of peoples financial dilemmas , and then inendated with text messages from india trying to con more money upfront, I have had to stop my bankcard and inform police and bank and reported to action fraud its humiliating , I have to say they were extremely understanding and explained to me I had been scammed by quickfinance and explained the ref number I was given was made up and the telephone number of 02033070288 was not in existence as it rings a few times then goes dead scam scam scam.i am totally humiliated and I can say I will not ever fall for another loan scam,!!!!! After haveing money taken taken from account how do they sleep.

jonny white jonny white

We put in the search engine unemployed loans. The top search came up with (SCAM) is owned and operated by Simply Media Publishing LLC,
A USA company and administered by SIMPLY MEDIA Publishing Ltd.
17-21 Garrick Street, London, WC2E 9AX.
Simply Media Publishing Ltd. holds a consumer credit licence number 661047 and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office with the number ZA026495.

This is a SCAM website because most of the loan companies on this site are run from the same office or do not even exist.
So we filled in all the info and they came up with

UK Financials Ltd

501, International House,
223 Regent street,
,West End,
London W1B 2QD

Tel: 02070992010

They asked me to pay £40 broker fee and that i am guaranteed a 100 percent loan . Did not think paying a broker fee was that bad. So i payed the £40 and they told me that a company called quick loan finance (Scam company) would be giving us the £2000 we asked for. We just need to wait 48 hrs for a email.
After the phone call i felt a little suspicious so searched for this company and found this website.I mite have lost £40 but after reading some of these post i got away very lightly. I have also contacted scam busters, the police,my bank and trading standards.This has been going on for too long and needs sorting very soon.

chris c chris c

Please be aware theres another out there.

got call yesterday from foreigner. After lot of going through forms asked me for my card details . Said I didnt have snything in bnk until next day . Same day I had about 30 missed calls from same man . And thats not a lie so I blocked number. Today it started again. Then a different number rang. It was him. I said I was no longer interested only to be met with a barrage of verbal offensive abuse.

Numbers are 0765294862 and 0765254878

please be aware

leeanne leeanne

Feeling Extremely annoyed that so many people can prey on vulnerable people in times of crisis. All day yesterday we tried to get a loan of a £1000. But due to bad credit rating we was told by an indian accent man we had to a payment of £95 in ukash vouchers. And then to be told we had to wait again while they was checking our details. Then to be told they needed a further £150 which we managed to scrap together. The last of what we had. Then apparently there was a block put on our ukash voucher so had to wait another few hours. To be told we needed a further £140. This company was very convincing and in our desperate need my partner believed that we was going to be getting the loan. I refused to pay the last payment. So weve asked to forget the loan we'l have the money back we've already paid. Obviously no joy. Tried ringing today and still no joy. Wont get our money back. Got to wait 28days.!! Bullshit. Scam. Fraud!! BEST LOANS.. dont be fooled like we havein dedesperate times of need.

Fran Fran

My niece, who has learning dificulties, has just been scammed by Loan Solutions Direct. She paid them £175 in Ukash vouchers and they were demanding another £350 from her to release a loan of £11, 250. I telephoned the company on 0203 287 5669 and a man with an Indian accent answered. I told him, in no uncertain terms, that he had no right to be offering money to someone who didn't have the capacity to understand what they were doing. He seemed to be taken a little aback, then asked for my telephone number and said that he would get my niece's loan advisor to ring me. In a little while, I had a call from a woman calling herself Michelle Simpson, who had a very strange accent and I reiterated my concerns, saying that I was going to contact my niece's social worker and get this loan cancelled. In the meantime, this company (and others) were calling my brother in law's landline and demanding to speak to my niece. He had to unplug the phone to stop the calls, but the company continued to call my niece on her mobile and demand she go to the bank and get the money the deposit. She did this, but the bank froze her account as they obviously tried to take more money out, which she didn't have. Now she can't access her bank account at all and has no funds whatsover. When you look online at the listings of loan companies, as my niece obviously did, there is no way of telling who is legitimate and who is not. This is a minefield for people who have learning difficulties and are easy, vulnerable, prey for these parasites.

martin martin

Just been scammed by bestukloans told me to buy 2 paysafe cards from shop 1 x £50. 1 x £10 and to ring them back with details.guess what no loan. Scamming fckers.beware everyone.

victims2014 victims2014

Only this week this has happened to us!! by a company named Limited. My partner got a call offering him a loan, told him that they had been passed his details through Moneyessentials. All was looking good!! £18,000 would pay of debts, buy a car and have money aside for our first baby arriving.

Until they asked him to transfer £95 via Western Union to pay the Moneyessentials brokers fee's. (which we payed!!)

45 mins later and the money was still not in his bank account.

After a phone call, We were told that they had tried to transfer the money over but couldn't as we didn't have a PPI number. And that we could purchase PPI through Western Union and to send the money to a man in Nepal!!

We were hoping that it was all legit until i have just read previous comments on here!!

Does anyone know if there is a way to retrieve our money from western union? if not what should we do next. (we have loan agreements from this company)

Michael Michael

Have just been scammed by UK Financials Ltd to the value of £268. After applying for a loan over the internet they contacted me and said they could assist and seemed very helpful until I wanted the loan paid into my account.

carla fox carla fox

Have also been scammed by loans uk a guy called darren who was calling from a uk landline number or so I thought constantly bombarded me with callls for over two hours promising the loan would be in my account within 45 mins if I gave my card details and paid a first instalment of 240 pound I told him my card was lost and was waiting for a new one so he then said if I had cash I could buy ukash voucher and do it that way, I had only 200 in cash and he said he would pay the other 40. I feel like a fool now but was desperate for this money to pay off some debt, I was getti g 5000 over 2 yrs and paying 249 a month back so I went to the shop bought the ukash vouchers and gave him the numer he told me by doing this the money would transfer quicker..1 hr later no money but this guy still insisted he had transferred it so I was in the bank...still no money he then told me because of my credit rating a tax had to br paid of 275 I tol him I was calling the police and fraud team this happened yesterday 6/2/14

Aaron Noone Aaron Noone

PLEASE READ - I am Aaron Noone and I am Head of Operations for

We are aware of a scam currently on-going in the name of and many other brokers. We are aware that the offenders are based in Islamabad, Pakistan and buy UK telephone numbers, then ask you to pay money to them or a fee to fund a loan.

Sometimes they ask you to pay money via Western Union or a bank transfer to Santander branches.

NEVER GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE. is a legitimate Credit Broker, trading since 1996 that specialise in homeowner loans and we DO NOT ever ask you for your card details or for you to pay money to use our service.

We are free at point of use and we provide quotes from lenders who are available to you after we complete a credit search and search your eligibility status.

If you are contacted by anyone purporting to be from and they are asking for money; NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

We are liaising with the OFT, Financial Ombudsman Service and Action Fraud (police) with regard to this illegal activity and assure you that we will do all that we can to close this operation down.

You can help by not giving your bank details or paying for a service that has been “guaranteed”.

We urge you to report any instance of this scam to your police force, action fraud and the OFT as a matter of urgency.

If you would like to talk to me directly or any of my staff, you can call me on 0161 873 8735 or free phone number 0800 112 3299.

Alternatively you can write to me at Suite 31, Paragon House, 48 Seymour Grove, Manchester M16 0LN

Lisa lawler Lisa lawler

£300.down...done well today,,uk finance ltd,,Linda Johnson..that good ole English name,,from india
Of course,,





Larraine Larraine

Question: has anyone had anything to do with Go Direct Finance (AKA Highview Financial Services Ltd) I've been trying to start a small business and they seemed to me to be legit. There web page is very convincing.... but looking at your sight tonight I've realised that the scamming business seems to be a lucrative one, and the scammer's don't have a conscience, and judging by the money they are making from us hard working folk, they can afford to make convincing websites.

marc marc

I have received approval from loans are they real or a scam as the email they send me was and looked quite real they offer what I wanted and they asked my to pay the first month installment to get my loan within a hour so I take this or not help please people thanks

kim kim

I have had lots of bogus calls offering me loans one from David Smith saying he was from He said I could have 5,000 loan and emailed me the agreement. It said I had to pay £162 for 'Admin Fees' as it was an unsecured loan. I checked the email address I called the company direct and there is no such person. Apparently there are people from Inda calling through Skype to make it look like a UK number. Beware I just had another one today from Loan Finance UK. If you are unsure ask them to send you a email from the company, then call the company direct to make sure it is not a bogus call.

stewart.w. stewart.w.

I applied for a 10,000 loan on the net , after doing this I was hit by tons of texts and phone calls from the main number being 0203 numbers . It was always a Indian person calling so I asked there name and it was always an English name so then I asked where are they based , they said they was based in London or somewhere else in the country so then I asked what was the post code then the phone went dead. It is a scam do not go and get this Ukash voucher and do not give any bank details as you will not get your loan as they say you will and you will not get your money back in anyway so BE AWARE THIS IS A SCAM .

Chathurika Chathurika

Same thing happen hear. company was best loan second limited and com reg num is 02878733.firsly Harry James called me to confirm that my £ 10000 loan is accepted but three condition for u. this is the email that they send to me.
In reference to your application number EA15826 received on 07.01.2014, Best Loan Second Ltd. is pleased to inform you that your application for a Personal loan of £10000 has been approved. However, it will be confirmed upon completion of certain
formalities from your part. According to the company’s terms and conditions, As you are going with the third condition you have to pay your first installment in advance which is £195 which is your first monthly installment. Please be informed that time period of paying back loan is 60 months and we charge APR 5.6% fixed interest rate for the entire term.
We have three Term & Conditions for you and you have to accept only one condition.
1. You have to provide us three guarantors, three people who can guarantee that you will pay your monthly payments on time.
2. Can you provide us any property paper works to process your loan application
3. You have to pay your monthly payment as advance to company through Money Gram.

Shame on me I paid money through money gram..I know that can't take my money as refund.please any advice from anyone.

steven bulford steven bulford

I got a call n I believe they stole some from my bank n that I gave them 80 in hopes of getting a loan. I have no money for food for 2weeks I told them the last was for my food n after I called n recorded there voices though if that helps? Im now gonna track too

Joanna Griffin Joanna Griffin

I applied online for a payday loan and after a search engine gave me a link to a specific website asking how much i wanted to borrow etc. I continued with the application, the company then went on to say i had been sucessfull and my funds were ready to be deposited. I entered my details for what i thought was my payday loan - to my disbelief after entering my bank details loads and loads of pop ups came up and my phone was inundated with pop ups! This gets worse...... i have just been paid and my whole entire months wages have been taken out by several "loan marketing companies" adding up to a value of £420! where do i stand with this and what can i do?! Can i get any money back even if i havent had any loans from certain companies?!

jon123 jon123

OK there are a few ways not to get caught out by these rip off merchants, 1. I never ever give out my card details esp the security code on the back, if the company is genuine they can pay money in with just the sort code account number and name. but if this fails get a cashplus prepaid credit card, then you can't lose either.

London London

I've been contacted by lsuk....has any heard of these people? Think they are loan spotter..? 0141 number

victim victim

I started small business and was looking for a loan on the internet, as it is very hard to buy things you need plus pay all your bills only from income. And on 12th December I received the phone call asking me do I am looking for a loan, they asked me few questions and after said i am approved for £8000 for 10 years with £95 monthly installment with what I agreed, later I received an other phone call where they asked me to pay first month installment as my credit history in the past wasnt perfect, with what i agreed. I was asked to pay them by Ukash voucher. Then there still was some different problems for what I have to pay but I was promised that money will be returned together with my loan, and so in total I did pay them £595 but they still were looking for other £205 what I wont agree to pay and asked my money back, but if I want to get my money back I have to pay them £139 for cancellation i said I am not going to pay them any single penny any more.
I checked their registration number what is 7326616 and valid credit license no 0638220, address and all this information shows as legal, so I think they are stilling other companies identity as well. They are LoanSolutions Direct and phone number 02032872499. I did report them as fraud and made complaint about the phone number. I dont know what else I should do ? And is there any chance to get any money back?

eve eve







Scooby20 Scooby20

I have applied for a loan recently and was called today from Best Loans Direct by an Indian guy called Stuart Wilson (a little suspicious!) asking me to make the first installment of £135.00 then my loan amount would be transferred into my bank account. I didn't think about any financial/personal/work details as i had only recently filled out an application form stating all of these details. I thought i would check them out and found this page. I asked them to confirm all of this in an email, to which i have just received. Cant open the attachment and have been called a further 3 times. It really annoys me when scammers like this take advantage of people who really need the money. How do they sleep at night!!

Glyn Poole Glyn Poole

Same done to me today £500 down .They are now called 4loans limited. Asked for my money back to pay £69 if i wanted it Told them i had spoke to police and trading standards was told to get loan off them. So now got to tell no xmas pressies gutted isnt the word

M mckenna M mckenna

I got a phone call from An Alex at Best Loans LTD. offering me £5000 loan and all i had to pay was £69.99 through a bank transfer and told me as soon as they received the payment i would get my loan. 3 days past i got another phone call stating i had to pay another £110 via Ukash. so i called them to ask why but the response i got i was not expecting. I was told if i didnt pay this money they would come get me. so i hung up . another 3 days passed i got another phone call this time from a lady. i asked her to remove my details from her system and not to call me again. she replied with : listen to me white trash you owe us money and we will get it one way or another. so again i hung up. about 2 hours later another lady called me stating to be Alice Curren management of Best loans and she had asked me what had been said. when i started explaining she then told me to shut the F*ck up and to just pay the money. i contacted the local police station and the fraud team and they are researching the company. DONT FALL FOR THEIR CRAP LIKE I DID .. scammers !!!!!

pete pete

i was phoned today best loan 2 company this same scenario next 10 min muney on my acc. i lost 190 pound with i paid upfront and next tax fee 300 pound but i decide not paid after when i finde this page!i was paid to this acc.Christine robert HSBC 11828584

company reg no 02878733

eve eve

i have call from name jazz she promise me pay 0ut 7500loan if bay uk chash voucher she weiting 2 weks for me aronou what to do i need moeny

Bernadette Bernadette

Hello, all these scammers i hope they never have good luck, no9w what happens if you have got a contract - are they be law suppose to pay out

steve steve

Thanks to this web page ive saved myself £320, Got a call from best loans direct an Indian guy called me up and said my credit has been accepted and said i have to pay my first instalment up front to prove i have the cash flow available, The foolish thing he done was asked little about my work ie The name/address of the company and my age the main thing holding me back, I was going to pay him but he said his admin department had closed(5pm on friday) and he is planning to call back tomorrow

Tim Tim

Had a call from cash gentleman by the name of John Parker with an Indian accent offering £5000 over three years guaranteed no fees no credit check. Told me to get UKcash voucher for £160 from local PayPoint and he'll call back later and transfer the funds - don't think this will happen. Company looks legitimate with consumer license number and website and all appears to be okay but following the advice of other people on here regarding UKcash vouchers I will not be doing this. Lucky save !!!

Dan Dan

I too been talking to Kevin Johnson from best Loans direct started with£40 to UK finance Ltd then£92 via Wesson Union then another£119 same way when for loan tax I phoned to to see if they had it which they did then I had to wait 10 mins for cash in bank but as you guess no cash phoned yet again and they said they problem with transfer my end and had to send test payment to me which they did of £116 which did go through to my account but I had to send back to them to Show them that problem had cleared and unlucky for them it went past1800 hours so had to do it next day then I found this site so found it very good site and guess Who not getting there£116 back see how they like it and just wait for calls to start lol game on best Loans direct bring it on!!!!!!!!!

Scott Scott

I had a call from quick loan finance and some (indian guy) telling me I could have a loan of £3500 went through a few questions then he started asking for bank details I told him I was prepared to give them out to him as he rung me out the blue and I want to look into the company he then said that I would have to pay a £40 processing fee which I then said I have been told that companies that ask for these payments upfront are scam companies he then said to my surprise yes we are a scam company!! I put the phone down. Five minutes later same number calls me again I then tell him I have just spoke to someone from company and I do not want another phone call from you as your colleague has just informed you are a scam company with no argument he says ok so u don't want the loan I said u keep ringing me I will contact the police with that the phone went dead! name off the company at the top of this and phone number is 08719430417.. BEWARE do not trust these!

kristof kristof

Cash Finance Direct is ok ?

kristof kristof

thanks guys for info about Best loan direct i lost just 115 for first step :( so can y help me where i can will take good loan ? i got 1000 messages on my email about best loans and i dont know now which way is good , thanks for help

Darren Mansfield Darren Mansfield

I was contacted by a company called offering me £2000 but due to an average credit rating I would need to provide the 1st months repayment to prove I could pay back the loan. I paid £95 and was assured fund be in my account in the next 30-35 minutes......this never happened so I emailed them, they phoned me this morning saying everything had gone through and the money should have been in my account, then a man called to explain I needed to pay £180 tax fee...this was where I became suspicious and asked for my £95 to be refunded, their response was to tell me I will be black listed for not taking the loan out!!!!
The company do exist (as far as I know are legit|) but these people used their name to reel me in.
Names they used during my ordeal: Michelle Collins, Micheal Roberts...Asian/ south African accents. Phone numbers they used: 01244940276. Bank details for deposit: Natwest
Sort Code: 601616
Account Number: 77829638
Transaction Officer: Ms Janett Carty
Amount: £95

Hope this info helps someone out inn the future.

dave hall dave hall

i have been reading all the scam reports that are going on and find it sickening,i almost got caught out by loan options, but lost £ 40 to a broker who was setting up the loan, i have noticed money supermarket mentioned more than once, i think some of these brokers do not take much care as to who gets your details and as long as the get their fee thats fine by them, or is it possible that some brokers could be part of the scam and pass you on to the scammers, it is only a thought not an accusation but you just dont know with all these scammers on make.. some golden rules to follow. 1 never pay any money out to get a loan if they ask for money first its a scam, even if they come through a broker. 2 a lot of the scammers are foreign with english names but cannot hide their accent, mainly indian or pakistani though no doubt there will be more than them scamming people and there will be some in the u k as well. 3 remember the age old saying if it sounds too good to be true then it most certainly is.. 4 watch out for the web sites some of these are really good and convincing which shows just how good these scammers are, hate to admit it but the rotten sods are damn good at it..5 any phone calls out of the blue offering you loans are sure as hell a scam, be aware of phone numbers that begin 0203, 016, 1061, or other numbers you dont recognise plus once they start to talk about a loan its a scammer.. i have got a long list of companies names that have been named as scammers, if any of these companies are genuine and want to clear their name then let them come forward and prove it and sort out with their broker as to just what the broker is doing to safeguard peoples details from scammers, but from what i have read from what other people have wrote they do very little in the way of checking companies they pass peoples details to.... i have 46 in my list but please be aware there are a hell of a lot more than 46 scam companies, on the make out of peoples misfortune in this hard economic financeltd,,stop4loan,,loan,co.uklimited,, quickloanfinance,,bestukloans,,easyquidfinance,, bestloansdirect,,no credit check unsecured loans,,gbp loans/uk loans,,ncc unsecured loans,,loan options,,financial uk ltd,, loansdirect/kwikquid,,,,quick loans services,,geo financial solutions,, cash loans,,cash match,,loan&finance,loans pronto,,city financial,, lee loans,,kamel financier,,rainbow loans,, loans solutions direct,,priority money club,,century loans,, loan monarch,, ukfinancialsltd,,sosimpleloans today,,loan marketing,,easy loans/speedyloans,,softloansfinance,,,,fresh start loans,,taffed loans,,,,myloan,,loanmatch,,,,,, the end of my list but please be aware no company asks for money up front for a loan if they do its a scam, remember these people are really good at what they do and so is their set up, and yes they are heartless low lifes who prey on others can get in touch with action fraud for advice,, then there is o f t , financial ombudsman, plus get in touch with watchdog at the bbc , they may take up this write to your m p about this might even be brought up in parliment if enough complain...

sj sj

I had nearly same thing happen they phoned me offered me a loan for £1500 then emailed me an agreement form but didnt ask me to sign and return it they then asked for the first payment to be made into a Barclays bank account that was in a private name of Mr Mainza and to tell the bank it was for personal use or they would charge them £12 and told me I would have the money in 45 minutes, they used name John Smith a very unimaginative name for someone with an asian accent luckily I did not fall for their scam but hope I can help others from falling from it. the phone number used was John Smith
Loan Finance (even though their email was and they said the company name was loanukltd I googled their name and email and found lots of scam reports

Eve Eve

Steve from Best Loan ltd (Lower Grosvenor Place SW1 W0EN comp reg number: 2878733) called me today on (02071938837) to say that they approved a 14K loan for me. If i pay £300 now, the 14K will be in my account within 2 hours. I said to him since they are based in London, i'd rather come to their office and pay the money face to face. He said they operate on phone, he can pass me to his boss etc. I said if i lose my £300 i don't see any way of getting it back. So i asked to call me back tomorrow. When i started to research about the company, i bumped into this page and realise that it's fraud. Thank you so much for sharing your experience on this site. I almost gave to his lies, but he'll no longer get me.

lisa lisa

just nearly been scammed by quick loan finance phoned up this morning wanting some info after reading some interesting emails. my husband told them he worked for the police the asian guy changed his name from dave to michael and said that the company didnt exist only when he answered the phone he answered with hello quick loan finance how may i help you. if only i could get my hands on them they r scum preying on hard working people.

Ricky Ricky

If it wasn't for thus site I would have been conned for 240 that best loans direct said was a first installment. Indian speaking people using 020 7193 8837

nat nat

I was offered a 2000 loan from limited .
& had 2 pay 60 which 40 wud b refunded. The company had asian accents & have emailed & texted consistantly asking 4 payment accusing me of wasting companys time. No Background noise during calls so obviosly not a call centre.wen I said I didn't think they were genuine & thoiught they were a scam they just text saying well use another account barcleys or lloyds instead not natwest accound, Names used MRS.ME VAUGHAN & JASON SMITH numbers 01618186252 & 07721718716. Seems dodgy 2 me anybody else had any dealings?

Alesha Alesha

I got a call today from an indian guy from quick loan finance offering me a £5000 loan if i paid £40. He began asking me questions like what bank I use and the expiry date on my card. I quickly hung up. Don't trust this company.

stephanie stephanie

I was today scammed out o f249.00 via ukash I have contacted the company and put in a complaint and I await there answer the company was called so simple loan they have a web site but it actuailly belongs to city financial and they are now aware of this as I rang them please DO NOT GET TAKEN IN BY THEM ITS A SCAM and the phone no used is 0203 290 3484 and he was indian with a name of david Johnson what an idiot I was I fell for it don't you

Cozza75 Cozza75

We have had a phone call from loansquick which is a 0203 no and they are offering us a loan but we have to purchase a paysafe card for £190 before we get any money and before we have even seen an agreement. I take it this will be a scam as my husband said it just didn't feel right. I will be passing on their details to the FSA .

david preece david preece

OMG!!!. i have been scammed big style, and after action fraud and the police involved i see that i havent been the only one to be ripped off by a company called easyquid finance.
my problem started off a couple of weeks ago when i wanted a loan to tie myself over for the next few weeks.
and i got a phone call on 06/11/2013 by a bloke called mark lee from easyquid finance.
he noted that i had been looking for a loan and actualy had all my details, so i asked what the deal was.
i wanted 3000 and there was 2 optins in getting it.
option 1 was using a guarantor and the 2nd a returnable depostit of 99 pounds.
so in my case i opted for option 2.
i was instructed to go to a shop and get a 99 pounds ukash voucher that i did.
looking at it now and because i was so desperate it didnt ring any alarm bells.
i was then told that the money would be in my account no later than 3 oclock. but 3 oclock came and went.
when i rang back they said because the voucher was not for over 18's that it didnt work and had to get another one.
silly me did but was asked for 100 this time.
i was told it would be clear for 5 and guess what ??. it didnt.
the next day i was not in and was told because his bank manager was charged bank taxes then wanted another 100 pounds.
then i was told they couldnt give me the 3299 because it had to be in multiples of 1000, so they have released 4000 to me but because it was 600 more than i was offered, they wanted half of the 600.
i told them i didhave the cash and only had 100, so they accepted this and told me the 4000 will be in my account by 6 oclock.
and guess what ?.. it wasnt.
i am now 399 out of pocked and have been told i wont get my money back.
so please a message to everyone out there.
dont use easyquid finance.
i am so p155ed off that i want to take a drive down to london to face them, but the police have said that all i will find is a po box for them, and there 01416288688 number will be bounced to abroard somewhere.
so if a mark lee or an alex johnstone calls. beware.
i hope this helps.

Elaine Elaine

just a call from so simple loans .co .uk and their we site looks legit. are they scammers too ???

Samuel freeman Samuel freeman

Here's some more details you should take note of with regards to best loans direct. The address they gave me is:- 716 south lambert road, London, sw811zn, phone number:- 02071938837 mobile:-078521365444, 07533867659, bank account number:- 57193768 sort code :- 30-98-45, lloyds TSB, names are mr M, Zimohl, payments via western union are sent to, mr rinche leba, mr malu Abraham, mr nelcon Ichard, the man I have been speaking to is Alan from accounts and he has only just called me back to threaten me, saying their going to get me and my family dealt with. I DON'T THINK SO!!!
Be warned of the rats, they will try to bleed you dry of all your money with a promise that their going to give you the loan any time now!!!

Samuel freeman Samuel freeman

I got a phone call from best loans direct ( Indian bloke ) who said they could help me with a £3500 loan, all I had to do was pay the first month of £103, no chance of getting a loan as I also had to pay a government tax of £179, still no loan! Then they said I had bad credit, so they transferred £150 into my account and I then take it out and payed it to an Indian bloke in India via western union, 3 times I did this. In the end I had payed them £332 of my own money, after checking this site I realised I was a complete muppet and insisted on getting some revenge, so I did! They continued to say I had to pay more money to them via western union, but I told them I had no money, so they put money into my account for me and then I could take the money out and take it to western union and yet again pay some one else in India, but.......I didn't! I spoke with my bank and told them every thing, and I told them to keep all the money, once best loans direct called me to confirm the money was in my account I simply said NO! So they transferred more, and I did the same, I managed to get £303 back from them and then I confronted them, they called me a liar and a thief and said there COMING TO GET ME! And their also going to freeze my bank accounts, I DON'T THINK SO:) plus if they where stupid enough to come to my door, they should know I'm a mixed martial arts specialist, and I'm also a trained soldier! That lives smack bang in the middle of an army garrison:) they don't like it when the victim fights back!!!

Karen Karen

well heres a stupid one..... 2 weeks now i've been recieving phone calls from different loan companies asking for a "mike" who applied for a loan. i myself have never applied for a loan and never will but its been that stupid with amount of calls i'm changing my number. allot of the area codes i've recieved calls from are. 0161(manchester) 018(no idea) 0129. ringing any of the numbers back that have contacted me has never got to a call but mostly "disconnected" or a message saying "no incomming calls recieved" no word of a lie within 1 day i also recieved OVER 20 text messages saying that "mike" was preapproved for loans of over £5000. so looking at it either this so called "mike" has given them our number by mistake or these companies are fishing for info to try to scam money. well its not happening to me as i'm applying for a new phone number tomorrow and putting myself on the TPS list

Diamond Diamond

I received a phone call today from no credit check unsecured loans saying that I had been approved for a loan of £5000.00 pounds the bloke who was Indian said his name was Alex Stewart and my repayments would be £120.00 a month whoever in order for me to get the loan I would have to give my bank details over to them and pay £120.00 pounds in to his the directors bank account which I thought a bit weird I told the bloke that I had been scammed before using u kash vouchers the bloke Alex replied that his company would never do that to anyone and that they worked by the data protection act it still didn't ring true so I said for him to ring me back on Friday you can imagine what missing you answer is gonna be when he rings me back the first letter is f and the last letter is f

Andrea Andrea

comment to Karen who posted on 3 november, so sorry to hear about your experience but don't feel bad. Plenty of us, including me, have had similar things done to us is just the loan amounts and moneys they have asked you for is so staggering. I myself have posted about No Credit Check Unsecured Loans BEWARE - Kennath Spencer is the main name there. Similar tactics except this involved asking for UKash vouchers - never heard of them before then - to pay various amounts of £200, £300, then £750 for taxes which were refundable in the loan etc. Except the loan never happens and then the excuse is their company portal cant send the loan amount cos is is 'large'.Therefore to 'open' the portal I must throw another amount of £350 at it, which will mysteriously make this happen. Having had my fill at that point, I ask for my money back and of course, they can't do that either,cos it is blocked. Then if I want my money back they want another UKash voucher for £85 to get it back. Like that is going to happen and I lose that too. Now with Action Fraud and Trading Standards. Any reputable loan company will not ask for fees up front. If they ask, refuse to deal with them. I've also discovered a shocking thing happen on my current account over the weekend. Companies called Loanster Money and Loan Centre taking amounts of £39.99 and £38.99 from my account and I have NEVER HEARD of them before. Not appointed them to do anything for me. Chase it up with bank, my bank say there is only so much they can do if I have dealt with any other Broker. I have appointed one to work for me.It seems that if you appoint one, they will pass your information to other, who can run amock on your account and debit you for moneys you have not authorised. I mean how can they do this If i do my shopping with Tesco and don't expect them to share my information with Sainsbury and Asda and then get billed by them for goods I have not asked for and don't get. How on earth can this happen to us here in the UK. Action Fraud must be constantly busy with people like us progressing cases with them and it seems they are. I despair!

Karen Karen

I was contacted by Best Loans Direct in response to a request to consolidation. They offered me £40,000. I had to pay £350.00 (Advance) Security Deposit as No Guarantor, Council Tax £399 (Refundable), Transfer Fee £199 (Refundable), Portal Fee £499 (Refundable) , Credit Fee £500 (Refundable). They issued a loan agreement advising I would receive £42,000 back. They started putting money into my bank account, advising I needed to pay these amounts back to India through Western Union. The amounts were £1027.10 + £14.90 fee, £690.00 + £9.90 fee, £519.00 + £9.90 fee, £580.00 + £9.96 fee. They advised a solicitor needed £400.00 cash from my money to pay again but this time through a UK Bank account number. My bank had already frozen all my accounts. I have had the accounts closed by my bank but cannot access anything as all the legitimate monies are being also held. I have no idea when or even if they will ever be released. NEVER RING 0207 1938837. Indian people with ENGLISH names. Have passed all information onto Trading Standards, been to the Police and reported to Action Fraud.

darren stelfox darren stelfox

i had a call of best loans direct saying that they could get me a loan stuopidly i paid 124,00 then they said that the money would be transfered to my account which wasnt they then phoned me saying i had to pay 159.00for tax i paid this then of course no loan was put in my account they phoned me yet again asking for more money i told them what i though of there scam and i told them i ws going to report them to the police they laudhed at me and told me to ask the police for a loan i dont know how these indian live with what they are doing ,

Maria Maria

Had a phone call today from Aby(Indian sounding) from Quick Loan Finance telling me I was guaranteed a loan of £1000, Aslong as I paid the first installment of £40 before I could get the loan and they would pay it into my account within 48hours. On their website it says the £4.99-£40 is a fee to find you a lender, but they made out THEY were the lender and said it was a loan activating payment... Refused to pay it and thank god I did! ..... Never trust any brooker or lender that asks for upfront payments!

anon anon

beware of this number 01413567998.they called me today saying they can lend me the money if i pay them money upfront.Indian people again.DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY


I too have been scammed of money upfront fees etc but I have made enquiries and all you people who have received similar treatment should know that The Consumer Credit Act ( the law that loan brokers must comply with under the terms of their Credit Licence ) forbids brokers from keeping anymore than £5 of a clients money if they do not provide them with a loan, so come on all you that have been scammed apply for your money back if they don't pay up you have the law on your side lets all apply and stop these loan sharks, if they refuse to pay report them to Trading Standards
Citizens Advice or Action Fraud, one Labour MP a Stella Creasy is working on the problems of Loan Sharks contact your MP get them to get involved with her. I will also add I think it is an offence to use a false name when conducting financial business I am waiting for a Barrister to confirm this to me Goo Luck

Name (required) Name (required)

PLEASE READ i was contacted by a loan company called best loans direct ltd they r a big scam they tell you ro pay the first month payment then after that is done they ring u bk and u you have to make a goverment tax so u pay that then they then ring u bk up and say there is another payment if u cant pay that they then start using ur account to transfer peoples payments into it then u have to take it to WESTON UINION and pay it to india please b aware coz i dont want u to be conned like we was the number is what they call u from is 0207 193 9611 please share to as many people as possible

Andrea Andrea

I was defrauded of over £1000 by a company calling themselves No credit Check unsecured loans. A man I calling himself Kennath Spencer said I had a loan agreed by then but had to pay the 1st month up front (the usual tactic), then the loan would be paid into by account. This tactic was applied about 4 times as he asked me to pay government taxes - £750 then the loan would be paid into my account. He would then ask me to check my account as the loan would be released which then of course it wasn't. He then asked me for £250 to make the amount paid to me a 'round figure.' Stupidly I did this but then wised up. The funds I had paid to him were paid using UKash vouchers, something I had never heard of before. I had rather a row with Mr Spencer then asking him to put the loan him and his excuse was my bank were blocking the loan going in, they weren't.Then he changed his story to his bank were blocking the loan going in because the loan amount was high. If I paid another £375 this would unblock the portal and then the money would be paid in. Well I couldn't take any more of this nonsense and said I want my money back its clear you have no intention of paying me. He said to do this I would have to purchase another UKash voucher for £85 as a cancellation fee. I refused to do this as I told him I didn't know how he could live with himself taking money from customers and then not paying loans out. I reported him to Action Fraud and to The Trading Standards who are now investigating him. I do hope that Trading Standards can do something about the money I lost to him, that they have the power to ask him to refund me the remaining money back to me, which was at least £1k. Of interest in this case was a few days later someone calling himself Peter called me stating that he knew all about Kennath. He would be able to 'go after him' and get my money back if I paid him £50 to do this. He called me three times asking his, I believe he called his company name something like UK Loans.It didn't sound plausible so I told him don;t call me Im dealing with this case now through the authrities. So please anyone reading this BEWARE No credit check Unsecured loans (real name GBP Loans as it turns out). Anyone asking you for fees up front my means of any transfer be if ukash, be it direct to them from your account, this is a fraud. Steer well clear and share this intelligence so it doesnt happen to you. One shall light or me here is £450 of the Ukash vouchers were not cashed so I have applied for that to come back me. Well it isn't all the money but it covers £250 I paid out and small abount of the £750 taxes I had to pay upfront. I have not got very wise to what they are trying to do, again at my own expense, I hope my experience helps anyone checking these rather usual forums and thanks to everyone for posting to help others,

carol kelly carol kelly

0238 r scammers plz bware my friends

carol kelly carol kelly

writing 2 let u all know ive just been scammed giving (easyquidfinance ) ukash vouchers 2 the value £497. this was done in 3 separate transactions over the past 2 wks with the promise of a loan of £1000. I kept asking when it would b in my acc. next day next day obviously not materialised. this guy was indian/Pakistan spoken by the name of mark lee, phone no.(02380972020) kept on assuring me no scam mam, who was he kidding ?.im posting this & his phone no. 2 warn others against him. ive tried foning everyday & they wont answer or cut me of .ive contacted ukash who told me 2 go to action fraud which ive done. its been noted with them & police,so jst b warned my friends

Anonymous Anonymous

Hi... I was nearly scammed today by a company calling themselves Stop4loan based in London. I had been online to try and get help with consolidating my debts. An Asian guy cold called me answering to the name of Spencer James, he said that if I sent him £110 then he would deposit my account with £5000+, even though I only needed to borrow £1500. I checked with the broker who I'd been dealing with and explained what had occurred, their reply was avoid as these are scamsters.
They also go under the of Providence too!!
They guy got very aggressive when I questioned him and threatened to take funds from my account for waisting company time.

Mohammed Mohammed

I applied for a loan of £1000 from a company called UK Finance Ltd, the company told me that they would pay £1000 into my account once I would make a payment of £100 into a personal account.

I paid them the money and then when I asked for the money they said I need to pay another £119 for PPI insurance so I did then the took another £500 and said that they will definitely pay £1000 and the I will receive all the money into my account but when I checked my account there was no money.

I then contacted the UK Finance Ltd and they said they will sort the money for me, I said to them I want a refund and they can keep their £1000.

they said they can't pay me the refund until I make another payment of £250, that's when I said to them that's enough , I said to them that if they don't pay me my money then I will report them and they didn't care.

their contact number is 02032892662

If you have been scammed by this company or any other company then report it to your local police and action Fraud because I have.

UK Finance Ltd is a Scam never pay them a single penny and never give them your bank account details as they are just taking money from you and they will not pay you any money back

I hope these offenders are caught because they really have put me in a financial situation

fiona fiona

Thank goodness I looked at this site when I did.....After not answering my phone to this no 02032878768 which phoned me roughly about 12 in one hour I decided to phone it back....Indian speaking man said to stand by my the phone and he will get he person to phone me back and yes this person was Indian speaking carol Johnston through out our conversation I kept asking is this a con and and I was in no way paying any silly charge for yo to get me a loan. As soon as she asked me to stay on the phone while I went and purchased a you voucher I knew something was not right. I am supposed to phone back at half 4 but there is no chance of that thanks to all you people on here for informing others like me off the scam of NCC UNSECURED loans.

m mc q m mc q

quick loan finance took £40 very very baddddddddddddddd

bjg bjg

best loans direct do not use this service it is a scam i lost £128 it has been passed to trading standards save yourself the pain do not use them

myth rendere myth rendere

Wow ncc had 225 of our money

Mike Luton Mike Luton

Hi all, I found a number for best loan direct and managed to get through. Its 0844 204 2116. I tries some of the 0203 numbers but they were dead.

I i applied for a loan of 1500 pounds and the guy with India accent called me and he told me that he can give 2000 pounds for 120 pounds that was alarm call to me that was a scam.ive been scamed by the company called so simple loan.They asked me to pay 100 pounds in front to get the loan I was looking for and then they said my campany will call you tommorrow to give you my bank detail so you can put the money to my campanies accound but luckly enough l thanks god i look up here on this page. Thank you for everyone sharing this

mandy mandy

Hi can anyone help me I had a phone call from a loan company called best loans 2 limited but am struggling to find out if it a con or not thanks.

Darren S Darren S

I recently applied for a loan and was bombared with telephone calls and texts. I decided to go with a company called Cheap Loans, They asked for £260 in Ukash voucher because of my poor credit rating, I loaned the money from my mother. I called them with the voucher number and was told the money would be in my account within 1/2 hour. When it wasn't I called back and was told I'd missded the dead line and the money would be in on Monday morning. But no money was in my account on the Monday, I rang them back and they said I needed to pay a further £180 PPI. Obviously this is a scam. now I'm in more debt for a loan I will never get. There telephone number is 02032398279. The person I was dealing with was Michelle Simpson but she wasn't English!!

julie julie

0238 theyr scammers

spproduction spproduction

well a was a victum to ... they took 40 thn they took 155 thn they took 171 sick ppl needs summit doing about tht a have kids needed to suport .... they took tht knowing a dident have the money but was pressured because ov the 155 tht lost first time round my sons birthday too sick ppl sick in mind ... contact details for mr david court lol who got my muny into his account are 02032891315 .... never knowin greedy ppl like this in my life ... think a need to trace call and go pay thm a visit any1 fancey doing tht email me x hope they get stoped for gud x

alan johns alan johns

i wish now. i look this websit first now this number 02032879440 do not pick up this phone number 02032879440 they are very big co and spam i lose £32.00 and £42.00 in 2 days now they will not answer my call now block me name are robin and steve wilson they are big con ask for 3V card or voucher £2.00 surcharge i ask for 2,500 pound in the bank in 10 min or 15 min what i say to the police what i do right now

Donna Donna

Just had a call from a Rodrick Brada ( Indian) on 02071939611 or Best Loan Direct as they also call themselves. Saying that I have successfully been been approved for a loan of £2000 which I applied for online. the loan was ready to be paid out in the next 40 mins.. They asked that I deposit £199 as my first months repayment into Lloyds TSB (if they had been in this country they would now know that the Bank is just Lloyds) they sent me an officially looking loan agreement. Quoted their OFT Registration No. They are very good in trying to convince you and win your trust, if it had not been for this web page and good old fashioned gut instinct, I would be £199 the poorer at this moment. They are using another company's details they refer you to a UK website that belongs to the company that they are fraudulently using. They are under Police investigation for Fraud They are offshore so you wont get your money back.. They use UK Banks for you to pay the money into and buy UK telephone numbers so you trust them.. DONT BE RIPPED OFF BY THESE SCAMMERS

dolly dolly

BE VERY AWARE this is a con and yes I fell for it they took me to the cleaners. I paid up front fee then 1ist months Installment they a further fee to the agent in India what a mug the tele no is 020 3289 1315 so be aware. They conned me out of £400.00 I hope they can sleep at night as I know that will not. D.


DO NOT trust a company called ncc unsecured loans or any loan company that has several indian/pakistani workers with British names i spoke to 5 to 6 different people with indian accents and every single person had a indian accent now come on that's fishy - plus i am a fool to trust them and give them ukash vouchers which they claimed was the first months advance payment what a fool i was to trust them then they kept asking for extra money in the end they wouldnt even refund me any amount they are low life scums and clearly have no conscious they are pure evil - to think i cried over this -- i know nothing will happen and i will not be refunded at all which i am upset about however the only reason i am leaving a comment is to make somebody else aware and i wish that this does not happen to anyone else not even my enemy deserves this :(

Suzie Suzie

Contacted via text by a Chris Johnson (senior loan officer) at "Quickloans Services" to say loan for £5000 approved and gave a reference number. Was dubious but called them 02032891006 / 02031291989. Was told I was accepted but because have poor credit history would have to pay first installment of £160 upfront. I told them I wasn't able to pay and hung up. Immediately received a text with Barclays bank account details to pay £160 into : Mr Z Hoque acct: 33063453 s/c: 202037. Needless to say I didn't pay!

laura laura

Was contacted by quick loans had a look there website looks good. Paid 40 pounds still waiting for loan also had loads of numbers call 02 and 016 numbers glad I have found this website. Does any one know of a genuine company for people with bad credit

Russell Deck Russell Deck

The same Woman has just spoke to me with an offer of a loan for 25,000 and was asked to get a U.K cast voucher for the value of £225 from my local she's ringing me back in an hours time the phone number is also the same.

len len

hi just received a phonecall from a company called ncc a indian woman by the name of carol johnson. saying that my loan was sorted and will be in my account in 15-20 minutes. great i thought but then she said go to your local just store get a ukash voucher for £135 i'll ring you back in 10 minutes, but don't worry you don't pay anything today you use it for your second payment. alarm bells rang and she is still trying now to get me beware of this no:02035751125. had the last laugh gave her a old account number etc obsolete account love to see her face when they try to fleece that.

Ben Ben

Hi I have a less than good credit rating was called by a company called no credit check loans so went and googled it and fair enough the web site checked out ok they called again the next day took my details and then asked for £100 upfront due to the fact they don't use credit reference agency like provident loans so I thought yes ok I can believe that (what an idiot I am!!) they then transferred me to the accounts department to release the funds and guess what I got........... That's right they said and I quote "mr Holbrook now for us to release the funds you will need to pay another £200 for tax which is reimbursed in the loan because we will transfer not £2000 but £2200 which includes the £200tax this is because if you don't pay the tax it will be classed as black money" ding ding ding now this started ringing alarms and I thought great iv just lost £100 to you conning t&@"s iv now got to go cancel my card and speak to the bank as I'm worried they can draw money from it please don't make the mistake I did I know how hard it is to get credit and when your desperate for some extra money to tie you over you believe anything bit please just be careful there are some horrible company's out there who would no doubt rip off their own family given the chance!! They are the scum of the earth

Maddy Maddy

SCAM SCAM SCAM Hi just wanted to share an experience I just had with this so call company called "best loans direct".
I'd applied for a loan from another site but I keep getting so many calls. The guy from best direct says I've been approved for £3500 but then says I had 2 options before I get it, one with a guarantor and the other I had to pay the first payment for the loan and that's before he had even given me any money, so I said I'm not going with any of the options he offered then he said he had another option which was and I quote GO GET A GUN OR BORROW FROM A FRIEND A SHOOTING GUN AND GO TO THE BANK OR ATM AND GET MONEY. Then he hung up, I called the number which is 02071939611 a lady answers and keeps saying do you want a loan or not.

teresa gear teresa gear

been scammed by 2 companies loan options &quick loan finance loan options took out of my bank £67.76 x2 and a£1.00 and quick loan finance £30 was taken on the 23rd september & loan options on the 2nd of october 2013 iam now going to report these people to trading stardards these people should be shot i have very little money as it is and work hard for my money i wa s suppose to pay my rent with this money in my bank but now could face eviction

Gurpreet Gurpreet

Best loan direct A Rodrick braga and Rahul also ripped me of 299 pounds BEWARE OF THEM they are now using 020 71939611 before they used 10612982966 anyway i can get my money bacj>

Aaron Noone Aaron Noone

My name is Aaron Noone and I am Head of Operations for
We are aware of a scam currently on-going in the name of and many other brokers. We are aware that the offenders are based in India or Pakistan and buy UK telephone numbers, then ask you to pay money to them or a fee to fund a loan. Sometimes they ask you to pay money via Western Union or a bank transfer to Santander branches. NEVER GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE. is a legitimate Credit Broker, trading since 1996 that specialise in homeowner loans and we DO NOT ever ask you for your card details or for you to pay money to use our service.
We are free to use and we provide quotes from lenders who are available to you after we complete a credit search and search your eligibility status.

If you are contacted by anyone purporting to be from and they are asking for money; NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

We are liaising with the OFT, Financial Ombudsman Service and Action Fraud (police) with regard to this illegal activity and assure you that we will do all that we can to close this operation down.
You can help by not giving your bank details or paying for a service that has been “guaranteed”.

We urge you to report any instance of this scam to your police force, action fraud and the OFT as a matter of urgency.
If you would like to talk to me directly or any of my staff, you can call me on 0161 873 8735 or free phone number 0800 112 3299.
Alternatively you can write to me at 105 Hamlet Court Road, Westcliffe on Sea, Essex, SS0 7E

phil phil

i was contacted today by an asian woman called leona (really) and was promised £2000 loan but first i had to put £102 into a santander account in an asian womans name and i would get money into my account within 45 mins. i kept on checking the cash machine all day and phoning them up and they kept saying that the money would definately go in but then i was told i would have to pay £199 tax before they could release the loan. i told them that i did not have it and that i wanted my £102 back but they just kept insisting that i would have to pay and of course i didnt pay the £199,then they said that i would get an email so i checked it and the name was SHAUN BAILEY and i am now going to report them to the police.
the name of the so called company was financialukltd
and the number was an 020 number.
my wife tried to tell me that this was a con but i wouldnt listen (STUPID ME)

Donna Donna

Watch on bbc iplayer rip off Britain, financial loans paying upfront fee by ukash vouchers... I was once a victim of uk financial limited , received phone call from paki or Indian accent with English names . I was naive n stupid but I learned my mistake , any phone call I receive with this accent I tell them to get lost. It was a big loss of money , this company still sometimes calls me to present new scams but I refused to speak to them!! We all learned the hard way but I always pray that karma hits them hard. They used circuit numbers , phone that exists but callers are from India or abroad, u can barely hear them

an idiot an idiot

hi everybody just to inform u all that STOP4LOANS are a scam.BEWARE do not be an idiot like i was

Carly Carly

Has any1 heard of the company sunny finance or think finance (uk) limited

Roxanne Roxanne

I was enquiring about a loan on Monday, filled in my details on a website I think it was called kwik quid. I was then taken to a different loans website (so I thought) called loans direct, where it said I had been approved for a loan and needed to put my card details in. I stupidly did this. Loans direct then removed £69.75 from my bank account, and bombarded me with texts and emails for different company's and needless to say did not give me a loan. Every time I try to phone loans direct I get cut off.



sam sam

DO NOT TRUST BESTLOANSFORYOU.CO.UK. They offered me a good deal, but when it came to transfering the money, my bank wouldnt allow me to do it online, so I phoned bestloansforyou back up and they asked me to set up a weternunion account and send the money to INDIA !!! Straight away I raised my suspicions with an indian fella called JASON CLARKE who straight away hung up the call !!! DO NOT TRUST

tony tony

quick loan services 29 waterloo road wolverhamton is the same address as other scam companies such as geo and others lucky i checked them out and they match lot of other names at this site i.e chris jones etc

emma emma

Recently been scammed by someone posing to be from Best Loans Direct which when i read properly are just a comparison site so its a cover. A Asian man with a very none Asian name Kevin Johnson. Imagine that. Also claimed to be Manchester based like a lot on here seem to be. 01612982966 Told me id have my loan in my account within a hour if i paid the 1st installment of £98 on a £4000 loan via vouchers. I didn't as i smell a rat, they only asked how much i get a month & really no further interest in my money situation at all. He continues to call but i just ignore.

Martyn Martyn


jj jj

has anyone heard of cash loans finance co with a phone no01614085719 a peter johnson contacted me regarding a loan asked for the first installment to be be paid up front then it was money for insurance as i have bad credit history and then it was they tried to transfer money into my account but would not go through and they wanted more money but when i contacted the bank nothing had shown up as even being attempted to be payed in yet they said my bank declined it when questioned about this they said it was there end and the money they paid would be paid along with the loan they even said that because the money would not go into my account they would get a solicitor to deliever the money in cash to my door but i had to pay 150 in charges for this to happen but nothing came of that and am still waiting to get my loan but when i asked for the money back that i had paid they said i would have to wait a month has anyone else had problems with this company

Helaine Helaine

has anyone heard of Cash match?+441618189089 I applied for a loan of 2000 pounds and they insisted i pay 100 in ukash voucher to recieve my loan. I stupidly gave them the voucher number over the phone thinking my money would go in soon only to recieve a further call in which they insisted the money was waiting but tax of 150 had to be paid first so it could go in my account.I told them that was stupid n they were fucking scammers n slammed the phone down;I hate myself for being had.They sounded indian or pakistani

Nicky Nicky

I applied for a Loan and company called Loan&Finance offered me £2000 which was quiet easy and told me that i need to 3Vcard for £52.00 first before they can offer me the loan and then call me back that the voucher is only coming up as £50.00 because paypoint charge £2 surcharge. Said sorry Maam we cannot do with this voucher because it has to be over £52.00 and can you please get another one for £60 and this money will be refunded back with your Loan and once given us the Code then it will only take 10mins and you will have mobey in your account.

Please do not fall for any 3V vouchers/card because its all a BIG CON. Loan finance 02032879440 guy called Robin, Steve Wilson have taken money from me instead borrowing back to me.

They just told me that they cannot transfer funds because they need to have a another voucher £90.00, i have been made fool twice but Definately not going to make fool of me 3rd time.

I will report them to police so they cannot do this to any more valunerable people.

Do not like these companies that think they can get away with it.

Mike Mike

Geo seem to have a new number beware guys!!!!!!


Crafty Indian bloke

Phil Smith Phil Smith

LOANS.CO.UK LIMITED - Don't go near this company, even though they seem genuine. I was asked to pay 141 pounds as a '1st Installment' into a Natwest Bank a/c which is in a private, not business name. Total scam! If you go for it you'll never see your money again!
Be warned.

Paul Paul

Any info on LoansPronto would be great, just applied for a loan of 2000 but they need an admin fee of 84.99 before processing it, its been approved and have been told the money will be with me within 24-48 hours of app being completed.

Am a bit wary due to the pretty large admin fee, I dont mind paying it providing its not a scam, searched for reviews but cant find any about, which I find odd.

Many thanks.

Em Em

Have anyone heard of loans pronto ?

robert robert

Do not go on geo finance its a scam as I found out to day giving them 340 pound of my money and not getting my loan they just wanted me to pay even more money at first it was 90 then 250 and Wen they wanted me to pay Anuva 250 that's Wen I new Wat had just happend to me now me and my kids have got Nuffin for the week its got to be stopped they have got to be caught some way or Anuva someone plz help if u can catch murders then surely you can get these

Hrhfish Hrhfish

AH GEO FINANCE. 29 Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton. I got a call. Indian guy named Micheal Foster!! What are the odds of this. I used to live at 128 Waterloo Road. I asked him about the Mollinuex. Any one who works or lives on Waterloo Road knows its Wolves FC!He did not have a clue.Infact he called the city Hampton!!! When he gave the postal address I recognized it as Garretts accountants and a mate of mine used to work there. I called Garrett's and they used to lease office space to them. Garrett's do not like them. They are turning GEO'S mail away. I would love to get their address so I can send them a turd in a Tupperware box!






ALSO City Finance in Manchester are scamers. I am also checking out a company call Quick Loan Finance.

tracey gunner tracey gunner

Geo finance strikes again!!!!!!!! £420 wish I had checked them out first , so angry at moment going to report them even though it doesnt seem to do any good .

anna anna

been scammed by city financial. im so desperate to borrow money to get away from my abusive partner that i fell pray to city financial. Feel rubbish as that was my last hope.

Sue Sue

i have just been scammed by GEO finances so-called loan company they offered 1000 loan 100 pound up front then 250 transfer fee then 200 guarantor fee which was paid by ukash then they asked for another 150 which was refused i asked for my money back they avoided answering saying i have their word the money will go in if i pay the 150 seeing is believing this was by a Indian female called her self Debra Norris at present i have seen no return 01613540817 01613540910

Lindsey Lindsey

The numer I was ringing for Geo Finance was 01613540910. Lindsey

pjlondon pjlondon

I received a text message this morning from a company telling me they had taken money from my account. I had never heard of this company before, they played back a tape recording of them cold calling me the line was so bad at the time of the call I could not hear all of the conversation, but it the call they asked me to confirm my details, which they got from another company. they had sold on my details, its a disgrace that companies like loan spotter are allowed to scam people like this and get away with it.

amanda amanda

I had a text today from a company called GEO Finance, 29 waterloo road Wolverhampton west midlands WV1 4DJ advising my £1000 loan has been approved and asked me to call them back on 02081449294 or 01254421174 - as I was looking for a loan I called them back. they asked me for £110 my 1st payment and then they would transfer the money into my bank account within the hour. I didn't have the £110 to pay them straight away and told I would call them back. I am so glad I checked this site first as I was going to borrow the £110 from my Friend.

Jessica Smith Jessica Smith

Lindsey (29/08/2013) What telephone number were you ringing when you spoke to GEO finance?

jack jack

This is fraud loan company, first they tell u that they are calling from some finance company, later they will tell u that ur qualified for some unsecured loan later they will take from u bank a/c number and sort code and put u on hold for one mint and the call will b dissconnected. After that u will get a call saying that ur bank is not accepting the money to transfer into ur account because u have to pay some taxes later they tell to buy some amount of UKASH money vouchers or western union transfer to pay the taxes and if the customer brought the Ukash vouchers they will tell u that this vouchers are not valid and may b there is some problem in ukash and they transfer the call to ukash customer care center but that is not ukash customer care center they transfer internally they talk like ukash and tell u that they transfer money in 3 to 7 working days in to ur bank account, and again they tell u to buy ukash vouchers r western union transfer and agin they will tell u the same problem for the second time but the second time they will not connect to ukash customer care but they will tell u that their finance company will pay u back ukash money +loan amont into ur account but again u have to buy some ukashvochers and they will tell u that they send u cheque with in 1 t0 2 r 2to4 hours r days like that , at last they use all the ukash vouchers finally u will loose money. below I am mentioning the phone numbers that u have to b carefull: 01513244822 and 01513243669 and the email will b some thing like quick .

janet janet

I have just been scammed by a company called uk financial limited.they first asked me to pay the first months instalment in advance as I had bad credit they then told me I had to pay ppi as it covered me if I lost my job which again stupidly I did. I then received a text from Halifax bank saying the funds were being transferred when I didn't receive it they then said I had to pay the vat on it which I did . and still no loan or getting them to answer there phone. surely to get a phone line and number it has to be a certain address that that number is registered at so why cant these people be traced that way and blocks put onto the accounts that the money has been paid into

Angelita Angelita

I have paid £89 to loans solutions ( broker) to process our loan. I got a calll from roderick braga(not sure if real name) of best loans direct( not sure if theyre really from this company) offering us 2500 loan but need to pay £135. Then they said i need to pay again 155. The a further £176 to process the loan. They scammed us out of £450+ in total. I sould have seen this forum before i applied. Beware of indian sounding people offering you loans!!!

luke abbott luke abbott

People I've been scammed by a couple of these company's all you need to do is dispute it with your bank about the payments stating you don't know the company and and they will refund your money in ur account in couple of days (3-5) why they(the bank) dispute it with the company and tell the bank its a scam you think it and they look in to it properly it worked with me people

matthew dunning wales !! matthew dunning wales !!

These scams are rediculsley alowed to run for sum reason . Put a stop to them to save further ripp offssss

Lindsey Lindsey

Geo Finance Ltd rang me and offered me a loan of £1,500 to be paid back over 2 yrs £70 a month, 6.5% interest. I was asked to pay a guarantors fee £100. To be paid into Barclays D J SIUDA. Then they came back with £250 tax purposes, then a credit clearance fee of £280. All of these costs to be refunded with the loan amount. When they finally came back with a security fee of £210 I was pulling my hair out.
I refused to give them anymore money and that I'd changed my mind about the loan and wanted my money refunded. Johanna Griffiths kept going on about the Financial Conduct Authority. I rang them and they've never heard of Geo Finance Ltd
These horrible indian accent speaking people scammed me for £630 and yesterday actually admitted over the telephone to me that they are scam artists and I would have to find them first in order to take them to court.
I have reported them to watchdog and Action Fraud.
I have seen other peoples comments on this site about Geo Finance Ltd, wish I had checked before I gave them money.

I am trying to get my money back and urge other people in the same position as me to report these scammers to Action Fraud. The bigger it is the quicker it will get dealt with.


yesterday the same phone nr 0161 354 0926 called me and offered a loan of 10 000 pounds from the company called century loans with the monthly repay of around 250. when they started explaining the procedures it sounded odd. they asked me to go to a paypoint and put the money in,as a voucher, and afterwards i will get my loan on my barclays account. this was my first alarm signal because generally all the genuine loan companies already know your account if one has applied for a loan. when i asked them which one of my accounts will be credited, they hesitated and asked me to provide the acc nr and sort code.
fortunately i didn't get scammed and i checked before the webside they provided and the phone nr. i typed their alleged contact nr and i found this link.

Jessica Smith Jessica Smith

I hav recently been scammed by GEO finance and I am gutted!! I know its a long shot but i am going to try and reclaim my money - they took about £600. does anyone know any telephone numbers for GEO apart from the ones written in this forum? I would also strongly advise everyone to stay away, they are nasty people attacking the vulnerable!

Martyn Martyn

Wish we had checked this forum out before we had been scammed by GBP or so they called themselves when i complained, however initially the were called NCC unsecured loans on our initial call FROM them offering a loan. All this was after we went on and entering in basic information. this led to so-called loan companies contacting my wife offering services.
NCC unsecured loans offered us the amount we were looking for requesting an upfront payment of £120, this being the first payment which was to be made using a ucash vouchers. After taking the first amount they then went on to say that they needed another £285 for tax. stupidly this was paid then low and behold there was a problem with the on line portal and it would need another £215 as they were unable to pay the loan fund as our loan fell under the pay threshold. needless to say after a call to complain and they then gave a different company name....... time to quit, Name and shame. GBP or NCC unsecured loans and

Christine Christine

Just found out that lee loans are based in india

caroline willoughby caroline willoughby

I needed a quick loan so rung up leeloans, they said I was guaranteed the loan for 2000, first I had to pay 110, these was to be checked, then I had to pay 160 this was for charges then another 190 and finally 175 for laundering charges and vat, in total they had 625 pound and it was all a he wants 150 and to cancel it 125, I know im never gonna see my money again I just hope this doesn't happen to someone else.............DEVISTATED.................

Sabina Sabina

I applied for a loan with Geo financial limited and was told to pay £110 in Uk cash voucher, I was told I would receive funds into my account after speaking to the accounts department after an hour. Time went by and I never did so its all a scam

Jane Jane

I know its a long shot as these are con artists!!! but what is the procedure to get payments refunded I can't find post??

Jane Jane

Any one been contacted by this number 0161 354 0926 a friend has just payed them £570!!!!!!! To get a loan!!
May be called loan solution direct ... No loan no refund of payments!

Ravi kumar Ravi kumar

i have apply a form 4 aducational loan 2 neel kamal financer.whitch addvice 2 me that it 1st prosseser is 2 pay the amount of 225 to the account of vinod kumar a/c no. 33131716758 thro sbi what had be done by me and next prossiser is to pay of 4500/rs of the same a/c so,i want to know what the sceme is leagle or ileagle

Annabel Evans Annabel Evans

Please, Please can you help me?

I applied for loan of £1000 to pay for my course in Level 2 Counselling. I was told that I had a poor credit rating and as a result of that I would have to pay £100 in advance in order for my loan to be approved. That was on 19/08/2013.

Charged another £200 on 23/08/13 for some reason. The Company had my bank details. Another £300 and £282 were debited from my Account this morning, 27/08/13 and my bank account overdraft has been cleaned out. As a result, I have been unable to pay my rent and I have no money - not one single penny in my bank account.

I phoned the Company today absolutely furious and demanded my money back. They flatly refused to repay any of "my" payments unless I put the sum of £300 into their account.

I am absolutely seething and have notified the police. How am I to pay my rent or pay for my course? Thank God I had enough cat food bought in as I don't care if I don't eat - I am so upset I don't want to eat. I am alone. My father died at Christmas and I don't speak to my mother. If I didn't have my little cat I would seriously commit suicide. She is all I have.

I checked the company out on Google this afternoon and was mortified about people's comments about GEO Finance. This is only one of the complaints on the Beware of Loan Scams site....

"6mth of £70 we were asked to pay a deposit of £150 which was refunded with the loan when it was transferred to our account that day. A email arrived after we payed the £150 demanding another £250 to proceed with the loan that's when we realised we had been scammed again Indian people with English names and when checking their address they had spelt Wolverhampton, Wolver Hampton."

How can I get my money back? How can these horrible people get away with this? I am desperate now. I cannot pay my rent and I cannot enrol at College for my second year.

I am devastated.

Annabel Jane Evans.

Ian Nicholas Ian Nicholas

I have received a call from a lady Ms Teresa Cost and her number was 07090150420,she asked for a loan of £1000 and need to transfer into her Barclay bank ,she gave all her details but while processing her loan she denied to go as she cant afford to pay £90 as an installment ,now she is saying she can only afford £20 every month and need £1000 for 6 years.I think this lady is mad and i can also see she cascade a mail for being harassed and scam by some company i thing she is lying and she need mental check up.

Tara savery Tara savery

I did a search on the internet for a car loan for bad credit and applied for a few which i didnt take due to high interest rates. On the same day i had a phone call from City Financial (UK) who offered me a fantastice deal on a car loan for £3000 at a rate of 15% couldnt believe my luck!! LUCK well at the end of the conversatiom she said there was a admin fee of £79.00 which stupidly i paid up front! BIG MASTAKE. She told me when i get my forms though to sign date and put this reference number on that she was about to give me.

She also gave me a customer service number 01614065914 if i had any problems. All seemed so above board and legal.

5 days later no money contacted customer service and it rang and rang few times went into answerphone.

Finally got through and the girl said the loan company will be intouch with me by 6 o clock that evening funny enough no phone call NO LOAN.

PLEASE PLEASE if this company ring you and offer you a loan please dont fall for it as they are scammers.

Loreen Shade Loreen Shade

A loan company called UK Financial Limited scammed me for £1,046 altogether. I applied for a £9000 Loan and was asked to make a payment of £231 for upfront loan instalment, then £340 for loan insurance, £275 for tax purposes and £200 for transaction fee. I made all these payments as I was told I'll receive these payments back - Aside from the loan instalment - and would receive £9825. That's why I paid out that money - I thought I would get it back on top of the loan!!! However the company asked for more money this time to sent by MoneyGram to Nepal and that's when I realised I was scammed!!! When I contacted them - Asking for confirmation emails of payments made and refund of my money - The senior accounts Officer behaved badly, being rude and shouting - and stated I can't get a refund because my loan as already been processed and all sorts of crap and rubbish excuses.

I have reported that company to Action Fraud and they will be investigated!!!

Their number is 0203 289 2661 and one of the contact name is Finn.

karen white karen white

There are 2 people called kelly or micheal goining under rainbowloansuk.we lost about £1000 to these numbers 02081231396 / 01614089561 we had an email from them saying we would get a loan.they also took money out of our account we had to do ukash vouchers we never heard from them again or got our loan beware of them they are scammers

Tara Tara

I have been contacted by several different numbers listed below, I cannot understand the chap that keeps calling I have told him I dont want the loan he then explained I would have to pay a £400 cancellation fee, obviously I told him NO! He then was laughing say well check you bank! Thats all good and well but I never gave him my bank details so not sure how thats going to work! Ive since checked my bank to be on the safe side and nothings come out so hopefully I am a lucky one who hasnt made any 1st months payments - Hope this info helps, all I keep doing is declining the number I dont even answer it I am sure they will get annoyed soon and stop calling me...
Numbers as promised are....

teresa teresa

i've recieved a text from GEO Finance LTD, 29 waterloo road, Wolverhampton, West midlands, WV14DJ. today saying my application of 1000 GBP has been approved with 12 installments of £110 repayment on the loan, said they are in process of transfering the loan and if i had queries to contact chris johnson (Sr loan officer) on 02081449294 or 01253928009, i then recieved a call from the company to confirm details of my loan and said someone would be calling again soon.. then i recieved another call from 'Lee' who went through it all with me and asked if i could provide a guarantor, when i said i have no guarantor he asked if i could go into my bank and make a £100- payment to account name: DJSIUDA account no: 90937460 sort code:20-89-15, he said this was security to recieve the loan as i have poor credit, told me i will recieve a 'ISN No' and to call him on 02081443990 and give him the 'ISN No' and then he could release the funds to my account... i have not done this yet as im concerned this is not legitimate and they will take my £100- which i can't afford to lose, has anyone else dealt with this company or know if they are legitimate lenders?

liz liz

I to have been scammed by a company called easy quid his name was martin (indian or pakki) asked for £92.00 in ukash voucher then called me back they told me that he was going to transfer the loan into my account while I was on the phone, he then said that his bank manager wont let him do the transaction and that he needed another £279.00 which would be refunded I asked what the money was for and he said it was his bank charges........... thats when I told him I couldnt afford it and asked for my £92.00 back he said it would take 25 days even spoke to supervisor (sounded like the same guy) their phone number is 02380972020 told me they are in southampton..............

Tom culverhouse Tom culverhouse

Had a phone call off a Mr Richard Baker (an indian man) based in Machester where all these companies seem to be! he offered me a loan of 9k over 4 years and asked for first payment upfront of £205 via UKCASH vouchers. Then rang back saying i needed to pay £300 tax via these vouchers again then rang back again for another £300 at which point i refused. When i asked for my money back he said i had to pay £100 to get it back and that a solicitor would come to my door. This was yesterday and i am still trying to get my money back. I cant believe i have been so stupid i will only ever lend money off a bank again.

I found this company via money super!!!

Dave Crowson Dave Crowson

Just responded to an sms from CFD, my loan is approved. To register I must call 09064001828. The cost of this call will be refunded. This means that the company will gain cc a quid a minute when my application is turned down. This is obviously another way to disguise and acquire up front money.
I have borrowed money (and paid back) form one of the major payday loan people with no problem.
I went n the net again and have had several messages from lenders. Which ones can I trust, I do not know?.

samantha hann samantha hann

Hi guys,
God I wish I had seen this earlier. I was scammed by lee loans last week. They took £50 through ukash voucher and then demanded more. Luckily I saw through the bull the second time and then when I questioned the dude he laughed at me and admitted to being a scam company. 10 mins later I was called back and asked again for more money.

Currently being harassed by GEO finance limited. They wont leave me alone. Horrible nasty people taking advantage of people in need.

chris chris

thanks to all of you about lee loans,they tried to get a fee of 70 quid out me for loan of 1500 100 per cent guaranteed at 15 per cent apr,smelt a rat but they kept ringing me tel number 0161 4085956 they gave address as 6 hardman street manchester.

there are no contact details on there website and they are not a licenced lender as i asked them .then told them there con men and where to go.always an indian chap who rang.

debbie clarson debbie clarson

Having just been scammed by Lee LOANS for £290 i warn everyone to keep well away from them IAM NOW GOING TO THE FRAUD DEPARTMENT

Neil & Kym Neil & Kym

Geo finance Ltd
We applied for loan of £2000 payments over 36mth of £70 we were asked to pay a deposit of £150 which was refunded with the loan when it was transferred to our account that day. A email arrived after we payed the £150 demanding another £250 to proceed with the loan that's when we realised we had been scammed again Indian people with English names and when checking their address they had spelt Wolverhampton, Wolver Hampton.

Salina Salina

I've just been emailing someone from leeloans that said they can offer me a unsecured loan of £1000 but will have I pay upfront fee of £50 which will be taken from the instalment.

Thank fully I read these comments. They said it was guaranteed loan and that they have done a credit check which everything was fine. However, I know for a fact my credit check isn't good due to previous problems.

Tips when you get these offers

Google the company (I googled lee loans financial service as this was the email name all that came up was loan scams- don't know about you but major alert there)

Also google the address. I googled the address which this company is supposedly registered to ( 6 Hardman St, Manchester, M3 3HF) there's nothing to say that this place is registered To leeloans.

BEWARE of the website are there is no contact details on there.

The other thing I realised with this company is that the interest rates are extremely low which is quite baffling baring in mind how the current financial climate is!

leah leah

I had a loan with leeloans they offerd me 1000 I agreed. They said I had to pay 95 first installment then 150 tax. I payd them and they askd for more 150 to clear the money into my bank. I advise you to stay away from kevin chapman he keeps changing his name. He rang me 44 times today n 14 times yesterday. Their website aint legit they have no contact number or email on their website. They contacted me off 02032869678 dnt answer calls from 0203 numbers. Im goin to bank trading standards action fraud n police. Please please dnt get a loan with leeloans or any company that ring u. Reasearch them first I wish I did. Use loans tht are advertised on tv n not ones tht call u. They rang me n I dont no how they got my number but stay away for any loans tht u get s call from unless u no they r calling and who they are. Stick to loans that you no like wonga n amigo.

Paidamoyo Paidamoyo

Am very glad I researched about these companies first. I was looking for a loan then filled out my details online and a lady called Joanna Griffiths from Geo Finance Solutions in Manchester called me. It sounded too good to be true, I told her I would call her back I did my research and found this forum am glad I had not paid anything she wantede to deposit £150. I guess we should all check things first! Cause in all truthfulness genuine lenders don't behave in a way these evil scammers behave!

Guilherme Guilherme

Any one being contacted by quick loan ? I think i might be in trouble ?

Demi Demi

We also applied with lee loans, when told it had been approved without no apr rate or agreement sent over i questioned them. To be told to f off and they will debit my account of £79.95 for a cancellation fee. Although there was nothing to cancel! When applying for the loan it asks for sort code and account number, ive blocked my account and will open a new bank account. Has anyone else been debite for the cancellation fee?

Andrew Townsend Andrew Townsend

Has anybody noticed how many of these loan scammers are based in MANCHESTER? What is Manchester Trading Standards doing about this problem? How much of these misappropreated 'up front' fees are going to finance terrorist organisations?
I had a word with my local Trading Standards officer a few months ago & I was informed that if Trading Standards takes court action against a financial organisation & loses. The defendant can counter claim against individual Trading Standards officers & bankrupt them. Not a very satisfactory state of affairs! BEWARE 0161

Grant Grant

Hi my name is Grant I was cold called on 07/08/2013 at approximately 12pm by a man calling himself Mark Back yet he spoke indian Hello ????? apparently he was from beware people they are very very convincing promising you a loan for practically any amount luckily ten in I kind of guessed it was a scam so I just carried on winding him up there number is 0203 2870786 and there address apparently is 105 Hamlet Court Road
Westcliff On Sea Essex S50 7es they ask you to buy three Visa vouchers for £ 150 and then call them with the numbers before they pay you the fella kind of got the arse with me as I kept changing my name ending up in Mickey Mouse lol beware people

stephen stephen

just been on phone with David from Lee loans wanted £190 upfront.. ding dong scam bell rang told him I was not paying upfront and put phone down just ignoring ring backs...beware of them.. also had a call from loans and financial solutions yesterday all was going well to
ill they wanted upfront payment paid IN THE LOCAL CO OP.. oh yeah name was Kevin Jones....HAHAHA great name for an Indian changing mine to a Mr Singh.....told Mr Jones where he could stick his loan...

john john

MM mia said they were part of loan solutions .i paid 95 pounds then told me to pay 300 pounds tax as my credit rating was low i told them i didnt have300 the next call was an indian man saying pay 50 ucash voutcher as the bank was closed i did this stupidly as i was desperate for the 1000 loan so if anybody is asked too do dont they have left me pennyless so be careful there sort code is 203206 accoun no is03111350 i hope it dosent happen to anybody else john the tel no is 01614086412 so be careful

gary gary

Do not use plfinder loans company
They take your money and do not offer you any loans

geoff geoff

Does anyone know where city financial are based or what there address is ? Luckily I,ve only lost £55 but I have there number and I wont let it go 01614065910

Raymond Hilton Raymond Hilton

So pleased I checked these comments etc first ,we have had a Indian gentleman by the name of "Martin" offering me a loan of £20,000 from but I have to pay £368 before funds are transferd into his nat West Bank account in the name of "miss Johnston" his trying to phones again now, hubby said we couldn't afford upfront payment so he said "they could reduce the payments" so PLEASE be aware !!!! So sorry for the ones that fell for this scam !!! Nothing but low life scum !!!!! Luckily we have a brother who is ex police so we phoned him for advice !! The phone number they call you off is 01614084697

Niknak Niknak

I stupidly paid lee loans today as soon as I done it I realised what I had done but nothing the bank can do which I had listed to my gut now £190 out of pocket.

jane jane

please be aware if you receive a call from an indian gentleman going by the name of RICKY MARSHALL from QUICK QUID LIVERPOOL BRANCH. 01513243669 offering unsecured loans. I have rang quick quid to enquire if this is legit. guess what quick quid have never heard of him and do not have a branch elsewhere. To qualify for the unsecure loan they want a guarantor or proof that you can pay the first months payment. your bank details for £170.00. He got upset when I told him i had not got a guarantor and no money in my account..

Melissa Stone Melissa Stone

Today was the third time Lee Loans contacted me (via email 22/5/13, 26/6/13 and 31/7/13) and each time I returned a message basically telling them where to go, but using extremely rude and offensive language!! I never answer calls from numbers I do not recognise, I just cut them off and I delete text messages from organisations I do not recognise. That's why they have taken to emailing me instead.The numbers they have left on their emails are:- 0161 408 1024, 0161 298 9196 and 0161 408 1591. I noticed that on today's ''monthly we have been trying to contact you" email was not only sent to me, but about 100 other people. I copied them into my response to Lee Loans and I am hoping they will read it and not be scammed. If I can stop even one more person being ripped off, it will make me very happy. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE AVOID THIS ORGANISATION LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!

alam alam

Thank you guys I just been saved from paying Lee Loans they wanted £130 up front fee which apparently gets refunded back in to my account what a load of crap he wanted me to pay vai ukash vocher which got me thinking and specially the intress on the loan £2000 and pay back £2340 only £340 intress I knew then it was scuam so say away from LEE LOANS they are fruad company....

Rachael Rachael

Stay well away from lees loans. I recieved a call saying my details had been passed on from a broker and they offered me 2000 but I first had to pay a fee of £95. I stupidly gave them my bank details but didn't pay any money. They then phoned me back and asked why I hadn't paid the money and I told them that I ha seen really bad reviews of their company and I didn't want to proceed and that if any money was taken from my account I would go straight to the police. I was then very kindly told to fuck off! Lovely.

claire claire

im so glad for reading all your comments i keep having phone calls from a indian women named Kate Thompson offering me a loan for 4000 but the only way i can get the money is by purchasing u kash voucher for 100 this is a scam shes ringing bk at 6.00 do u think i should ring the police ever heared of uk financials sorry for whats happened to everybody

dale dale

Been scammed by them mugs LOANS.CO.UK LIMITED. Bit down on my luck and needed a loan, so I was contacted by these snakes and offered a loan for the amount I required, £3500. I i had to do was pay £111 up front for the first months payment ( I know, I fell for it, but I was desperate ). I said yes and payee the money into a NatWest account. I was dealing with an Indian man called Jason Frank (yep I fell for that also). Anyway payer the money, was told the funds would be transferred working the hour........... Guess what, nothing ! I rang and rang and rang, then finally someone answered the phone, and I was told that I needed to pay tax to have the loan realised £189. That was when the penny dropped, I didn't pay and informed them I was taking action, even tho I know I will never see that £111 again. I felt sick that these scamming cunts would do that to people who already struggling. I pray to god that I one say meet with these people, it won't be a pleasant meeting, because ill hurt them very badly. Please guys, read these comments and take note, they are scammers, we fell for it, learn from us.

clare clare

Has lee loans ever tried to contact you the day after youce been scammed so far iv received two more calls saying if i pay more Il get my loan

im now going to the police to report it
im going bank. Already done trading standards. Ukash. Action fraud

was just wondering if if the cheeky gits have still got a nerve to try again

clare clare

lee loans financial
there trading address if you street view it is a residential property

scamming scum

clare clare

Also reporting to my bank



clare clare

unfortunately i fell for it and paid £50 then they ring every 2mins demanding more if u start to question them they turn nasty

started with them approaching me via email
like so many before

so i rang them a man who couldn't speak much English called Micheal and a woman named Kelly ok shpulda clicked but never

goes through everything congrats your loans will be with you inthr next hour N hours goes by no loans calls them back oh we sent you an email because you have bad credit its another 135 on top
we went mad. There reponse you pay or you don't get your laon

lucky i googled and found this shame its to late and iv lost £50 lesson lernt

reported to actions fraud and both trading standerds AND GOING TO POLICE I KNOWNI WONT GET MONEY BACK I HOPE IT CHOKES THE SCUM BAGS



Nadezhda Dobreva Nadezhda Dobreva

Hello everyone,
I've just lost 1000 pounds. I call here
They told me that I am approve for loan of 25K.And ask me to pay 150 pound for first monthly payment.Then they told me that they are make mistake and they are arrange 26k instead 25K and I need to pay the diference between the amounts.

Alex Alex

I wish I had come across this site yesterday as I've been scammed by LEE LOANS much like Manuel (16/0713). Reading his comments the email he received, is exactly the same as mine to the letter:

Hi Mr Alex Brammer you have made the payment
of £95 that's fine so the next step you need to do is that you need to pay
£100 payment transfer charges so that we will sort out the loan
transfers according to the time provided it to you by Ashley Brown.And
this payment will be deducted from your monthly installments. If you
got any questions contact Ashley Brown your application In charge.The
funds is going into your bank account within 1 hours once you will pay
the transfer charges.

You need to make this payment on the name of our funds transfer
manager.Once you will made this payment email us or call back Ashley
and inform him.

Ashley Brown
Funds Transfer Manager


Many Thanks
Lee Loans UK


Registered Office: 6 Hardman St, Manchester, M3 3HF

I've now reported this company to NATWEST And ACTION FRAUD.

Iza Iza

PRIORITY MONEY CLUB LTD took from my account in May £69,99 , no money back until now even after sending cancellation form . Today I was contacted by company Loan ltd and asked to pay £95 as a first instalment payment to prove I am able to repay a loan . That Indian accent with English name made me suspicious this time and good for me I didn't pay !!!.

Larraine Larraine

My sons just been duped by loans, they asked for the first payment up front of £140 then said they he had to make a payment of £250 for tax my son stupidly fell for it then they said they could only pay out in multiples of £500 so he would have to pay a further £250 I intervened and told them where to go they were very abbusive and phoned constantly. We will never see the money but I need to ,are people aware of this company never pay anyone who asks you to pay npby U cash.

olga radyeva olga radyeva

century loans from Manchester-be aware, asking for £75 up front fees and do not have any registration number on their dodgy website

Mikhail Mikhail

Hi. i have noticed there are many people in the u.k that need help. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

contact me to help me, to help everyone get money without being scammed.
i am sick and tired of people feeding on our needs.

David David

Publishing phone numbers of scam lenders will help to strengthen the fight against advance fee fraud. Most of these offers come from abroad with no intention to advance any loan. They only need the fee which you are asked to pay. Report their phone numbers at

Hi I've just been contacted by a guy named Tony saying he is from lee loans.I have bad credit history and no lender in uk is giving me a loan.He offered me a loan of 2000 pounds for two years all I got to pay back is 2300 pounds.He asking for 95 pounds fee to proof what I am able to pay repay the money.He has a terrible accent bad reception and he's calling from a mobile number.Suspicious

Ray Baxter Ray Baxter

I just had an e-mail from a company calling itself Loan Monarch, telling me they were ready to arrange my loan today and gave me a number to ring. I did and was asked the usual questions and told I could have the loan all I needed was to pay a £75 admin fee... fortunately alarm bells rang and I said they would have to wait til Tuesday. I put their phone number in the search engine and that is how I found uknetguide

Donna Donna

I have been scammed today same all Indian accent or pakis asked me to pay upfront£185 today , after I paid it told me they are not able to transfer the money asking another ukash voucher to pay tax £500 , they all Indian accent with English names mike Anderson, Robert wood. What a lost! and I felt so bad as I can't start my business now in broke. Their telephone number is 02032894379 ukfinancialsltd. If there's many of us has been scammed it's about time that police should do something or fraud investigation there's no excuse as their telephone number can be trace.

rachael rachael

I was contacted by So Simple Loans today. Similar to what has been said here in the sense that they had approved my loan but for validation I needed to send them £199 which would come back to me. They asked for my bank details and debit card which I gave. They then said that their payment machine was down and could I send them the £199 directly via online transfer. I asked for their bank details and alarm bells rang when the account name was a private name. I said I would call them back when I had done it. I immediately cancelled by card and blocked by bank account. I then checked out their website address and rang the number listed. It is a completely different number and I explained what has happened and they said that they are aware and the police have been involved. They are calling from India and it is a western union bank account. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. I nearly did. I rang them back and told them I wasnt falling for their scam. I have reported to Action Fraud and the Police. I hope my experience prevents anyone else from actually paying the money.

manuel manuel

i was scamed by a company na LEE LOANS LIMITED..based on manchester..i aplly for 10.000...but i had to pay...190 upfront....i was stupid i paied...but something was no clicking..then i put this company name on google... and i found this page...thaxs god...the next was the 150 that someone mention here(Sophie
i will just copy and past the email they sent 2 me:

Hi Mr Manuel you have made the payment
of £190 that's fine so the next step you need to do is that you need to pay
£150 payment transfer charges so that we will sort out the loan
transfers according to the time provided it to you by Ashley Brown.And
this payment will be deducted from your monthly installments. If you
got any questions contact Ashley Brown your application In charge.The
funds is going into your bank account within 1 hours once you will pay
the transfer charges.

You need to make this payment on the name of our funds transfer
manager.Once you will made this payment email us or call back Ashley
and inform him.

Ashley Brown
Funds Transfer Managere:

i just lost my money...and call the police..nothing...
they just said to contact ACTION FRAUD..i call.that advise me get a lawyer...for 190 pounds?
or they going to contact 3 working days...

shame on it...

what can i do?

lorraine dove lorraine dove

i was conned out of £300 by aloan company loans limited applied for a loan was told topay £95 for first month payment then a further money for insurance was told iwould get myloan thenyhey wanted afurther £120 paid by u cash vouchers still noloan they all had foreign accents then was told my paper workhad beendestroyed inafire still no loan how can they get away with this by using a company as a what u think is a true company reported themto action fraud

Sara warren Sara warren

Has any1 been scammed from city financial?asked me for a 75 pound admin fee aswel

Louise Louise

I was scammed by a company claiming to be Loans team. I had been making enquiries on line to a few loans companies when I received a phone call, they seemed to know the details of my application and said I had been approved ,for my loan of £3000 I was to pay 140 upfront and this would be my first instalment paid in Ukash voucher as this was the quickest way to receive my funds, further to that I was to forward another £200 for the FSA which was changed to £300, needless to say I did not receive my loan

i have been caught as well wth ufront payments by ukash vouchers. the company was cash loan finance.i am now £430 worse off. cant believe i fell for it . It was a man with an indian accent called Peter Brown !! these scumbags need stopping. they pray on vulnerable people that need help.just scared to death in case they have any details of my bank account

joe joe

hi watch outfor loan marketing i got taken for 69.99 said i had been aproved for loan ask up front fee but never got loan asked for money back put all you get sent is a cancellistion form that they say they never revice i sent ten forms back but no money back

Sophie Sophie

Stay clear of Lee Loans, apparently based in Manchester. They offered me and my partner a loan of £3500 but before we got the loan we were asked to pay £190 to prove we can make the repayments, then they asked us to pay £130 for money laundering, a further £160 to release the loan into the bank and £100 to confirm the loan. I can't believe we were so stupid to give them it!!! We've reported them to action fraud, it's ridiculous!

mark mark

Hi I was also nearly scamed by a company claiming to represent firtsly I debt plan Ltd(PLEASE NOTE THEY DO NOT REPESENT ANY OF THE LEGITAMATE COMPANYS MENTIONED). when I mentioned I had checked with said company, the person claiming to be manager said actually we are easy loans then speedyloans . They sent me photo of shop and also a document said to be loan agreement. I haver been in touch with speedy loans WHO ARE LEGITAMATE and in no way conected . I gave them all information they were very helpful.
I aplied for 1,000pnd loan origanaly and wastold I must pay 69 pns admin cost I said I dont have this The personal advisor MR Paul Mathews (Indian accent) said dont worry my company will pay this for you. I stupidly gave info as so far it seemed ok they wernt asking me for cash . was told to look in my account and call on recipt of funds on looking in account I found 268 pnds. thats when i though strange
He told me western union to india i aske why so much admin and relese fee for loan . at that point is when i started to look into who they were
then they started to get kinda heavy threataning me with black list close my account I said if you provide me with corect info I will do as asked if not I will return the funds to a UK bank account. he said how can be con we give you money whon knows i said i dont like it

you were lieing both the advisor and manager same person phone no 01612986747 and 079000090000



Chris Chris

Another one (previously now suspended) is tel 02081445382 - reported to ukash, their domain registrar and action fraud.


Be wary if the call comes from blocked numbers. These are suspicious. I was almost framed by loans But unfortunately my bank denied money. So i researched online and It came out be bogus. Thanks I'm never believing these companies again.

Darren Darren

I have just been contacted by So Simple Loans and after reading alot of the posts on here i am glad i didn't pay the £110 they were asking for!! Lucky escape me thinks!!

Usman Usman

I was contacted by this number someone called andrew, indian accent. They promised me a loan of £3000 but i had to pay £200 to show that i could afford the repayments. They asked for the £200 to be transfered by western union, to the country Nepal, under the name of Ram Mandal. I transfered the money and they agreed the £3000 would be in my account by 7pm that very same day. The next morning i checked my account and no money was put in, so i called them an they said they cant process the loan because you need to buy PAYMENT PROTECTION INSURANCE, they said it would cost £249, and wanted it to be transfered thru western union, i got really suspicious about this, and now have ended up on this site. Im so glad i have read the info on this site, i was so close to paying them the money. I am going to ask them for my money back tmrw and if not am going to try my very best to take this further.

ade ade

just been scammed for £55 quid by a company called loan solutons. complete and utter gits,as i will more than likely be made homeless as that money was part of my rent money.sick,sick,devious gits.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

We have deleted a couple of comments on this thread as they accused a certain company of being involved in loan scams. The company in question have contacted us to complain and made it clear that they deny being involved in any form of fraudulent activity. As we are unable to verify the claims of our users, we have taken down the offending comments.

It is worth pointing out that scammers may use the name of a company they have no association with to try and dupe their victims.

We would, however, like to reproduce some of the key points of the post as, even if the company accused were not in fact the ones behind the scam, it gives a good idea of warning signs to look for if contacted by people posing as a loans company.

• Victim was contacted out of the blue.
• They were told they’d been successful for a loan
• They were asked to give their credit card number
• They were told this was a ‘security measure’
• A fee was taken without permission
• There was no further contact

We've had to take down another post that listed a number of companies the poster believed to be involved in scams, along with the telephone numbers they used. Unfortunately, as we are unable to verify the veracity of those claims the post has been deleted.

The common factor linking all the companies named by the poster was a request for a fee before the loan could be paid. The use of Ukash vouchers to pay such fees was also a recurring theme.

Many Thanks,

UK Net Guide

Jan Jan

Hi 48 illegaly change my mobile net.Many years I have been at Vodafone then sudenlly I have got message that I asked 48 about change my mobile web from Vodafone to 48 that is not true that is illegal I did not sent any maessage to 48 monts I did not know about this net so what can I do now.My Vodafone mobile number gone my money from sim card gone I am sole trader many people knew my number I am very disappointed.Where can I complain ?

donna donna

I was scammed by loan soulotion they took a fee of me of 79.00

Tanya Tanya

Hi, I have just been conned £750. All the same stories as previously, Asian sounding people with English names: Joanna Griffiths, Chris Johnson, Nick Jennings, Chris Jones. Promising a loan, need to pay to release funds and clear bad credit etc etc.
Calling from strange numbers: 0203 2906461 / 0161 4088986 / +1612988235
Sick people prying on people in need. Needs to be stopped now. Its obviously the same group of people and they need to be collared. What I would like to know is how they get our details in the first place. Police have said NEVER pay an upfront fee for a loan, because its is almost certainly dodgy

val campbell val campbell

my husband has just been scamed by a company called fresh start loans i checked them out on line and all seamed legit but it clearly is an illegal site but same thing as everyone else english names indian accents he was asked to buy a ukash voucher for £100 to cover the first payment of a £3000 loan wich unfortunately he did then he was asked for a further £165 to cover tax luckly this was not paid as he relised it was a scam these people are vile but i guess we will just have to chalk it up to experience as there is no way of ever getting that money back what is it they say about a fool and there money well these people dangle a carrot to get your money so take grate care before you part with yours


when i think about it who is giving these loans companies the power to take money from banks is it just us with our details |? giving them out but still how do they take are details and then ask the banks to give them our money with our details how is that possible is the banks working with them are they making revenue ?

are they going in the bank with my details are they going to a cash machine to get my money with my details or do they have a online based application what works like bank computers where it lets them in the banks computer system to draw money out with peoples details a so called transaction ? what apps or systems are the loans companies using and what type of power is authorized to them because just taking money from banks with peoples details
anyone general public human would be put in jail if caught and these loan companies have been caught and can be traced many ways whether its through INTERNET PROVIDER



anne anne

Hi i wascontacted by loan for UK at telling me i wasapproved for aloan of 12000 but before the money could be released into my account i had to pay 285 a first monthly payment purchessed by pal safe vouchers and then was to give them the 19 diget number across the voucher i asked why i had to pay up front they said it was to make sure i could afford the monthly repayments his name was MARK WILSON and had an Indian asscent I thought it was fishey so i checked the site it is a scam dont be taken in glad i searched ths site first ....

vainone vainone

I was well conned by Taggedloans told me id been approved for £8000 asked to get a ukash voucher in order to transfer the money via chaps stupidly got a voucher then they wanted another voucher was very vunerable at this stage in my life conned me out off £300 then when I said wheres my loan they blocked my number these 2 where Indians Christine and micheal reported them to fraud online googled the postcode turned out to be an old building closed down they kept harassing me at work these people need to be stopped and hanged

aisha Mamun aisha Mamun

I have just been conned have contacted the police and ukash I feel very embarrassed about this have rang there no and left them a very nasty message they need to be stopped,

gail marshall gail marshall

I was conned £350 off the lending hub as me & my partner wanted a loan for 15,000 as we wanted to get a tourer & car & she said today they wanted another £350!!! ive been crying here as I & my partner give them our weeks shopping ect money to these indian scammers so my advice steer clear of them the thieving bastards from a cut up devisted person

Meyrem Meyrem

All these Loan companys are all scams .. Loan solutions scamed me out of 84.99 .. they said i was garanteed a loan between 3 to 5 days once i pay the fee .. they lied about everything they said i mean everything .. so any one out there stay away from loan solutions ... thieves they are .. scam bags.. nasty nasty to rags .... i was conned out my fee money & left pocketless .... & on on top of that my phone bill was high from calling them ... Loan solutions owe me back 150 pounds ... which i will go to trading standards & the odasman company to complain & get my. Money back .. they shouldnt get away with this .....

howard lancaster howard lancaster

Avoid loan solutions, i applied for a £10.000 loan to pay medical expenses for my father, was told it was approved if i payed them first month payment to show i could make the payments,they wanted payment via ukash voucher.
i found out from trading standards that this company was trying to scam me.
there tel nu was01642924732,

Also avoid Peoples loans &
these are also scams

ian ian

i have just been scammed by a company claiming to be the lending for £2000 payback £80 per month for 30 months i was asked to deposit my first months payment into an account via santander did that then spoke to a so called johanna griffiths..who then told me that i had to deposit a further £200 as my credit score was low cannot beleive how naive i was...deposited that into the same bank account...was then told to call as soon as i deposited £200 so that they could confirm it with the fsa who was going to release my funds into my account along with the £200 i had deposited in to the santander account....did that then a phone call 10 mins later from a so called joannah griffiths asking me to deposit another £300 before my funds could be released at this stage i refused and went bollistic demanding my money back the whole £280 i have had no joy with the so called company and i am now going to the trading standards, fsa, and action fraud to see how i can claim my money back if be ware....people who i spoke to had english names and sounded indian:- johanna griffiths,christina woods, shane dawson

tommo tommo

Speedy loans ltd offered me 6500 at repayments of 145 for 48months . Expected 1st payment upfront. Total scam. Was almost convinced until the very indian chap gave his name as George Bush

paul whiteoak paul whiteoak

I got mugged into paying a company called Loan Solutions £84.99 to get my short term loan , 7days later , 3 days past the time it was suppoed to take for the load to be paid into my bank account , i called the company back to be kept on hold on a longer than 28mins .. this continued to happen for 4 days then when i go tthrough they called me "ridiculous" for having a go and demanding my money back !!.. Telling me a company called Uk Credit was supplying my loan i called them, they have so many people past to them from Loan Solutions that they are trying to get a court enjunction from any further contact or use of thier company name..
Words to Loan Solutions "Stop stealing from people you theiving little cowardly scumbags & pay back the money youve taken and NOT provided the service we've paid for" .... "including phones bills for waiting charges on a premium numbers !!!!"

Caroline Caroline

I applied for a loan to the lending hub they asked for upfront fees of 380 I paid that and they wanted n extra 180 I haven't paid this they wont cancel it or give me my money back.i feel ashamed of myself for doing this,please don't pay upfont fees or pay for this ,the address is The Lending Hub 49 Piccadilly Gardens or so they a single mother and I desperately needed the loan. Does anyone know how I can get my money back.

Nick Nick

I think that I have been scammed. Against a £2000 loan I was asked to buy a Ukash voucher for £120, which I regrettably did. They have now asked for another Ukash voucher for £199 and will then credit my account with £2199.
After speaking to my girlfriend, I am reluctant to pay out more money.
The company claimed to be Sameday Loans and the tel no. is 01413566777. If anyone can investigate this then its one less scammer around.

tony tony

loans direct are a bunch of cheap thieves, after taking the fee, they refuse to reply to emails or personal letters sent to the head office
iniquitess , rotten company

Award Award

Just got done Lending Hub, £70 first advance payment, then £250. because the computer needed the money to clear an error in the transfer system. And on the day for transfer the computer needed another £300 which will be included in my payout. But must be paid for transfer to go through. Stitched up line a kipper.
And i was given my case number and password.
What a load of old sh-t.
Lending Hub, FSA need this money to release your funds indeed.

lorraine_1975_38@ lorraine_1975_38@

Hi i am currently being asked if i want a loan from "tagged loans" asking me to secure 100 and then 3000 will be transferred a think its a scam if it dont sound right it probably isnt thanks for this




They WILL deduct £19.99 from your bank even if you don't get a loan through them I was told that the £19.99 would not come out of my account if i didn't get a loan I know this as I ASKED THE QUESTION before giving my details!

Anyway they have taken the money I rang up and was told by the person who I presume owns the company that they were within their rights to take the money and his words "HE WOULD HAVE EXPLAINED VERY SLOWLY " that this was the case well I am sorry but however SLOWLY you explained it you are LYING!

I will right this off as a bad experience but I am going to post about this company anywhere I can so hopefully it will eventually cost them more than £19.99 in the long run I believe in Karma!

They WILL deduct £19.99 from your bank even if you don't get a loan through them I was told that the £19.99 would not come out of my account if i didn't get a loan I know this as I ASKED THE QUESTION before giving my details!

Anyway they have taken the money I rang up and was told by the person who I presume owns the company that they were within their rights to take the money and his words "HE WOULD HAVE EXPLAINED VERY SLOWLY " that this was the case well I am sorry but however SLOWLY you explained it you are LYING!

I will right this off as a bad experience but I am going to post about this company anywhere I can so hopefully it will eventually cost them more than £19.99 in the long run I believe in Karma!


I've also been caught by scammers - Tagged Loans - operated by 'Michael'; given his accent (Indian?) doubt this is his real name. I applied for a loan of just over £1000 and was asked to pay £78 for my fully approved loan as this was a transfer of funds fee.. Stupidly I paid £80 - amended amount - and have now been told that I will need to pay a further £150 in order to get this loa. Told him I wasn't paying any more and now wanted a refund of the £80. Eventually he agreed to refund the next day - still waiting. Been trying to call them but line constantly engaged even at 10pm. Will now be taking this up with Consuimer Action, Trading Standards, etc. as this practice surely has to stop and these robbers jailed.

lorna conway lorna conway

I am in the same boat applied for a loan told no up fees had to pay 134 first payment the n 180 uk tax then a other 100 for the bank from india to trance fare in to my account and the man chis martain put in my account 102 pounds for trance fare but was the wrong amount he then put 150 into my account and said he would get it in to my account and then asked for a othere 100 for the bank to put in westeren uinion I new then it was a scam pronto loans are a scam and chris martian he phoned me and never phoned again I went to the police

julie julie

I was scammed buy a company called speed loans they seid if i put £128 in bank for them i would then get my£5000 loan then i phoned them and they asked me to pay another £200 by western uinon yes they were an indian company i was new to all this i phoned to ask for my money back and they seid i had to pay a cancellation fee of £100 i am disabled and i think something should be done about these people i went to the fraud squad .i am very frightend to take a loan with any one now as my phone constantly rings from people wanting to give me a loan and wanting money up front and all my bank deatails since i started to look for my loan in feb i have paid city financial £75 and no loan personal match £49 and no loan pL finder £49 and no loan i only wanted to borrow money for my wedding all those scammers out there please stop ringing me or text you should all be ashamed of your selves.

Joe Joe

Loans Limited or a similar name i.e Finance Limited.

If you are contacted my Asian men claiming to have british names such as Shaun Bailey/David Farell you are being contacted by SCAMMERS! DO NOT GIVE THESE ANIMALS ANYTHING. In fact if they get in touch report them to Action Fraud.

As well as other dodgy numbers they use 0161 4081011


Harry Harry

Loans Limited or any alternative name given by Asian Men who promise you loans but ask you for money upfront are SCAMMERS - Spread the word - Somehow they continue to get away with it. Beware of 0161 408 1011 - note they will continuosly keep changing their number. DO NOT GIVE THEM A PENNY.

False names given include:

Shaun Bailey
David Farell

Akan Akan

Applied for a loan then several companies have tried to offer me a loan. debtplan called me from 02081446449 saying they can lend me the money in minutes. I have paid £200 as first installment of loan then They say before I can have loan have to pay Taxon my loan which they refund. I have to do this at western union. I called them back and they said they were speedyloans. I spoke to a Roger William. I have gone to western union to pay yet as not think I have just became another victim. I doubt I will see my 200 again as stupidly I paid into a bank account.

Steve Webster Steve Webster

After making an on line loan application via money supermarket I've been swamped by inappropriate offers. Among the scammers were calls from 08725630165 and 00707904508. Both callers were male and asian. They could have been reading from the same script. The application was approved and they needed to verify details to make a funds transfer. Both hung up when I asked them to email a copy of the loan agreement and direct debit authority for consideration. If youve been scammed report it to Action Fraud. If its a uk company with a consumer credit license report to the office of fair trading. Report it to the authorities and youll have a better chance of persuading your bank to refund the money and take the matter up with the company who took the money.

Lorraine Lorraine

I too fell for a loan scam and undid up paying Easy Loans £490 and have received nothing.They now want me to pay a£99 cancellation fee to get my money back.
They will not answer my calls now. Beware of phone number 02081446449

James James

I am extremely appauled by these fraudsters who use various tactics to acquire money from you. I was contacted by this company who said can get me a loan as I desperately required a loan and stated can deposit the amount straight away but they charging admin fee and then I paid the fee I contacted them again and they said they will refund it also another company contacted me and asked me to purchase UKASH voucher for 200 pound I bought it and read the number on the voucher which was an absolute SHAM I contacted the company the guy hang up and after couple of days the line was dead so please beaware of that scam never give out your credit card details and also never buy any vouchers or anything if they request

Matt J Matt J

Seems I was not alone,being in sales myself when something is too good to be true it often is.
I filled out a quote on money supermarket and within 3 hrs my phone was hot with calls.

Loan solutions, solution loans, fast loans, express finance, quick loans, all who offeredme a 10k loan with 7% interest, telling me they were the lender, when I looked at their web site they were a broker, mess up 1,
they then said first payment up front via ukcash, mess up 2,
I then asked if was good enough to be given and qualify for the loan why did they need my first payment up front which is illegal. they went quiet..
I then told them to learn to spell on their web site, and get people who can speak English to call me, without the office sound affects in the background.
In 15 minutes I had 34 phone calls from 2 numbers all telling me each other was a fraud and don't trust them.
avoid anyone who asks for a fee or an upfront payment. you will then be charged more money for the transfer (450-700) for tax purposes, so they say.
AVOID ANYONE like this.

k corrigan k corrigan

i was looking for a payday for 100 pounds got on a company called loans direct put my details in thinking they were a payday loan next thing i knew they took £56.76p out of my account rang them up and they said i signed up to become a member for them to get me a loan i ask them to cancel my membership and ask for my money back but they said no. I know that u can cancel your membership within 30 days so i dont understand why i cant have my money back.

steph steph

I was contacted a few days ago from easy loans too and was told to pay direct into their company account of the sum of 350 which I did. And then told me that the sum of 25k I asked for I had to make a further repayment of 300 which I refused. I spoke to Michael reed from that company who told me I didn't have to pay any more sort of fee then asked me for that further 300. Now the company has blocked my number what can I do.

Shannon Wright Shannon Wright

hi i recently got contacted by a george williams from "bad credit loans" offering me 500 pound. i all honesty aty 18 and being homeless it sounded a great idea, he told me i had to buy a UCASH voucher for 55 pound and then tax which was refundable of 75 pound. i did all this and i was told the loan would be in my account in one-two hours.. i still have nothing when they rang i asked for them to cancel my application and refund my money, once again i was told it would be in my account in 24hours, 3 days down the line im still waiting and now 125 pound down. i have contacted trading standards but noone can help me get it back. i did have a phone number but have delted it now im sorry but his name is "george williams" from "badcreditloans", email address

james freko james freko

hi this is james
m american. n recently gone to north countries. i found there some of the call center going on. Some small call centers having UK shifts n employee having good pay outs. i search more about the companies so i found that they have fake call lines they use internet calling from skype n etc. i was running my process there for medical trancriptions. i found its a very big network powered by UK who is working behind it. they got your detail even your personal email IDs n numbers. they got applyed n declined data of UK customers for the loan. i dont know they got the data from brokers or direct from banks. bt they call on customers no. convance with there attractive repayments n customer blindly trust on them go n buy ukash. customer give them there registration no. n they debit that money into there account. on a daily basise one caller give them 1000-1500£ voucher amount n there are countless callers here who gives the same out put.
UK citizens cant escap from these scams coz the scamer are there own people who have lots data of a customers. these north countrie people its just get cheap call centers but but thers in UK some people geting rich by stealing there own people money. you guys stop ans calls stop spraiding data if u need loan go direct in bank so u can get genuin documentation. we are already suffered from recession now these wil break are econimy n its getting very poor. work on yourself dont trust people over the phone. if u need something or anything just go buy it from urself. thats what i can suggest.
hope you better understand whats going on posting abt scam or been scamed is your own foolingness. just dont trust people over the phone. you can go n buy a voucher of Ukash but you cant go for bank to straight get the loan? see yourself what you doing well i am done with my side rest is all your desission. after all its your money.

Maria Maria

This disgusting behaviour is still going on.
I had a caller claiming to be from a company called Easy Loansasking me to buy a Ukash voucher for a "guaranteed" loan. When they said it was a safeguard so that the government would pay if I didnt, I realise it was scam and so dodged that bullet.
Unfortunately, I have fallen for two scams, the upfront fee scam and the scam where an affiliate of the company I applied to debited fees from my account. I didnt realise that ticking the "share my details with thrid parties" included my bank details. Now over £150 down and although I have written to the companies asking for a refund I dont hold out much hope.
These people need to be stopped.

g smith g smith

i went online to search for a small loan.
i used many search providers i was just looking.
then i found out MY LOAN.had taken a total of
£78 94 from m bank account.
after e mails and phone calls,i still have not got my
money back.NOW THATS A RIP OFF.

Juliette Juliette

omd. having searched online for a loan this week, i was contacted by victor. Im sure that wasnt his name as it's too british for his accent. i have been advised to buy a ukash voucher for £99 but he has filed to take any bank details from me. when i asked about the purpose of this ukash voucher, he said it was a safeguard in case i do not make repayments, then the government would pay on my behalf. PMSL....if only i could get the government to pay my bills, i wouldnt be searching for a loan. I decided it was too good to be true and searched the net for any scams and hey presto. I am so sorry Adrian that you have been so unfortunate. I was given this telephone number to contact them today: 02081440925

If they are based in central london as they say, it should be a 0207 number. nothing adds up. I'd contact trading standards because they need to be stopped asap. Good luck!

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

You should contact the FSA, who regulate the financial sector, but it may also be worth contacting Watchdog, the BBC television show. If they are hearing similar complaints from a lot of people, they may run a feature on this company.

Adrian Worgan Adrian Worgan

Loan company promised loan to be paid direct to bank account. The loan company is called Loan Match and is (according to their website) registered under consumer credit licence 0621349 and part of Tatstar Ltd.

They contacted my by phone after I'd clicked on a loan enquiry website. They took all my details via phone and advised loan had been agreed. It was agreed the monthly repayment would be £270 and that I met all their criteria; even though I had mentioned previously having a bad debt status.

Then I was advised I had to buy Ukash vouchers to value of £249 in order to process loan; which I did.

I Was then advised a application validation fee of £200 was required also by Ukash voucher - which I duly bought. Apparently I shouldn't have bought this from the same outlet and subsequently my loan can't be processed?

Surprise Surprise! No loan, and now I'm unable to contact company. I have just noticed there are no telephone numbers on their website! I am £449 worse off and feel embarrassed and ashamed.

I spoke with a man called Victor - 033 0001 0071 and also a chap called Tony who was allegedly from their legal department and advised I wasn't able to have a refund; and who got very abrupt when I advised I'd contact the authorities??

What can be done? Can you help me?


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