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Need to carry out a credit check? These sites can make it a lot easier than you thought it could be. They represent the names behind the maintenance and collection of credit reference information.

Credit Expert Ribbon1

Credit Expert

This service, from market leader Experian, allows you to see what the lenders see when you apply for any form of credit. Identify any problem areas, rectify potential errors, and view your overall credit score – all online. Get 30 days access for free, but be warned, they will charge you a monthly fee if you forget to cancel within this period. View Site »

Noodle Ribbon2


The first and only credit check website offering completely free accounts for life. With data provided by leading agency Callcredit, you can dig deep into the figures on offer to finance providers without spending a penny for the privilege. They do try to ply you with offers for even more detailed reports, but if you ignore these then you’ll never face any cost. It is certainly worth doing just to see what information is held against your name. View Site »

CheckMyFile Ribbon3


Find out what two of the three leading credit agencies say about your personal finances by signing up with this well established service. Through it, you will be able to access your Callcredit and Equifax reports and scores, giving you even greater peace of mind that everything is as it should be. It is free for 30 days and then a monthly charge comes into play after this. View Site »

Annual Credit Report Ribbon4

Annual Credit Report

Get access to your credit report and track the changes that occur with customisable alerts. See how your credit score has faired over a 6 year timeframe and take note of any financial skeletons that you have in your cupboard that you thought had gone away. And receive an annual review that goes into detail about what might have affected your rating over the past 12 months. The obligatory free trial turns into a monthly subscription, so be aware of this if you don’t want to pay. View Site »

Equifax Ribbon5


Go direct to one of the main credit report companies in the UK and sign up to view what they have on file for you. This information will help guide you to not only improve your score, but to ascertain what sort of credit options might be available to you at the present time. Don’t forget to cancel your subscription if you are not keen on paying their monthly fee. View Site »

Credit Compass Ribbon6

Credit Compass

A paid service from Callcredit that, unlike their free option Noodle, offers instant notifications of any changes to your credit report. Other than this it is basically the same. The data might get updated more regularly than Noodle which only changes once a month, but for most people this is probably not something to be paying for. View Site »

My Credit Monitor Ribbon7

My Credit Monitor

This is a third party website that uses Callcredit’s data so don’t expect to find anything unique here. The usual free trial period is on offer, so if you have already signed up elsewhere before today, this is a possible alternative where you can get 30 more days of complimentary access before cancelling should you not wish to continue. View Site »

My Credit Tracker Ribbon8

My Credit Tracker

The same applies to this website as it does to the previous one. They get their information from Callcredit and while they may present it in a slightly different way, you won’t find anything else out about your credit file. Again, though, you can benefit from a further 30 days free access before they charge you for access (so cancel before this). View Site »

Which? Ribbon9


If you are unsure as to what your credit report means to you, then why not take a look through the detailed explanation offered by consumer champions Which? You’ll learn what makes a credit score, how you might be able to improve yours, and what to do should you see something incorrect on yours. It is well worth a read. View Site »

Money Saving Expert Ribbon10

Money Saving Expert

This is possibly the most comprehensive guide to credit reports, how they are pulled together by the agencies, and what you can do to ensure that yours stays squeaky clean. It has plenty of actionable tips on how to push your credit score upwards and how to avoid it plummeting in the wrong direction. Read it thoroughly and you’ll already have a head start in the race for a good credit rating. View Site »


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