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No matter what you need to discover about the UK investment markets, it's probably only a click away. Use our list of the leading investment sites for the UK financial markets covering ISA's, PEP's, Fund Managers, Investment Trusts and Derivative Markets.

BullionVault Ribbon1


One of the most popular investments to make is that precious metal that we can’t get enough of – yes, we’re talking about gold. Anyone can invest in gold from the comfort of their own home through BullionVault where you’ll find investment grade gold, the high security storage vaults, low rates for trading, and the ability to invest an amount of money you wish. Buy and sell gold with confidence through the world’s largest online bullion market. View Site »

Funding Circle Ribbon2

Funding Circle

If you want to invest in small, British businesses then one of the easiest ways to do so is to lend money to them rather than fund them directly. This peer-to-peer exchange allows you to lend to a variety of small and medium sized companies who pay you interest in return. You can select the rate you want to receive and can even access your money before the stated terms of the loan (terms and conditions apply). View Site »

Investec Structured Products Ribbon3

Investec Structured Products

If you want to invest in a diversified portfolio of shares, property, commodities and other vehicles, but don’t have the sufficient funds to accomplish this by yourself, a structured product could be for you. Some guarantee you’ll get at least your investment back while others are offer greater reward but for greater risk. Investec are an award winning provider of structured products so visit them today to find out more. View Site »

Cult Wines Ribbon4

Cult Wines

The world market for wine is growing rapidly and this has led to an explosion in the popularity of wine investment. Getting it right is the tricky bit because only the best wines will appreciate in value to give you a good return. That is where this family run business comes in, because they have a small but knowledgeable team of wine experts who are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to make sensible, long term investments on your behalf. View Site »

The House Crowd Ribbon5

The House Crowd

Investing in property is something that many people would wish to do, but by yourself it requires significant funds and lots of your time and energy. But now, with the advent of crowdfunding, you can invest in a portfolio of properties and benefit not only from the rental yield, but also the growth in the value of the capital – all while investing as little as £1,000 and with none of the hassle of going it alone. View Site »

Abundance Generation Ribbon6

Abundance Generation

Renewable energy is an area of industry that is only going to grow and grow. This is because countries such as the UK are legally bound to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and clean energy is one of the easiest ways to do that. You too can now invest in large scale energy generation projects such as wind farms and solar farms and receive relatively predictable returns in the long term. Abundance Generation are the largest company offering an affordable entry point into renewable energy. View Site »

Ingenious Investments Ribbon7

Ingenious Investments

One interesting investment opportunity that has been growing in popularity recently is that of media productions such as films and television programmes. There are quite a few unscrupulous companies out there in this arena, but Ingenious Investments are one that you can trust. They have a long standing reputation in the media industry and have invested in huge successes such as Avatar, Life of Pi, and The Fall. You can invest for as little as £10,000 and watch as your money is turned into film. View Site »

LendInvest Ribbon8


Just like other peer-to-peer exchanges, LendInvest brings an investor and a borrower together, but in this instance the borrower wishes to buy a property. The money you lend effectively becomes a part of a mortgage and is secured against the value of the property. Lending has been taking place this way since 2008 and there have been no instances of a loss of capital so far, but be aware that there is always a risk involved. View Site »

CoinFloor Ribbon9


Virtual currencies are one of a new breed of alternative investment and bitcoin is chief among them. If you wish to put some money into this type of market then you’ll need an account with a trading company such as CoinFloor. They claim to be the most secured bitcoin trading platform in the world and they are an HMRC approved Bureau de Change. View Site »

Saatchi Art Investment Ribbon10

Saatchi Art Investment

Buying the art of an up and coming artist can be a good way to achieve significant growth in your investment, but if you don’t know what you are doing then you’ll need a helping hand. Saatchi are one of the biggest names in the art world and they provide guidance on the types of artist to buy pieces from so if this is the type of investment you are looking for, you could do a lot worse than to listen to them. View Site »


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