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Cash ISAs allow you to earn interest on your savings, without having the hand any of the proceeds over to the taxman. Whether you choose a cash or shares based option, make the most of you money by checking our list of the leading ISA providers.

Coventry Building Society Ribbon1

Coventry Building Society

You’ll regularly find them at the top of the ISA best buy tables which is why they feature highly in our list of ISA providers. Coventry Building Society typically offers great long term fixed deals, but are less competitive when it comes to easy access accounts so bear this in mind when choosing who to opt for. View Site »

Virgin Money Ribbon2

Virgin Money

Offering some of the very best deals for both the fixed rate accounts and those who want easy access, Virgin Money is a consistent performer when it comes to cash ISAs. For those who choose a fixed deal, they also have one of the lowest penalty charges around should you ever need to withdraw your money before the term of the account is reached. View Site »

National Savings & Investments Ribbon3

National Savings & Investments

Backed by the government, you can be fully confident that your money is 100% secure when savings with NS&I. Typically, they will have just one type of flexible, easy access account and their rates are quite competitive for the most part. For a no thrills, tax free savings account from a name you can trust, it makes sense to check out their current offer before making a decision. View Site »

Newcastle Building Society Ribbon4

Newcastle Building Society

They have a range of ISA accounts on offer, but you don’t have to pick just one of them. No, instead you can use their innovative MaximISA service which allows you to split your savings between their various offers. So if you want to keep some in an easy access account, some in a notice account and some in a long term fixed rate deal, you can do. This added flexibility is a real bonus. View Site »

Tesco Bank Ribbon5

Tesco Bank

The UK’s largest supermarket offers a range of ISA accounts with competitive rates, particularly for the easy access options. You can open an account online with just £1 and you have the option to transfer the money you currently have in other ISAs into a Tesco account if you wish. View Site »

Triodos Bank Ribbon6

Triodos Bank

If you want to invest your savings with an institution that will use it for the good of society and the planet, then Triodos Bank is the place for you. They offer decent, if not spectacular, rates on their cash ISAs, but they will only ever invest your money in projects that meet their strict ethical criteria. It’s a good option if you are not happy with how the bigger banks and building societies invest your hard earned cash. View Site »

Compare The Market Ribbon7

Compare The Market

While the cash ISAs mentioned above will typically be some of the leading ones on the market, it is always best to compare all the options if you just want to get the best rates. View some of the most comprehensive best buy tables on the web and get all the relevant details such as notice periods, penalty charges and min/max investments. View Site »

Cavendish Ribbon8


If a stocks and shares ISA is what you are looking for, the charges levied vary greatly between providers. Cavendish operates on a low platform charge of 0.25% with the buying and selling of funds being completely free. This is ideal if you want to be able to switch your money between funds if you are not happy with the performance shown by one you are holding. You cannot invest in individual shares with this account. View Site »

YouInvest Ribbon9


If you want to pick the stocks and shares that you invest in, you need to find a company with low dealing fees. YouInvest offer rates as low as £4.95 on normal accounts or just £1.50 if you are prepared to make monthly investments of £25 or more. There are no annual account charges or setup fees to pay either, making it one of the top offers for this type of account. View Site »

iWeb Ribbon10


If you are likely to make investments on a less regular basis then a stocks and shares ISA with iWeb would be more cost effective. The £25 setup cost is something to consider, but with flat trading fees of £5, it is cheaper than almost all other accounts when money is invested infrequently. View Site »


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