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If you are interested in keeping tabs on a listed company our selection of Company Information and Research sites will put you in the picture. (Financial Times) Ribbon1 (Financial Times)

Focuses on helping business people become more effective. At its core is a world-class editorial analysis of financial markets, industries, and companies, plus clear and insightful content on a full range of business topics, offering practical tools that are relevant to your job and your ambitions. View Site »

Moneyextra Ribbon2


Moneyextra is provided by The Insurance Trading Exchange Ltd providing comprehensive information on investments, personal finance, homes and property, and all the latest business and company news from around the world. View Site »

Shareview Ribbon3


A service from Lloyds TSB Registrars that enables you to check your holdings in many UK companies and helps you to organise your investments electronically. Send your proxy instructions online for shareholder meetings. Includes an online dealing service, details of employee schemes and the facility to apply online for employee share plans. View Site »

Citywire Ribbon4


Rapidly establishing itself as one of the leading sites delivering investment news, analysis, recommendations and advice to serious investors. Daily original stories on shares and funds, highlighting interesting investment opportunities and providing investors with the tools they need to track what is happening in the market. View Site »

Bloomberg Ribbon5


Bloomberg is regarded as a premier site for news and financial information, drawing from the news and data power of the Bloomberg Professional service and their host of media products to provide the highest quality news and information. Accessible in multilingual formats. View Site »

FTYourMoney Ribbon6


A free interactive service designed to help you manage and maximise your money. An independent and authoritative source of information, provided by the Financial Times. Covering different ground from the FT, concentrating on personal finance issues which are relevant to everyone, with no bias towards any particular provider. View Site »

Euroland Ribbon7


Euroland is an online source of up-to-the-minute, market and financial information. As well as market data, they provide market news, market analysis, investing tools and e-commerce solutions. Allowing you to select stocks from nine different stock exchanges in Europe. View Site »

eFinancialNews Ribbon8


eFinancialNews, alongside its sister weekly newspaper Financial News, is a source of information about Europe's investment banking, fund management and securities industries. At the core of eFinancialNews are news stories, comment and analysis from their team of journalists. View Site »

Interactive Investor Ribbon9

Interactive Investor

One of the UK's leading online investment websites where you can set up a free portfolio to track chart and monitor your investment. In addition you can use the site to buy financial products online such as funds, ISAs, shares and personal finance products. And you can even transfer your existing PEPs, ISAs and shares to the site so you can manage them all from one place. View Site »

Standard & Poor's Fund Services Ribbon10

Standard & Poor's Fund Services

A financial rating organisation recognised around the globe, setting the standard in the financial markets. Through their research, they strive to give investors and intermediaries the insights they need to make more informed investment decisions. Visit the site for a full list of products and services. View Site »


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