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Bermuda Holiday

Bermuda is a perfect holiday destination, combining some of the idyllic tropical warmth enjoyed by the Caribbean with quintessentially British pursuits such as cricket and afternoon tea.

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of the United States, the territory of Bermuda actually consists of some 138 islands.

The country is officially a British overseas territory, settled by England a century before the Acts of Union created the United Kingdom and is actually the oldest and most populous of the remaining British overseas territories.

Bermuda enjoys a pleasant subtropical climate and has some of the most stunningly beautiful pink sandy beaches and cerulean blue oceans.

Traditions and culture in Bermuda

Given its history of significant influence from the British, it comes as no surprise that many of Bermuda's traditions are derived from Britain. A notable example is the Beating Retreat, a musical military event derived from an evening British army tradition.

First introduced to the island in the 1700s, it is performed usually every month by the Band of the Bermuda Regiment under the auspices of Major Barrett Dill.

The band is dressed in blue and red uniforms and white pith helmets and is typically accompanied by the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band.

Among the island's native customs is the tradition of Gombey dancing, which was introduced by African slaves.

Gombey is derived from the African word for rhythm and was originally intended to be performed just on Boxing Day and New Year's Day - the two days of the year when slaves were given a rest from their work.

Today, Gombey dances are performed on Boxing Day, New Year's Day and other important events such as football matches, festivals, parades and holidays. As part of the performance, acrobatic dances are accompanied by beats from a kettle drum with two snare drums covered with goat skin.

Recommended in Bermuda

The Cristobal Colon is a dive site that must be experienced by keen divers. The Colon was a 1923 Spanish liner that ran into a reef and now offers a perfect opportunity for adventurous underwater exploration.

Horseshoe Bay also comes fully recommended. With its wide crescent and soft pink sand, it is a hit with tourists and locals alike and known as one of Bermuda's most beautiful beaches.

Weather in Bermuda

Bermuda has a nice agreeable climate, with temperatures in the first half of the year rising to a comfortable 25 degrees C (80 degrees Fahrenheit) and peaking in August.

Rainfall on the island is moderate and evenly distributed throughout the year, dropping slightly around April.

Destination checklist for Bermuda

Bermuda has a population of around 66,163 and its capital city is Hamilton.

The official language is English.

The Bermudian dollar is the official currency in use.

Bermuda is four hours behind GMT and uses the international dialling code +441.