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With the revelation this week that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will tie the knot on Lake Como, it seems that the Italian beauty spot may have been the best kept celebrity secret hideout.

Situated about 30 miles to the east of Milan, it was recently the object of a visit by Microsoft owner Bill Gates, who attended a conference at the lakeside town of Menaggio in order to consider the business and tourism potential of the resort.

It is a place with such style and rustic charm that some of the world's finest yachts are actually built on its shores.

There is no doubt that Como is a fabulous location. When I travelled there, it was no simple journey: an hour-long train ride from Milan's airport took us to a railway station from which we could see the lake.

From there, it was a steep walk down to the riverside, followed by a wait for the ferry and a 20 minute ferry tip. Once on the other side of the lake, we had another steep climb to reach our accommodation.

However, if you are looking for a peaceful getaway then all of these factors may actually be a godsend. Combine this with the sense of almost total desertion that can accompany even a short walk and its attraction for the high-profile becomes clear.

So many properties around this stunningly gorgeous expanse of water have an entire wall of beautiful views. It would be fairly simple to own a property here with glass walls and for no-one to ever get far enough across the water to see in. In fact, that is probably the case for many.

Cruise and Holmes are clearly a pair who value their privacy. It was four months after the birth of their baby Suri until she was seen by the light of day. Lucky for them then, that they have friends in high places. Or do they?

Fellow Hollywood regular George Clooney owns a villa on the bank of the lake and it is here that the ceremony has been rumoured to have been planned later in the autumn.

However, Clooney apparently uses the getaway for – ahem – bachelor activity only and his spokesperson has denied the wedding gossip.

With Tom and Katie also thought to have purchased a villa nearby, however, it may all just be a red herring to keep the press away from the real location.

Whichever it is, the honey pot retreat is only set to get more popular, so heading for its crystal clear waters and enjoying a coffee by the lakeside may well be something to take in sooner rather than later.

You may even bump into George or the TomKat…


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