Guide to Investing in Bathroom Improvements

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  1. Making home improvements is one of the most effective ways of boosting a property’s value, and investing in a bathroom in particular can pay off in the long-term.
  2. Even small changes, such as fitting new shower curtains or contemporary taps can be enough to impress prospective buyers.
  3. Proper planning can make all the difference to a home improvement project, so take your time and do your homework.
  4. Home improvement shows and design magazines can be useful sources of inspiration, but don’t just rely on one source of information.
  5. If your budget allows it, consider investing in the services of a home design professional as they will know what improvements can add value to a home.
  6. Opting for neutral colours is the safest way of impressing prospective buyers. In comparison, loud or overly-personalised bathrooms may put them off.

Benefits of Spending Money on your Bathroom

The downturn seen in the housing market has led to a significant proportion of people opting to 'improve instead of move' in such an uncertain environment and, this time round, experts have pointed to bathrooms as being the room of choice for DIY enthusiasts to turn their hands to.

Speaking at the Totally DIY show at the Birmingham NEC, Matthew Piner, retail analyst at Verdict Research, noted that gardens and fitted kitchens have come and gone, and now many Britons are looking upstairs to add value and quality to their homes.

"The big area of growth is likely to be bathrooms," he said.

"It is something that is currently quite under capacity and there is a lot of [market] share there for DIY retailers to move into."

Quite simply, by investing in your bathroom yourself, you are making it clear that would-be buyers don’t have to go through the hassle of overseeing an upgrade themselves, making your property much more attractive.

Planning a Bathroom Makeover

Proper planning can mean the difference between a project that will boost the value of your home and a botched job. According to Style at Home, those homeowners opting to take this route should not do so lightly, but instead plan their proposed project accordingly.

So, first of all, you will need to decide what you actually want to achieve – whether it’s a full-scale makeover or just a few tweaks – and, just as importantly, work out your budget. Of course, these two things may not be compatible, so you may have to scale down your ambitions.

Once you have your budget and end result down on paper, it’s time to do your homework on contemporary bathroom design. Television home makeover shows can be excellent sources of inspiration, as can home improvement websites, magazines and blogs. Don’t be tempted to rely on just one source, but spread your net wide. Additionally, if your budget allows, consider investing in the services of a professional interior designer as they will know all about the latest trends and, more importantly, what styles are best for increasing the value of a home.

Invest your Money Wisely

Whatever your budget, you should invest your money wisely. After all, splashing the cash on gold taps or a turquoise hot tub may not boost the value of your home in quite they way a simple, plain yet contemporary suite might.

One of the main things you should invest in is durable flooring, while underfloor heating, though expensive, can pay dividends further down the line. Other key investments include a good-quality mirror and contemporary taps and fittings.

Again, it’s crucial that you do your homework and plan properly. Make sure everything goes together before you invest any of your money, try sitting in a bathtub yourself before buying it.

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