Labour House of Card Policies

I can’t confess to having watched the acclaimed House of Cards, but I can imagine that if one card wobbles and falls then the whole house comes crashing down around you.

The first implication is that Labours' high taxes force the rich to leave, companies to re domicile for cheap corporation tax rates, every tax receipt drops causing concern in the financial markets, meanwhile they get on with bring assets back into public ownership.

Essentially a borrow and spend more policy on every level as the public don’t like to pay for anything – who does? But ultimately someone has to pay, wasn’t it the last labour government who left a note saying good luck.

Public Sector v Private Sector

Under the previous labour government, the public sector grew to be bigger than the private sector – under Corbyns policies this would be the case again. Without the private sector being able to invest and make decent returns, jobs, tax and increases in living standards will fall for all, not just the few -but for the many. It’s the private sector that pays for public services, please public sector don’t kid yourselves that you pay tax, and that counts - its recycled money and not wealth creation there’s no money left?

Unions and abuse of power will cost the UK

Let’s take just one policy.

Re Nationalise Trains

Re Nationalise; great idea, my first thought.

I hate my local train operator, it’s a monopoly service from Kettering if you want to travel to London and they have cut the service and slowed the trains down to hit punctuality targets, whilst raised prices to joke levels, want to travel to London in the morning, its one hour away (it used to be 50 minutes) well its only over £100 all options return, you can fly to most of Europe for less and back – so much for privatisation and let’s not get me onto them slowing the trains down. Yes, Eastmidlands trains I am taking about you. My life would feel happier if you were no more!

So let us fast forward to where Labour re nationalise all the trains, BR2 – this would employ thousands of people lead to the employees being automatically enrolled in one big union, as labour is effectively controlled by them, and here is the issue!

All those commuters that Southern Rail serves have experienced strikes, delays, cancelled trains and more strikes – causing loss of jobs and productivity for most. Now without getting into that situation in any detail, it appears only a small percentage of people voted and got the strike going. It wasn’t even very clear what they were striking for towards the end of it, as what they had asked for was being offered, but apparently wasn’t good enough!

Now imagine one employee in say McMuffin Street Stations’ and their job is under threat, let’s say new technology means this job is no longer required then, union time and boom; all of a sudden, the whole of the UK train service is on strike! The UK can’t get to work, to make money, to pay taxes.

Labour to appease the union increase pay and keep the person, the other public sector unions want the same, Labour, as promised, increase all pay and promise jobs for life – the card has fallen.

Idea – lets increase taxes and the rich can pay

Now only a fool thinks increasing taxes in today’s transient world will increase tax receipts, all the evidence shows the opposite. So let’s say a few years down the road, tax receipts at 50% of what was forecast, the friendly labour government unions pulling the strings, people chose not to work as benefits are raised, productivity drops, business stop investing in the UK, the roads are jammed as desperate commuters try to get to work, original working people lose weeks of pay, or even their jobs, consumer confidence drops, hitting the high street, people borrow more money, the pound sinks on all the bad news, inflation reaches 6% - finally the Bank of England wake up to the fact that they need to support the pound as inflation is out of control, over 18 months interest rates are raised to 4%. UK EU exit fee is negotiated at £100 billion by labour – who fail to say where this money is coming from. People’s mortgage payments rocket, repossessions and homelessness rise. The credit rating agencies down grade UK government debt to junk status. Hence the rate at which the UK government can borrow rockets to the point where funds dry up and the UK goes hand in cap to the IMF for a bail out.

IMF bail out

The IMF impose worse cuts on public services, pensioners, and demand that the public assets including the nationalised trains are sold off as part of the deal to help re balance the UK books – all worse than any Tory government would ever do and hence the UK suffers 10 years of rapid decline due to a failed socialist policy.

Meanwhile the EU laugh as they dealt with a weak Labour government, giving the UK a good political and economic kick in all because it’s nice to be a caring socialist. Accommodating labour who want a deal at any price pay £100 billion EU divorce bill and £5 billion a year for a free trade deal – placing us financially in a worse position than if we stayed in the EU.

Lots of people born 1980 onwards don’t know that political idealism and reality are very different in theory and reality. Socialism sounds good, but never delivers any economic or social benefits over a period of time.

One more thing, anyone who thinks Labour policies are fully costed and add up now need to re visit basic economic and mathematics - you can promise anything when your not in power.


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