Presidents Club RIP

The Presidents Club is close after 33 years of charity fund raising, congratulations to the FT and their reporter – we weren’t aware that the FT went in for this kind of journalism, but you learn something new every day.

Having heard Madison Marriage from the FT on the Jeremy Vine radio 2 show today I am not convinced there was a story here – but the BBC love their political correctness and making mountains out of mole hills. Que Phil Neville witch hunt next.

So men were seen to be grabbing the hostess hands, shock horror call the police, no lets make it front page news, prime time BBC news and let twitter explode with all the feminist comments about what pigs men are and how discussing it all is. So ok she also said inappropriate advances were made and some bottoms grabbed – a room full of drunk men, not condoning it, but hardly a surprise.

I have seen that its outrageous that the event was “Men Only” and it was like one big stag party – well I haven’t heard that there were any strippers? And look why aren’t men allowed to have an all male party? If they just had men serving drinks we would be into another area of it being a big gay party, so can’t win!

Hen Parties

Now any women that have been on a hen party which visits a male strip show? Everyone shouting out about the Presidents Club mild boys jolly should go with the girls to see what real sexual harassment is – but that’s ok the men signed up for it, it’s their job.

I have seen comments like let old men and boys be the hostess for these events, this could be even more dangerous, I am sure anyone who came across Kevin Spacey would agree.

Charites the loser

Fun night out for rich men, alcohol and bad behaviour towards young female hostess – result over £2 million raised for Charity. Now this all ends because a FT under cover report (who didn’t feel threatened at the time, but after a couple of days later decided she didn’t like it - her words on radio 2) decided its unacceptable behaviour for 2018.

Hermaphrodite People Needed

If we were all one sex, we would solve lots of issues, no sexism, equal pay, who gets the last seat on the train etc !

The sanitation of society continues and its sad. We had not seen any other hostess from the Presidents Club come forward and complain, the outrage is on twitter from the usual suspects (no doubt other ladies who were working at the event will now come forward for their 15 minutes of fame!) – looking at twitter the guest list witch hunt is on!. We have all lost sight that the ladies were all paid very well, knew what the event was, some had worked it before, so knew what to expect and I dare some earned tips for being flirty. Flirty is a dirty word at the moment – Sid James will be turning in his gave tonight, what a carry on!


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