Theresa May and Tory Mistakes

How to lose a 20 point lead in a month.

As the polls are narrowing what has caused a shift towards the hapless Labour party.

We take a look at where we see the slippage for the Torys – where is it going wrong.

  1. Fox hunting – anyone with any compassion towards animals knows that allowing a pack of dogs to chase and rip any animal to pieces while people chase along on horses, is simply for a previous time in history – as a society we should have evolved passed his by now, why not add dog fighting, cock fighting, fighting to death (at least the person would make a conscious decision to take part and die, unlike the poor fox!)

  2. Social Care Policy – “dementia tax” the reality is that we have an aging population and social care costs are rising. So who should pay for it? Not a debate to have during an election campaign.

  3. Strong and Stable – great phrase but the second you do u turns you undermine your key phrase. The labour phrase is more appealing to the masses.

  4. Bribes win elections – I can’t see any on the Tory side, too many on Labours that they will never be able to deliver on, but people like to believe them.

  5. Public sector pay. This has been capped too long – too many people work in the public sector and have seen their real take home pay eroded over the last seven years. Tory policy should be to drop the cap and promise an independent review to look at what increases are needed. Even if you don’t work in the public sector we all know someone who does and could do with a rise.

  6. Mays not on TV debating. With every other party leader facing each other and the public, people are saying May is in hiding and it’s not strong and stable not to face them.

  7. No wealth creation policies – for a long time I have thought the UK should have a sovereign wealth fund – investing for the country, holding equities, infrastructure assets etc

  8. No small business policies – to encourage start ups and exports – if there is its been swept under the carpet.

  9. Never attack school meals – anything that seemly makes children worse off makes you look bad.

  10. Failing to address the student issue of leaving university with debts that graduates will be paying off for a very long time, some have debts of £40-50k . The way the interest rate is charged is “wonger” old style and needs reforming or a cap needs looking at.

  11. Not shouting about the good things that the Tory’s have done, work place pensions introduction, introducing the national minimum wage and raising it, raising people’s personal allowances year on year.

Mays saving Grace?

Will the Tory’s increase their 17 seat majority or will it evaporate? – will the election call prove to be a great judgement call or the worst decision, after Cameron’s EU referendum, in political history. The only thing that might win the Tory’s this election is the pending EU Britex negotiations and undoubtedly, they are the best placed to look after the UK interests - David Davies seems a very competent, sincere and honest man, who personally I would trust with it, unlike anyone on Labours team.


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