Tory Nasty Party is Back

Tory voters all over the country are holding their heads in shame today.

309 v 323 was the house of commons vote count on Labours “let’s not cap public sector pay at 1%” - with the Tory government voting it down.

Now we all understand that the Tory party couldn’t let Corbyn win in any kind of policy he tries to get Parliament to vote on, but shame on the Tory MP’s who cheered the result.

They should hang their heads in shame, I think Tory MP’s will struggle to even find their own voters who would say no to giving an above 1% pay rise for nurses, firefighters, police, army etc.. its been seven years since the 2010 pay freeze and we have to address this in 2017.

On the bright side for Labour another five years of the current course the Tory government are on will see them wiped out as even their die-hard supporters decide it’s time to take a more social approach.

Mays JAM’s

Empty words so far from Mrs May for those Just About Managing – with inflation heading towards 3% due to the Bank of England’s mis management of interest rates and their overreaction to the Brexit vote is leaving the UK in a worse position than before. From being the strong and capable woman, the country was wanting we have found her uturning, wanting a vote on fox hunting and hiding away from debates and lacking personality when our country needs it.

Tory Tax

You might laugh but the Tory’s have been attacking their vote base for the last few years, the extra tax on landlords, the scaping of the dividend tax credit, the extra tax on house purchases, the increase in insurance tax, are just a few nasty taxes that even a labour government wouldn’t have dared to introduce.

Brixit Blues

Good old Dave, gave us all a vote on the EU and then left the mess behind. The no deal is better than a bad deal was always a negotiation stance – everyone wants a free trade deal, can David Davis deliver or will Cameron and May go down in history as the pair that sank Britannia and turned the UK into the poor relation in the EU? We should re-join if that happens as we maybe net recipients of EU cash than we can spend EU funds on the NHS. Not inconceivable that in 10 years time we would not be net contributors if the Tory’s get all our trade deals badly wrong!


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