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Are you new to dating? The online dating world can often seem quite daunting to the novice and here at UK Net Guide we have devised a great tool to help you navigate through the minefield that searching for a mate online. Whether you are looking for a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, our tool caters for all. You can even specify a nationality should you have a preference.

There are thousands of singles out there looking for romance, long term companionship, and casual fun. All you need to do is find them! Sounds simple doesn’t it. Well is really is!

Use the UK Net Guide dating tool and sign up to the suggested dating websites generated and away you go. The future is what YOU make it. So don’t just sit at home being lonely, get chatting to other singletons now!

How our Search Works

The UK Net Guide dating tool takes the hassle out of finding the right dating site that caters for your needs. Simply enter the required details above and our dating tool will suggest the best dating websites based on the criteria you set.

At this stage you might not really know exactly what you want from a mate and that’s why we kept the UK Net Guide dating tool simple. Most people searching for a date online, whether at the start or somewhere in the middle of their journey, know what gender they are seeking to find. And if they don’t, then they can always do two separate searches on the tool J

What you need to ask yourself:

  • What gender are you?
  • What gender are you seeking to find for a date?
  • Do you have a preferential nationality?

Top Tips for Online Dating

Assuming you have used the UK Net Guide dating tool, signed up for the suggested dating websites and created an exciting profile, you should now start contacting potential mates. Here is where you need to think about WHO you might want to be really dating.

Try and make a list of attributes you would like in a partner. This might include whether they are blonde, brunette or a redhead, their age, if they have or want children etc. etc.  Try to be realistic and think about what you want to achieve. If you are 56 year old man and want the stereotypical young dolly bird, how long will the relationship last? How much will you really have in common with her? What is important to you and what might be in the future?

Think about past relationships; what did they look like, what qualities did you really like in them and which did you find a turn off? The majority of dating websites, give you a questionnaire covering these things and will often tailor their dating results based on what you have said. So think carefully about how you answer!

Making contact for the first time with someone can be difficult. Read their profile closely and tailor your message to what they have written. If they like cooking, ask them ‘what their favourite dish is to cook.’ Take an interest in them as a person rather than asking a general question like ‘how are you?’

Checklist for Successful Online Dating

  • Use the UK Net Guide dating tool to give you dating websites that suit your needs
  • Sign up and create the most interesting and exciting profile
  • Think about what your relationship goals are and what you want in terms of their qualities
  • Establish contact tailoring it to their online dating profile
  • Go on a face-to-face date that is fun