Speed Awareness Courses

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What You Need to Know

  1. If you are caught speeding you can choose to attend driving school instead of taking three points on your license.
  2. The initiative is aimed at those caught speeding just above the limit and will only be open to people caught breaking the speed limit by 10% + 9mph or less.
  3. The day long course costs £90, however it does allow you avoid the normal £60 fixed penalty.
  4. Studies have shown the course to lead to drivers reducing their speed in future, whereas fixed penalties have been shown to have no impact on motoring habits.
  5. You will need to make sure you full know and understand the Highway Code, you can buy it online, we recommend Amazon as they always have lots of good offers .
  6. Drivers will not be permitted to take the course more than once in a three year period.
  7. If you are an ex-offender and need disqualified driver car insurance, Insurance Choice can help you.

Speeding motorists can now go back to driving school and take a speed awareness course as an alternative to having points on their licence. The courses are part of a government initiative to improve the driving of those motorists caught fractionally over the speed limit – particularly in urban areas.

Only drivers caught doing less than 10% over the limit + 9mph. They will pay about £90 for the one-day course instead of the normal £60 fixed penalty, but they will avoid having any points added to their licences.

All those caught going well over the limit will continue to be fined and given penalty points.

The course aims to make motorists into safer drivers. A study by Staffordshire University of the course run in Lancashire found that issuing a penalty notice had no impact on driving habits but attending the course resulted in a 5mph reduction in average speed.

Lessons include using driving simulators to improve a person’s ability to spot hazards and judge speed, and useful tips on how to avoid speeding in the future, such as selecting third gear in a 30mph limit, and also saying the speed limit aloud as the driver passes the sign to fix it in the mind.

Drivers will also be forced to confront the potentially fatal consequences of going too fast.

Increasingly, courses are available all over the country so, for example, a motorist caught speeding in Devon may have the chance to take a course near his or her home in Newcastle – rather than having to travel long distances across the country. It is stressed that the course is optional and that not all speeding drivers will be invited to take it up.

A national register will be kept of those taking the courses and motorists will be allowed to take only one every three years.

Home Office figures this week showed that 1.9 million motorists received penalty points for camera offences in 2003. Some 33,000 lost their licences under the 'totting up' system – a rise of 10 per cent.

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  • You can find out more about penalty points from the DVLA.
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Pete Pete

Just stopped today in North Notts. The officer told me the criteria for the SAT course was 10% plus 12mph, which would put me in the band. Most info seems to suggest it is 10% plus either 6mph or 9mph. Not sure what to think now.

Colin Colin

I'm 82 with 66 years driving experience and never had any convictions etc. Disabled but mentally fully alert and quick reactions - was a fighter pilot for 17 years. Just been charged by Nth Wales police with doing 35 in 30 zone, was in a stream of traffic so am unaware of how it happened. Offered a SPA which I have arranged. I am concerned to see that Nth. Wales Police also offered me the choice of a £100 fine and 3 points - everyone else seems to get a fine of £60 - so why are NW police charging more?

jon day jon day

how do i find out when i took my last speed awareness course as i cannot remember ?

kind regards


Sharon Sharon

How can you find out the dates of previously taken speed awareness courses please? Thank you.

Nawais Amjad Nawais Amjad


I have received a letter today saying I broke red light by 2 seconds as I have already attended the speed awareness course plus 7 months back I have got 3 points also and the time period I attended the last course is also within three years, am I still be eligible for any kind of course?

eileen eileen

i was caught speeding and offered the course or a60 pound fine with 3 points on my licence i live in in liverpool where would i take the course ?

l smith l smith

I was offered the course filled in papers received no reply. This week received fine £100 and request for my licence into them. I do not want 3 points phoned and was told no alternative other than court your advise please

Phil Phil

I think I was flashed by a camera but can't be sure. I probably was over the limit. Regardless, I am a little annoyed as the car in front had sped, overtaken me and was still travelling at speed, but no camera was triggered. Why are some car drivers exempt from their actions?

yolande james yolande james

I was doing 59mph in a 50 mph zone, I'm I in titled to do the course, if so why haven't the metropolitan police offered this to me they just sent me the fixed penalty fine of £100 and 3 points on my licence to pay within 28 days

Yazmin Yazmin

I was caught doing 50ish in a 30, careless mistake - wasnt concerntrating was chatting to passenger! I passed 6 months ago and have got a clean liscence. What will the outcome be?


Susan Susan

Hi was got doing 36mph in 30 mph road, I already have 8 point on my licence and i was hoping i will be offered the speed awareness course but instead i got a conditional offer of 3 penalty point and £100 can i contest this because i can't afford to get another point on my licence, please help

Taz Taz

I have had a letter through saying I was doing 70 mph on the motorway, and the speed was limited to 50mph. Average speed check cameras. I drove all the way from London making sure I keep within the speed limit. I reduced speed where it clearly stated that their are roadworks and the speed is 50. It was about 2am in the morning there was no traffic at all. Is there a chance that it could be a mistake or there were no signs up? I can't afford to have points on my licence. Please give you advise as to what I can do.


Andy Andy

Hi Ive just had a speeding ticket through the door (39mph in a 30 zone). I've been on a course previously around 3 years ago but can't remember exactly when. It says I maybe eligible to go on the course but I'm just wondering is there any way of finding out the exact date of my previous speed awareness course, my local force is west Yorkshire?

kayleigh kayleigh

hi, i have 9 points on my licence and got a speeding ticket this morning doing 35mph in a 30. i have never been on a course, do you think i will be offerd one instead of points? thanks

Pedro Pedro

Hi I was stopped by a patrol car and the officer issued me a ticket for doing 42mph in a 30 zone. Since then I have realised that the zone is a 40, not a 30. I appreciate I was speeding but just 2mph over the 40 limit. Have I a defence? Is the ticket null and void as it is incorrectly recording the speed limit?



I have received 2 speeding notices for driving at 35 on 30 route , both on the same day same place at different timings. Notices are also same dated.
will they allow me to do speed awareness course for both notices or i can take speed awareness for 1 notice and for the other one, i have to pay 100 and carry 3 points? what is general practice in these instances?


debra debra

Hi my 19yr old son was driving my car which hes insured for and was caught doing 35 in a 30zone as he was lost and on unfamiliar road.hes been passed his test a year and a half.will he b likely to b offered a speed awareness course as its his 1st offence

Richard Richard

I too got snapped by the road safety fund raising van after coming down a long hill in a 50 zone. Right at the bottom it changes to a 30 and I drove into the welcoming arms of the law at 36 just inside the 30 zone. Now I cant get on the website to book the course and keep getting an error message. Grrr......

jon jon

I have already been caught speeding on the m54 and had 3 points and a 100 pound fine but i have now also had 2 more fines from September last year 70 in a 50 and 66 in a 50 will i get 6 points and a 200 pound fine ? with happened as i was very unsure on where the 50 started on the m54 as it was not posted very clearly and do you know why it has taken 4 months for the fines to come through

Ross Ross

Hi I was going 33 in 30 mph will I get a fine and points or not ?

Graham Graham

As of September this year I had 6 points on my licence. In November a fixed speed camera got me doing 34 in a 30 zone. I was offered and accepted a course instead of points. Course is booked for 17/1/14. In mid December I was recorded by a Vascar unit doing 39 in a 30 zone. I was driving a relative's car, and they got the notice on 20th Dec. Question is: can the police rescind the offer of the course for the first offence in view of the subsequent offence? If they do, that would put me on 12 points, with strong possibility of a ban and probable loss of my job. At 63, I would struggle to get another job, so this might mean a forced early retirement!
My relative has not yet returned the form giving my name as driver. The 28 day period in which he must do that ends on 16/1/14. If they don't send me a notice of intended prosecution before I take the course, will that make any difference?

Selina Selina

Hi, I was pulling out of where I was & slightly on the other side of the road was the lights, couldn't see the light till my car had turned to face them as I did I got flashed on the side of my car & when I went over it, I couldn't see what colour they were on tho was going really slow was to late tho then, been driving 9 years never had points what will happening? ??

aimal aimal

hi I was cross the traffic light I don.t know this was red or not . but the traffic light camera flash just one time on my car, my fried told me if a camera dabble flash then they will sand you a ticket one time flash is not a matter . you think the police will sand me a ticket. please reply me

rob rob

Hi , i have recently started driving a van and didn't realise the speed limit was lower .

Had two nips come through, one from hampshire and one from dorset , the hampshire on has a box to tick for a course (speed awareness) , i did however attend a course for mobile phone about a year ago(was using it as a satnav!) The offences were both dual carriageways with a limit of 70mph but i didn't realise the limit for my van on these roads is 60mph - i was caught doing 71mph and 72mph.

Am i likely to be offered a course?

Sarah Sarah

Hi, I got caught speeding, was elligable for a speed awareness course, but they cannot offer me one in my area within the time parameters as there's no spaces left via Kirklees Council. I've been told by West Yorkshire Police that its not their problem, and so I'll get the points anyway. Everything I have done has been within the time limits, is this right? Can I challenge this?
Kind Regards

Luke Luke

Hi I got pulled over by a officer yesturday doing 52 in a 30mph speed limit is there any chance at all I would be able to go on a speed awareness course as I'm young and points would boost my insurance up a lot :/? Thank you

s speed s speed

Hi My son was driving his car to drop it off for me and was doing 36 in a 30 area. An hour or so later I was driving his car back along the same road and was doing 41. We both genuinely thought the road was a 40. I have already done a course about 3 years ago but my son's hasn't, just wondering if it's worth putting a letter in to explain.

Amy Amy

I was recently caught going 35mph in a 30 zone
I have already taken a driver awareness course for an accident i was in around a year ago
Can i still be offered a speed awareness course or will it just be a fine and points?

Danail Danail

Hi. I was driven at 38mph to 40mph in a 30mph zone in Edinburgh city,scotland. I'd like to know, will I get fixed penality of 3 points added to my licence ? what is the criteria of getting ticket in scotland.. I presume there is no Driving awareness training in scotalnd. I'd appreciate your reply, because I'm eager to know what's going to happen...Thank you

Phil Phil

Hi, i did a speed awaremess course a few days ago, and believe ive just got another ticket, a couple of seconds lack of concentration on the motorway i think i was doing 79/80
What happends if i have been caught, will i just have the points and fine?

mike mike

I was stopped for not wearing a seatbelt.the police told me it was a £100 fixed penalty fine none endorsable.i recived a driver awareness form saying i can attend the corse foe a fee of £85 .If i dont take the corse it says i will be find and recieve 3 points.im confussed.

Chris Chris

How can you find out when you last went on a driver awareness course?

Danny brooks Danny brooks

Hi I received two NIP for the same day on the same road a13 Essex to and from home , four hours apart , both for 59 in a 50 , which was signed and both returned in the same envelope, I have just been sent two speed awareness courses , could this be an error or could this be classed as the same journey ? I have signed both and sent off for speed awareness , if you can help many thanks

Harry Harry

If you could just tell me please . I was a single carriage way 60mph limit . Following lorry doing 45 to 50 . I waited for the right time to overtake and when I did get the chance I overtake him . But didn't realize there was a yellow box on left of road . A speed camera . As soon as I was in front of that lorry . There was a white light . Which I am assuming either belongs to camera or the lights from lorry as it had more than 30 white lights in front of him . Point is . It was yesterday . And at point when I overtook . Speed would be 70 I guess . So if I don't receive a nip in 14 days or 18 days . Am I off the hook ? And I am the registered keeper .

Can I challenge it ? If it comes saying . Lorry driving was blocking my way doing 45 to 50 in 60 zone .

keith walsh keith walsh

My son worked for a company in june 2013,he does not work for them now , yesterday they contacted him saying he got flashed / speeding in june, now he must go on the course or pay the fine. i think its a little late to tell him now ??

Lnsy Lnsy

I was caught speeding on 8 August, and offered the speed awareness course, I completed and returned my form on the 13 August, but heard nothing back, so tried to book the course online but couldn't get it to work.

Now 1 October I have a letter saying as I have failed to book the course I must pay the fine and take the points - but I've had no letter follow up from my completing the form until now - so how is that my fault. I didn't fail to book, I was unable to - so expecting a letter from them instructing me how to do so.

Very annoyed, do I have an right to reply on this??

Kerry Kerry

Amused by the breast feeding mothers claiming discrimination. Use one of those breast pump things and leave your kid with someone for the day.

Bob Stocking Bob Stocking

If someone attended a Speed Awareness couse within the past three years, can they be offered the chance to go on a Driver Awareness (or whatever so long as it is not a speed course) course to avoid points for going through a red light (assuming it is in the tolerances to be offered a course)? i.e. are the 2 or 3 different courses separate in terms of the 3 yr rule or do you definitely get the points if you have been on any one of the awareness courses in the past 3 years?

santos santos

i got pulled over for doing 38 in a 30 on a 50 cc i was offered the cource but its been 5 weeks and the letter still hasnt come through

Ian Ian

I was caught doing 55 in a 40 zone in N. Ireland. Am i too much over the limit to be offered the Speed Awareness course??

Marc Marc

I was puled over for doing 45mph in a 30 mile zone. I told the truth that I was not concentrating to the sign as I was having a slight issue with the mat under my pedals in my car. I was issued with 3 plenty points and a £60 fine and I had to give my liscence to the officer. He didnot mention anything about a course to me, so would I be eligable as this is my first offense it has never happened before it was just one moment of stupidty. I understand 45 is well out of the 10% limit but I wasnt driving like a mad person it was a minor issue with a mat that was blocking my clutch going down full.

Stephanie Stephanie

I did 41 in a 30 zone, do I lose my licence or what does happen?

R B Baloch R B Baloch

i was cought doing 35mph on 30mph road and attended course on my international license year ago. now i am cought again doing 37mph on 30mph, but this time i have a british license do i get a offer for speed awareness course?

aliuk74 aliuk74

hi went past a mobile speed van at around 65mph on a 60mph road do you think i will get off with it thanks

Rabia Amin Anwar Rabia Amin Anwar

If you were to get caught in a 30 zone doing 33 by a mobile speed camera van, what are the chances of you getting caught?
If you were to get caught what will the options be?
Do drivers usually get caught doing 33 in a 30 zone? Or do the police let you off.

Kirsty Kirsty

Hi I have received a letter this morning saying that I was caught speeding on the 9th. I haven't got a problem with that but I think I was speeding and caught a few days after that day, 12th? My husband reckons the both incidents would have come together because the letter was dated yesterday, 16th. Can anyone give advice, on the edge of my seat waiting for another letter

scott scott

hi i have been caught dong 48 in a 40 by a mobile speed camera. i have no points so far would i be able to do the course or do you think they will give me 3 points

peter peter

I got two tickets in three days from an average speed camera section of the a13 supossidly doing 54 in a 50 mph road I sent back the letters confirming I was driving and recieved two letters baxk offering speed awarness course which I accepted one week lateri received a letter askingfor my fine to be payed withi0n28 days now im confused as I returned the letters offering speed awarenessdo I pay this fine accept the pointsor go to this speed awareness thing can I take it for both these tickets or can I only take it for one

Peter Peter

Im 67 year old never had a speeding fine but just got letter saying been caught on camera doing 38 in a 30 limit can I have the choice to take a Speed Awareness Course.

Nossen Nossen

I have received a notice of intended prosecution for doing 36mph in 30mph area. I think it likely I will be offered the course. My insurance premium is due for renewal now. Presumably I do not need to inform them of a notice of intended prosecution (I note that depending on policy wording I would near to inform them once police decision on points or offer of course is made)?

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Jon,

He would be more likely to receive a fine (£200 would be usual) and 6 penalty points. That's assuming that you don't do the course in his stead, although lying about who was driving could put you at risk of prosecution.

Adrian Adrian

I find the whole episode distasteful having been caught allegedly doing 37 in 30 on a country road coming out of a fifty down hill into the waiting arms of the bill at the bottom. Two of the three signs for thirty are in bushes and overgrown still no excuse I did know but you tend to lift of the throttle to slow down into the 30 here as it is in the sticks. I checked my speedo and reckon I was at less than 35 before the van? Anyway my issue is that I returned the course option as instructed and then yesterday received the 3 points and fine? three numbers are given but I have been unable to get through on two and the third is the AA tech course provider who's number is a computer for booking. Without the offer letter you cannot book so conditional offer/TVP have made it impossible to contact any of the numbers given on the paperwork. My work colleagues have witnessed my multiple attempts to call them so now I am stuffed even though I was clearly told I was entitled to take the course with no mention of it being discretionary. Probably nicked so many that day there are not enough places! Oh I would appeal but the consequences seem against my human rights from how the process is described for asking for calibration proof it is an out rage and we pay their wages!

Jon Gregory Jon Gregory

My friend has borrowed my car and has been caught speeding I've just found out he is only a named driver on his car not the main policy holder I have been offered the speed awareness course but he is scared he will lose is licence due to only being a named drive is this true

Gem Gem


I received three penalty points 2 years 10 months ago for doing 40mph in a 30 zone. I was offered to do the course but I opted not to as it would have meant travelling over to Northern Ireland for the day to do the course. As I didn't do the course, will I be offered the option of doing it this time? I was caught doing 60mph in a temporary 50mph zone on the m6.

So upset So upset

I have been sent a notice saying I was doing 47 in a 40, by a mobile unit. I was on a road I have only been down once before years ago & being harassed by an aggressive motorbike rider, who had forgot to turn his indicator off. I was so busy trying to prevent him hitting me or causing an accident that I never saw the speed sign & so travelled the same speed as those in front. As its an unbuilt country road I actually presumed it was national speed limit.. I'm sure I wasn't going that fast & am so upset as I admit I'm a nerd & don't speed & feel it is so unfair. How can I get proof of my speed & is there anything I can do. I'm really upset :( please help :(

Jamie Jamie

Hi. I received a speeding ticket last week for doing 41mph in a 30mph zone. I already have 3 points on my licence and I've been offered a speed awarness course. But I'm confused how I've been offered a course when I've been caught speeding twice within my first two years of driving. Can somebody explain please. Thanks.

sue sue

Hi I have had a notice saying I was doing 39 in a 30 will I be offered the speed awareness course, its through Merseyside police

Sean Sean

Hi a friend of mine attended a speed awareness course and completed it but it shows on his counter part he has 3 points still? do they put them on anyway before u take the course and will these points be invalid? thanks.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Andrew,

When you attended a course your details are retained on a database the check your eligibility for the next three years. So, it sounds like they haven’t consulted that database in sending you the letter, but they probably would if went through the process of accepting the place, as that would entail entering those same details. In short, you will probably not be able to choose the course, despite the letter.

Hi Nikki,

No, I’m afraid not.

Hi Jimbob,

With regards to getting an offer, it’s at the discretion of the force. With regards to disputing who was driving, it seems that photos are not required to actually identify the driver, merely the vehicle. It’s up for the owner to then tell the police who was driving. (Failing to do so is a criminal offence.) Surely your employers have some record of who is driving which of their vehicles at any one time? I imagine they’ll just use those records.

Andrew Andrew

Hi I got offered a speed awareness course last summer by my city police and a few days ago I got flashed doing 58 in a 50 but not in my city it was in manchester but there police have gave me letter sayin if I t was me driving which it was but there was an overleaf saying i can be offered a speed awareness course for this. Will I get this offered definitely or would I not because its less than 3 years ago. I did the course with tct layer and this one is with national drivier offender retraining course? Any help would be much appreciated please and thank you

Nikki Nikki

Hi my partner has 9 points and has just had a letter come through for speeding and giving him 3 points and £60 fine he hasn't been offered the speed awarness course, would he be able to ring and see if he could do that instead of taking the extra points?

jimbob jimbob

1. Hi, I have received an NIP for a fixed penalty points. I am just one of loads of drivers for my company and I am unsure who it really is as the company was until I received a Nip. I have requested for photographic evidence and it has came back very unclear who it is you can not even see the face of the driver what do I do? if it is me I will hold my hand up an what ever is is.

2.The speed of the offence was 50mph coming off of an motorway into a 40mph zone will they offer me a speed awareness course or is that it for driving if its even me? As I feel any way that you really would learn a lot more doing it no matter happens. thank you very much for any information on this.

dean dean

no mater what speed you was doing or what was going on at the time the police are not interested all they are interested in is how much money they can get out your pocket £60 or pay £85 what a rip off £25 more so you don't get the 3 points so you have to pay more no mater what all they think about is money you was going a little over the speed limit you didn't crash you didn't kill anyone but no they just want money makes me sick I was on the motorway 70mph with roadwork's at 1.30 in the morning not a sole about all 3 lanes open with a limit of 40mph was the only car on the road for about 1 mile and they did me for 57mph o well more money they can rip me off for doing nothing

Worried Worried

I was caught doing 38 in 30 limit, right by a change of direction in the road due to a lane closure for maintenace work. (normally a two lane road) I was in the correct lane, the car on my left hand side suddenly moved to go in my lane and I put my foot down to avoid a side impact.
The weather was raining and it was dark. The road was not a resident road but it is a road out of the city? what do I do? Please advise

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Sara,

It's completely at the discretion of the police as to whether you'll be offered a place on a course or not.

sara sara

I attended a speed awareness course just over 3 years ago for my first ever speeding offence in 10 years.
Since then i have changed jobs and am driving around alot. I have since acquired 6 points (1 x SP30 35 in a 30 (2010) , and 1 x SP30 47 in a 40 (2011).
I've had a notice of intended prosecution come through today for 35 in a 30. Can i attend another speed awareness course, given i already have 6 points or will i have to take the 3 points?
Thanks for any help.

Martin Martin

I am a named driver on my partners policy I've been caught speeding 59 in a 50 will I get offered a speed awareness course plz help

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Julius,

It’s at the discretion of the police, so you’ll have to live with the points.

Hi Mark,

Again, it’s at the discretion of the police.

Hi Amz,

1) Given how far over the limit you were it’s unlikely you’d be offered the course (see the above article) but, again, it’s down to the police.

2) Your wife is probably better off taking the points for speeding. The penalties for driving without insurance (which we would apply to her friend) can be between 6 points to a disqualification and she could be fined between £200 and £5,000. The penalties your wife would face for allowing an uninsured driver to use her car would be in the same ball park.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Julius,

It’s at the discretion of the police, so you’ll have to live with the points.

Hi Mark,

Again, it’s at the discretion of the police.

Hi Amz,

1) Given how far over the limit you were it’s unlikely you’d be offered the course (see the above article) but, again, it’s down to the police.

2) Your wife is probably better off taking the points for speeding. The penalties for driving without insurance (which we would apply to her friend) can be between 6 points to a disqualification and she could be fined between £200 and £5,000. The penalties your wife would face for allowing an uninsured driver to use her car would be in the same ball park.

pc jackson pc jackson

I did 94 mph on M25 in April as I beleived the speed limit has changed to 80 according to the news and when I was stopped I explained this yet admitted that I was still over the limit for 80.
Two weeks later I had a letter offering speed awareness course or 3 point penalty, I asked a solocitor and they said that I should take the course and that I was lucky to be caught at 94 as anything above that would have been a definite court summons.

Amz Amz

Hi there I have two questions:
1st question:
I was driving on a road which I thought was 40 but found out it was 30 on park lane I was doing 47 can anything be done? Like a course or something that I can do to avoid the 3 points money is not an issue but points are.

2nd question:
My wife's friend was driving her car and she got pulled over for spending, but as she was scared she wasn't allowed to drive the car as she didn't have insurance she gave my wife's details and put the points on to her licence. Can anything be done for this?

mark mark

hiya...ive only been driving 4 weeks now and yesterday i got a letter saying ive been caught doing 35mph in a 30mph zone...will i get a chance to do a speeding course
or havent i been driving long enough???

Julius Julius

Hi there, got 3 points today for speeding in 30mph zone. I asked police myself if could attend course but they havent replied to this and got issued with ticket, 3 points and £60.00. Is there is any chance i can contact police back or attend course as an volunteer to reduce that 3 points? thanks for genuine response

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Arne,

That is at the discretion of the police force in question.

Hi Mandy,

Do you know who the course provider was? It sounds as if he may have to take the points.

arne arne

hi, i have been caught speeding 35 in a 30. i already have 12 pointa due to a previous ban. how ever i have never been caught speeding! will i get offered a driving course instead of recieving 3 points and getting banned again??

Matt V Matt V

Was stopped for moving my phone from the dash to a cubby hole in my van, they wrote me a ticket ect and said I would be given the option Of a drivers course fine I thought.
However nearly 4 weeks later and still nothing in the post, it says I need to contact them after 3 but why should I? Has anyone else just let it ride with no outcome??

Mandy Mandy

My boyfriend was booked on a course but then it was cancelled due to bad weather. When ringing up to book another he was told he couldn't book another cause it had to be rebooked within 7 days. He was not told this information. They have no ref no's for my boyfriend nor is he on their system. He has lost the initial email from them and thensecond letter stating to rebook and he assures me it did not say it had to be booked within 7 days. They have told him he will get a refund but will have to accept the 3 points and £60 fine. Where does he stand with this please? Help?

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Andy,

I'm afraid there's not a lot you can do about it. Unintentional speeding is still against the law. Moreover, it's unlikely you will be offered the course as the speed you were doing is in excess of the normal parameters (10% of limit + 9mph) within which you can receive an offer.

Andy Andy

Hi, i was just caught doing 70 on a dual carriageway...i thought the limitt was 70.....hence the speed i was doing! Yet it turns out it was 50...hence i was stopped...i had no intent to break the law.....what can i do?

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Alwayssurfing,

No. You'll need to wait until you're contacted via mail to see if you'll have that option. You should also note that the speed you were travelling over the limit falls outside the parameters of the marginal speeding the course is usually offered for. This means it's unlikely you'll be offered the course.

Alwaysurfing Alwaysurfing

Unmarked fire arms police Warwick, let me pass at 90 then follows, pulled for 94 in a 70. Filled out a form, says do nothing, and wait. Is that the offer of a course?

kenny fenwick kenny fenwick

i have recieved a speeding ticket for doing 52 in a 40mph two weeks ago in hull would i be able to do the speed awareness course as i have three points for speeding which i recieved on27 08 10 which i did not take the awareness course

toni toni

Hi. I got caught by a police car with camera who pulled me over and gave me a ticket. He said i was to do nothing and wait for a letter telling me if i get points or a sac and it could take 4-6 week. Well its been 6 week now. Is there a time limit for them to get to me?

Sue Sue

I think I got caught speeding 31mph on a 30 speed limit its been almost 2 weeks will I still hear anything or have I got away with it could you tell me please

Gemma Gemma

hey i was doing 37mph in a 30mph basically didnt slow down quick enough from jus being on a national spped limit road ...D'oh

what are the rules on children on these courses i have NO childcare what so ever. I have a 2yr old and a 3week old who happens to be exclussively breast fed so i cant leave her with ne one as they dont have boobs!

im obs not refusing to do the course but surely they have to make consideration for people in my situation otherwise its discriminating against parents im really unsure on what to do now x

bobson66 bobson66

i think i may have been caught by a truvello camera last night and my licence will be clean for the 1st time in years as of the 23rd of this month. i have not been caught speeding for appox 4 years , will i be able to do this course rather than getting points on my licence again (i was doing approx 58 in a 50 zone).cheers lee

jjr jjr

i was doing 36 on 30 and i got a letter in the post for option to do the driving awareness course which i wanted to do as this was my first conviction for speeding and would not get the 3 points ,i posted the letter by regestered post as was advised i did not hear back from them for a appointment to do the course and now they want to give me the 3 points and fine, it is not my fault that they did not get back to me and i spoke to them that i want to do it

George George

hi, do you get confirmation of the SP30 offence after you have paid the £60?
I hold an EU driving licence, the £60 were taken out of my account and I sent in a photocopy of my EU driving licence, but I am not sure whether the three points are added on my licence or not.
Is it normal for the police to send out confirmation of the offence, or not?
Thank you

darie darie

Hi,i was caugth doing 38mph in a 30 area speed camera 12 clock night time and iwas on course 3 years ago,its any ceans to do that course again?thank you!

jb jb

If you do the course and then get caught speeding again a month later dou you just get 3 points for the second offence or dou you get the points from the first offence added too?

unknown unknown

Colin. Its a room full of about 15 other offenders. Its like a classroom and they make you watch speeding videos like a child getting run over or crash test dummies. Go to the course. They also go over the hazard stuff. Its much better than taking points.

sandra beal sandra beal

if you miss a course what happens. this was a genuine mistake.

colin colin

i seem to explain but go mo replys

colin colin

can any one tell me this is my first afence i have been driveing since 1958 and got caught by camera dong 40 mph instead of 30 miles i am 74 years old and going on the course can any please hel me what questions do they ask you as since i was driveing all these years no speeding and no parking tickets just worried about questions you do will it be arkward for me to do the course os can you change your mind and take points so please please help me

colin colin

i passd my test in about 1956 and had a very cleancence till then and passed a speed camera and car was behind me then camera flashed then i got a sumons through th door i am 74 years old very very clean licence i sent the letter back to nottingham office the same day by recorderd delivery to go on the course just hope i be okay as since i was driveing all things changed i never intend to break the law i have alwys done things legal just hopeing i will be okay on the course it is just changed now

Sean Sean

I was caught speeding in a 30mph zone. It was 12pm and there were no cars on the roads or people about. I was doing 39mph. I have been offered the chance to go on the course. The letters i have received say 'Alternative to prosecution' yet go on to say i will be fined £60 and have 3 points on my license. Glorified extortion if you ask me. These letters are frightening people with the word 'prosecution'.

I will not go on the course and will instead take the £60 fine and 3 points. They are not extorting money out of me!

lillo lillo

Newcastle Police soaks !!!!!!!!!!

david d david d

Even if you attend a course the police still tell your insurance company you were caught speeding. But THEY DO NOT TELL THEM YOU ATTENDED THE COURSE!!!!

laila laila

i been stoped by officer asking me to follow him which i did. after driving for 5min he get out of his car and he walked checkin my car then asked me to look y car and follow him to his car. I was so scared i started cryin and shakin he asked me to translte to him what im sayin in my languge i ended cryin then st ttranslate to him his atituude was so scary he remind me of moroccan officer i though he will slap me. after he finished his writtin he asked me to sign something i never said i refused and his face experssion changed then i statred shakin i told him that pharse doesnt make since and i never said that he asked me to repeat it to him after all this he askme to sign then he said u can leave i asked him where im he just ignored me and walked to his car and drove.ell takin to the court and i will make complain the fact is i though in england the police officer are different from my home but people was soooo scared i though myself i was in morocco. i wet myself so scary.

Andy Spur Andy Spur

I have just attended a speed awareness course in Bracknell. Although very educational and informative, all it really taught me was that I didn't know the highway code or things had changed since I passed my test 28 years ago.

It lacked the hard hitting, impact messages that are needed to stop people speeding in my view.

Felix Felix

I have been caught doing 42 in a 30 three weeks ago. My first time being caught since passing my test nearly 25 years ago. I'm usually a careful mini cab driver. I didn't realise I was even going that fast concentrating on what is going on around me . I live in London and want to find out whether I am eligible for Speed Awareness Course. I am wondering whether going at 42 in a 30 would make me eligible for the course being a first time offender.

Wing Wing

I was caught doing 42 in a 30 last weekend. My first time being caught since passing my test nearly 12 years ago. I'm usually a careful driver. I didn't realise I was even going that fast concentrating on what is going on around me - making sure the driver wasn't going to turn out off a petrol station in front of me etc. I live in Lincolnshire and get have the Speed Awareness Seminars. Just wondering whether going at 42 in a 30 would make me eligible for the course being a first time offender.

Laura Laura

Hello there,
I have been driving for 22 months and have 3 points on my license for speeding, i wasn't offered the course this time around. however, i just drive passed a police motorbike which was waiting behind a corner with a camera attached to it. i didn't see it and i think i was doing 34 mph.. i don't know what to do , is there any way of finding out if it caught me?

taghrid taghrid

Hi there
i was doing 33-34 mph in a 30mph zone and unfortunately there was a speed camera there but i am not sure wethere that speed camera caught me or not so is there any way to know wethere i got a speed offence or not like a website or a phone number where i can phone them and ask them about that?

bob bob

hi please help! was coming home from work, i overtook a van as he was driving slow, once i arrived at my destination he must have followed me and confronted me, saying i was driving like an dangoursly and going to fast. Which i wasnt he said he had a camera in his van. Can the police do anything?

Aicha Aicha

I was driving to Scotland and received a letter saying i had been driving on M6 go Birmingham Junctions 6-8 which apparently is 50mph speed limit. They said i was doing 61mph. Have been offered to do a SAC with TTC, I have moved to Scotland and it looks like there are none in Scotland. The nearest one looks like over 2 hours drive away in Cumbria.
Is it a case of accepting the one over 2 hours drive away or not at all?
I have also noticed a lot of conflicting info on some sites regarding how it affects insurance. Some people say its a rip off as the insurance companies somehow find out anyway. If i accepted a course how does i actually affect my insurance? Would i need to tell my insurance? I have also read some insurance companies now automatically ask if you have been on a SAC. Is the best thing to accept the course??? Please help..(Clean License so far up until now)

emma emma

how do i get on the course im so confussed

Roger Roger

I was stopped by a police officer doing 45mph in a 40mph limit 1have only had my licence 3 months would i be able to do the awareness course

KLiO pan KLiO pan

Hi I think I got caught by a speeding van overtaking on a dual carrage way at 80mph I was wondering as I got caught speeding 3months ago and turned down the speed awareness course if I get done for this offence will I be offered the speed awareness course even though I refused the first one? Please help I'm worried

tim tim


I was doing 36mph instead of 30mph and i was not offered the opportunity to attend speed awareness course.can i appeal to get that offer?Thank you.

Catherine Catherine

Please advise - I am a breastfeeding mum who has been told that my baby (9 weeks old) can only attend on the basis I bring a carer with me who will sit outside the room and I will feed baby if and when necessary!
Surely this cannot be correct? I feel discriminated against and forced to leave my child something I have not done since birth! I am at a loss all I want is for my baby to attend or the course put back until next year until I wean her..

Any advice or guidanced welcomed

Someone please help?

sarah sarah

i have 3 points on my licence and i have got caught on a speed camera,can i appeal or pay 2 stop the points goin on thanks

Davey Davey

I have been asked if I have been charged with any offence in connection with a motor vehicle. A year or two ago I was caught speeding and attending a speeding seminar rather than receiving points. Would the answer to the question be yes or no? Was I charged with the offence or not?

matt matt

I have a date to take the course, but Im going to be unable to attend because I cant get childcare.
can I

(a) Book another date
(b) Take the points and the fine

Chris Jackson Chris Jackson

Hi I was due to attend a course on Saturday 22nd September. As I was driving to the venue I witnessed a serious RTA involving a farm vehicle and a Motorcycle. I stopped to provide frist aid to the casualties and a statement to the police. This meant I was unable to attend the course. The Police gave me an incident reference number and name of Officer in charge. I called today and rebooked the course. In the instrcutions it states the only valid reason for non attendance is sicknees supported by a doctors certifcate. Given that the police would not allow me to leave the scene, will I have to pay again?

ins ins

Got 6 point already but just been caught by speed camera doing 37 in a 30mph zone - manchester. gonna send the form back. Am i likely to be offer the offender retraining instead of points. never taken the course before?

Janey Janey

Don't bother with this course if you think it will protect you against higher insurance premiums. I was told that only the police would have this information and that it would not be released. I duly undertook the course and paid £100 and wasted the best part of a day only to be told at the the END that insurance companies would still be allowed to increase the premium but only if I volunteered th info which I was not required to do.
The course is a con. My renewal suddenly bumped up another £100 because somehow the insurance comapny had access to the information that only the police had and would not release to other parties...

becky becky

Hi, I've just received a speeding ticket I was doing 38 in a 30 so I know that would entitle me to do the speed awareness course but just wondering if age or how long i have had my license affects whether I can do it??

Reem Reem

Can you opt back into doing a speed awareness course after opting out on the original form asking you to name the driver driving the car? I have changed my mind and would like to attend a course but there is nowhere on the form asking for my driver's licence to opt back in.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Bram,

Having spoken to various course providers, we’ve been told that points would not be carried over, even if you were immediately caught reoffending. However you most certainly would get to do the course again for the next three years. You would only get the three points for the new offence.

Hi Jay,

It’s down to the constabulary I’m afraid.

Hi David,

Yes you’d be able to take the points if you aren’t able to attend.

Hi James,

You’d be in the usual parameters for an offer, but it’s entirely at their discretion.

Hi J,

Check out this link.

Hi Reezy,

The course providers I’ve spoken to have confirmed that points that you’ve avoided by doing a course cannot be retrospectively applied due to a new offence. It’s not like a suspended sentence. However you can only do one course every three years, so he will definitely be taking 3 points for the new offence.

Hi Noel,

Rest assured that many people feel the same way you do. As a side note, to count as entrapment the police would have to actively encourage you to speed in order to then catch you. Hiding vans is seen by many as unfair method of catching people, but it isn’t entrapment as they aren’t actually trying to make you exceed the speed limit.

Hi Sue,

If you were caught you should soon receive a notice of prosecution that makes everything clear. You may be offered a place on a course, or you may be given three penalty points.

sue sue

Hi All
I was coming down the road and a sign said slow down i was driving at 38 in a 30
The sign send slow down and also my car reg was on it will i get point from this

noel noel

Why are camera partnerships allowed to hide their vans as this happen be entrapment and should not be used to do soas is breaking a law to enforce a law? its becoming quite common that police force are guilty of this? practise they have put a BIG RED SPOT on the chestes of every motorist in the UK. No longer can you keep our eyes on the road but they to be set on your speedo! yes I have been caught 35 in a 30 but the van was hidden @08.23 am on a very wet sunday morning and on down ward slope & close to a set of traffic lights so had keep one on rearview mirror one on speedo & watch the road all at the same time its my first in 30+ years of driving & you some little git sitting in back of a hidden van on the wrong side of the road and not only that these people have to move around in these vans which have no stableisers so therefore their movements can alter the cameras even on a tripod? its not the speed that kills it councils failing to carry out road repairs ie potholes & unleven surrfaces? not only has the motorist have to worry abount these cameras but fuel costs & damage repairs to their cars due to lack of repairs to our roads. sorry I am very unhappy with this these police force sit back & laugh at the public who help to pay their wages through taxes you see this on every tv police program? these cameras are just cashcows & not for our safely.

Vararider Vararider

I was one of those "victims" not being offered a speed awareness course, just to find out when I spoke to the local constabulary that I did not tick the box that requests to be considered for the course, very relieved that they were very helpful to rectify my mistake. Awaiting paperwork for the course now.

Allan Allan


I have moved back to the UK and still have my US licence. Just got a speeding ticket on a car not registered to me and was wondering if I could use my US licence, pay the fine but that way at least I would not have the 3 points. I still get paid in the US and have a US address. There is nothing (as far as I am aware) on the summons form that says I am doing anything illegal. Any reason why I can't?

Reezy Reezy

my father in law was caught speeding and offered the speed awareness course instead of points which he attended.
A week later he foolishly sped again and was caught. Will the points from his first offence now be added with the second set of points he's due to receive?
Thank you for your time.

J Coleman J Coleman

HI, Please could you tell me where a speed awareness course would be held if I live in Mansfield , Notts

james james

hi I was caught doing 35 in a 30, by a mobile police van, but am not sure weather it could be for a tax check or weather it was a speed van, and do they inform you of your speed on the letter, and does this mean I am eligble for the speed awareness course? help please

david david

Hi guys hope someone can help.

I was comeing off a roundabout which was 40mph and was checking my blind spots for trafficc as i was coming off it, I then seen the sign that reduces the speed to 30mph which is almost instantly off the roundabout (this stretch of road has not been long changed from 40 to 30) and I started to slow down steadly and safley !!! I noticed the speed van wch is often there , it was about 1/4 of a mile away and it caught me just after the 30 sign no more than 10 - 20 yard coming out of a 40 zone doing 38 mph (baisically no time to slow down).

Anyway my questions are as followed.

1) they no longer allow you to view the offence online any more ? they used to.

2) I have been offered to go to the speed awareness course but due to my disabilities I am unable to attend this offer.

Can i accept option 2 , conditional offer of fixed penalty of £60 and 3 points.

Is this also a gurentee of only 3 points and £60 fine ?

Im quite angry at this speeding fine as i never speed and I was only going over the 30mph speed limit due to watching the road and forgetting the new speed limit but also they snapped me speeding right after the zone change and also they were over 1/4 of a mile away.

any advice on my questions or just general feedback would help.



Jay Jay

36 in a 30 in chester got 9 points licence but 3 are not valid as are over 3 years nearly 4 in october will i be eligable for the course?

bram bram

hi, please could you advise me would be much appreciated.
i found out a month or so i have been caught speeding however i have being offered a place on the speed awareness couse which i am very grateful for. however i have just been informed i may have been caught again (both times by the mobile hidden cameras). i have heard that if i recieve any points in a said period of time after my awarness course the original points will be added so i will have a total of 6 points? any help would be appreciated. thanks

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Sam,

The answer is no I'm afraid. You can't apply to do the course instead of points, you can only be offered that option by the police at the time that they prosecute.

Kind Regards,

UK Net Guide

Sam Sam

I was recently caught on a speed camera doing 46 in a 40. At that time, I was on my US driving license. The letter I received stated that I can take the awareness course if I have a UK license and if I am on a foreign license I do not have the option of taking the awareness course.
The week after I was caught on camera, I received my Provisional license. My question is- Now that I have my provisional license, can I apply for the awareness course with it?

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Here are answers to some of the questions being raised in the comments section. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful. Hi Pierre, In many cases you don’t have to tell your insurers about speed awareness courses (indeed course instructors are often keen to stress this to participants as a way of getting enthusiasm up). It really depends on what your policy states. Some insurers have been known to treat the offer of the course as ‘a material fact’ affecting a policy (unfortunately, there’s no real clear cut definition of what legally constitutes a ‘material fact’). It’s certainly a grey area. The Cumbria police, for instance, boast on their site that you can use the course to avoid premium hikes (see here). The Staffordshire County council make the same claim on their site ((http://www.staffordshire.gov.uk). Despite this some insurance companies will actually ask about such courses themselves when it comes to taking or renewing a policy. On balance it might be best to, having checked your policy, adopt a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell stance.’ Hi Marianna, Yes, you can do the course with a foreign license (at least in the case of most course providers. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that seems to be uniform across the board when it comes to these courses.) Hi Rob, As you’ll see from comments through this thread, we can’t say if it’s likely or not, as it’s utterly down to the prosecuting force. We can say that you do fall within the parameters of what is considered marginal speeding and that courses are running in that part of the country, i.e. Merseyside and the Wirral. Hi Jeanette, No, there’s no formal test to be passed. However, in rare circumstances, if the instructors feel you haven’t engaged with the course or really tried to learn from the experience, they can feedback to the police and you could be prosecuted anyway. This is rare though. Hi Julian, You can’t contact someone to get on the course instead of points, you can only be offered that option by the police. You’ll have to wait and see. Hi Kevin, This is an odd issue, legally speaking. Hidden speed traps are firmly against correct police procedure. They are supposed to be visible. But this is a point of procedure, rather than law, meaning they can still prosecute you. You can make a complaint against the officer, but that would be a separate issue to your prosecution. Kind Regards, UK Net Guide

Kevin Kevin

think ive just been caught by a mobile speed gun at 10 o clock at night,the police van was parked in a lay by with no lighting, and no signs. This was a A road ,think i was doing just over 40.Can the police do this ?

julian julian

been caught doing 39 in 30 zone just wondering how to contact some one about doing the speed awareness course asap i got three points and im a taxi driver cant afford the points please help!

Lucille Lucille

Please can anybody advise me. I was due to take the speed awareness course on Monday 2nd July. Today 27th June I received a phone call to say the course has been cancelled asmthe premises had been flooded and I have to phone back. Didn't say to rearrange. What are my rights? By law I have to take the course within a certain time frame or else. Nothing about my rights when a course is cancelled at short notice. Some
People seem to take this all in their stride but for personal reasons I can't and I can't go through a week like I've just had. Advice would be very very welcome. Thank you

jeanette jeanette

hi do you have to do a test on the course

Rob Rob

hi I was caught doing 41 in a 30 last week in merseyside by a fixed camera, am I likely to get offered a speed awareness course for that or not? I already have 6 points could defo do without another 3 pleAse help thanks rob

pierre pierre

Havrecently received notice of intent to prosecute, 35 in 30 zone. Am confused about whether I have to inform Insurance? Policy states must inform them of motoring convictions or pending prosecutions? will opefully be offered Speed Awareness Course.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Carol,

If you appeal, you lose the option to take the course instead of points. Whether or not you have to inform the insurer is down to the small print in their policy. Very often you wouldn't need to tell them, but check your policy first.

Hi Nana,

No, I'm afraid you couldn't do that.

Nana Yaw Nana Yaw

I have been asked to surrender my Licence as I have maximum points (speeding). Can I still go for the Course and maybe have three points taken off so I can drive again?

carol walkden carol walkden

I UK Net, i have had a CLEAN licence for 29 yrs in Sept. just been caught by a HIDDEN mobile camera doing 39 in a 30, quiet rd, few houses, that are not opening out onto the rd at 7pm,.i driving down a dip,with a slight curve to accelerate getting back up the hill in 4th gear, only small car 1149cc, I didn't see any sign, but received a letter 8 days later, now i'm aware that the van it is there,iv'e looked out for it, not speeding just annoyed re not seeing any sign, this time the van+ camera was, very visible parked on main rd,and a sign on lamp post. iv'e continued to look each time iv'e passed, however this Friday i passed approx same time 6-50pm and there was a residents lg white van parked up, which i have seen lots of times, but after pondering on it now for a couple of wk's, if the sign was there it was obscured by the white van which is why i didn't see it?(i know i was sill going over limit but would have slowed down) I have been offered the speeding course, is it worth appealing?re the sign, and if i did would i lose the option to do the course? Lastly do you HAVE to inform the insurance company of the speeding ticket as i have no points or do i tell them i'm taking course? iv'e been told by a number of people who have DONE THE COURSE that there is no need to declare? if i take the course (as mine is up for renewal in next couple of days,) . (unless i did appeal and lost ?) i would be grateful for your advice, carol, confused and stressed

Phil Phil

I've been nabbed and done the course and I can tell for a fact . EVERYTHING that's asked here is dependant on the constabulary that caught you AND the course arn't that bad. No one is going to march you through the town where the locals spit on you. It's not a bad caourse at all.,
The one in Dartford is 4hrs long ( and you have to attend all 4 hours of it ) and they teach you how about road laws that you wouldn't normally be aware of so you don't get caught again. That's it.

On other courses in the area there were driving sections but that doesn't apply to all courses.

seriously .... if it's offered take it !!!

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi All,

Hopefully these points of information will answer most of the questions down the thread;

• Even if you’re within the parameters mentioned in the article, whether you’re offered the course is solely at the discretion of the prosecuting police force.

• Many constabularies don’t offer the course at all.

• You can’t apply to do the course, you can only be offered it.

• It can only be done in place of the penalty points for one offence, once every three years.

• Usually, you’ll be asked to do the course in the area where you offended. However, some police forces do work in partnership with others in different parts of the country that run also the course, so, in some cases, you’ll be able to do the course closer to home, but not always.

• You can’t get points that have already been applied taken off your license retrospectively by doing the course.

• If you appeal the speeding notice and lose, the course will not be an option, even if you were offered it at first.

The main thing to say is that you don’t need to search out courses in your area, worry about your eligibility or make applications, as it is the police who will decide if you do the course and where you’ll do it, and they’ll let you know their decision and all the details of the course (where it’s being held and when etc.)

You will be offered the course at the same time as they write to you to inform you you’ve been caught. If you aren’t made an offer at this time, you can try replying with a request to do the course, outlining your suitability- but that’s about all you can do.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say as a rule whether you’ll be offered the course or not in any one situation. All you can do is wait and see, and if you’re unlucky try begging! It worked for this Telegraph journalist.

Paul Paul

Hi - just a quick question I was caught speeding its a fair cop to coin a phrase, 38 in a 30 zone, I have had a clean licence for 6-7 years now but I have not been offered a Speed Awareness course has anybody else suffered a similar fete, I know atleast 4 other folk who were doing slightly faster in my area that have been offered the course, makes no sense to me.

Andy Andy

Has anyone seen a grey mobile speeding van before? I went passed one on the A14 it's a 70 limit I was doing approx 85 but after a week no ticket. Is it defiantly a mobile speeding van???

peter peter

i was caught doing 87 in a 70mph limit.
can i apply to have a spped awareness course as i am 1 mph over the threshold of 10% plu 9

anne foster anne foster

I have been charged with doing 36 in a 30 stretch of road in Dorset. They have offered me the driver awareness course but stipulate on the form that I have to do it in Dorset. Is this correct? I live in London, have two young children and it will be very difficulty fro me to get to the course.

Labz Labz

I use the Wallasey tunnel daily to and from
Work which is 40mph I needed petrol and used the Birkenhead tunnel as it's closer, not realising it's 30mph until I approached the first narrow bend in the tunnel at which point I slowed down. On exiting the tunnel I was stopped by a Mersey tunnels police officer issuing me with a fixed penalty £60 and 3 points. He said I was doing 43 but how will he have known this? He was alone. Do I apply for an awareness course at the police station when I go to produce my driving licence? I have been driving for 2 1-2 years and have never been in trouble before?

un un

hi can anyone help me i was doing 37 in a 30 and got a ticket will i be able to do a speeding corse and not take the fine and ponts and also can anyone help me in where the nearest one to stamford linconshire is plz asap would be very helpful thanks in addvance

un un

hi can anyone tell me where the closest place to stamford lincs is and if they offer the speed awareness course

Clinton Warner Clinton Warner

Hi, I pased my test about 2 years ago but lost it under thenew drivers act after 22 months. i re-did my test and re-gained my liscence as it was recuired for my job. I now have 6 points on my liscence but have never taken such course. as i have now totaled my 2 year probation but only held my 2nd liscence for a matter of months am i able to do the course? I was doing 49 in a 40 in a transit van but arguably manouvering round a cyclist hence the reason for a small increase in speed. Your quick response would be much appreciated as i shortly have to send of details. (It was a mobile speed van)

sarah-louise sarah-louise

Got caught by a speed camera tonight which I knew had been there for years! I know I was doing either 40 or just under...im 19 and have been driving for 10 months...do you know if there are any course going in Newport South Wales??? Please help!

Sid Sid

Hi there, I just received a Notice of prosecution for driving @ 47 mph on a 40 mph road. How do I know if I am eligible for the speed awareness course so I can avoid the penalty and points on my licence. It's my first offence. As it is within the +9 mph over limit range, I should be eligible for the course.

Am I right in assuming so?


Claire Claire

Hi, can anyone help with my query? I was caught doing 37mph in a 30 a couple of weeks ago and I have just received another one today 36mph in a 30. If I am offered the option of a Speed Awareness Course will that clear all fines and points or only one set, leaving me to pay the fine and take points on the remaining?

Raees Raees

I have a license for 1 year. I did 60 in a 50mph average speed camera limit and 4 days later i got caught doing 61 on the same road. I got both my NIP together in the post. Is there any chance i coul be offered a speed awareness course or will i get 6 points and lose my license??

Mariana Mariana

Hi. I drove at 58mph in a 50mph zone. I have a foreign licence (from Portugal). I'd like to know if I'll have the possibility to do the course instead of having the 3 points added to my licence, after all I was within the 10% of the limit plus 9mph. I'd appreciate your reply, because I'm eager to know what's going to happen...Thank you.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi All, To reiterate, whether you are offered the course is at the discretion of the police, but you can only do one within a three year period. If you are offered the course, all you need to do is accept and you'll avoid the points. Regards, UK Net Guide

marc marc

hi i have 10 points on my licence but have 3 coming off in may and 4 coming off in august i was done 2 weeks ago doing 35 in a 30 will i get the course or a ban thanks

Becca Becca

58 in a 50 will I get offered a course plz help !!

liam liam

I was caught doing 46mph on a 40 mph road by a roadside police biker with a gun. Within two months of passing my test I had a crash and went on a two day course to save my licence. That was 4 years ago and have'nt re-offended since. Does the earlier course i did also have the 3 year limit? Or is there a longer wait. Is there a chance I might be offered the drive awareness course?

Barry Barry

I have been offered a speed awareness course, but I have done one in the past but I cant remember when I did it, is there a way of finding out?
It also says that the the police do checks on this before sending out the offer, is this true?

yossa yossa

well going on my speed awareness course today got caught doing 36 in a 30 mph by a speed van who was nicley hiding away so you could,nt see him till it was to late,so now when i'm driving down that same road i blow my horn as i go past and flash my light's just to say hi i'm here.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide


All offers to do the course are at the discretion of the police, but the general guideline for eligibility is if you are within 10% of the limit, plus 9mph. So, don't expect an offer if you we're over that. You can do the course if you've already taken points in the past, but you can't do the course more than once in three years.

Ranpreet Singh Ranpreet Singh

Hi there I had a notice for penalty and I was driving at 42 at 30mph. Am I still eligible for the test.

Mark2276 Mark2276

i will answer my own question, yes you can be offered the speed awareness course even tho you already have points on ur licence. I had 6 points from motorway offences, got caught in the NorthEast doing 35 in a 30 zone by a mobile camera. Just had a letter back offering me the speed awareness course which will cost me £84 but no further points on mi licence.

Joel Joel

Hi, think i've just been caught speeding doing roughly 40 in a 30, is the course a option for me as i've only held my licence for 10 months? also is it true anything under 42 in a 30 the course is a option? thanks

Mark Mark

I have been offered a course for a recent speeding offence. If I decide to not take the course, will I still be offered the option of a course next time, assuming I am with in the usual parameters ?

zeeshan hussain zeeshan hussain

i got caught for doing 48mph on 40mph. got their and dont know what to do. do i request them for the course or they gonna offer me a course after i accept that i was driving?? plz help because i need to fill the letter in.

Stuart Stuart

Was accused of driving at 87mph on a motorway. As was just accelerating past a car it is possible. Have I any chance of requesting to take a course, or am I too much of an offender?

trudy trudy

been driving 2 weeks, young driver, caught speeding 37 in a 30mph by mobile unit, no school nearby, road changes from 30mph to 40mph in short distance, can i take the speed awareness course offered in the letter?

laura lickley laura lickley

hiya, i was recently caught speeding doing 55 in a 40 although i thought i was in a 60 zone, not that im using it as an excuse, but this is my first offence and i was wondering do u think i would get offered a speed awarness course cus i could really do without the points?



Mark2276 Mark2276

I have being caught doing 35mph in a 30mph zone by a mobile camera in the Northeast. I already have 6points on my licence for two speeding motorway offences. Could i be offered a speed awarness course or do these only apply for 1st time offenders??

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Jennifer, Sorry to hear about your dilemma. Unfortunately, having already done a speed awareness course recently, you won't be able to take one again in the place of points. It would appear you have little option but to accept the penalty points or appeal the charge.

All the Best,

UK Net Guide

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Joe, It seems very unlikely that an exception would be made for you, I'm afraid. All the Best, UK Net Guide

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Aaron,

That would depend on what the police force in question offer you. You yourself won't be able to choose (other than to accept or decline a place.)

All the Best, UK Net Guide

Jennifer Wood Jennifer Wood

Please help! I have just recieved a letter (notice for prosecution) for speeding in a 30mph zone in Manchester City Centre (when driving at 37mph).

I have already been on a speed awareness course last year, for speeding 8 miles over on a motorway.

I'm really distressed about this as my husband is disabled and I drive him around. I have been so vigilant since the speeding awareness course, but clearly not enough. Do you have any advice?

Aaron Aaron

Hello. I was caught speeding at 36mph on 30mph road in Bedfordshire. As I live in Northampoton, can I do the Speed Awareness Course in Northampoton or do I have to do it in Bedfordshire? Thanks.

Joe Joe

Hi there, I have a predicament. I got caught doing 45 in a 30 by a marked car. this is my second penalty, (got caught slipping again my mistake i know) with my first being only less than a week ago, so i cant actually physically surrender my license. this means that my cause will be taken to court considering i have 2 days left to surrender my license and it hasnt arrived yet. even more so is that i am within my first 2 years of driving so will be stipped back to a provisional most likely, however i also recieved a public order warning for driving offences, and therefore would a court take into account that i am only extremely margainly over the limit of a speed awareness course, however due to recieving a police warning they could make an exception? im not asking the courts to make a big thing about it, but common sense says that loosing your license when youve been given a warning and are only slightly over the boundary for a speed awareness course, isnt it better to rehabilitate than to outright punish?

heatha heatha

Hi i was caught doind 38 in a 30 zone,and got a speeding fine.I think i may be offered a course,but what dose the course entale? Is it a test that has to be passed? Is it written or will I have to rive around in my car? I live in the north lincs area?

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Graham,

It varies between insurers, some will ask you directly about it or state that you have to inform them, others don't, meaning you can potentially keep it to yourself.

All the Best,

UK Net Guide

Graham Graham

I hahe just been caught doing 37 mph in a 30mph zone..Based on what I have read above I will probably be offered a speed awarenes course.If I am do I have to inform my insurance company what has happened or not.?

Marilyn C Marilyn C

Husband caught in Huddersfield in November and a couple of days later thought he had been caught in Manchester. Got notice re Huddersfield and did the Speed Awareness Course in December. Today heard that due to mix up the Manchester notice sent to wrong person and he should now be receiving notice in a couple of days. As both speeding offences were within days of each other will be just be fined or automatically get points on licence. Told the silly so and so that he should drive slower !

Luke Luke

Hi I've recently been caught doing 71 in what I thought was a 70 speed limit turns out I hadn't realised i drive a van so it's was 60mph if I have already got points for non speed related am I still able to be offered the speed awareness course?

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Martin, Hi Natasha,

It is at the discretion of the police to offer you a place on the course, you cannot request it unfortunately.

All the Best,

UK Net Guide

Martin Martin

I was caught on camera three years ago doing 36mph on a very open quiet 30mph road and completed the speed awareness course. I have just received a similar 36mph in a 30 zone. Am I able to take the course again or not?

Natasha Natasha


I think I may have been caught speeding by a mobile camera, I believe I was doing 35/6ish in a 30.

If the points come through the post without the option of the speeding awareness course can I request it? I feel it may be benifical to me.

Many thanks

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Nicole, Whether you are offered the course is entirely at the police's discretion, however it was implemented primarily for people like you, caught close to the limit. We'd suggest replying to both of the two letters separately, seeing as they were sent that way. All the Best UK Net Guide.

Nicole Nicole

I have received 2 speeding tickets- actually the Notice of Intention to prosecute,both same day -max speed was 30mph tickets says 37 and 38mph. From your previous discussions it seems I am eligible for the course,right? Is this available in Manchester? Should I ask for the course? Should I send both replies in the same envelope or separate to increase my chances of receiving the course? thanks

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Sam,

It's down to the force that caught you, but normally you'd have to be within 10% of the speed limit plus nine mph. So in a 50 zone, the upper parameter would be 64. As you were going faster than that, you probably won't be offered the course.

All the Best,

UK Net Guide

sam sam


I got caught with speed camera on M4!
it was TEMP 50 MPH ROAD WORKER and i was doing 67MPH
considering it was TEMP sign,can i go to the course instead of 3 points


UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Martin, whether you are offered the course will depend on which force your case is being dealt with by. If you get on the course you will have to pay for the course, but not an additional fine and you wouldn't get the points. As for insurance, taking the course is not supposed to add to your premiums (according to course leaders) but some people have found that when they've informed their insurer they were on the course, their premium increased. It seems to depend on the insurer and whether require to declare having been on the course.

martin martin

60 in a 50 I believe should get me a speed awarness course offered. Can you confirm that, by taking this course I will not need to pay an additional fine and I will not get points on my licence? Also, will I need to inform my insurance and would it affect my premium as a result? Thanks to cruise control.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi All,

In answer to your questions, the final decision as to whether you are offered a place on a course rests with the police department concerned, so unfortunately, though the guideline of being within 10% of the limit + 9mph is the normal parameter, it's down to how things are done in your area.

Kind Regards,

UK Net Guide

katrina katrina

i was stopped doing, as the police stated no less than 44mph on a 30mph zone. the police stopped me on the 40mph zone which i was approaching after the 30mph zone where they say i committed the offence. i have been driving 15 mths and fall into the young drivers regulations and need my licence for my job. i am from scotland can i do the course

cameron newbold cameron newbold

i was photographed speeding at 28 mph in a 20mph zone

Looking at the rules do i get 10 percent above the limit plus 9mph to be able to go on the course?

If that is the case i am inside the allowed limit

chris chris

i was caught speeding 58mph on a 50, am i entitled to a speed awareness course?

Dan Dan

Stoped doing 88 in a 70 can I do the course

Gary Gary

I was travelling in mid-wales near Tallybont just before Christmas and received a letter in the new year stating I`d been caught on camera doing 35 in a 30 zone, I was a stranger to the area and cannot recall seeing any signage ref speed limit. Having completed a speed awareness course approx 12 months previously I knew I weasn`t eligible to do another so will have to take the points on the chin. However the real pirpose of my note is to tell you that a work colleague has been on two speed awareness courses in less than 12 months?!? how can this be/ he puts it down to fact it was two seperate Police force areas? I prefer to think it may have been a clerical error and he was simply lucky?

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Debi,

You were within the parameters that would allow you to take the course, but whether you can do it depends if it's available in your area. Ayashsatellites, it sounds like you need to contact your local police department, they would have sent out the notice. You should be able to find their number online.

All the Best,

UK Net Guide

ayashsatellites@yahoo.co.uk ayashsatellites@yahoo.co.uk

hi got a letter about me speeding but i lost the letter i been looking for the phone number ,,please help if you have the number send it to me i think its t l c or t c l not sure the name on the letter

Debi Debi

I was doing 52 on an A road which had just changed from 60 to 40 without me realising. The opposite side of the road was still 40. I have just been sent a letter for a £60.00 fine and three points, am I elidgable for the speeding course?? Thank you

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Becca,

The circumstances of your case mean that you should be eligible, but it is also a matter of whether courses are available in your area. As they are not offered everywhere it's not 100% that you'll be offered the course.
All the Best, UK Net Guide

Becca Becca

I was doing 37mph in a 30mph zone and have been driving for 14 months so under the 2 years. Would just like to no how reliable the information is on this site I.e that you can be doing 10% + 9mph and if it's under that you will 100% be offered the speed awareness course?....

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Luke, Hi Sophie,

In both cases you should be offered the option to do the course as you were within 10% of the limit + 9mph. Let us know what your experience is like, or if things don't go as you'd expected.

All the Best,

UK Net Guide

luke luke

I was caught doing 84 in a 70 will i have a chance to do the course?

will i be offered to do it?

it was in a company car and i havent seen the ticket yet.

sophie sophie

its been 4 months since i passed my test did 50mph on 40mph dual carriageway no schools etc nearby and was in the fast lane overtaking missed the camera by mistake, i work at the bank and am under 25 female, will i be offered the driving awareness course instead of points??

Al Al

I was just nailed bang to rights doing 40 in a 30 zone. The camera has been there years, and although it was only reduced from 40 to 30 a little while ago, I've driven past it OK every morning for the last 6 months.

It was before 6 in the morning, I went to bed at 1 a.m., there was nobody else on the road and I was daydreaming. No excuses, I was bloody furious with myself when the flash woke me up; probably a good thing!

Now I have the Notice of Intended Prosecution, and it says you can be eligible if:

You were doing equal or less to +10% + 9mph. This is OK for me, as in a 30 zone this equates to 33 + 9mph = 42.

The second factor is you haven't done a Speed Awareness course in the previous 3 years. I haven't.

Assuming I'm offered the chance, I'll take it. I like my licence staying clean, and I just know my insurers will whack my premium up as soon as I tell them I picked up an SP30. £93.20 for the course, but probably worth it.

I'll walk out if I have to get on my knees and grovel, but otherwise I'm going to stick it out. I feel like an idiot for speeding past a camera I knew was there and what the limit was. The opportunity to keep a clean licence and keep my insurance premium the same is great. I am beating myself up about it as it is, since I'm not a habitual speeder.

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Daryl,

As you were over the speed limit by more than 10% + 9mph, you would not be eligible to take a course instead of points.

All the Best,

UK Net Guide

Andyb Andyb

Just attended a course with a selection of speeders - 85 in a 70, 33 in a 30 plus others in 40,50 and 60 limits

Daryl Daryl

I was in a 40mph zone I didn't realise I was breaking the speed limit, the police motorcycle gave me 3 points and fine because I was apparently doing 60mph. Rather than contesting and having to go court is there a way to do speed awareness? Thanks in advance

Bernard Bernard

38 in a 30 caught out. Sat Nav read 35 but - I had just had massive wheelspin and torque steer at 25 mph. When I slipped it into 4wd (lock by mistake) the car surged to 35mph as it regained traction. 25 to 38mph in the distance is technically impossible in that gear. Did the car snapping back into line from a drift into the other lane over-trigger the camera? It all seems so bizare that the sat nav read 35, the speedo read came back to 32 which is the normal difference. Can a speedo be 6mph out and is that why I frequently get 'undertaken' particularly alongside buslanes?

UK Net Guide UK Net Guide

Hi Jill, We looked into your question and found they are held at the following location; The Old Rectory Hotel, North Walsham Road, Crostwick, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 7BG, You can call them on 0845 345 9623 for more information.

All The Best, UK Net Guide

jill watkinson jill watkinson

Where are the courses held in Norwich?

Frankie harris Frankie harris

I was caught doing 46mph on a 60mph road in a Hgv which us only allowed to do 40mph so would I be eligable for this course


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