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So you can't tell a Social Democrat from a Center Leftist? Our list of political parties will prove to be a valuable resource on the groups providing the muscle behind the UK's democratic process.

Socialist Party Ribbon1

Socialist Party

Read all about the Socialist Party's campaigns, news and views and access the Socialist Party manifesto through this website. Go online for analysis and subscribe to The Socialist, a 12 page weekly newspaper packed with socialist articles. You can also find out how to join, or donate to, the Party. View Site »

Social Democratic and Labour Party Ribbon2

Social Democratic and Labour Party

The SDLP is the largest nationalist party in the North of Ireland, formed in 1970 by a number of MPs and Senators who worked for social justice, equality and civil and political rights for all. Find out all about the Party, their manifesto, policies and forthcoming events. Visit the media centre for news, speeches and a press archive. View Site »

Plaid Cymru Ribbon3

Plaid Cymru

The Party of Wales was formed on 5th August 1925. Read about their history, aims and constitution on the website. You can also access elected members' biographies and a selection of press releases. Join the Plaid Cymru mailing list to receive press releases, articles, papers and general news. View Site »

Democratic Unionist Party Ribbon4

Democratic Unionist Party

Ian Paisley and Desmond Boal formed the Democratic Unionist Party in 1971. It grew out of the Protestant Unionist Party. You can read the history of the Party on this official website. Check out their manifesto, meet the Party and watch video footage online. The news desk features the latest press releases. View Site »

Liberal Democrats Ribbon5

Liberal Democrats

Find out about a wide range of the Liberal Democrats' policies and let them have your views on key policy issues through the website. Visit the site for information about campaigns and find out details on prominent Party members. You can also join the Party or manage your membership online. View Site »

Conservative Party Ribbon6

Conservative Party

Keep up to date with the Conservative Party's latest news, find out how you can get involved, and stay aware of new developments. Read their reference guide to what the Conservative Party is, how it is structured, who's who and what they stand for. You can also read some of the policy and consultation documents they have published. View Site »

Green Party of England & Wales Ribbon7

Green Party of England & Wales

They aim to create a just, equitable and sustainable society. The Green Party focus their efforts primarily, though not exclusively, through the electoral system. Go online to check out reports, campaigns, conferences, news, comment, briefings and policies. Enter your email address to receive regular news. View Site »

Sinn Féin Ribbon8

Sinn Féin

The official website for the oldest political party in Ireland. Sinn Féin take their name from the Irish Gaelic expression for 'We Ourselves'. Since being founded in 1905 they have worked for the right of Irish people as a whole to attain national self-determination, and have elected representatives in every major Irish town and city. View Site »

Scottish National Party (SNP) Ribbon9

Scottish National Party (SNP)

This site contains a series of briefing notes on the Scottish National Party's policies and positions on various topical issues. If you need further or more detailed information on any topic you can fill in the online submission form. For further details on the SNP's views, you may wish to check the news archive section of the website. View Site »

Labour Party, The Ribbon10

Labour Party, The

These pages are designed for you to find out more about the Labour Party. They contain information about the party, its origins and beliefs. The website features the latest press releases, a news archive, details of Party policies and campaigns. You can join them and sign up for the latest news from Labour online. View Site »


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