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Betting on Futsal

Futsal is a special version of traditional football. Instead of being played on a large outdoors pitch, it's usually played indoors on a smaller hard-floor court. Each team has five players and can make rolling substitutions right through the game. If you're interested in trying to make a bit of money by betting on the sport, check out this guide to the rules of futsal before you put any money down.

Futsal is already massively popular in South and Central America, as well as in Spain and some parts of Northern Europe. It's also becoming increasingly popular around the world and this means it's getting even easier to place a bet on either a single game or a major competition.

Where to Bet

Futsal betting is still quite new to the UK and few high street bookmakers will have the possible betting markets on clear display. By far the best way to have a flutter on the sport, then, is to go online. Here you'll find the biggest variety of betting markets, and not just for Futsal World Cup.

Remember it's always a good idea to sign up with more than one online sports bookmaker as this way you can compare the odds on offer and go for the bet which will make you the most money. Check out our guide to the best betting sites ( of the moment and open an account today to take advantage of some fantastic money-back offers.

Understanding the Odds

There's no point putting down a bet if you don't understand what the odds are. The odds (also known as the price) indicate how likely the bookmakers think an event is to happen, whether it's a country winning the World Cup or a player scoring more goals than anyone else in a single match. The odds also determine how much you will win if your prediction is correct.

On most sports betting sites, the odds will be expressed as fractions. Or they could be expressed as decimal points or even in the American style. In all cases, however, you should be able to change the settings to suit you. Here's what each of these mean:

1) Fractional Odds

On nearly all UK sports betting sites you will find that the default setting for displaying the odds will be as fractions. Odds displayed this way show you how much you will win on a bet compared to how much you put on. Quite simply, The first number of the fraction indicates how much you will win if you place the amount of money shown in the second number of the fraction.

So, if the odds for Team A winning a specific match are 3/1, this means if you bet £1, you will receive £3 in winnings (and you will get your original stake back on top of this). This works on a ratio basis. So, if you place £10 at odds of 3/1, you will receive £30 in winnings. Or, if you place £5 at odds of 8/1, your winnings will be £40, plus your initial stake.

Sometimes you will find that the second number of the fraction is larger than the first. This is what's known as an 'odds on' bet and shows that the bookies believe that the chances of a particular prediction (such as Brazil beating Denmark) coming true are greater than 50/50. The principle remains the same, however: the first number of the fraction indicates how much you will win if you place the amount of money shown in the second number of the fraction.

For example, if you put £2 down on odds of 1/2, your winnings will be £1. And again, this works on a ratio basis. So, if you put down £60 at the same odds, you will win £30, plus your initial stake.

2) Decimal Odds

Given most people are used to seeing odds displayed as fractions, getting your head around decimal odds may seem daunting. But, don't worry, this system is equally straightforward once you've got the hang of it.

The way it works is that you just need to multiply your stake by the decimal shown and this is how much you will receive in winnings, including your returned stake.

So, if you put £1 down on odds of 3.00, you will win £3.00, including your initial stake, if your prediction comes true. And again, this works on a ratio basis. So, if you put down £15 at the same odds of 3.00, you will win £45, including your original stake.

Popular Types of Bet

As futsal becomes increasingly common with both spectators and sports betting fans, the variety of bets you can make on the sport will keep on growing.

Outright Winner

This is the easiest type of bet to make, especially if you're new to football. As the name suggests, all you need to do is put money on the team you think you will win a match and, if you're right, you will win at the odds quoted when you put your money down. It doesn’t matter if your team wins by one goal or 10, so long as you predict the correct final result, your bet is good.

As a quick example, let's pretend Brazil are playing Sweden in the Futsal World Cup. A bookmaker offers you odds of 6/1 for a Sweden win which, looking at recent form you think sounds like an attractive price. So, if you were to put £10 on Sweden to win and they bet Brazil 6-5, you will walk away with £70, including your initial stake. If, however, the match finishes in a draw or if Brazil win, you will lose your stake.

Tournament Winner

As well as betting on the winner of a single match you will often be able to bet on the team you think will win a whole tournament, whether it's a national league or an international cup competition.

This kind of bet works in exactly the same way as an Outright Winner bet; simply pick the team you think will win and back them at the odds quoted. Again, if they win, you will win at the odds you were quoted when you made your bet.

Some bookmakers might offer you the chance to back a team 'each-way'. This means you back them with a Tournament Winner bet and you will still win even if they finish in second place. Generally speaking, the bookies will offer you half odds if you place an each-way bet. For example, if you fancy Brazil to win the World Cup, you could back them at 2/1 to win outright. Alternatively, the bookmaker could give you the chance to back them each-way at 1/1. This way your potential winnings will be less, but you will still be a winner even if Brazil finish as runners-up.

Number of Goals

One other popular type of bet to make is to put money on the number of goals you think will be scored in a single match. Be aware that, while standard 11-a-side football games often finish 0-0 or with a 1-0 win, futsal matches are often high scoring affairs.

The best way to put money on the number of goals you think will be scored, then, is to make an Over/Under Bet. As the name suggests, here you bet on whether the number of goals will be above or below a fixed number given by the bookmaker.

For example, the bookmaker could offer you odds of 4/3 for there to be more than 6.5 goals in a game. If you put £10 on this bet, so long as there are 7 goals or more, you are a winner. It doesn't matter how the goals are divided up, so long as it's over 7, you will be a winner at the odds quoted.

Alternatively, if you think a game will be a low-scoring, defensive affair, you could put money on there being under 6.5 goals. Then, so long as there are 6 or fewer goals, you will win at the odds quoted.

Prop Bets

Also known as novelty or even 'exotic' bets, Prop Bets give you the chance to put money on a number on a huge range of things either happening or not happening in a single futsal match, not all of which will directly affect the end result of the game. Some of the Prop Bets you may seen offered by bookies include:

  • The number of goals an individual player will score. Usually this will be a straightforward Over/Under bet on how many times a pivot will score
  • Which team will score first: This is essentially a 50/50 gamble
  • Will the total number of goals scored by both teams be an odd or even number?
  • How many yellow or blue cards will a referee show one or both teams

Hints and Tips for Betting on Futsal

Just as with every other sports, there's no such thing as a 'sure thing' in futsal, even if some teams may be strong favourites ahead of games or whole competitions. That said, if you do your homework and take the time and care to make sensible bets, you can significantly improve your chances of taking money off the bookies. For example, you should bear in mind the following:

  • Obviously, thanks to the smaller pitch and the more attacking nature of the game, futsal tend to produce far more goals than normal football. And even if a team loses heavily, they're still very likely to score a few goals themselves. This makes  handicap bets especially attractive as you don't have to put your money on a specific score.
  • Portugal, Brazil and other South American teams have long dominated the world of futsal. However, don't be lazy and simply place a bet on them just because you presume they're the best. Other countries, including Russia, are getting increasingly better at futsal, both at international and at club level. Like with all sports, then, it's imperative you do your homework before you put a bet down.
  • Prop bets may be fun to make and they can certainly make watching a futsal game even more interesting. However, this type of bet will often be a gamble as you have no way of predicting how many fouls a team will commit, for example.

A Note About Responsible Betting

Just as with all types of gambling, betting on futsal has the potential to become addictive. You should always bet responsibly and never gamble with any money you can't afford to lose. If you feel your gambling is getting out of control, seek professional help.

Important Information on Gambling

You must be 18+ to gamble and use the offers and betting odds featured

Every new gambling account offer has "Terms & Conditions" that will apply - make sure you read these before opening an account.

See for help and advice on problem gambling.

Please gamble responsibly.


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