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British Athletics Ribbon1

British Athletics

This is the official site of UK Athletics, the governing body for the sport in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Its aims include the development of the sport to achieve greater medal success in all major championships, the inspiration of the public via the holding of more and bigger events in this country, and the increase in participation across all athletic disciplines. You can read more about what they do, find out about the various competitions and buy tickets all in one place. View Site »

BBC Athletics Ribbon2

BBC Athletics

It might not seem like it as the TV coverage falls of a cliff when major events are not taking place, but athletics is happening all the time meaning there are stories to read and insights to gain throughout the year. While the BBC put on quite incredible TV coverage of the Olympics and other big championships, they also maintain probably the best athletics news service via their website. View Site »

The Diamond League Ribbon3

The Diamond League

Outside of the major championships, this series of world class events is where the elite athletes are most likely to be found during a season. From here you can get all the official results, view current points standings and watch video highlights of each meeting. View Site »

All Athletics Ribbon4

All Athletics

For all fans and stats boffins alike, this website holds the most comprehensive database of athletics records on the web. You can view world records, world bests for the current year, regional records and more. It’s a real treasure trove of information to sink your teeth into so whether you want to know the fastest ever men’s 1500m time or the farthest long jump in the world this year, it’s all here in an easy to navigate form. View Site »

Athletics Weekly Ribbon5

Athletics Weekly

For a truly in-depth look at the athletics scene, a subscription to this weekly magazine is your best bet. For the princely sum of just over £1, you can enjoy this all-encompassing magazine that is chocked full of interesting and unique journalism. We recommend that you subscribe to the digital version but if you’d prefer an old fashioned print copy then this is available too although it is significantly more expensive. View Site »

IAAF Ribbon6


The International Association of Athletics Federations is the world governing body for the sport and its role is to not only help organise and stage events but to broaden the access and appeal of the sport so that longevity and standards are upheld. It also polices competitors to ensure no illegal doping takes place and aids development through funding and expertise. View Site »

British Athletes Commission Ribbon7

British Athletes Commission

This organisation is the leading voice of elite athletes in Great Britain and fulfils a number of roles in the sport. Firstly, they offer advisory services to athletes on subjects such as funding, selection and health. They also form a body to represent the collective will of the athletic community and represent them in talks with other important entities in the sport. View Site »

UCoach Ribbon8


If you would like to find out how to get involved in athletics by becoming a coach then this is where you need to head. They have all the relevant information that you might need on things such as how to be a successful coach and the qualifications you’ll need to start coaching. They have a wealth of resources in written, audio and video format along with support channels to help you through the process from start to finish. View Site »

British Athletics Supporters Club Ribbon9

British Athletics Supporters Club

If you are a dedicated follower of British athletics then you might want to consider becoming a member of the official supporters club. This community of like-minded athletics enthusiasts meet regularly to attend competitions both in the UK and overseas. By joining them you can not only get priority access to some events, you can enjoy many other benefits including a chance to meet some of the stars. View Site »

Athletics Direct Ribbon10

Athletics Direct

Should you wish to get involved in an athletic discipline then you can seek out your nearest coach, club or leisure centre. But you may also wish to train by yourself at times which will require the right equipment. This UK based company sell the necessary gear to practice almost any event from javelin and hurdles, to high jump and even hammer. View Site »


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The buzz that accompanied the 2012 London Olympics was quite astonishing and some of the very best nights were had at the Olympic Stadium where the athletics gave us some truly memorable moments.

Who can forget Super Saturday where 3 golden successes in other sports were followed up by a sensational night in the track and field. In the space of 44 remarkable minutes, Jessica Ennis clinched heptathlon gold, Greg Rutherford came out top in the long jump and Mo Farah stormed to victory in the 10,000m.

These scenes have, in all likelihood, cemented a new generation of athletics fans while inspiring some youngsters to take up one discipline or another in the hope of becoming a future champion themselves.

And they will be following in the footsteps of some of the all time greats in British sport. We’ve had world and Olympic champions in many different events from sprinter Linford Christie to 400m hurdler Sally Gunnell; TeamGB has always contained elite athletes at the top of their game.

Athletics has been around since ancient times and is probably the oldest form of competitive sport known to man. With evidence of running, throwing and jumping events stretching back well over 4000 years, it really is a sport with a legacy behind it.

The other major events in the athletics calendar include the World Championships, World Indoor Championships, Commonwealth Games, and the Diamond League. Other than victory in these meetings, the thing that athletes aspire to is to break a world record but this is harder said than done in some events. The women’s 800m record is the longest standing record having been set in 1983 by Czech star Jarmila Kratochvílová. Britain’s Jonathan Edwards has held the triple jump world record since 1995 and it is still a full 20cm clear of the next best jump ever.

Whether you just want to follow the goings on in the world of athletics, or follow in the footsteps of legends like those above, we’ve brought together the 10 most essential websites for you to enjoy and make use of.

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