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American sports provide even more opportunities to bet and the following bookmakers and sports websites are all you need to place a wager on American football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey and more.

Pinnacle Sports Ribbon1

Pinnacle Sports

Over the course of the previous season, Pinnacle had the best odds on NBA basketball and NHL hockey so if these are your sports of choice, this is the place to go. Also consider that their betting limits are some of the highest around (up to £50,000 on some markets) so if you are looking to wager a large amount on one outcome, they are able to accommodate your needs. View Site »

Unibet Ribbon2


With a generous £25 welcome bonus and one of the widest ranges of markets available on US sporting games and events, Unibet is a popular choice among bettors. Live streaming of certain NBA and NHL games really gives them an edge over the alternatives but only customers with money in their account can watch. View Site »

Marathon Bet Ribbon3

Marathon Bet

With more types of bet possible than almost every other bookmaker, you can choose from something as simple as win-lose-draw wager through to a bet on when the first point will be scored or a handicap punt for each period of play. The choice is staggering with over 100 different markets on basketball and over 80 on NHL. View Site »

Ladbrokes Ribbon4


A well known betting company seen on many UK high streets but they cover sports from across the pond in just as much detail. With a range of markets comparable to the other big players in this list, you’ll never be short for things to bet on. They are currently offering a £50 matched bet bonus for new customers.  View Site »

William Hill Ribbon5

William Hill

Probably the biggest name in betting and with a reputation like that it is no surprise that they have American sports taken care of. With a free matched bet of up to £25, you can enjoy a flutter without having to dig too deep into your own pockets. They also have a great mobile app so that customers can place bets on the go. View Site »

Yahoo Sports Ribbon6

Yahoo Sports

For all the latest news and analysis of the American sporting scene head to Yahoo where the coverage is exceptional and up to the minute. The site also features team and players statistics across all the major leagues allowing you to make more informed decisions about which bets to place and which to rethink. View Site »

Covers Ribbon7


Sometimes you may want to get other people’s opinions on a particular game or bet and this is without doubt the largest and most active US betting forum online today. Each sport is represented here from major leagues to college level and the discussions vary from player performances to picks for the day’s games. You can even follow other members and their tips as they reveal their systems.  View Site »

Sports Stats Ribbon8

Sports Stats

This site has stats for all of the US sports including a very handy head-to-head comparison for each of the upcoming matches where you can see a team’s current form and their previous meetings with each other. A page showing the longest winning and losing streaks for each sport is a nice addition as these can often be good indications of where a value bet can be had. View Site »

SBR Forum Ribbon9

SBR Forum

With over 350,000 members and more than 15 million posts, this sports betting forum is extremely active. Not only can you browse the boards for tips and advice on upcoming games, by signing up you can ask whatever questions you like and get friendly, sensible responses from the community. They also have a loyalty program and a free odds comparison facility. View Site »

Fox Sports Ribbon10

Fox Sports

Live scores as the games are happening, news and exclusive video content fed directly from Fox Sports TV and fantasy leagues for all the different sports make this a brilliant place to hang out. A useful feature is their injury tracker for each team so you can see which players are out and when they are expected to be back.  View Site »

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A Guide to US Sports Betting

Whether you’re an NBA fanatic, an avid follower of the NHL, or someone whose experiences of American sports is limited to an annual Super Bowl party, betting on the action can be a great way to liven things up.

Here we talk you the basics at taking a flutter on the results coming in from over the pond.

American Football

High octane action filled with enough ad breaks to sink a battle ship (and then sell it to you) the NFL has been picking up more and more British followers as time goes by, and top sides aren’t above coming over to play matches at Wembley, the home of *ahem* “soccer”.

There are three main types of bet in American football. The most straightforward is known as a ‘money line’ bet. With this kind of wager you simply pick which team you believe will win. No matter the margin, if you’re right you win, and if you’re wrong you lose. How much you win will depends on the odds offered.

These might be displayed in a decimal format. If so, the number simply shows how much your stake will be multiplied by if you win. So, if you bet £10 at 3.5 you stand to win £35. This will be familiar to us. However, US bookies also have another way of giving ‘money line’ odds that we Brits won’t be used to. In this system the underdog team is marked with a + and a number over one hundred, whilst the favourites have a – and a number over 100. For example;

The Packers +160

The Patriots -120

This means backing The Packers will win you an extra £160 for every £100 wagered (same as odds of 2.6), whereas, by contrast, backing The Patriots will bring back £100 for every £120 you put up (assuming you win, that is). As you can see, the minus number simply means your winnings are less than you original stake, as would be the case of decimal odds between 1.1 and 1.9.

When making a money line bet be sure to check what the bookmaker’s policy is should the match be a draw. As tied scores are quite rare in this sport, policies can differ.

A more popular form of betting on NFL is handicap betting. This is a little bit more complicated, as not only the result, but also the points difference between the two sides determines whether your bet will win or lose. The bookmakers will set what’s known as a ‘line’, which reflects the perceived difference in the quality of the teams. This is easiest to explain with an example.

Let’s go back to the fictional match up we had before and say The Patriots are playing The Packers. The Patriots are favourites, and the bookmakers think that they’re likely to win by at least 7 points. In they will therefore mark The Patriots as being -7 and The Packers as being +7, to represent a handicap that they think evens things up. Effectively, the bookmaker will be adding 7 points to the underdog’s score.

This means if you were betting on The Packers, even if they lost the game by six points, you’d still win your bet.

Finally, there is totals betting. This is where the bookmaker predicts how many points will be scored in the game. You then wager according to whether you think it will be higher or lower.


Basketball betting most commonly uses the point spread system described above, where the favourite is given a handicap. Obviously, the actual handicaps you’ll see offered are quite different due to the nature of the game, but the system is the same as the one explained above.

Again, you can also bet on the total number of points (also known as an over/under bet) and you can make a money line bet, where no handicaps are brought into the equation.


Baseball is wagered on far less than the above sports, partly because it uses a different system, that some people find harder to grasp. In baseball, as well as the money line, bookmakers also offer their prices using ‘the run line’. This is essentially a combination on the money line system and the handicap system.

Unlike the handicap system for basketball or American football, the difference is always the same; the favourites are handicapped -1.5 runs the underdogs get +1.5 runs. So you might see something like this;

Dodgers -1.5 +160

Yankees +1.5 -150

So, if you back the Dodgers you’ll 2.6 times your stake back, but only if they win by more than a single run. If you back the Yankees you win 1.5 times your stake as long as they win or only lose by a single run. Of course, if you remove the handicap element of the ‘run line’ and just use the money line the odds will be different. You need to choose which system you think gives the best return on the outcome you expect.

You can also bet on over/unders in baseball as with other sports.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey book makers also use the money line, however they also have another system called the ‘puck line’. This is a lot like the ‘run line’ system used in baseball, whereby the bookmakers basic money line is altered by a set handicap, in this case -1.5 goals for the favourites and +1.5 for the underdogs.

Again, if you know which team you think will win, you need to figure out whether the money line or puck line offers best value. This will depend on how much you think they’ll win by. (Although, if you’re packing the underdogs, you can afford to lose by a single goal and still win thanks to your handicap.)

Totals bets are also available.

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