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Make sure you're never down for the count. You'll be floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee with the information this list of online boxing resources can provide.

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Boxing News Online

When it comes to keeping a close eye on the world of boxing, the first website to visit and bookmark is this content-packed offering from Boxing News Online. Not only does it contain news, gossip, and analysis of the goings on, it contains a boxing calendar showing upcoming bouts and current world rankings by weight. And that’s not all, they write and sell one of the best boxing magazines around and you can subscribe right here for as little as 78p per issue for the digital version. View Site »

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British Boxers

If you would like to hone in and focus more on the British contingent then we’ve got this top site for you. It is by far and away the best source of information for British boxing with news on both big and small names, highlights of fights from around the country, training videos and interviews, and national rankings. View Site »

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GB Boxing

For those interested in the world of amateur boxing, there is a wealth of information on this, the official website for the British Amateur Boxing Association (BABA). They are responsible for the development and management of the GB boxing team that competes at the Olympics, and World and European championships. Here you can find out how to become part of the squad, how to start boxing and how to train to improve your skills. View Site »

Boxing Forum 24 Ribbon4

Boxing Forum 24

Don’t subject your family and friends to boxing talk if they aren’t fans, get online and chat with real boxing enthusiasts at this, the number one boxing forum on the net. With almost 10 million posts at the time of writing, and over 35,000 members, you’ll be able to debate upcoming fights, pour over the results of bouts, or simply chew the fat on boxing history from the comfort of your own home. View Site »

BoxRec Ribbon5


If you’ve ever wanted to know the fight record of a boxer or the stats behind the man then you can turn to this boxing database for all that and more. Find out who beat who and how with detailed records and overviews of many of the big fights that have taken place. So if you want to know how Frank Bruno did over his career or the reach of Ukrainian heavyweight Vitali Klitschko (it’s 201cm) then it’s all here for you to peruse. View Site »

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Box Nation

The only UK TV channel dedicated to the sport of boxing, Box Nation show some of the biggest fights from around the world with championship titles being contested left, right and centre. If you want to subscribe to this channel, then you can do so directly from this, their official website. You can check out the upcoming schedule before you sign up and it is available on Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, online and even via an app for Apple and Android users. View Site »

Bad Left Hook Ribbon7

Bad Left Hook

This boxing website is a mix of the latest news and analysis from dedicated editors, and articles written and posted by fans of the sport. Not only can you read and comment on these blog posts, but you can even write one yourself and have it published online for the world to see. There is a great community feel to things so we encourage you to sign up today. View Site »

Boxing Channel Ribbon8

Boxing Channel

This American run boxing site is packed full of videos such as fight highlights, interviews with big name stars, boxing documentaries, previews, and news. Virtually everything here is in video format so you can sit back, grab a cold one from the fridge and indulge in your passion for boxing. With a knowledgeable team of presenters and correspondents, the insights gained are well worth your time. View Site »

Geezers Boxing Ribbon9

Geezers Boxing

We always like to include a retailer of sporting equipment and apparatus in our lists and for boxing, we’ve chosen this long established company who have over 20 years experience in selling. They sell everything an amateur or professional boxer could need from gloves and boots through to punchbags, medicine balls and sweatsuits. They stock all the major brands including Everlast and Lonsdale and have a price promise so you can be assured of getting the best deal. View Site »

Women's Boxing Ribbon10

Women's Boxing

Find the latest news and upcoming events in women's boxing. This is a USA based site that offers a serious look at female boxing, with a historical account from the very beginning taking you right up to today. Check fight results or meet the fighter of the month. They provide boxer's profiles, a photo gallery and editorial articles. View Site »


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The excitement and passion shown when two fighters are pitted against each other in the ring is what makes boxing such a great spectator sport. At its best, boxing is as much an art form as a sport with opponents engaged in a dance around the ring, albeit a dance with some brutal punches thrown in for good measure.

Hand-to-hand combat has been around since the dawn of man, but it wasn’t until the Ancient Greeks adopted it as an Olympic sport in 688 BC that it was considered as anything but a pastime. Then, in Britain during the 16th - 18th centuries, prizefights were a regular occurrence and these were bare knuckle fights without so much as a set of rules or weight divisions. It wasn’t until 1743 that the first semblance of a rule book came about to try and prevent death or serious injury in bouts and the current laws of the sport are covered in our guide to the rules of boxing.

In the modern day, boxing takes two major forms: professional and amateur. In professional boxing, fighters often compete for 10 or 12 rounds, although shorter bouts are also common for less experienced or club fighters. This is where you’ll find the best boxers who will compete for money (often many millions of pounds) along with sanctioned boxing titles. There are four main international boxing bodies who award titles and these are the WBO, WBA, WBC and IBF.

In the sport of amateur boxing, there is a points system where clean punches to the head or torso are awarded points and the winner is the person who scores the most points. It is the form of boxing seen at the Olympic Games.

There is much debate about who was/is the best pound-for-pound boxer of all time with any number of different candidates. Sugar Ray Robinson is top of many people’s lists while Mohamed Ali is king of the ring for others. Recent contenders for this title include Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao. The UK, too, has produced many top drawer fighters in its time with the likes of Joe Calzaghe, Lennox Lewis and Chris Eubank all holding world titles during their illustrious careers.

There is always a great deal of build up to a fight with both competitors saying how confident they are and how they will knock their opponent out and it’s not too uncommon for tempers to flare at press conferences and the weigh in. There is also a precedent for sporting upsets in boxing with underdogs coming away victorious on more than a few occasions. This makes it fun to have a punt on a fight and if you want to learn more about this then read our guide on how to bet on boxing.

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