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You'll never be trapped in front with this list of the leading cricket sites. All the information you'll need to be belting them all over the paddock without having to leave the comfort of your desktop.

Cric Buzz Ribbon1

Cric Buzz

If you ever want to know the latest live scores from matches being played around the world then Cric Buzz is the only place to go. They have ball-by-ball scoring on instantly updating pages giving you the best coverage of ongoing matches anywhere. For most international matches, each delivery will be accompanied by a small piece of text commentary so that you can immerse yourself even more into the action. They also have apps for Apple and Android users to get all of this and more on the move. View Site »

The ECB Ribbon2


The English and Wales Cricket Board govern everything to do with the sport in these two countries. You can buy tickets for all England home matches and by becoming a member of the TwelfthMan (which is free) you get priority over non-members when booking. Also on the site, you’ll find lots of information about what the ECB does for the sport including marketing to new audiences, improving access to facilities for children, and kicking out corruption. If you want to get into the sport either as a  View Site »

The ICC Ribbon3


The International Cricket Council oversees the sport across all member countries and is the body responsible for setting and enforcing all rules and regulations. Here you’ll be able to view the current rankings for teams and players across all forms of the game. The ICC is responsible for putting on major tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup and Champions Trophy and there are dedicated mini-sites for each of these. View Site »

Cricket Archive Ribbon4

Cricket Archive

If you have ever wanted to find out the particulars of game of cricket then this is the site for you. It has archived scorecards from matches going back as far as 150 years and covers both international and county cricket. This is a real treasure trove for cricketing fans and can give a glimpse of some of the most memorable matches and individual performances ever seen. View Site »

Cricket World Ribbon5

Cricket World

For all the latest news from the sport of cricket, look no further than this comprehensive website. They have match reports, previews and updates on player injuries among other things. For fans of multimedia content, they have video highlights and podcasts along with photos from matches around the world. Never miss a shot or wicket with this leader in cricketing coverage. View Site »

Cricket Web Forums Ribbon6

Cricket Web Forums

Do you like to chat about cricket with other passionate fans of the sport? If so, you are in luck as this is an active, online forum dedicated to all the action from the crease. It has some 23,000 members to date and over 3 million posts with new topics of conversation being started all the time. So if you want to debate the latest ODI or comment on the performance of your county team, this is without doubt the place to go. View Site »

Indian Premier League Ribbon7

Indian Premier League

While it may be outside the sphere of the UK, the Indian Premier League is one of cricket’s grand spectacles. With crowds that county teams in this country can only dream of, some of the best players in the world are now being drawn to this competition. The official website will give you everything you need to follow this exciting league with news, results, scoreboards, videos and more. View Site »

Cricket Direct Ribbon8

Cricket Direct

Fancy yourself as the next Graham Gooch or Michael Vaughan? Well then, you’ll need all the kit to get yourself started and with the widest range and some of the best prices around, this cricketing store is an ideal place to turn. From big brand bats such as Gray-Nicolls and Kookaburra to the protective pads and helmets required by the regulations, Cricket Direct has it all and more. View Site »

Sky Sports Cricket Ribbon9

Sky Sports Cricket

If you want video highlights and interviews from some of the biggest names in the game, Sky Sports has you covered. You can catch up with some of the action from international and county cricket while hearing the views of current and ex players. There are even pro tips on how to bowl, bat and field along with more in-depth features looking at club life and the evolution of the sport. View Site »

The Cricket Monthly Ribbon10

The Cricket Monthly

This online cricket magazine from ESPN delves deeper and forages farther to produce the type of sporting journalism not really seen before in cricket. It’s not just news and analysis but something more than that with a look behind what the public eye sees where players talk candidly about the issues within the sport. This monthly publication is currently free to sign up to and it is one for the purest of cricket fans to enjoy. View Site »


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There’s little better in life than going along to Lords, The Oval or one of the other famous grounds around the country and watching some live cricket; at least when the sun is at its glorious best and the runs are flowing. Indeed, cricket is widely considered to be the national sport of England and has been played here since the 16th century.

The game consists of three different variations: test cricket, one day matches and Twenty20. The first of these is played over 5 days and each team gets two innings, assuming they are needed to find a winner. One day matches are, as you’d expect, played over a single day with each team given 50 overs to bat while Twenty20 (or T20 as it is often referred to) sees each side bat for just 20 overs. You can learn more about the rules of cricket here.

In the UK, the main domestic clubs sides are based around counties unlike in other sports where you’ll have a team (or multiple teams) in each city. The primary competition is the County Championship where 9 sides vie for the title while there are a further 9 in a second tier.

There is also, of course, the international side to support too and with annual home test series along with less frequent events such as The Ashes, you have ample opportunity to see your country in action.

Of course, at a more local level, clubs are often formed around towns or villages and hundreds of thousands of people play some form of cricket each year in the UK. Thanks to its long tradition, cricket is a sport that is taught in our schools and there are thousands of clubs up and down the country if you would like to join one. The website has a search facility to help you find your nearest club.

Cricket has had its fair share of scandal and most involve match fixing but this is not a common occurrence so you can bet on cricket without fear of the result being tampered with.

Here are some interesting facts and figures about cricket:

  • Sir Don Bradman, the greatest batsmen of all time, only ever scored 6 sixes in his entire test career.
  • The longest ever recorded match was played between England and South Africa in 1939. It last 14 days but was finally called a draw because the visiting side’s boat was due to set sail the next day.
  • The record for the highest number of runs made by a team in a single test match innings is held by Sri Lanka after they declared on 952-6 in 1997.
  • West Indies batsman Viv Richards made the quickest test century when he hit a ton in just 56 balls against England in 1986.
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