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Get on your bike with our list of cycling sites. All the news, views and results from the world of Cycling

British Cycling Ribbon1

British Cycling

Based at the velodrome used during the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester (now called the National Cycling Centre), this is the governing body of cycling sports in the UK. They support the Team GB cycling squad and also campaign to make cycling safer and more widespread across the country. You can become a member for a small fee and the benefits are numerous including discounted insurance and legal advice. View Site »

UK Cycling Events Ribbon2

UK Cycling Events

If you are the competitive sort and want to challenge yourself on some of the toughest courses around, you can sign up for one of the many cycling events staged up and down the length of the country. With various degrees of difficulty on offer at each event, you can work your way up from a more gentle course to one with steep climbs over 100 miles or more. View Site »

Cycling News Ribbon3

Cycling News

If you are a fan of professional cycling and want to keep a close eye on the riders and rankings in all the major races being held, this site is dedicated to cycling related news. Whether road racing, mountain biking or track competitions are your thing, it’s all here and it’s all kept completely up-to-date by a team of cycling journalists. View Site »

Cycling Weekly Ribbon4

Cycling Weekly

As a magazine for cycling enthusiasts, there is a huge amount of in-depth, long form journalism that’s packed full of interesting discussions and analysis. Where is cycling heading in the future? What sort of nutrition does a keen cyclist need? These are the types of things covered along with interviews from big name stars and trainers to get a behind the scenes look at the life of the professionals. View Site »

Evans Cycles Ribbon5

Evans Cycles

One of the forerunning bicycle retailers in the UK, Evans Cycles has a comprehensive range of bikes to choose from along with a vast array of accessories. Whatever your budget and needs, they have everything you could wish for from the bikes themselves through to clothing, safety equipment, lights, cameras, heart rate monitors and maintenance gear. You can even collect orders from 50 stores around the UK and enjoy 0% finance for 12 months. View Site »

Bike Radar Forums Ribbon6

Bike Radar Forums

There is a lot to the world of cycling which is why it should come as no surprise to see a hugely popular forum nestling among our top 10. With over 250,000 members and over 4 million posts so far, this is the pick of the bunch when it comes to cycling forums. The community is there to answer any questions you may have and feel free to just chat about the best routes, most effective fitness regimes or most useful bike gadgetry. It’s free to join and post so why not become a member today? View Site »

CTC Ribbon7


This is the website of the national cycling charity who campaign, among other things, for better funding for cycling activities and facilities, and for greater awareness about the dangers faced by cyclists from lorries. They also take part in community outreach to promote cycling and all its virtues and hold courses to help people feel more confident on a bike and to learn how to stay safe on the roads. View Site » Ribbon8

A website devoted to road cycling with in-depth equipment reviews and the latest news on things such as cycling related law, new technology to help cyclists, and the health and fitness benefits of the sport. There are also bigger features for those with a passion for cycling to get their teeth stuck into and blogs written by several seasoned road racers. View Site »

Union Cycliste International Ribbon9

Union Cycliste International

As the world governing body for the sport of cycling, this organisation sets the rules by which competitive bike sports are run. They are also the people responsible for keeping the sport clean and drug free and developing it to increase participation and audiences. They organise many of the bigger, international cycling competitions such as the track cycling world cup and road world championships. View Site »

Cycle Surgey Ribbon10

Cycle Surgey

Whether you need a bike to commute into work on or something a bit more racy for either road or mountain routes, you can find a top selection at affordable prices here at Cycle Surgery. They also sell the complete range of cycling paraphernalia such as individual bike components, safety gear, bike tech and clothing. You can get free delivery on orders over £20 and they offer a price match against their competitors. View Site »


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It’s something that most of us will learn to do when we are young and the old adage that you never forget how to do it really does hold true, but riding a bike has grown into something much more than a pastime recently. More and more of us now either use a bike as our regular means of transport or lend our competitive spirit to cycling by taking part in races. 

The growth of cycling as both an enjoyable activity and a sporting hobby has coincided with the success of British athletes such as Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and Victoria Pendelton. It’s been a golden age for competitive cycling in this country and with the Tour de France even holding stages in the UK of late, the public imagination has been set loose.

The government, too, has helped somewhat in the growth of cycling with more miles of dedicated cycle route than ever before. In cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow, Nottingham and Lincoln, there are bicycle hire schemes and then there is, of course, the ‘Boris Bikes’ of London where 10,000 bikes are available and some half a million journeys are made each month 

It is no wonder then that more and more people are taking to the roads on their bikes. If you want to learn how to prepare for this then read our guide to becoming a cyclist which covers choosing a bike, road safety, building a routine and more. You can also read up on why getting bike insurance is so important, especially with the value of some bikes in this day and age.

As talked about above, cycling is also a spectator sport and big events are being held around the world almost every week of the year. In some of these events, it is possible to bet on the outcome but if you’re not sure how this works, read out guide to betting on cycling which will take you through everything you’ll need to know.

There has never been a better time to get you and your family into the world of cycling. It can be a hugely rewarding activity for all involved, not just in what it does for your physical health but your mental health too. It is something that lots of people can do together so why not make a day of it and invite friends to join you as you ride along country paths or through some of the beautiful woodland we have in Britain.

You can find vast amounts of information from the websites listed on this page including information on where the best places to cycle are and what the essential gear is to get hold of for your trip.

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