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Take a look at what's happening in the world of darts. These sites will give you the latest news and results on all the big arrow events and the dartists that perform in them.

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The Professional Darts Corporation is one of the two main organisations responsible for staging darts competitions and tournaments. On this website you can find latest player rankings, read news from around the world, and buy tickets for live PDC events. You can also learn more about the PDC, look up player profiles and get more information on each tournament. View Site »

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The British Darts Organisation is the official governing body of darts in Britain and stages in excess of 800 darts events each year. Here you’ll be able to get information on these events, the players involved and the results once the dust has settled. You can also find out more about your local BDO darts league and read the complete rule book for the game. View Site »

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Sky Sports Darts

For the best news coverage in the world of darts, head over to Sky Sports where you’ll find the latest from both of the main camps above. You can also get live commentary from some events, watch interviews and highlights online and read analysis from some of the legends of the sport. View Site »

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World Darts Federation

Acting as the international governing body for darts, the WDF is responsible for ensuring standards are upheld in the sport. It is currently made up of 68 member nations and holds its own series of events throughout the world including regional and international competitions. View Site »

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Darts Corner

For current and budding darts players alike, get the latest darts, flights, dartboards and more from one of the leading retailers on the net. With over 8 years experience selling darts equipment to the public, they have grown in reputation and have a 5 star rating from independent review website (with over 85,000 ratings). All this makes them an ideal place to buy your darting supplies. View Site »

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Live PDC

If you want to see more darts action than you can find on TV, you can subscribe here for extended coverage from non-televised competitions. Get access to European Tour events along with on-demand highlights of some of the classic matches of all time, all for a low annual fee. View Site »

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Darts Database

Darts is a game of many numbers, but there is more than just the scores to look at here. Instead, you’ll find a real treasure trove of statistics for each player, including head-to-head results and best finishes in various tournaments (including world championships from both major organisations). View Site »

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Darts Forum

You can talk darts to your heart’s content in this friendly and welcoming online forum. Discussions vary from game improvement tips to choosing the right set of darts, and from the latest results to information on attending live events. The 6,000 or so members have generated over half a million posts between them with plenty of new chat showing up daily. Register for free today. View Site »

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For professional players or those who would like to compete in professional events, the Professional Darts Players Association is a valuable resource. Many tournaments will require PDPA membership for all entrants, but you don’t always have to become a full member as day passes are available at some events. View Site »

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Red Dragon Darts

For all your darting needs, check out Red Dragon Darts who offer a large selection of tips, flights and shafts along with accessories and, of course, the boards to play on. You can customise your darts with specific types of point and they offer a price promise so you can always be assured of getting a great deal. View Site »


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Darts is a sport that is traditionally associated with the great British pub and it is still played widely in this arena. Indeed, it is thought that some 6 million people play darts casually or competitively.

The roots of darts are not completely set in stone, but the general consensus is that game as we know it today originally appeared in the fairgrounds of Britain in the mid 19th century. The segmentation of the board was thought to give the appearance of a high chance of winning when it, in fact, achieved the opposite effect (which was clearly a highly desirable thing from the perspective of the stall owner).

For a long time, there were regional variations on the board used until a standardised version grew in popularity as competitors travelled between areas for matches. The London or ‘trebles’ board is now the most commonly used version and is the choice for all official competitions, but you can still see other traditional board designs in pubs up and down the country. You can read up on the rules of darts here as these, too, were standardised at the time.

The popularity of the sport grew rapidly during the first 3 or 4 decades of the 20th century as breweries set up local leagues to boost takings in the pubs they owned. It soon overtook other traditional pub games such as quoits to become the most played.

Darts first took to British TV screens in the 1960s and coverage continues to this day with regular showings on Sky and some of the bigger tournaments screened on the BBC.

In the 1990s, there was discontent amongst many of the top players in darts because of the very clear decline in the sport. This was the beginning of the end for unified darts as a second organisation was formed and players were allowed to choose which one they played for. The split remains to this day with the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) both running tournaments including separate world championships.

In its heyday, and thanks largely to its coverage on TV, darts produced lots of household names such as Eric Bristow, Jocky Wilson and Bobby George. These days the likes of Martin Adams and Michael van Gerwen can claim to be some of the top dogs of the game, although Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor is, without question, the greatest player of all time and he continues to win tournaments year after year (he is already a 16 time World Champion).

Darts is a sport that is now widely available to place a wager on, but if you are not sure how to go about it, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide on how to bet on darts.

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