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Trying to keep up with the pace of the football season? Then you've come to the right place. Here are the leading UK football sites with all the latest football news, results, fixtures and statistics you could ever dream of.

BBC Football Ribbon1

BBC Football

The BBC has some of the best coverage of football in the UK with news from every club along with live scores and fantastically detailed match previews and reports. You can also listen to live radio commentary of several matches each week and you can stream Final Score live online during match days on Saturday and sometimes other days too when enough fixtures are being played. View Site »

Sky Sports Ribbon2

Sky Sports

Their TV coverage is unrivalled but Sky Sports are also top of the class when it comes to football related stories and analysis. From breaking transfer news to the latest injury dramas, they have it covered from start to finish. They also have video interviews and highlights and you can enter their free fantasy football game where you can win prizes but more importantly, beat your mates when it comes to picking the best team. View Site »

TeamTalk Ribbon3


This is one of the UK's leading independent football news services, covering all the top teams. You can read all the top stories, live score boards, fixtures, text alerts, and much more. Whatever is happening now in the world of football, TeamTalk have it covered. You can also visit the site to discuss all the main issues surrounding the beautiful game. View Site »

WhoScored Ribbon4


If you consider yourself to be a bit of a stats buff then this website is definitely for you. Their detailed analysis of each team and player is quite remarkable and it allows you to see their relative strengths and weaknesses on the pitch. Want to know the pass success rate of a midfield maestro or where your team likes to shoot from? You’ll have this sort of information plus much more at your fingertips when you visit this site. View Site »

Premier League Ribbon5

Premier League

The official website of the FA Premier League. Discover everything you want to know about the FA Premier League. Find out about the history, foundation and format of the competition, the people behind the scenes and their many community initiatives. The site also features links to club shops. View Site »

Four Four Two Ribbon6

Four Four Two

If you want really in-depth discussion about football then Four Four Two magazine is the place to go. With a rich 20 year history, they are able to attract the biggest names for candid, revealing interviews and the writers don’t just write about football, they live it. With analysis you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, breaking news stories, and even a section dedicated to helping you perfect your own football technique, this cornerstone of coverage is still going strong. View Site »

Football Forums Ribbon7

Football Forums

Rarely does a day go by in the life of a football fan without some sort of discussion about the beautiful game. For those who really enjoy this sort of chat, you’re in luck because there is a free online forum dedicated to the sport. With over 35,000 members and approaching 8 million posts, there is an extremely active community of fans here debating players, clubs, performances and much more besides. You can sign up and participate or just follow the conversations as they happen. View Site »

FootyTube Ribbon8


If you’re like most football fans, you probably enjoy watching it far more than you do reading about it. That’s exactly why this site was created – it brings together video highlights of matches, interviews with players, managers and pundits, and much more besides. So if you want to catch up on the best goals from recent matches or see that bad tackle (or bite!) that everyone is talking about, this is the place to go. View Site »

Soccerbase Ribbon9


The team behind The Racing Post now operate this football based stats website that claims to be the most comprehensive in the UK. With player profiles, team statistics and additional features such as an all time head-to-head comparison, it certainly has a lot to offer. View Site »

The FA - Rules Ribbon10

The FA - Rules

Besides the obvious confusion over the offside rule, there are plenty of other nuances in the game that you may or may not be aware of. For instance, do you know the limits on the size of a pitch or where an indirect free kick is taken from if awarded to the attacking team inside the penalty area (it’s rare but it does happen)? Just in case you’re not fully aware of all the rules, the FA provides detailed definitions and explanations. View Site »


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Love Football

The UK has one of the most exciting football scenes in the world. The sheer depth and breadth of the sport is astonishing with huge numbers of leagues and divisions from top to bottom.

Millions of people play the game regularly at grass roots level and millions more go to watch and support their favourite teams with almost diehard conviction. Come rain, sleet, or snow, you’ll find the terraces packed with passionate fans practically living every ebb and flow of the game as if they themselves are on the field.

In the UK, the sport is governed by the FA (the Football Association) while European competitions are overseen by UEFA. For international matches and tournaments such as the World Cup, the world body FIFA is in control.

Most of the major leagues in the UK run from August to the following May with a summer break in between. There are also cup competitions such as the FA Cup and League Cup which run at various points throughout the year and into which teams from several echelons of the sport are entered. Some of the best footballing stories come when minnows from the lower leagues take on the Premier League giants with upsets a yearly occurrence.

The year has two transfer windows (throughout the summer and for the month of January) during which players can move between teams both within the UK and from around the world. These transfers are widely talked about and debated and provide a huge amount of news (and gossip) for fans to sink their teeth into.

The websites listed on this page are just the tip of the football iceberg but they provide a fantastic starting point from which you’ll be able to get a huge amount of news and analysis. Almost all clubs will also have their own websites and for super fans these are essential resources so make sure you check your team’s out.

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