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For all the latest fixtures, news, reviews and results from the world of championship golf, then look no further; here are the leading golf sites available on the Internet with the most up-to-date information.

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Golf Today

This web site acts not only as a gateway to the other sites in the Golf Today Network but also provides more generalised golfing information. The News and Tours sections provide reports, scores and information about golf generally and with regard to all the major tournament events. View Site »

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Before you go out there to buy that new wonder club that is going to shave shots off your handicap, why not read a detailed review to see what the experts make of it. At Golfalot, they continually test the new clubs as they are released along with other golfing equipment such as bags, trolleys, rangefinders and clothing. You can also find buying guides to help you find equipment that best suits your needs. View Site »

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Golf News

They call themselves the UK’s number 1 golfing newspaper and whether or not that’s just a marketing line, they certainly get some of the biggest names in the game to give interviews. You can read it for free online or by downloading their apps for mobiles and tablets while those who like the feeling of flicking through the pages can order a print version. However you choose to read, inside you’ll have access to top quality commentary and analysis that is unmatched for what is a free publication. View Site »

Official World Golf Ranking Ribbon4

Official World Golf Ranking

The world rankings in golf are in constant flux as competitions are played so rather than argue with friends over who is number 1 and who has just entered the top 10, have this website at hand for the live ranking table. They provide news as to the movements of players as they win tournaments and you can track every player via graphs that can look more akin to those of a stock market with all the constant movements. View Site »

Today’s Golfer Tuition Videos Ribbon5

Today’s Golfer Tuition Videos

If you want to improve your short game, putt with confidence or strike your drives with conviction, you can do a lot worse than to watch some of the tuition videos they have over at Today’s Golfer. With qualified coaches and even some professional players in front of camera, you can be sure that the advice being given is going to be genuinely helpful and there are videos for every little nuance of the game. View Site »

American Golf Ribbon6

American Golf

For the widest selection of golfing equipment from iron sets and drivers through to waterproofs and balls, you should get over to American Golf straight away. They always have fantastic deals on the biggest names in golf including Callaway, Ping and Nike. You can get free delivery on orders over £50 or you can have your order delivered to one of their stores for pick-up at a time convenient to you. They also have a best price guarantee if you can find the same products cheaper elsewhere. View Site »

Golf Monthly Forums Ribbon7

Golf Monthly Forums

If you want to chat about golf then these online forums are probably the best place to go. You can ask questions to get fixes for the things that are going wrong in your own game, request course recommendations for a certain region and even arrange rounds with other members. There is a friendly group of regulars here among some 18,000 members in total so you’ll be in good company for all your golfing talk. View Site »

Golf Breaks Ribbon8

Golf Breaks

Combining golf with a short (or long) break is a great way to enjoy the sport and thanks to websites like Golf Breaks, there are plenty of packages to choose from. Maybe you’re just looking for a weekend away with the mates that includes a round or two, or perhaps you want a whole week of golfing fun at a resort in Europe or further afield. You can now get some cracking deals on room and round packages that would cost you a whole lot more if booked separately so why not browse what’s on offer? View Site »

Golf Channel Ribbon9

Golf Channel

While it may be an American company that provide the Golf Channel, you can watch the highlights on their website from anywhere. They have videos of the players out on the course, interviews, pro tips and analysis from experts and pundits who know the game inside and out. View Site »

Golf Bidder Ribbon10

Golf Bidder

If you need some new clubs then there are plenty of places to turn but if you want to bag a bargain, why not try out Golf Bidder. It stocks a whole range of second hand golf equipment at fantastic prices and it can do this because the other neat feature is that you can both trade in and/or sell your clubs here too. This way, you can update your set without the hassle of having to sell your old equipment privately and you’ll get a great price too.  View Site »


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The Game of Golf

Although there is an ongoing (and rather futile) argument as to the exact origins of the game of golf, it is generally accepted that the modern day version of the sport originated in Scotland in the Middle Ages.

These days, the 18 holes of a golf course are traversed using modern balls and clubs that get better every year thanks to technology. But originally the equipment used by players was rudimentary to say the least; balls were made of solid hardwoods or were leather pouches stuffed with feathers while handmade clubs were often used unless one had the funds required to hire a craftsmen 

According to the BGIA (British Golf Industry Associtaion), the number of people playing golf in the UK is relatively steady at around 4 million and contrary to what many might think, it is younger golfers who form them bulk of this number. They play on the roughly 2,750 courses across the UK 

These days there are two main associations that players can play in: the PGA tour in America and the European Tour while there are 4 “majors” each year consisting of The Masters, The US Open, The Open and The PGA Championship. 

Jack Nicklaus is the most successful golfer of all time with 18 major wins while Tiger Woods has 14 to his name (with the potential of more to come). The British player with the most wins in the majors (7) is the little known Harry Vardon who still holds the record for the most wins of The Open (6) although in the modern era, it is Nick Faldo with 6 majors in total 

Unlike many sports, golf is played very much in the spirit of gentlemanly conduct with respect and honesty being paramount in the game and there are etiquette guidelines that all players should try to adhere to for the good of everyone.

The websites listed on this page will give you a good grounding in the sport from playing to watching and more.

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