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Today's Horse Racing

Horse racing is now the second most popular sport in the whole of UK, second only to football when it comes to spectator numbers.

Many of the biggest horse race meetings, including the Grand National and the Cheltenham Festival are now so much more than sporting occasions, but are instead important dates on the national calendar.

While the big races really capture the public imagination, thousands of other events are held at lots of different courses right throughout the year. These races can be divided into two types: flat racing, where horses run along flat tracks without any obstacles to navigate, and National Hunt steeplechases, where the horses have to jump over fences.

On this page, you can see what horse races are happening today, if you come back tomorrow then todays horse racing is here. The page is updated daily.

Our Daily horse racing listings cover both flat and National Hunt races being held at racecourses right across the UK, and our tips can be found under Racing Tips.

All of the races are listed in the order they are due to take place, making it easier for you to follow all the action, or you can view them by racecourse.

Our daily horse racing pages are live and have the latest up-to-date information on what horses are running and the most up-to-date odds the bookies are offering on them, best odds guaranteed from bet365.

Looking at the odds

If you see a race that is of interest, click on “View all runners” to expand it and see the horses numbers and the latest odds offered by the bookies. These will be displayed in fractional form.

Even if you have no experience of betting on horses, understanding the odds is still relatively simple. See our guide to how to bet on a horse.  

You need to remember the first number of the fraction represents how much you will get back compared to the second number of the fraction if your bet is a winner.

For example, if a horse is offered at 5/1, for every £1 you bet, you will win £5 if your prediction is right. Plus, you’ll get your original £1 back, meaning you will walk away with £6 in total.

Similarly, if a horse is offered at 7/2, if you back him at £4 and he wins the race, you will walk away with £18, including your initial stake. It really is that easy.

Remember, the shorter the odds, the more likely the bookies think it is that a horse will win. So, though it’s less of a gamble, you stand to make less money than if you were to take a real risk and place a wager on a horse with longer odds. For how to place accumulators like a Yankee see our video and page Yankee Bet Explained – it has a calculator on it for you to see your potential returns. 

Picking a winner

There’s no secret formula for picking a winner – if it were so straightforward, the bookies would go out of business overnight! However, there are some quick and easy ways of increasing your chances of making a winning bet.

  • For starters, look at the course the race is taking place at. Do you know the track? Do you have a good history of picking winners here, or have you always had bad luck with races held here? Does the course suit older or younger horses? And is it a short course that’s great for sprinters, or a long one, better-suited for stayers with lots of stamina? To make things easier, you can also view races by venue. Just click on ‘Races by Racecourse’ at the top of the page.
  • You should also look at the conditions for the specific day. A quick visit to the course’s official website should give you this information, or an online bookie may display it. If, for example, it’s been raining, the track may be described as ‘soft’, meaning it will suit some horses more than others.
  • Consider a horse’s form. Most betting pages will have information on a horse’s previous few races, giving you the chance to assess whether they are in good form and worth a flutter, or are best avoided.

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