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Looking for the leading Rugby League sites on the Net? Then look no further, for here is all the news, views, fixtures, results, statistics, club information, player profiles and merchandise any fan could handle.

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As the governing body of the Rugby League in the UK, the RFL website not only has full fixture and results lists but a fair amount of news too. If you want to buy tickets to the big cup finals then this is the place to go and should you want to get involved and play the sport then you can find out how and where. They have variations for all different ages and skill levels from mixed under-11 teams to touch rugby. View Site »

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Super League

This is the official home of the premier club competition in Europe. Get news and analysis from some of the best known names and voices in Rugby League and watch the latest highlights of the action. If you want to see who is performing and who is not then there is a dedicated stats section where players and clubs can be pitted against each other. View Site »

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Total Rugby League

For a website that is dedicated to Rugby League news, you need to visit where every tackle, every try and every team is looked at in detail. While most of the website is free, because this is a print magazine too, if you want access to the juiciest content, you can subscribe to an online version of the magazine and get interviews and coverage that you won’t find anywhere else. View Site »

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The governance of the sport on a worldwide level is performed by the Rugby League International Federation or RLIF for short. This is the place to go if you want to check out the official world rankings of the international sides. You can also learn more about how the sport is governed and view the official rulebook (which is quite substantial it must be said). View Site »

National Rugby League Ribbon5

National Rugby League

The sport of Rugby League is huge down under in Australia and the NRL is the premier competition in the Southern Hemisphere. So any true fan of the sport will surely want to keep abreast of all the goings on especially with many top class British players plying their trade here. Every little bit of news and each match is covered in glorious detail befitting of the passion that fans of the NRL display. View Site »

RLFans Forums Ribbon6

RLFans Forums

If the European competitions are more your thing and you want to discuss and debate players and clubs and matches alike, then head over to these hugely active forums dedicated to the League code of rugby. Millions of posts have been made by tens of thousands of fans and you can join in for free by signing up for an account. Each team has their own sub-forum while general Rugby League talk is rife on the “virtual terrace” where members congregate for wider topics. View Site »

Super League Dream Team Ribbon7

Super League Dream Team

Think you know your stuff? Reckon you could pick a winning side from the players in the Super League? Well now you can try it out with this fantasy competition that will pit you against thousands of other fans from across the country. You’ve only got so much money to play with though so choosing the right balance of players is key if you are to be crowned the number one manager. View Site »

Women’s Rugby League Ribbon8

Women’s Rugby League

The sport of Rugby League is a tough and physical one but this doesn’t mean that it’s the reserve of men. While the current selection of teams is small, interest and participation in the women’s game is growing and this is the site where it all happens in terms of viewing fixtures, results, news and more. View Site » Ribbon9

This is the final place that we recommend you head to if you want to keep up-to-date with what is happening in Rugby League. They cover competitions in both Australia and Europe with live scores, match reports and breaking news so bookmark this site to ensure you never miss a beat. View Site »

1895 Sports Ribbon10

1895 Sports

Named after the year that Rugby League split from Union, this website is the number one online retailer when it comes to buying replica shirts for your favourite team. They have all the strips from the NRL and the Super League and international colours too. If you need equipment for training or playing the game then you’ll also be able to pick it up here at very competitive prices. View Site »


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Rugby League How it Began

Back in 1895 the sport of rugby was divided and the distinct entity of Rugby League was created. The split came about after clubs and players were disciplined for the use of compensatory payments to those who missed work to play the game. The incumbent Union did not want to see the game go professional but clubs in the North of England persisted and the arguments led to the complete separation of a cluster of clubs.

The new League version of rugby quickly saw changes to some rules to make it faster and more enjoyable as a spectator sport and this continued until the laws of the current day were settled upon.

Because of its roots in the North of England, Rugby League is still hugely popular in this region while the Union version of the game is somewhat more popular in the South although these boundaries have been completely blurred in recent times. 

Initially the divide was based partly on the social hierarchy of the time as the middle class gentleman of the late 19th and early 20th century opted for the amateur Union while the working class took up the League version where wages could be paid to players when they missed work.

Today, Rugby League is considered to be one of the most physically demanding team games in the world and it has a wide fan base across many continents. The two most highly thought of professional competitions are the Australian National Rugby League and the European Super League while there are many other leagues at various levels in over 20 countries.

The Rugby League World Cup is the biggest international competition and is played every 4 years.

It is possible for players to switch between the two codes of Rugby with Englishman Sam Burgess recently moving from League to Union and there is always debate as to which form of the game is the best.

Rugby League is a sport that is only growing in popularity and more and more people are playing it on a regular basis in local competitions. Get your fix of your favourite sport by keeping our carefully chosen Top 10 to hand.

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