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Looking for the leading Rugby Union sites on the Net? Then look no further, for the latest news, views, fixtures, results, statistics, club information, player profiles and merchandise any fan could handle.

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The Rugby Football Union (RFU) is the official governing body of the union variation of the game in England. Their website has everything a fan could need from club and player information to video highlights and interviews with top players. You can become a member of the Supporters Club for exclusive discounts on match tickets and other benefits. The site also contains details on the game itself from the basics such as the playing positions through to the complete rule book. View Site »

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Planet Rugby

For comprehensive news and analysis of rugby union you need to be checking this website daily. It has everything for the discerning fan whether you want the latest from the northern or southern hemisphere (indeed they let you choose your preference). Easy navigation allows access to tables, photos and competition details along with country-specific stories so if you want to know how the Argentinean team and players are getting on, you can with just a few clicks of your mouse. View Site »

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Rugby World Cup

The official website of the biggest rugby tournament in the world as the 20 best national teams compete to be crowned world champions. Back in 2007, it was Jonny Wilkinson’s last minute kick that saw England crowned champions and every 4 years teams get the chance to replicate this success. The next tournament in 2015 will take place in England and there will once again be high hopes of a home nations victory. Get all the latest on the build up here. View Site »

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Rugby Dump

With solid claims to be the number one rugby blog on the web, this website features a huge collection of video footage of matches along with compilations of tackles, passes, tries and more. A fan could sit and watch these clips for hours on end which is a real problem when the boss is looking over your shoulder or your other half wants to go to the movies – it’s just hard to keep your eyes away from the screen! View Site »

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The International Rugby Board oversees all proceedings for the game of Rugby Union and works with all of the national governing bodies (such as the RFU) to ensure consistent standards are met across all competitions. They control the laws of the game and are a major contributor to the promotion of the sport along with hosting competitions such as the Rugby World Cup. This website is also where you’ll find the official world rankings of member nations. View Site »

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Lovell Rugby

Whether you want to play the game or just support your team, you’ll need the right kit which is where this nationwide online retailer comes in. Looking for the latest home or away strip for your club? No problem, they have them all ready to ship. Need some new boots or a replacement gum shield for your upcoming match? Easy, just add what you need to your basket and it can be with you within days. As one of the world’s leading rugby retailers and with 25 years experience in selling, you can put y View Site »

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Rugby isn’t only a sport that is played by able bodied people; those in wheelchairs can also participate with teams up and down the country. Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby is the organisation that champions the sport and if you would like to get involved, their website is the only resource you’ll need.  View Site »

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The Rugby Forum

As the name would suggest, this website is a forum for all things rugby related whether it’s chat about Union cup competitions or the best League players. It has over 30,000 members and well over 600,000 posts so if you like talking about all aspects of the game, this free forum is where you should go to get your fix. View Site »

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Rugby World

As one of the most popular rugby magazines on the planet, Rugby World gets some of the best interviews with players and gives the most in-depth analysis of the game we know and love. What’s more, lots of former players add their opinions to the collection with their own columns. There is tonnes of free content here but you can also subscribe for a digital version of the physical magazine if you want to get the best experience possible. View Site »

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Rugby Data

If you’re a bit of a stataholic then we’ve got just the website for you. Here you can see head-to-head stats for both club and international matches so if you want to know how Scotland fare against the might All Blacks, you can find out in seconds (it does not make for pleasant reading if you’re a Scotland fan though). This website is really useful when it comes to betting on Rugby or just as a place to go for interesting facts to tell your mates.  View Site »


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Rugby Union Origins

Rugby has its roots in the centuries old tradition of towns competing against each other to move an inflated pig’s bladder to the opposition marker but it wasn’t until 1823 when it became the game we know and love today. It is believed to have started when William Webb Ellis, a pupil at Rugby school in Warwickshire, picked up the ball during a game of football and started running with it.

Fast forward almost 200 years and the sport now has untold numbers of followers worldwide and thriving league and cup competitions in the UK where some of the biggest teams and the best players jostle for titles and honours.

There are various distinct types of the game including Rugby Union, Rugby League and Rugby Sevens with fan followings of various sizes and the overall number of people who attend live matches each year is in the millions.

The Six Nations is the most viewed tournament in the UK and takes place between February and March each year. The countries that take part are England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy and every match is screened live on the BBC and online. Rivalries in this competition are fierce with pride at stake in each game as they attempt the Grand Slam by beating all of their opponents while trying to avoid the wooden spoon given to the team with the fewest points after all the teams have played each other.

Rugby union is generally introduced to school age boys on wet and muddy playing fields and those who enjoy it most can join junior teams and compete against their peers outside of school. But parents can also introduce both boys and girls to the sport at a younger age with mixed gender teams all the way up to 11 years olds.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of ruby and keep up with all the latest happenings, you’ll want to bookmark this page as it shows the top 10 websites on the net for rugby fans.

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