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Rack 'em up. Our selection of Snooker sites will have you on cue for a wealth of information covering the snooker world. Don't miss your chance to break, the best sites are only a click away.

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World Snooker

For everything related to the sport, you simply have to have the World Snooker website bookmarked. It is the official site provided by the WPBSA and has all the latest scores, results, news and world rankings. You can also get a full list of player profiles, learn about the history of the game and find tickets for upcoming events. View Site »

CueTracker Ribbon2


This is an absolutely essential website for any fan of snooker and especially those who like a little flutter on matches. They have almost complete statistics on every player including frame scores, tournament finishes and the all important head-to-head matchups. The sheer depth of information on offer here is mind boggling but it provides real insights into upcoming matches and tournaments. View Site »

BBC Snooker Ribbon3

BBC Snooker

As the broadcaster of many tournaments here in the UK, you would expect the BBC to provide fantastic coverage of all the other action in the sport and they do not disappoint. You can get match reports and read analysis by some of the biggest names the game has ever known, and during those tournaments that the BBC cover, you can stream live action and watch extensive highlights right from the website. View Site »

Snooker Scene Ribbon4

Snooker Scene

The only real magazine dedicated to the sport of snooker, it has been running for over 43 years and continues to deliver fantastic insight into the game. Inside this magazine you’ll find lots of detailed views and analysis of the game from experienced snooker journalists. It comes out once a month and you can either grab a print version or have it delivered via email and it is terrific value considering its remarkably low price. View Site »

The Snooker Forum Ribbon5

The Snooker Forum

Talking about snooker with your friends is a bit of a no-no if they are not interested in the game so if you’re struggling to find an outlet for your views, opinions and questions, why not head over to this community forum? Here you’ll be able to debate the nuances of the sport with other like-minded individuals in a welcoming environment. View Site »

WPBSA Ribbon6


As the governing body of the sport, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association website is something to have on hand. It contains the official rules of the game, announcements about prize funds, news from tournaments and details of qualified coaches who can help you to improve your own game. View Site »

Pro Snooker Blog Ribbon7

Pro Snooker Blog

Outside of the mainstream press, there is a slight lack of citizen journalism in snooker but luckily for you and I, this blog maintains a regular posting schedule with both news and opinion on the game. The author has also managed to bag some impressive, in-depth interviews with names such as Ronnie O’Sullivan and Neil Roberston. Another great feature of the blog is the list of every 147 ever made in the sport with links to videos when they are available. View Site »

League Snooker Ribbon8

League Snooker

There are numerous snooker leagues all around the country with players and teams going head-to-head on a regular basis. This website lists many of these with details such as standings, results, player rankings and highest breaks updated by league organisers. Anyone who runs a league or would like to start one can add it to this website so that all participants can see what’s going on. View Site »

Cue Power Ribbon9

Cue Power

The most essential piece of kit for any budding snooker player is a cue and you can find a large variety of different cues on offer here at very good prices. They have two piece and ¾ jointed cues from the top manufacturers such as Peradon and Cue Craft. They also sell cue cases, snooker balls, rests and other accessories. View Site »

FC Snooker Ribbon10

FC Snooker

If you really love snooker and you want to take that passion to the next level and actually buy a snooker table for your house, there really is only one place to go. FC Snooker have been manufacturing and selling snooker and pool tables for many years and they have a range of styles, finishes and sizes on offer. They will advise you on the most suitable table for your space and deliver and install it for you. View Site »


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You try to figure out the angles, you get your head down, line up the shot and hit the cue ball; as the black falls away into the corner pocket, a sense of achievement comes over you and you start to think about the potential of a really high break. Then you miss a simple red and it’s all over.

This could describe any snooker player whether they are a professional or an amateur and this is one of the attractions of the game. It’s a challenging game that requires regular practice and the patience of a saint but it is also a very fun and sociable sport played by millions of people around the country. The rules of snooker are easy to learn and master meaning anyone can start playing no matter what age.

While TV audiences may have dwindled significantly since the heady heights of the 1985 World Championship Final where 18.5 million people watched Dennis Taylor triumph over Steve Davis on the final black in what was the most watched programme ever on BBC2, millions still regularly tune in to coverage of major tournaments in the UK.

Debates continue to rage over who is the best player of all time with plenty of potential candidates. Ronnie O’Sullivan is widely considered the most naturally gifted player of all time and he has 5 World Championship titles to his name. In the modern day era, it is Stephen Hendry who has the most World Championship wins with 7 while Steve Davis and Ray Reardon both have 6. The all time record holder is Joe Davis who won the first 15 titles from 1927 onwards.

The other major tournaments staged each year are the UK Championship and the Masters. In the latter, only the top 16 players in the world rankings are invited to compete which is why players often consider it to be a great achievement to come out on top.

Match fixing scandals have hit the sport in recent years with some high profile players being banned for taking bribes. Thankfully this is still a rare occurrence so if you want to have a wager on a game, you can rest assured that a fair match is being played. You can learn how to bet on snooker with our guide and over-the-shoulder video.

The websites listed on this page are what we consider to be the ultimate collection of snooker resources. They should give you a thorough grounding in the sport both as a spectator and as a player.

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