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The hottest it gets on ice or snow. These sites are dedicated to bringing you the best of winter sports action from around the globe.

In The Snow Ribbon1

In The Snow

Getting the inside scoop on the best ski resorts, the most amazing piste-side accommodation, and the latest kit is what this skiing and snowboarding magazine is all about. You can read it for free online or have a complimentary print copy sent to your door and they have lots of other news, tips and regular competitions besides. View Site »

Eurosport Winter Sports Ribbon2

Eurosport Winter Sports

If you are interested in the competitive side of winter sports then Eurosport has by far and away the best coverage of all the goings on in sports including figure skating, alpine skiing, curling, and snowboarding. You can follow British stars such as Jenny Jones and Lizzy Yarnold in their respective events or keep an eye on the news in all the other major disciplines. View Site »

Ski Club of Great Britain Ribbon3

Ski Club of Great Britain

Regular skiers in the UK will undoubtedly find a great deal of value in becoming a member of the Ski Club of Great Britain. Not only will you receive heavy discounts from tour operators, equipment rental shops, and ski schools among other things, you can get insider knowledge of where the best skiing can be found and advice from the experts on any query you may have. You can even join other members for group skiing holidays. View Site »

British Ski and Snowboard Ribbon4

British Ski and Snowboard

This is the website of the governing body of skiing and snowboarding in the UK and their role is to help develop the elite athletes who will one day compete for Great Britain at the Winter Olympics and other major events. You can get all the latest on team selections, competition results and the development of the sport here. View Site »

Ski Plus Ribbon5

Ski Plus

You can’t very well get on the slopes if you don’t have the necessary equipment and one of the leading retailers of skiing and snowboarding related gear in the UK is Ski Plus. They have everything anyone visiting the piste could want or need from skis and boards to clothing and boots. You’ll find fantastic prices and good customer service at this Essex based company. View Site »

Natives Ribbon6


Maybe you love skiing or snowboarding so much that you’d like to literally work at a resort to get the most time possible on the slopes. If this sounds like you, then Natives is the best community in the UK dedicated to all sorts of jobs in various resorts across Europe and the World. They not only list vacancies, they have a huge forum where you can get advice from other piste professionals so you are well prepared and know what to expect. View Site »

Used Ski Ribbon7

Used Ski

If you want your own pair of skis, or a snowboard to call your own, but you don’t have the money to buy something brand new, you no longer need to miss out. It is possible to buy equipment that has been used previously but is still in great condition and comes at a fraction of the original retail price. This is a great way to get your hands on the necessary gear without blowing your savings or maxing out your credit cards. View Site »

SkiSet Ribbon8


If you are heading abroad for a winter sports holiday and either don’t have your own equipment or don’t want to take it with you, renting is the only other alternative. With this website, you can book your skis or snowboards online and receive huge discounts on the price paid at the resorts. You simply select your resort and the type of gear you want and you can pick your order up when you arrive and receive as much as 40% off at the same time. View Site »

SnowHeads Ski Forum Ribbon9

SnowHeads Ski Forum

If you want to discuss the subject of skiing with fellow enthusiasts then you can do so from the comfort of your own home by joining this active and friendly forum. Here you can get advice on places to go, tips on technique and general chat on weather and equipment amongst other things. View Site »

Disability Snowsport Ribbon10

Disability Snowsport

As the Winter Paralympics clearly demonstrated, snow sports are not the reserve of the able bodied. Almost anyone can learn to ski or snowboard and this is one of the main aims of this organisation. Through the website, you can book specialist lessons, find local groups and take part in activity weeks all across the world with other disabled winter sport fans. View Site »


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There is something undoubtedly refreshing about leaving the world behind and heading high up into the mountains for a bit of winter sport action. Your troubles will seem like a distant memory as you glide down on crisp, white snow in the cleanest and freshest air you’ll ever breathe.

Whether you are a fan of skis or a snowboard, the freedom and excitement you feel when going down the slopes is truly magical which is why we have put together the ultimate collection of websites for fans of winter sports.

Aside from the leisure activity, there is also a highly competitive side to winter sports and it goes a lot further than skiing and snowboarding. As the Winter Olympics shows us every 4 years, competitive sports set on snow and ice are as exhilarating and as action packed as any other. Whether that’s the bobsleigh teams careering down a track at high speed or the elegance and precision of figure skating, the spectacle is something to behold.

Great Britain has had many successes in Winter Sports from the perfection that was Torvil and Dean’s Bolero at the 1984 Winter Olympics to Team GB’s women’s curling team of 2002 who also won Gold in a match that had almost 6 million viewers on the edge of their seats late into the night.

This country also love an underdog and it was during the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary that we found possibly our most famous one ever. Eddie the Eagle, as he came to be known, was Great Britain’s first ever competitor in Olympic ski jumping and despite finishing last in both the 70m and 90m events, he shot to fame and received a great deal of media attention.

Ski Sunday remains a popular Sunday afternoon TV show with upwards of 2 million viewers tuning in during the season and the numbers of people actively skiing on a regular basis is not far short of a million. There are some suggestions that the success of Team GB at the Sochi Winter Games in 2014 might start an upward trend in participation in skiing, snowboarding and winter sports in general.

You can now even bet on winter sports if you so wish as the number of bookmakers with markets on such events has risen sharply.

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